Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is Official, First Screenshots and Box Art

Black Ops 2’s UK site has leaked some screenshots and what seems to be the final box art of the game. Black Ops 2 is developed by Treyarch and will release on November 13th. The only confirmed platforms are Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Black Ops 2 is described as follows: “Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise, Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 propels players into a near future, 21st Century Cold War, where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare. Pre-order today.”

Here are all the pieces intel we’ve managed to gather from the site or that you guys sent in. (Big thanks to our readers!)

The trailer below is still private, but expect it to unlock at 9pm EDT.

Still adding more to this piece. You can find everything Black Ops 2 on this page.

  • Exciting stuff, which game is this preview going to air on?

    • Farmchick95

       NBA Playoffs tonight

  • Im quite certain I have all the revival intimation of Black Ops 2 including the crucial last moments of the count down, and the first leak of the mew BO2 website as it happened. 

  • Theend004500

    Interesting I think?

  • Is this Call of Duty’s 2142? Interesting.

    • Casavult


    •  people are always gonna compare thing to other things like  i could say on the halo trailer “oh its unreal halo 4 hmm?”

      • Trolololo

         look on gamefaqs, the pic of the walking tank is making everyone assume Treyarch is stealing stuff from Metal Gear Solid now

        •  lol but the mechs look nothing alike XD

        • J_mckay93

          the mechs camo is from 2142

          •  thats called digital camo……….

          • your fucked they all have something in common if u made the digital camo and 5000 others did to who owns it no one thats who ya can say its stolen if it never belonged to someone

          • Spiritghidorah

            Right, because BF2142 owns the rights to digital urban camouflage…

    • tellmeadeshina

      Well, I did decode one of the intel clues to mean Black Ops II 2150.

  • Casavult

    Looks good in my opinion. Treyarch have always made the better and more interesting CoD title in my opinion.

    • in your opinion, thats your opinion.  In my opinion it’s also my opinion.

      No, Treyarch is just straight up better =)

      • Casavult

        Agreed. 🙂

  • From Spain
    • Thanks I’ll add it.

    • asgaro

      That mech can’t fit in those small sized CoD maps. I don’t get it?

  • Shimme01

    Fake guns ha ha. Copying homefront some more

    • Djsparx

      the XM8 is a fake gun? do some research there sir

  • BOING!!  Instaboner!!

  • Jaskdavis

    Cool setting!!! But those graphics PUKE!!! Please make a new engine, that building in the background lol, should be a fun campaign!

  • Sami Almawali

    the gun in the first image is the xm8

    • Jaskdavis

      That gun was in BF:BC2 and was AWESOME! Hopefully it’s good in this game too.

    • Spiritghidorah

      Nope. The upper receiver and the stock are different.

  • oh i get it! its a alternate universe because they are using the XM8 and that thing stopped being used a long time ago also the graphcis look a lil blocky :/ but it isnt the final build so yeah i wonder though how will this be black ops 2? since its set in the future? 

    • these will be the graphics you can expect in the final version.  In fact they will look the same as Black Ops 1 because they are still using the same engine and consoles are maxed-out in terms of graphics.  Remember last April when MW3 screenshots leaked out? yeah the graphics in those shots were exactly what the final game looked like.    Plus, Treyarch has never been great with graphics…

      •  uh considering they have 7 month to polish the graphics and stuff i dont think these are the final build sure the overall textures will be final probably but aswell the quality of the graphics they can still tweak em.

        • Non Biased Opinion

          If Treyarch are going to use an image/video for promotion, expect the graphics in said image/video to be of finished quality. It’s the same thing every year, they (All CoD studios) never push partially complete work to the public, haven’t done so since WaW.

          • Jaskdavis

            They have already Polished this ID Tech 3 engine From 1997! Has nothing to do with Maxing Consoles out since BF3 and CRYSIS 2 and KZ3 look Farrrrrr better than any COD title! They NEED to step there game up and stop Milking Everything They do! = TRUTH

        • tellmeadeshina

          They don’t have 7 months! It will need to be finished long before then. MW3 went gold at the end of September.

