Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Map List and Loading Screens Revealed

From the same source that brought us a look at the leaked Prestige, League and Zombie emblems, we now get a look at all 14 multiplayer maps included in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

From the DW/247Β forums, user absolutecobblers has gathered this list of multiplayer map loading screens and names found in the files of the recent Call of Duty: ELITE update. These should be the same images you see once the ‘Improve’ section of ELITE goes live.

Unlike previous multiplayer map leaks, this confirms that a total of 14 maps will be included in Black Ops 2, plus Nuketown 2025, which is not shown below. However, you can get good look at some in-game Nuketown 2025 footage in the latest Black Ops 2 trailer.

Check out the map images below and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Nice, counting the hours until I’m waiting outside Gamestop waiting for midnight…

    • Alpine

      what a loser…i bet you line up for iPhone too…hahaha

      • Akira2020

        @Alpine….Yup, Danny and MILLIONS of others who will be waiting at the midnight release for the game as all losers. I wish we could all be like you.

      • Nemesis_96

        Owned πŸ˜‰

      • yeah.. people who like stuff are such losers!! All the cool people hate everything

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  • cheeseburger eddy

    These all look just amazing, can’t wait for it

  • anyone have a link to the supposed “leak” of all the maps in blops2 a few months ago? i want to see if it was valid.

    • buttfacebob545
      • lolwut

        It is odd to see the changes maps have.

        Look at Express in the beta, and then the final image.

        • buttfacebob545

          Yea I agree… honestly when I first saw that original article, and looked at the images… I though they looked too crummy to be real. But they are real, and they looked much more polished in the final images

  • Nemesis_96

    ‘Tis a thing of beauty…
    Why aren’t they full sized O.o

    • These are apparently as they would appear on ELITE, just sort of as large thumbnails most likely. Not full in-game loading screens.

      • Nemesis_96

        OooooHhhhhH ok, thank you πŸ™‚ that makes sense.

  • Manny

    Black Ops 1 servers fixed πŸ˜‰

  • name

    Does anyone know if the Storm PSR, the x-ray sniper rifle, is in mp or is it just sp only?

    • its only on single player man, my guess is because treyarc is putting the milimeter scanner. also i read this somewhere and it said that if u have a sniper as a primary u can have a thermal scopeas a scorestreak but idk if its true.

      • name

        Balls, I’m guessing the CLAW is single player only as well?
        I remember them talking about a wager match with bots?

        • lolwut

          A ‘mini’ CLAW is in MP, it is called the AGR and is a kill streak. You either let it go around killing people or you can take control of it.

          It is a bit like the Assault Drone in MW3, but from the looks of it, is a bit more useful, especially seen as you can let it go around on its own rather than you having to hide in a corner whilst you use it.

        • when they say “bots” they are referring to the fake players like in combat training from BO1

          • name

            No, they were talking about a ‘drone’ wager match with an emp grenade and a machine pistol.

            But I’ve found no more info on this match.

    • only campaign, it would be a little on the OP side

  • Can we move on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish they would quit jamming up this site with this black ops 2 shit nobody who has a IQ pass a 2 year old gives a shit about this stupid ass DLC expansion. I cannot wait till it finally comes out so we can move on to better things. Thats right better things is already out. cough BF3 cough. Also cannot wait till it comes out so I can get on here and read posts about its still the same and gosh this game sucks.

    • cheeseburger eddy

      And this is why nobody likes the bf community. You THINK you’re better but your not. BOII is already better than bf3 and it even hasn’t come out stop hatin why check out the post if it’s soemthing you dispise so much?? Think before you act lil kid..

      • Make sense man

        Says the guy who tells someone you think there better then turns around and says Black ops 2 is better . YOU GAY

        • cheeseburger eddy

          Dude you have no common sense what so ever. The BF community THINKS they are better. Which of course in my opinion is absurd. Idiot.

