[Updated] Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Prestige and League Emblems Revealed

Through a recent Call of Duty: ELITE update from the folks over at Beachhead Studios, some users have have been able to extract the complete list of Black Ops 2 League Emblems and Prestige Emblems, including the mysterious Prestige Master emblem.

Black Ops 2 League Emblems

Black Ops 2 Prestige Emblems

Big thanks to absolutecobblers for these images.


Black Ops 2 Zombies emblems and additional Prestige emblems have been found via the 4players.de forums.

Black Ops 2 Zombie Emblems

As mentioned below, these additional Prestige emblems (last four at the bottom-right) are unconfirmed as additional Prestige levels.

Black Ops 2 Additional Prestige Emblems

According to these images, there seems to be multiple tiers of Leagues one could possibly enter through their Black Ops 2 career. As a recap, Leagues in Black Ops 2 will pair equally skilled players into similar matchmaking categories. As one progresses and becomes more proficient, they will obviously be able to move up in tiers with better players.

So far, only ten Prestige levels have been confirmed, plus the last and final Prestige Master (in which everything is unlocked for a player in Black Ops 2). However, reports have surfaced that some users have found up to 15 emblems (thanks, CharlieINTEL) within the latest ELITE update, though a number of them appear to be older Black Ops 1 emblems. It’s yet to be confirmed what it could actually signify.

Anxious to race to Prestige Master as quickly as possible? Check out Treyarch game design director David Vonderhaar’s pro-tips!

What do you think of these sweet Prestige emblems? Better than other CoD titles?

  • 10th finally looks worth it.

  • kudos treyarch, emblems look sweet

  • macho

    That shit!! Hot!!!

  • Vavid Deselka

    10th should take literally forever and actually mean something this time

    • brockh44

      The final prestige is to lvl 150 of you notice it is a combo of the final 3 emblems skulls im not entirely positive on of it just takes 3 prescribed worth of XP or if like normal it will increase the XP needed with each level making it about 10 times more XP than a normal prestige it is probably 10 times longer there’s a quote from david vondehar saying once your at 10 you still have a long way to go

  • tango down

    How will the league play factor ping and latency? if you are the elite in europe and if majority of elite are from america, does this mean youll be playing with players across regions all the time?

  • so if i get to prestige master (which i am) everything will be unlocked such as weapons,perks,and camos? also the emblems look pretty cool.

    • Joseph Dean

      Yeah you do get everything expect camos.

      • Nemesis-489

        So would automatically unlock the marksman challenge for all remaining weapons, or just easier get with all the attachments permanently unlocked? I’m guessing the latter.

    • Everything man. This game to me is like country music though. I can’t handle the bullshit going on after about 20 minutes and end up playing Zombies.

      • Yossef

        “This game to me is like country music.” HAHA. 20 minutes of that over enthusiastic country accent…no thank you.

  • fckrumors

    those last 4 are from blops 1, and do not look and feel the same as the 10 others…fcking bs is that. so just look at the 10 NEW ones..instead of adding 4 old ones.

  • nightwing2097

    maybe i’ll prestige in this, the master looks cool.

  • cheeseburger eddy

    wow they all look dope, especially 10th prestige. and if you complete 10th prestige do you get the pretsige master one? or just keep your original 10th prestige? but all in all they look amazing.

    • With so many combos (pick 10 system) you’re gonna want the extra class slots. Other CODs I would have 2 go to set ups with one anti killstreak class. Now you’ll have to counter the other beast. I’m leveling up all the way this time. Emblems….thats little kid stuff. I’m doing it for the extra slots

      • cheeseburger eddy

        I am leveling up for more custom slots as well, doesn’t hurt to have a sick emblem either.

        • I have to admit though. The custom emblems on Blops 1…pure talent to come up with the porn pictures these kids did.

          • cheeseburger eddy

            Haha i was actually talking about the prestige emblems, not the custom ones

  • Ian

    I’m so sick of skulls. How lame.

    • cheeseburger eddy

      your lame, just an excuse to hate cod

      • Not every negative comment is meant to bash the whole franchise. Take it easy, bud

        • cheeseburger eddy

          Hey “bud” um that is his excuse to hate BOII. So why don’t you mind your own business and not be his spokesbitch ok?

