Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Prestige and Hardened Edition First Details

Details of a Prestige and Hardened Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 have begun surfacing out of this year’s GameStop Expo in San Antonio, Texas.

A recent GameStop press release detailing the third wave of pre-order bonuses for Black Ops 2 reads, clearly mentioning a Black Ops 2 Prestige Edition:

  • The Quadrotor XBOX Live Avatar Prop or the PS3 Dynamic Theme. Choose either of these exclusive digital items based on console preference and guarantee your download by picking up your game when it launches.
  • Treyarch VIP Experience Sweepstakes. Enter for your chance to win a tour of Treyarch Studios, a multiplayer session with developers, a swag bag with a signed Prestige Edition of Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, and more.
  • Entry into Turtle Beach Prize Pack Sweepstakes. Enter for your chance to win one of a 100Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Turtle Beach Ear Force X-Ray Gaming headsets.

Additionally, an announcement of a Hardened Edition and details of the Prestige Edition have begun surfacing out of the currently on-going expo. According to FPS General, the Prestige Edition will include:

  • Remote-controled UAV Flyer (presumably modeled after the Quadrotor Drone).
  • Exclusive in-game upgrades.
  • Exclusive Zombie Maps.
  • Nuketown 2025.

It is also mentioned that this edition in particular will present itself as a replica Care Package, though probably not as big as the in-game counterpart.

No word on whether an ELITE subscription would be included in the Hardened or Prestige Edition. However, more details are to come…

Thanks, Charlie Intel and John Caroll for the tip.


Activision recently posted this image of what could be the “care package” Prestige Edition of Black Ops 2.

Along with the image, they mentioned, “Dan Bunting, David Vonderhaar, and the rest of the Treyarch team have been working on something special. Look what’s dropping tomorrow.”

We’ll most likely hear an official announcement and learn more about the Hardened and Prestige edition of Black Ops 2 tomorrow, so make sure to stay tuned to MP1st!

  • Sop will you have to pay for Elite seperately?

  • Sam

    Really hope elite comes with the hardened edition. only reason i got MW3 hardened was because of elite.

    • JoseB88

      True that. I Never have gotten a special edition copy of a specific game until the Hardened Edition came out plus the Elite bonuses.

    • John

      That’s why I kept my code from MW3 hardened. I knew it was going to suck and I didn’t want the DLC.

    • I think there will be two ways to purchase Elite: You renew your current contract or there will be a code in the Spezial/Hardened Edition.

  • Jason

    Far Cry 3! oh wait…. never mind ;P

  • Zombeans

    MOAR INFO! About time really, going to be first CoD i’ll get hardended, especially if it gets exclusive zombie maps, nothing says ‘i love you’ more then an undead army 🙂

  • jahladagaming

    Finally some details, I’m not pre-ordering until I know all the details though, I want all DLC early with Elite included with the Hardened edition same way MW3 did it (the ONLY thing MW3 did right)

    • Mmkay

      I’m hoping for map packs instead of content drops as part of elite (it would be so much more simple)

  • the exclusive zombie maps again? So people who dont just have $150 to throw at just 1 game will have to wait at least 9 months to get those maps? fucking bullshit.


      Welcome to Call of Duty my friend.

    • John

      Hardened will only be $30 and it will be worth imo.


    They know everyone trying to get their Elite subscription through the special editions so I don’t get why they still not saying anything…

  • Zak

    Will the Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition include the exclusive Zombies Maps or not?
    and if so, then do we know what the price is gonna be for the Hardened Edition??

    Thanks!! :DD

  • Your all sheep

    which edition nets you the free anal lube and towel

    • all of them.

    • Mmkay

      sorry to disappoint, but this year it’s a long hard golden rod with fingers on the end!!!

  • Battlefield Engineer

    How much you wanna bet that these “exclusive” maps and upgrades will be available sometime after launch? The disappointing part about that is the fact that they most likely won’t be free, you’ll have to buy them.

    • Jake

      The thing about that is in Black ops 1 the original zombies maps came with the WaW zombies maps but they weren’t available for download to everybody until the very last map pack came out

  • I really didn’t want to have to buy the special edition for the old Zombie maps.

