Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – PlayStation 3 Users Can Try Out Revolution DLC Free This Weekend

Those playing Black Ops 2 on the Playstation 3 have a very special treat to look forward to up until June 24.

Developers, Treyarch, recently announced that they are allowing every PlayStation 3 player to download a trial of the first DLC, Revolution, as a part of a special promotion, one which saw its way first on to the Xbox 360.

Revolution DLC includes the typical four multiplayer maps (Downhill, Grind, Hydro and Mirage), a zombie map (Die Rise), and a first for Call Of Duty DLC, the Peacekeeper sub-machine gun weapon. For more information about Revolution, check out our review.

To download the trial version of Revolution, simply go to the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 in-game store and select “Revolution Free Trial.”

Make sure to watch out for Black Ops 2’s third DLC, Vengeance, out on the Xbox 360 first on July 2, later on the PlayStation 3 and PC.


    There’s a typo I think “Trail” I think should be trial

    • MegaMan3k

      I think that their word processing software is auto-correcting “trial” to “trail” because it happens very frequently, and very consistently.

      • Joel Santana


  • WarBroh

    Console kids rejoice! Hot pockets and mountain dew gonna be flowin’ this weekend then milk and cookies and early to bed.

  • Dirtknap

    I’m guessing this is in aid of active player numbers dropping? Anyone know if this is the case? Pretty much all my friends and I only periodically check in to see how it’s playing after patching/hot fixes, or to try out new DLC. Its sad to say, I’ve probably lost interest in BLOPS II as quickly as I did MW3.

    • paulinacio

      Everybody I know has stopped playing it and only get on time to time to play zombies

    • Johannes Wernøe

      I’m going back for zombies and DLC’s but at the moment i play other games like The Last Of Us, Max Payne 3 and Tomb Raider

    • Lol

      You lost interest? That sucks. I guess that makes 500,000+ others who haven’t.

      • Dirtknap

        Yeah, my comment wasn’t some thinly veiled “CoD is dying” suggestion, just an observation from my perspective followed by a query. There must be something happening (or not happening) at a business level for Activision to be handing out trials, its the first time I can remember them doing so.

  • VisceralVenom

    Bloody marvelous! I’ve always wanted to play a trial for 4 days of the 1st DLC pack that nobody likes, with a gun nobody uses. By the time you download and install everything you’re time will have expired. Bundle both Map Packs together right now currently for PS3 and sell them at a reduced price.

    I wouldn’t even waste my time on something that is only 4 days. Just so I can recieve a message 4 days later that tells me to purchase the Map Pack that was released in January or February.

    • Lol

      “By the time you download and install everything you’re [sic] time will have expired”

      Sounds like shitty internet on your part.

    • Raymond Featherston

      Wow, Activision/Treyarch actually try to do something nice and we still have dicks like you complaining. And can you please cite your source for the “1st DLC pack that nobody likes, with a gun nobody uses.”, because I know that to be false as I do like the zombies and occasionally use the gun. And what slow internet do you have saying that “By the time you download and install everything you’re time will have expired.” because for most people it only takes 15min-1hour, so according to your logic 15min-1hour>4days? Take your conceited crap somewhere else please, if you don’t want it don’t download it there is no reason to bash something they are letting people try for FREE. If you don’t want to do it fine, but don’t apply your opinion about the pack or the free time onto other people, because you seem to imply that you think what you are saying is fact, when in actuality our just some troll that has to complain even when things are free.

      • dtoxz

        what do you expect from the internet?! this isn’t church

        • Raymond Featherston

          I fail to see what you are saying, a troll with a bad argument is a troll with a bad argument no matter where he/she is.

          • dtoxz

            I know I was referring to your reaction. Lol you sounded surprised to hear a troll…..well, troll.

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  • No One Cares

    • Lol

      ^Says the person who cared enough to comment on this article

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  • dtoxz

    OR…they could realize Black Ops2 sucks on PlayStation, then go to their PS+ account and download a REAL game that is free for plus members and isn’t retardedly frustrating to play because of lag and lack of care or Dev time. God this map pack came out months ago. Does anyone even care anymore?

    • Raymond Featherston

      OR….. you could realize that every thing you said is just opinion, and would not change the business practices of Acti/3arc/Sony even if you were the last consumer on Earth. The thing here is no matter how bad you consider the game, the fact is at least they at least tryed to do something nice for the community. God forbid they try to do something nice for the community, right? My point here is that there is no reason to complain here, if you do not care then don’t download it, but let the good portion of the community who didn’t play it enjoy it. ” go to their PS+ account and download a REAL game” I am pretty sure BO2 is real as I am holding it in my hand right now, but seriously just because you do not like it does not make it any less of a game. Oh one last thing here a few months is not that old, and alot of people never got to play it and there (like I said before) there is no reason to complain about something that is 1: FREE and 2: you do not have to download.