          • Actually I have to disagree.. I was a COD fanboy before BF3 came out and COD hasn’t brought anything new since I left. Just because a game is more successful on sales doesn’t make it a better game, cod is a noob friendly game and that is why it appeals to more gamers. A lot of these maps look very similar to the 1st BO and the Aftermath map looks just like the expansion coming from BF3 but if tables were turned COD players would had said BF is copying COD. I will be getting BO2 for ZOMBIES!!

            • I left COD 4ever cuz of BF3 and lookin forward to BF4.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Well your one of probably like 10 people

            • You love COD COCK

              You dont get out much do you. With a name like cheeseburger eddy I expect nothing less.

            • cheeseburger eddy

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            • Kyle Jackson


            • cheeseburger eddy

              O thanks dude…?

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Well you haven’t or it seems you will not give BOII a chance. Personally i have no idea what makes bf3 good. Guns are horrible, the maps to me are too big and not appealing, vehicles are so lame, i hated the ones even in WaW. To me bf3 really doesn’t offer anything at all. BOII has so many more options now, MP, SP, and zombies all out weigh whatever you think battlefield has. And yes i agree with you, ZOMBIES LOOKS DOPE.

            • You so Stupid

              BF3 has the same guns as COD titles plus more. You truly are a disease to the gaming world everywhere.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              The way guns shoot and sound and shit idiot. You are a disease to this webisite and humanity bro. I speak the truth sorry its hard for you to handle it.

            • You still Stupid

              The way the guns sound and shoot really. BF3 has the most realistic weapon shooting ever you have to factor in bullet drop and you can change the firing modes. And sound you wish COD had the sound that BF3 has they recorded each of the weapons in the game from real life shooting. Think before you blurt out nonsense.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              I’m sorry and you know BOII won’t have great sound effects how??? Yeah shut up kid, and are you serious right now..Battlefield’s sound is nothing of real life. I watched and listened what real guns sound like. Battlefield does not commpare. Nor does call of duty. Just thought you should know i wasn’t praising cod’s gun sounds.

            • Glock Lover

              You sir are officially an idiot, BF3 guns have the best and realistic sound to date, not only on guns but the enviroment and vehicles as a whole. If you want to critize BF3, sound should be the least you use on your argument, and if you judge a game by only 10 matches then it was because you sucked at it.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              That is your opinion, mine is the guns sucked, and i went into BF thinking and hearing good reviews…Yeah they really were nothing special. The environment and vehicles? Both were trash, i never liked vehicles even since WaW, and battlefield vehicles are just as annoying. And like i just said it was a little more than 10, not much, and really? You think i hate the way maps look and feel, the way guns shoot and sound, and their vehicles becuase i did bad? You must have a lower IQ than i previously thought..

            • Thats is your taste in games. I bet you have never game BF3 a chance because weapons are as real as they get in BF3, COD is just to FAKE, I loved MW2 and played a lot of BO but lost interest in it way to quick. Say all you want about BF3 but in my opinion it is the best FPS out there, now start hating you little whiny kids

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Dude i give all games a chance, not my fault battlefield got boring after 10 matches. And i think BO was pretty damn good, probably my favorite cod so far, but even so i think it more fun than battlefield. Graphics wise battlefield is good, but gameplay is far behind the CoD franchise in my opinion. Now yes mw3 wasn’t what we all hoped, but BOII is proving by the videos that it will be the best(hopefully) cod so far.

            • OMG!! I wouldn’t play BF3 if its gameplay became anything like COD. BF3 is amazing, I mean I left COD for BF3 so that must say something and playing 10 game of bf3 isn’t enough to get familiar or good at it so you lied with you first statement you noob

            • The battle of the fanboys. The unstoppable force vs. the immovable object!