          From then you start work on the first patch mopping up the non-launch critical issues and the artists on maps etc.

          •  huh well either way there is always time to polish it but in the end if it looks like black ops ill still buy im not about graphics anyways if i was MW3 would be the best cod ever XD

  • huh it has the art direction of dues ex human revolution yet it looks like dust 514 (the soldier) weird.

  • wow, the far-off background buildings look TERRIBLE.  I mean everything else looks good… but it looks like Treyarch didn’t adopt IW’s improvements to the game engine which allowed bigger scale to each level/map and more detailed textures for far-off objects

    • … “IW’s improvements to the game engine” …

      • tellmeadeshina

        In fairness IW does bring graphical improvements to the engine. Treyarch bring us the better mechanics and gameplay and ideas. IW adds the gloss.

        Oh the humanity of the company that once created it all now reduced to just adding the gloss.

    • blu4andor

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the DoF that happens when you aim down the sight… at least I hope to God it is!

  • Seriously?

    That can’t be a walking tank. This looks horrid

    •  its a mech :/ it does look bad though personally my advice to all the PC players who plan on buying this just dl black light looks way better and apparently

  • jlamma

    what is that hour in GMT? if anyone knows id thank

    • Phoenix

      GMT -4

  • @TonetheBone925

    Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise” 

    LOL at the Zoomed in picture of the Low-Res shot of the towers. Pushing the limits!

    • tellmeadeshina

      They weren’t talking about graphics. But yeah wow that looks bad!

  • Trolololo

    Just when u think the franchise is gettin stale, they pull of a near futuristic warfare setting and I’m back on the cod train again. DAMNIT

    • #truth

    •  im actually not very excited for the future setting i mean BF has done it blacklight, halo etc. personally im betting that they did this to try and get the HALO crowd i still miss the 60,s and 70,s era of black ops 1

      • ummm, then go play black ops 1 then? Im ready for a new game. I’m ready for the CoD franchise to do something different than the same game they’ve been putting out since CoD4

        •  go play black ops 1? i wanna know what happens to mason and reznov! which if since this is in the future he is what 80 years old? unless there is time travel (which is the only way zombies can be in black ops 2 unless new characters)

          • True. I was thinking about that the other day. It will be interesting how they will continue the storyline from black ops well into the future. Its interesting that they chose to continue the BO line. I understand that it has market power, but its also right under the name “Call of Duty” which has infinitely more market power than almost any other fps out there (halo perhaps?). The setting seems so drastically different from the original BO that I cant even comprehend why they would want to continue it with a sequel, even if it was an amazing game (easily my favorite of the CoD4+’s).

          • DOOP

            umm reznovs dead..

      • Trolololo

         I missed 2142, blacklight did nothing for me, and halo is about humans vs. aliens, As far as we know this is simply 10 – 30 years into the future. I wouldn’t mind seeing a cod about the later years detailing the events leading up to the collapse of the soviet union, but I’m very interested in this. Hopefully Mason’s supposed actions after the campaign ends in black ops 1 plays a role in this.

        • true this is actually looking like dust 514 the funny thing is how is mason suppose to be in this since this is the future isnt he like 60 or 80 something years old? its gonna be weird for sure

      • I STILL want ww2 and wietnam

        • vietnam

        •  same

        • asgaro

          Me too.
          I remember WW2 was milked to death and every developer went for Modern warfare. But now that period is milked to death, and I am sure with the current game engine we can have way better WW2 game experiences than the old WW2 games provided.

          • sniper elite v2 reinvented WW2 for me and Vietnam is like almost untouched

          • asgaro

            @facebook-100002367454310:disqus Indeed, I plan on buying it in Juli when I have more free time. And I hope more developers full the trend with WW2! Vietnam would also be fun.

    • me to bye bye BATTLEFILED

      • Jaskdavis

        LOL battle-Filed? Truth is that BATTLEFIELD will NEVER go “Bye,Bye” since their community grows by the millions every year, I wont be surprised if  BF4 after BC3 will match sales of the COD in that timeline!