    Hopefully they don’t wait until the end of the game’s life cycle to release them separately like they did with BLOPS 1.

  • I hope this Prestige edition isn’t batshit crazy expensive.

    • I reckon it’ll be the same as the Black Ops Prestige. it’s pretty much the same stuff you’re getting. It also evens out cause the Quadrotor doesn’t have any speakers or video screen etc like the RCXD did

    • Bwb1179

      Its 180


    wheres me moneys narnarnarnanr (mr crabs and im 40 and elite and a PS3 user :{ ) LOL FUCK IT ILL BUY IT lock and load dudes

    • Mmkay

      better luck with your joke next time, you might want to read your post before you post it though (pro tip)

  • rambokillsalot

    This isn’t a pre order exclusive, if you read the rules you can enter the sweepstakes without a purchase, just go to this website, , but when i try this url it doesn’t work

  • so are the DLC’s still gonna be $15 bucks for the zombie maps? also what are the exclusive in-game upgrades? can some one please tell me.

  • DICK

    Thought they were going for no special editions this time so much for that but what should of I had expected

  • Colin

    The Hardened Edition comes with everything the prestige edition does except the fly able drone type deal, and ELITE is rumored but not confirmed as of now.

  • Thisguy

    i hope hardened comes with the special case, zombie exclusives maps and nuketown 2025

  • Awesome, I’ve been waiting for them to announce hardened/elite. Bought Hardened for MW3 but made the mistake of getting it for PS3. Going to get Prestige for the 360 this time, very disappointed for how Elite is handled on PS3 :/

  • The only difference between the hardened and prestige edition should be the quadrotor and some camouflages etc, no maps.

  • DAVID i need 2 tell u something it proves that gta5 will be out 2012 look at this like its legit and proves it

  • SivertOlsen
    • good look man. so the exclusive zombie map is nuketown and not moon/ascension/call of the dead/shangri-la?

      • SivertOlsen

        As I understand it, it’s only Nuketown Zombies thats exclusive. It’s all there in the picture. Nuketown Zombies & Nuketown 2025.

  • Akira2020

    This’ll be the first year I’ll be buying the Prestige edition. My kid will love that UAV, I’ll love the exculsive zombie maps, and my wife will love all the free time to herself. Everybody wins!!!!

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  • MasonMei

    Preorder the Prestige edition from GameStop, and you will get a marker. Toss this in your backyard on Nov 13th and enjoy a free delivery 😀 (absolute nonsense)

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  • Two Eight

    Hey, here’s a bit of news, NOT EVERYTHING REVOLES AROUND MULTIPLAYER. It’s because of sites like this that some developers feel they need to develop the multiplayer aspect over the singleplayer, thank most other developers understand that multi isn’t required for everything. You guys want to “pwn” n00bs? Stick with counter strike and battefail 3, quit trying to change things just to suit your own likes.

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  • looks so cool. hopefully there is lots of stock and it’s not to expensive. the dragon fire better work or than i will have wasted half my money though i can always trust treyarch. other than that it should be great. thank you treyarch.

  • does anyone know if there are any pr-orders available at the moment. if not when do they come out.

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  • jmcafm

    How much will it / does it cost?

  • Kratos1828

    can you get the hardened edtion after the game launches?

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  • Devonte

    How much does the prestige edition cost?

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  • zombiekilla

    does the game come with the hardened edition

  • bo2 master

    will you get all the mappacks if you buy the hardend edition ive asked 40 peeps and they say yes and no just say my username so i read it like hey bo2 master you will get the maps

  • liam

    im only getting the harden edition for the fact for NUKE TOWN ZOMBIES !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • sazzokola

    if you get hardened edition will you get map packs.

  • john

    is there any way that u can change what you chose for the third wave???

  • do you get the game with the harden edition?

  • Enrique

    Does the hardend edition come with the card that you get free maps with like Mw3???

  • bobjobby

    no you do NOT get DLC with hard version , elite is now free but the dlc is extra so if u get hard plus dlc its £106 so 16 more than mw3 , in america hard is $76=£40 so in the uk we are totally ripped off, im thinking of not buying it at all now its getting unreal the prices , the last two cods were full of floors this one looks the same as blops 1 with new maps an guns 🙁