            • Actually I am not a fanboy!!! I still like COD I just prefer to play BF3, Cheeseburger is nothing but a COD fanboy who just hates on other FPS games

            • Lol I’m just playing dude. I find this whole argument to be quite amusing.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Why? You don’t wanna play the better game? BF3 multiplayer is weak at best, nothing new, nothing exciting, all around average. I played cod, played battlefield, threw up, then went back to cod, so that must say something right? And it was around 10 dude little more even, But first impressions stick…And mine was this game is trash, and how did i lie bro? How?

            • LMFAO man your stupid

            • cheeseburger eddy

              O What no repsonse ah thought you’d shut up

            • nope, just don’t want to waist my time on a fanboy. Everybody has the right to enjoy the game they want but anybody who says BF3 is horrible is a fanboy. I am not going around saying COD is horrible, I just don’t play it like I use to but it doesn’t make COD a bad game. Get off that dang fanboy train you are riding on and just give other games a chance. Why stick to one game “COD” when you can play many?!?

            • cheeseburger eddy

              But yet you continue to talk to me? And you just contradicted yourself idiot, everybody has the right to enjoy the game they want, but anybody who hates other games is a fanboy? You make no sense dude, and i’ve said numerous times before, idk if they were to you, but i give all games a chance. BF3 is something i’d never play again because i do not like specific things about the game. You telling me i’m wrong for doing that means you are a fanboy of BF. You tell me I’m a fanboy for only liking cod, yet you disagree with me when i say battlefield is not the best game. Your argument is one of a fanboy trying to persuade me into liking battlefield. I play other games dude, not just FPS, but when i do play a FPS, i choose cod because in my opinion it is better than BF, and i do not like what battlefield has to offer, so why would i play it?

            • COD Fanboy… The end =)

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Oh ok bye BF fanboy πŸ˜‰

            • Kyle Jackson

              No, it appears that ‘You’re’ stupid.

            • oh hey Kyle, I guess i forgot to tell you I don’t give a shit what you think

      • And you wonder why no one likes the CoD community. It’s full of a lot of stuck up players who think their game is automatically better because they play it. Why can’t both games just be good? And why can’t you realize that the only thing they have in common are guns and the fact that they’re both FPS games?

        You give a bad image for the rest of the CoD players who couldn’t give a shit what game people play. Your attitude is bad and you should feel bad.

        • cheeseburger eddy

          Why can’t both games be good? Idk how about you go ask all the bf3 fanboys why both games can’t be good? They bash CoD so much it’s time someone said something back, sorry for doing that…And a bad image? Bro i could care less about what YOU think as long as someone is giving the battlefield kids a tast of what they dish out.

          • It’s funny how you think you feel obligated to respond to the trolls and the people who legitimately are retarded and waste their time giving a shit about a game they chose not to enjoy. You’re NEVER obligated to respond, and I don’t see why you put in enough effort to continuously defend yourself and the game you play over people who you’ll never talk to again.

            You really are giving the CoD community a bad image, though. I could go out on a limb and say the community is garbage enough as it is, but that’s only because of people exactly like you, and even worse. Back in the day before people gave a shit about CoD vs BF, and even before the time where it was CoD vs Halo, the community was full of cool guys who were like, “Oh, you play Halo (or some other big time FPS)? That’s cool. The game’s alright, just not my cup of tea.” And everyone was cool.

            Now you and other people like you feel the need to voice their opinion your it matters at all, and here we are, with thousands of too many people giving a shit.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              It’s funny how you feel obligated to write to me. Your NEVER obligated to try and correct my ways. O you are talking to me now, but will never talk to me again. i am not getting your point good sir. How am i giving the community a bad image? You make it bad because you think you are right but you are wrong on this issue. Dude I have NEVER came out and said bf3 sucks, halo sucks, just for the heck of it. When people put down cod, i point out the negatives of what they think is better, only fair right? I’ve never once posted on a bf article or a halo article saying THIS GAME SUCKS BLAH BLAH BLAH, you know why? Because it is pointless. I stand up for the game i like, is that wrong dude? i don’t think so. I never comapre bf and cod unless i need to. They are different games in their own right, which in my opinion cod is superior. My best friend pulled away from cod, you think i hate him now? NO, i respect what he plays, which is Boderlands2, which is a very good game, but I am not freaking out because people don’t play cod. You clearly do not know anything and should shut up and stop writing to me and people like me standing up for a game we like. Like i said, i do not care what game you play, but when you bash cod for no reason expect someone to reply. Yeah i gottta be that guy, so what, why does my comments bother you so much? I recommend you try harder to try and make me look like the bad guy because you did a shit job.