          • Tludt888

            Spokesbitch. You think of that one last night or something? Skulls are cliched, everyone in BO1 had a skull for their emblem… In fact, we used to have a drinking game where we’d take a drink every time someone’s emblem -wasn’t- a skull, or swastika, or a vagina/anus. He mentioned nothing of BO2 being bad, just the prevalence of skulls. Chill troll.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Yes i did actually since it was night time….and ooooooo your cool drinking while playing xbox got nothing better else to do, and i saw a lot of people not have skulls, including myself..

          • I’ve seen you complain about BF3 people being immature and that’s how you respond to me? Your response was oozing with immaturity. I just told you to take it easy, I didn’t say go fuck yourself or anything insulting. You’re acting like some self-appointed guardian of the CoD franchise on these comment threads and it’s getting a little out of hand, broseph.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              How is that immature. I called you out, I wasn’t being a little kid dude how bout you realize that, and what you stalk me? Weird bro

            • Calling someone a name is quite immature, especially if it is uncalled for. Your poor attempt to try to say I’m stalking you is also immature. I read most, if not all, of the articles on this site and you are on every single comment thread preaching the glory of CoD and bitching at anybody who doesn’t think their games are perfect. Chill. They are just video games.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Ok so what’s with you and immature? I’m taking it as you are immature so you have to call me that, and poor attempt? Hey I’m not the creep checking out everything I post. And dude if you really did follow me i only bash faraz and aria. I have to go one step above them to have them quite down bro. I do not preach how wonderful and amazing the cod franchise is. It has a lot of flaws. You do see me sticking up for a game that hasn’t even come out yet though..I simply point out the vast improvements i see in BOII and tell people what they miss or if they cannot handle BOII’s innovations. So just chill, and nice try.

            • What you’re still neglecting to see here is that not everybody is a troll. You’re trying to equate the man’s dislike for the constant use of skulls as CoD bashing. That’s like saying if someone doesn’t like the number two, then they’re bashing Black Ops 2. All I’m saying is chill out, not everybody that dislikes a part of your beloved Black Ops 2 is a Faraz.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              I do not treat everybody as a troll dude. I see many more comments dissing cod that i leave alone. And ok a bad mood lead me to write something that didn’t make sense. Ok? Lets move on from the skull thing, and i only go at faraz and aria, the true trolls. I know everybody doesn’t have to like cod, my best friend who I’d always play cod with is now questioning duty. I am fine with that, he hated mw3, no problem, but he doesnt go around bashing cod like faraz, or anyone that goes too far with their dislike of cod. Idk why I am getting shit for sticking up for this game. Yeah the skulls thing was too much ok i agree now looking back, we all make mistakes, but i am not gonna stop talking back to faraz and all people like him because if they talk so much why can’t some one talk back?

            • The more you feed into the trolling, the more he will do it. Get that through your thick skull.

            • billy boobs

              you won the argument (:

            • I was waiting for someone to call it! Haha

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :0

            • cheeseburger eddy

              So he will keep doing it with no one to counter him, yea nice call not. And are you making fun of my skull? Hhm pretty immature right there Thomas, not nice

            • There’s the difference. You called me a “spokesbitch” unprovoked and this was my very slight retaliation, which is only fair 🙂 Does it do any good to counter him? No. He still believes what he wants to believe and us CoD fans are not going to change that. Flag his comment as inappropriate every time he trolls and get him banned. That’s the best revenge for him trying to “stir the pot”.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              I see your point, but isn’t retaliation a little immature? :0 The bigger person wouldn’t have insulted me back, so no one wins that battle hahah anyways I’m trying to shut him up mainly, not trying to change his mind. I know he will never hop off the bf band wagon but that doesn’t bother me. I just want him to shut up is all, i do flag his comments, and actually Thomas pretty recent David Veselka said to stop or he would get banned, so it is working slightly haha

          • Asmitty56

            Ever heard of constructive criticism? You know spoiling something isn’t necessarily a good thing. Criticism doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Personally i do not believe in constructive criticism, never really worked on me when i played sports

            • Asmitty56

              depends on how it’s delivered.