      • dtoxz

        Do you really love COD that much that you have to defend it? How about the fact that I DID download it o. PlayStation and DID play it and it DID crash my playstation ….TWICE. NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY….I will voice my opinion. Yes…this IS less of a game not because of what I say, but more because the lack of care that is put into these games. Its played 10X more than it is tested. Did you ever think maybe they’re trying to increase sales by “giving” us this map pack? Funny how you say its free and that’s a nice gesture….won’t be so nice when you gotta give it back. Enjoy renting a map pack and being part of ANOTHER bad business practice carried out by Activision that soon the industry will follow. I’m not saying it to try n change Activision or anyone else for that matter. I’m saying it because I’m a sarcastic smartass that vents frustration any way I can mind you. Oh and one last thing….a few months IS that old, when there is an annual launch schedule.

        • Raymond Featherston

          First off: Everything I said was not to defend COD, but to lay your poor argument of why a FREE trial is a bad thing to rest. It may only be for a few days but again that does not change that it is FREE. 2nd of all: How is it not a nice gesture? Yes its only for a limited time, but at least they tried to do something (Just so you know I have the season pass, and this whole thing does not apply to me). I don’t see where your whole thing about it being a bad business practice comes from, yes it could be considered “rented”, but if it is FREE why does it matter. Oh Lordy the gamez companyz are gonna lets us tryz DLCsz for freez, theyz=Hitlerzzz (bad grammar was intended). But please explain how this is bad, yes you give it back but it is free. Heck if this is bad then Sony is awful, considering they give time limited trials to plus members. The yearly release may make it less of a game to you, but the thing is this is only your opinion and not fact, so therefore it would be stupid to expect any changes from it. Other games are doing yearly releases now too (AC), but I don’t hear you saying they are not true games.

          • dtoxz

            OK first off, what do you want, a copy of my repair receipt? I could care less to prove anything. If you haven’t seen anywhere that Black Ops 2 has bricked and frozen quite a few PS3s, then you are as blind of a fanboy you’re making yourself out to be. How can you even say you aren’t defending them anyway? Anyone that says anything remotely negative about the gam, you are right there, jumping down throats with your “its free so it must be generosity” talk. Its another marketing tool to get more people to buy the game. That is it. My complaint comes from the fact that this pack came out months ago and is not even relevant anymore. Everyone has Uprising by now and even if this is free, its still laggy, it still freezes, and is still way behind Xbox. Its a slap in the face to us PlayStation owners that choose to play on PS3 for whatever reasons. If you can’t see that, then I’m done wasting my time talking to you as I could really care less…keep defending Activision’s yearly rehash like you see the sales then. If you don’t like my opinion, then I’m sorry you keep “making” you read and reply to my comments when you should be probably PLAYING the game.

            • Raymond Featherston

              Wow sounds like someone is upset. You seem to miss the point here, I am not arguing that the game is good I am arguing that the trial is good. Of course it is to market but that does not make it bad. You could say this about any game not just COD and i’d defend it. Like I said it Sony does the same thing (gives full game trials), just with full games yet you say nothing about that (that is also clear marketing) not to be blunt this shows you has being somewhat biased. You have given many reasons as to why YOU think BO2 is bad, but have only given one poorly executed point as to wh this trial is bad and that was: “It is just marketing” 1st of all: marketing does not immediately make something bad and 2: whether it was marketing or not it was still something nice for the community. One thing that I will ask for a source is the “not even relevant anymore. Everyone has Uprising by now” statement, do you have anything that actually proves nobody plays the pack anymore (that is what you implied) or that EVERYBODY has Uprising? I guarantee you that you can find nothing to prove either of those things, therefore that statement holds absolutely no relevance (cmon this is debate 101). You can think whatever you want about my character (being a fanboy ect) but the thing here is I am speaking in simple logic (by the way resorting to personal insults shows how weak your argument is), your argument is based mostly off opinions that you seem to think are facts. Guess what it is not a fact that BO2 freezes everybody’s system, it my freeze yours in particular for multiple reasons such as: One bad disc (every thing has errors, so maybe you got a disc that was messed up in manufacturing), maybe your disc is dirty, maybe the disc reader in the PS3 is dirty, it could be any number of things so therefore “It freezes” is not a good logical argument due to these many possibilities, and the fact the freezing issue is not universal. Everything has up and downs, but you have yet to state any of the problems with the trial (not talking about the game, only this trial) other than “Its marketing” which again is not a viable reason why this is bad.