            • g00dj0ke, pz.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Real talk. And pz? that word is not in the english language.

            • It’s a fairly small used way of saying bye, peace, later, etc.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              I’ve never seen that before. Did you try for peace? like pc, or pce?

    • You talk about IQ’s and yet, you can’t put together a single grammatically correct sentence. You do have a choice as to what websites you visit and what you choose to look at once you’re at those sites. Go read your BF3 news and leave these articles for people who enjoy them, sir.

      • Your the coolest

        Look how smart you are. You might be the first smart COD gamer ive seen. CONGRATS

    • Frost

      Have you ever heard of opinions? Not everyone likes BF3, and if someone hates BF3 doesn’t mean that he has bad taste in games, it just means he has a different opinion. Also BF3’s time has ended, no game should be talked about after all of it’s DLC and money milking has ended(cough premium cough), also I gotta’ ask, does this game look like an expansion to you? No really, does it? If it does, then I must say you haven’t played Black ops or World at War, massive difference my friend. Also I never played BFBC2 so to me it looks exactly like BF3.

      • Your opinion really sucks

        People that does not like BF3 is people who gets there asses handed to them on it. Then they turn around and say that game sucks when really you dont like it because you cannot play it. COD=No thought gaming

        • Lord Byakurai

          You dont have to be bad at a game to not like it. Im good at battlefield but ive grown to dislike it. Why? Because it’s worse than CoD. The entire game is based on camping. Please GTFO BF’s dick

          • you dumb

            Based on camping you are the worst excuse for a gamer there is maps that are bigger than every cod map combined how would camping serve any purpose

          • WOW!!!! you do realize camping in BF3 is nearly impossible, right??? All you have to do is blow up the wall that camper is behind, so you are obviously a noob at BF3 because if you were good campers wouldn’t be an issue

            • There are other places to camp than behind walls and in buildings. Not saying he’s right, just pointing out the flaw in your argument.

            • There is no flaw, if you are good enough there is always a way o get thru campers in BF3.. I have never ran into anybody that can successfully camp in bf3. COD practically forces you to camp because of Killstreaks

          • Glock Lover

            You suck at BF and is not based on camping, COD it’s based on camping because if you don’t, you dont get kill streak and shit like that, so stop talking out of your arse.

          • You Dumb

            If you camp in BF and not do nothing it kicks you out of the server after 300 seconds of inactivity. YOUR COMMENT IS DUMB AND INVALID

        • I don’t like BF3 that much because I’m more into arcade-esque, “don’t have to try so hard to have fun” FPS games. I’m not saying it’s bad, because it’s not a bad game, it’s just not my cup of tea.

          So apparently I’m bad at the game? It’s not that hard of a game.

          P.S. everything in the world, on the exception of a couple bodily things, take thought. Please proofread what you write before you submit it.

      • Your opinion really sucks

        BF3 time has ended LOL Now I know you a COD fag because you have to have something new every year to feel special. BF never gets old.

        • cheeseburger eddy

          Your grammer is terrible, and buddy BF comes out almost as frequent as cod does. Sorry CoD outsells, and is the overall better game compared to BF. BF was done once it started..

        • Dirk Merks

          Haha. This guy made about three different names just to make it look like others are on his side.

        • Who said we need something new every year to feel special? Oh, you? Okay.