        • Korflock

          battlefield will always be the game that when people get bored of cod, they’ll just mess around and fly around on helicopters in battlefield.

  • Thats right 3arc, bring back vehicles. They worked great in World at War. 

    • grego

      This is definitely single player screenshots. Multiplayer revals are always much later down the line. I doubt we’d see any walking tanks in TDM.

    •  yeah im not to happy about that :/ maybe if they are killstreaks

  • tellmeadeshina

    Some of it looks like concept art. For example the image of the car park, the people and cars in the bottom left look more like a drawing than CGI.

    Plus that the fire truck out of MW3 in the bottom right of the same picture. Looks like the one in Interchange. I came to COD in Black Ops 1, so I’ve no idea if it was also in MW2 too.Could be a strong indication that it is using at least MW2’s engine. There definitely appears to be more curvature to the graphics compares to BO.

  • J_mckay93

    WOWWWW dude the camoo is the EXXACT same has 2142 it looks all the same wow cant they think of something themselves

    • Spiritghidorah

      You’re stupid.

  • J_mckay93

    tell me the camo on the two walkers isnt identical

    • Skrying

      biped compared to a quadruped, same camo so what looks like military digital to me.

    • tellmeadeshina

      The camo isn’t alike. I mean it is similar, but so is all camo that is trying to be of that kind of colour. There isn’t an infinite amount of camo options.

  • J_mckay93

    Oh and nice ODST this is the last straw I expected something good out of his game, nope clearly just going to copy a whole bunch of older games

  • Gameguy21

    FUCK! I actually Got Excited for a COD Title! SHIT!

  • Nfsna89

    The trailer is still private for me and i can’t enter the website(says IP blocked).WTF IS GOING ON!?

    • tellmeadeshina

      a QA site was pushed live you see IP blocked because normally QA is blocked, you’ll see the same on the forum QA site, for example:

      The YT video will be public once aired on US TV.

  • therapiist

    I like how some people talk about the graphic on how bad it is. But once the game is release, they be at the store buying the game.

  • Typhoon_Gauntlet

    Call of Duty just can’t think of any new ideas, they have to copy shits from other games

    • just like other games copy shit dfrom CoD!

    •  No one want to play a  Civil War Call of Duty

      • Korflock

        right, because reloading will be so much fun.

        • Sanquintinb

           Actually….. We had Lever-Action rifles in the civil war…. Ever heard of the “Henry Rifle”?

    • Nah

      So all movies set in space copy star wars? I hate call of duty but I wouldn’t classify this as copying otherwise everything copies everything. Phones copy each other since they call make calls. Get my point

  • J_mckay93

    look familiar?

  • Ivaan

    The call of duty series: a failure in the past, present, and failure!


    • Marcheddragoon2

      Future* goes to show you that both bf3 and COD fanboys are idiots.

      I’ll be over here playing gears. Enjoy your sucky day

      • ill be playing uncharted XD

        • Jaskdavis

          I will be Playing Far Cry 3…. Oh Nvm, it’s not out yet :/

      • asgaro

        I will be playing:

        UNRELEASED (PC)Black MesaFirefall (F2P)Bioshock InfiniteGhost Recon Online (F2P)Metro: Last LightFar Cry 3Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2Warface (F2P)Counter Strike GOGuild Wars 2Doom 4Spec Ops: The LineBrothers in Arms: Furious 4DishonoredResident Evil 6Aliens: Colonial MarinesThe Witcher 3Splinter Cell: RetributionAmnesia: A Machine for PigsQuantum ConundrumSimCityMedal of Honor: WarfighterMercenary Ops (F2P)Thief 4Alan Wake’s American NightmareDead Space 3Crysis 3ZweiSurvariumResetTomb RaiderHitman AbsolutionGTA VRainbow Six: PatriotsAssassin’s Creed 3Ghost Recon Future Soldier

  • Skrying

    Still trying to figure out what type of rifle the soldier is holding. This is the best fit.. as far as looks now the top rail could be an add on.
    Also looks like it could be a commando or scar.