          • “Hey “bud” um that is his excuse to hate BOII.”

            Ian • 2 days ago

            “I’m so sick of skulls. How lame.”

            hmm i see no BO2 bashing here……

            • cheeseburger eddy

              BOII icon is the skull “buddy”

            • i have a ring with a skull on it and…..my Ps3 theme is mexican skulls i guess those have something to do with BO2 too right?

            • cheeseburger eddy

              No dude, he targeted the icon skulls of treyarch, i do not care what your ring looks like, or your Ps3 theme

            • …………….im not even gonna reply to this….

            • cheeseburger eddy

              But you just did. And i think you put in too many periods man.

            • B3RTMAN16HH

              you guys a really hilarious. btw my emblem is a poke ball in BO and BOII is a blastioce (a pokemon). so yea not every one has skulls but i wish treyarch would come up with something better than skulls too.

          • He’s right the emblems and the game are two different things he said he don’t like the skulls in the emblems not. “Oh, the guns fucking suck, the maps suck, the gameplay sucks! I fuckin hate this game” NO, he said and I quote “I’m so sick of skulls” The fact that you take this game to heart so bad worries me. I mean if the games that serious to you, you need a life.

            • fuck you

              Dude how the fuck did you even get here? Get a life like this is really creepy you fuck.

  • ohTHATguy

    Those are nice looking. The boar head would probley be my favorite.

  • Alpine Maffu

    Interesting, they have a slight cartoon style to them. BO1 was often noted as having cartoon like animations / graphics so I wonder of this is a theme. Not liking/hating either way as think the variety is good

    • Alpine Maffu

      I meant “comic book art /graphic novel” really, not 1950s Tom & Jerry!

  • Prestige master. At last, a reason to actually want to prestige!

  • Asmitty56

    Wish the prestige emblems looked a bit more professional, they look a bit childish. I was hoping for something more along the lines of the league emblems. I’d much prefer them with a more military flare and have the private-colonel ranking system and strafe off from there. These emblems really do not look like they belong in a military style shooter,

    • I completely agree. I was just too scared to say it hahah

  • yeah the last 4 look fake especially after the last one is 14 again i’m calling BS

  • I’m likely not going to play the next COD game if it’s produced by IF (which it is) so I got two years to get prestige master.

  • My only issue is why they decided to re-use the 14th and 15th prestiges from BO although they do look a bit different.

  • ASilver

    I could’ve lied my ass off saying that these prestige emblems look hot but sorry. I only give it up to prestige 7 and 4.

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  • kozus

    I’ll probably go to 10th. I might stop at 9th because I like it though. You all can add me to play bo2 or mw3 gt for Xbox is EluSiiVe Gunz

  • Swagger Octane

    Are there prestige titles in BO2? like calling cards after you pretige @Mister_V:disqus

  • scootstevens

    6th prestige badge is badass

  • fuck cod

    bernie lean bitch

  • William

    They look cool

  • faisal faisal

    i never cared about it at all
    its just a pic

  • Valchrist

    Ranking is messed. I’m looking at a player who apparently has a 46 win streak in moshpit, who’s ranked lower than me in Gold division. I got started in iron, and worked my way up. I don’t even have 46 wins yet.

  • apoize

    prestige master is most awesome

  • liam

    how do u do it cant find it

  • yusuf

    hey i need help nmm my mates got the elite skull as his emblem i dont have but im a member of the elite call of duty

  • Krackalaca

    what about the zombie emblems? The one bone, two bones, the skull, the skull w/knife, the skull with blue eyes, the skull with blue eyes w/knife, etc. From what i have heard it’s what zombie freaks are most interestd in!

  • Simo_vegas3

    no only because your prestige master not all will be unlocked, but because of the time you have to play to become prestigemaster you should have unlocked the diamond camos and so on

  • Ive played for all of 5 hours this weekend and prestiged 3x. Level 55 is way to low a prestige point is there a point where it actually takes more levels to prestige?

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