          By the way, Battlefield and Medal of Honor have pretty much turned into CoD in terms of when the games come out. In 2013, BF4 will be released. In 2014, MoH will have another game. Repeat. It’s like IW and 3Arc, whereas MoH is equivalent to IW’s recent games, and BF is equivalent to 3Arc’s games.

          It’s not a hard concept to follow, and it’s basically the same thing you were trying to insult us about.

      • cheeseburger eddy

        I agree with 100% with you man, finally someone who makes sense

      • LOL I like COD but I love BF3 and left COD for BF3 and I can tell you that BF3’s time has not ended good sir.. it has just begun for me, especially with this new map pack Aftermath that looks AMAZING.

      • HA HA HA HA HA

        Money milking mentioned on a COD article. LMFAO

    • tango down

      These trolls just keep on coming, you idiot check the XBL list, COD BOP 1 is already on top of BF3. And soon even MW2. BF3 is dying, accept it and move one.

      • You Stupid.

        BF3 dying LOFL Thats why there is almost 300 servers or more with full teams daily and thats just on XBOX. BF3 wont die till BF4 comes out. All that list shows is there is more casual gamers than hardcore as COD attracts kids and Casual gamers in droves. Its the truth sorry

  • plaza is villa

  • hacked garbage

    It will be good for about 2 days until it gets hacked cod is garbage because of that

    • tango down

      a lonce in a while, actually, far too many, you would encounter pin heads in this forum.


        a lonce in a while? Who is the pinhead exactly?

        • bf idiots

          there you go, pin head scum identified.

    • soperman

      I am not really sure why BF3 losers are reading this article. They simply can’t let go that COD is way better. Sad really, sad sad people.

      • Yeah Right

        Thats why I dont play COD. Its so much better that I would rather play a fucking harmonica then play it. Not since COD4 has Cod even come close to BF.

    • CoD only really gets hacked on the PC. You don’t see console hacks for the actual games (excluding Xbox letters in name/nametag) until the time the next game comes out. And even with people cheating on PC, you don’t have to play with them. It’s not hard to avoid.

  • Kyle Jackson

    I can’t wait to seed this to death.

  • wow, Aftermath ! what a coincident! o_0

    • masada157

      I also noticed that a map pack in BF3 is called “EndGame”. OMG, that’s the same as the title for the last mission in MW2. What a coincidence!!!!

  • Nemesis_96

    Why do people feel the need to talk about battlefield on these news feeds πŸ™ Black Ops 2 is going to be a great game, so quit your yappin’

  • Murkface13

    Midnight is alittle too late for me, plus I have to be at work at 6 in the morning, but Ill be there at 9am and trying my best to pop smoke as soon as possible

  • noname

    LOVE how TreyArch are bringing back colors to the maps πŸ™‚ But really don’t understand how there’s not a single “snowy” map?? A lot of people, including myself love those snowy map πŸ™

    • Asmitty56

      Yes I’d love to see snow… well then again the game is in the future and there is that little thing called global warming :/. Also throw in some night and jungle maps!

      • The Promanade map is at night and the map drone its a factory in the middle of the jungle, but mostly played on the drone factory.

        • Asmitty56

          Yea but the more the better :). For some reason some fps mess up maps that are suppose to be in a night setting. Ideally I’d like it to be difficult to see players at range. And force you to use lights to your advantage or disadvantage. And like you said Drone might be more in doors than out.

          • i would like to see these maps with different time settings for example hijacked at sun up and night times

    • HBK

      Well, there has always been one crappy snow map the last 3 games (Derail, Array, and Outpost). Hopefully they’ll consider some free DLC of previous maps like MW3 did with Terminal; I’d love to see Summit, Firing Range, and Grid.

      • You so funny


        • Ayo_Ayo_Son

          Uh, Terminal was free DLC for MW3.