    • Korflock

      don’t even bother, dude. 
      it’s just gunna be guns we’ve never heard of that shoot laser beams. 

  • BAttlefieldplayer

    holy shit reminds me of bf 2142

  • ThePro

    There is no way that there will be walking vehicles in the next 10-30 yrs in the future. And even if it is more like 40-70 yrs in the future we would not still be using black hawks.

    • tellmeadeshina

      The future could come to us.

  • friendly poster

    so the zombies will be set in the future too and Nikolia,Dempsey,Richthofen,and takeo will be sent  there also while Richthofen is controlling the zombies ? 

    • Jonchr2

       isnt it samantha? isnt she the new team member??

  • Ptp18

    Who cares? I will still be on the battlefield duppin’ with Armored Kill by then…. ho hummm CoD

  • RigbyPA

    Looks like garbage.

    • WasabeJuice

       All you haters get a life.

  • asgaro

    I will laugh my ass of when people realise they can’t use those mech in multiplayer!
    The CoD engine simply is not capable of implementing vehicles you drive yourself. All the vehicles you have seen in older CoD games are never driven by you. It’s just an object on rails.

    • tellmeadeshina

      Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware that they do not have the ability to modify the game engine and that it is identical to the original engine.

    • Spiritghidorah

      Someone has never played COD3, Black Ops, or World At War…

  • Korflock

    I thought it was gunna be set in 2020s not 2100s.
    Call of duty: star wars.
    Mw3 actually looked good from the start. 
    This just looks like halo.
    If the modern warfare series was from 2012-2018, did we get like new alien technology within the span of 2 years? wtf. 
    1st time I’ve been disappointed in a COD from the get-go. 

    • tellmeadeshina

      The future could come to us.

    • Jonchr2

       it looks like sgt.woods has a part in the game, so it cant be set to a year no later than 2025, and thats pushing it, since he was born in march, 1930.

  • DOOP

    i think we can assume that theres gonna be a high chance the next BF is gonna be a 2142 sequel after seeing this

  • Sanquintinb

    But why do the graphics look so bad….? Looks like fucking COD4. And that was released in ’07

    • Jonchr2

       its probably some early screenshots from a while ago.

    • looks like MW3 graphics to me

  • The game will take place between 2020 -2030. Does anybody actually know what the military are working on for the future? No you dont! Just sit back & we’ll all know l8r tonight.

  • Weedmaster2k69

    Call of duty
    Metal gear black ops 2
    Guns of the patriots

  •  The engines showing it’s age. Wouldn’t surprise me to see iOS running it smoothly…

  • Enflu3nza

    i was almost hoping for soviet invasion of afghanistan and gulf war/iraq occupation era. 
    but now that it seems to be around 2030 or 2040s, im looking forward to it. im a HUGE SCI-FI FAN, and i always liked the semi modern yet futuristic feel of crysis and ghost recon. looks like another game to add to my list.

  • DidBungieMakeThis?

    CoD: ODST 2 nuff said

  • AlvAradoeddy91

    It’s like tron/halo haha COD is done.

    • Cod master

      that was frank woods at the beginning

  • BroskiMcBroham

    Maybe in the future they clone Woods, Hudson, and Mason to fight a Robot Zombie Lenin…. I mean, er, Reznov.

    Yeah, seems legit.

  • Ughn

    This looks like halo or somthing. I am still fiending ww2 era or a whole game based on vietnam would be cool.

  • RoflCubicle

    Oh **** wait a minute, you mean this is real?!??

    I thought it was someone pulling a prank lol

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  • Darksynthus

    ill doubt ill get it since Halo 4 is coming out first and in november too

  • the truth

    the franchise is stale o.O – mw3 was nothing more than a glorified map pack for mw2 – and im reaaallly looking forward to blackops screwing over ps3 players xD