            • dtoxz

              I’m not upset. Haha not in the least. I have to actually respect an opinion to be upset at it. First off, it IS an opinion based off of my experience. YOU seem to miss the point. I was stating my opinion and bitching about what I think…..nothing more. There is no proof I can provide, nor do I care to. My point is that this game is way under developed yet rehashed and sold in halves. It was quite a few gaming news articles that stated the game freezes and bricks systems. Not to mention talking to the Sony rep. He stated in a side conversation that the majority of the systems sent in for repair were due to Black Ops. Ive played my fair share of COD since MW1 and have not had many issues until patch 1.06 which bricked my system. Im sorry I attacked the game you feel so compelled to protect. Before you ask for proof on this one, just look at all the other people youve attacked on this site because they talk about your game. Regardless, I don’t care if you believe me or not. It was an opinion…and you’re some kid on the internet that I’m done “debating” with.

            • Lilith-is-BeastXD

              You sure are mature arn’t you? Im assuming you are an adult as you called him a kid, but you sure don’t seem to have the maturity of one seeing as how you insult and disrespect a child on the internet. This is especially wrong seeing as from my point of view he made way more sense than you. I read the comments and he was never defending the particular game, he WAS defending the policy of allowing free trials, he said several times that you could be talking about any game and he would defend it. Everything you said was attacking either the game or him, and seeing as how he was not talking about the game, and the fact that your supposed to be a mature adult throw both of these things off. While I agree that you could not have cited everything he said to, you did state a few things and your wording made it sound like a fact statement like this “Everybody has Uprising” that sure sounded like a fact statement, yet you refused to cite that or the many other things like it which shows you do not know how to write a proper opinion statement or you were just blowing smoke out your bum to make yourself look better. You don’y cite your fact statements, your self rightous, your biased, you lack basic analysis skills, and you have the maturity of a 10-year old, nobody is going yo take serious like this hun. As a mother of 2 I know if you talked to my children like that it would not end well for you, i’s be careful how you speak to people when your not hiding behind a screen.

            • dtoxz

              …and I’m guessing you are the woman in the picture. Either that, or you’re Raymond on another account with your 1 comment…. Lol. Its cool I probably have twice as many people take me seriously that you have dreamed you had. I told you I’m done arguing. Especially now that he needs his woman to fight his battles. He’s attacking people that say anything remotely bad about a yearly rehash of a game. Saying I’m mature and all those other things isn’t attacking me personally? I really wonder who takes you seriously. Its fine I bet those internets do don’t they? You 2 are nothing but a name to me…say what you want. All I said was something about the game…but you must know me so well since you’re a mother of 2 as if that had relevance. Lol, you dont know anything about me, you aren’t tough, I could care less about your stupid ass kids, and the plain and simple fact is that this “argument” is pointless. “It wouldn’t end well for me” is EASILY the most laughable thing I’ve EVER fucking heard on the internet to this day. I’d usually reply with a “bring it bitch” but I think I’ll hold back out of sheer TERROR right now. Let me go load my gun and sit in the corner for the next 24 terrified hours hoping you won’t knock down my door! Now please, go take care of your kids and stop participating in the special Olympics here…..

            • Lilith-is-BeastXD

              How many times do you need to be told, he was NOT defending the game he was defending the DLC trial policy. You have been told this so many times and yet you keep going on and on about the game.

            • Toxzik

              OK look bitch, I could give a fuck about you, your kids, this argument or what you have to say. Since I’m so immature, get your big fat fucking ass back to the kitchen and make your goddamn kids a fucking sandwich. Internet arguments aren’t as important as making sure your stupid ass kids don’t turn out like you. How many times do I have to tell YOU, I’m done with this argument. I made enough money today to buy and sell you and your kids not to mention the fact, yes FACT that I could care less what people think of me in the real world and on the internet. Now kindly, SINCERELY fuck off

            • CountDoormatt

              @beanz3:disqus , I just made an account and I’d like to start by saying keep up the good work, but can you at least delete the comments by this guy and is other accounts on this thread? they seem really offensive (especially the last to regarding Lilith). Here are the primary examples “OK look bitch” ” I made enough money today to buy and sell you and your kids” “Now kindly, SINCERELY fuck off” “your big fat fucking ass back to the kitchen and make your goddamn kids a fucking sandwich.” (sexism) “stupid ass kids” and “bring it bitch”, there are a few others in there but that should be enough. Please remove this!

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  • Tyron

    as u know that uprising has been removed to the normal maps now in not sure if the people who haven’t bought uprising do dey play for 3? cuz if it is that’s unfair n a waists of money