    • To be fair, snow textures drop FPS more than something like grass/dirt. I’m not sure if snow maps ever had subtle snowing, but that can lower performance too (at least on PC, dunno how that stuff works on console).

    • noname

      Play BF3 there is snow map called Albortz mountain and it is epic. It plays out on a huge mountain. Another reason BF is better. Variety is something you wont see in COD

      • HBK

        People like COD for fast paced gun-on-gun action. People like BF for slower-paced vehicular warfare. Take your pick. One could say BF3 lacks variety of game modes, or customizability, or a host of other things.

        • Glock Lover

          Haven’t you playerd close quarters maps on BF3? This is how fast paced should be, with destruction and monster sound on every map.Close Quarter alone destroy any cod to date.

          • In your opinion*

          • Asmitty56

            TDM I can see it being good. Domination gets kind of old if you are PTFOing. I do like being able to blow away player’s cover and have multiple flanking routes.

        • Asmitty56

          Can agree on customization (on game modes). But it has the variety down.

      • BF3 and COD should not be compared, COD is an almost arcade fps game and BF3 is focused to be realistic, both great games on their own way.

      • Asmitty56

        But only 1 snow maps :/. But hey the community wanted snow maps and they got it, a night map too. Even though the blue tint doesn’t exactly make it a true night map…. But then you would have noobs bitching about not being able to see..

      • meeee

        Why tamper with brilliance πŸ™‚

    • Snow ftw

    • meeee

      Alot of people dont like the snowy maps also. However id like to see a summer and a winter setting to all maps aswell as day and night. That would change the way we play these maps and add more variety to them.

  • 0311

    Looks great. I’m happy with the large amount of maps at release. TreyArch does this game right. It’s IW that has destroyed the series. Has there been any mention of HardCore game modes? I only play HardCore, so i’m interested if they’ll be hooking up or fucking the HC community this game.


    These comments need to be cleaned up. This is NOT Battlelog.

  • Asmitty56

    Aftermath looks great, reminds me of Downturn. Standoff, Yemen, Drone, Meltdown, Overflow, and Plaza looks fun, maybe Turbine. How ever I am getting tired of seeing the maps that look like mansions, malls/airports(Express/Promenade), and why the hell would they be fighting on a yacht?

  • hcery

    I want maps which has open areas like in bo1, these look like mw3 maps

  • jrstryker

    Aftermath huh???? Wonder if we’ll see some earth quake mechanics there too? Maps look decent, been a while since I was hyped about COD.

  • No comparison

    Whats funny is you could fit all of these maps into one of BF3 maps. And thats your 60 dollars down the drain. And dont say BF3 is boring with big maps because we have vehicles unlike your game and dynamic gameplay. People get on here and compare the two series but realistically there is no comparison anybody who has actually invested time in BF3 will tell you that its the greatest shooter period. Im not talking about Rush, team deathmatch or close quarters. Im talking about battlefield pure dynamic CONQUEST battles where every match is different and it never gets old. I have been playing for almost 600 hours and still not bored of it yet. Dont get me wrong I try every new COD that comes out each year but BF3 always finds its way back in my 360. Its about the big epic war that BF3 portrays is why its so good. Helicopters,tanks,jeeps,fourwheelers, and more plus infantry combat makes a immersive war game you cannot get anywhere else. Plus nobody mentions the sound quality of BF3 which has no equal. I dare you to find a better sounding military game you wont. You can also shoot through fences in BF as COD you cannot. Just saying

    • tango down

      Why can’t you BF3 fanboys just stick with your own game. You like BF3, fine. I play it too, but I also play COD and spend more time with it than BF3 because it is the play style I am after. BF3 offers a different shooter game. But if you are really a douche who just praise BF and trash other games, GTFO!, you scumbag. Your ignorant mind won’t comprehend why COD is still the no. 1 FPS.

      • Invalid

        BF3 copied COd with close quarters and did it better than COd your comment is invalid

        • except that the qc maps are generally garbage.

          • Invalid

            I agree but thats the point they copied COD which is garbage and they expected BF players to like them Hell No that is not BF just like the owful operation metro. Worst BF/COD map in history. Should be called operation choke point and stat boosting.

        • tango down

          really? close quarters is simply a DLC for BF3’s team deathmatch. Did it ever make any difference? Nope. Did it ever get more players?, Nope. If fact it alienated the core gamers because BF3 is supposed to be different from COD. But yo have an empty head so you won’t know that.

      • Invalid

        You dont get it do you most of these BF players as myself that you are referring to was COD fanatics we moved on to bigger and better things. One day you will too. Also you would be very shocked to know that most of the people who buy COD is for single player as I have many friends who do. Shocking I know but its a fact.

        • Both games are good

          I used to play nothing but COD until a friend convinced me to buy BF3. I loved it but I also love COD,there’s nothing wrong with liking both games.

    • i like bf3 as much as the next guy, but it isn’t perfect, it’s still buggy even a year after release, and the ammount of enjoyment you get out of it varies greatly between matches. for me, most of the time it can be either boring – when my team is steamrolling the other, or frustrating – when it is the other way around. sometimes it can be amazing, and in those rare moments it is really the best shooter out there.
      but it’s really rare. if you didn’t grow tired of it after 600 hours, good for you.
      but there is no need to preach about it under a cod related article.

      • Jimbo Jism

        What game is not buggy? Play conquest more the rareness would be less of a problem. The only 2 problems I see with BF3 is idiot players that use COD tactics and The sound cutting out but that is rare.

    • WHY do you CARE? Does it honestly matter to you? If you’re going to say you don’t care, then why did you take your time to come to MP1st and click on a CoD article? You’re wasting your own precious time. Why? I really don’t understand.

      No one but you few, though seemingly growing, uptight Battlefield players honestly gives a shit about what each game does. Any REAL gamer will accept the fact that certain people like certain games.

      Some people liked Pokemon, some people liked Digimon. Suck it up and get over yourself.


      • BlackBlade404

        I whish i would like this comment 100 times because its so true.

    • BlackBlade404

      Then why do you read and comment on COD articles?
      I dont even look at BF3’s articles, keep your hate to your self.

  • Standoff looks neat. Kinda has that old school feel to it.

  • too many BF scums

    This article has been hijacked by the douche bags and scum bags of the BF community.

  • Ultimate Troll

    With Battlefield 3, DICE has not only taken its already impressive online multiplayer formula and made it even better, but with a solid single-player and co-op component too, the developer has built a far more robust package. You won’t be playing Battlefield 3 for anything but the multiplayer though, which – no word of a lie – is one of the best multiplayer arenas ever crafted. I mean, where else can you BASE jump off a cliff to blow up an objective, load up a squad of soldiers in an Amphibious Assault Vehicle and prepare an assault or perform bombing runs with a friend in an F/A 18E Super Hornet, all against hordes of like-minded people? The answer is ‘nowhere’. In short: buy Battlefield 3 now and lose yourself in one of the most wonderful multiplayer arenas ever created. You won’t regret it, soldier. From a Battlefield 3 review enough said

  • Outlawz

    Too much buildings. I want to murk everyone with my killstreaks but I can’t with those buildings.

    • cheeseburger eddy

      Well these are partial images of the map, i think as you play more maps they will have more open areas than building spots.

  • Spectre017

    i will be happy with another type of stadium map!. Not dome i said stadium eff. dome

  • Lets see if I can set a record for dislikes for saying something small =) COD is ok

  • I hope they incorporate night and day randomly for the same map, changing weather conditions too

  • TN1C0

    This is no place for CoD vs BF, but how can they steal an exact looking copy of Aftermath from BF lol

  • RipTheReaper

    It’s almost 2013 and there is no massive FPS with day/night cycles? I’m disappointed.

  • john

    Love those snowy maps too!!