Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Ray Gun Mark II Accidentally Unlocked Via Recent Patch, Gameplay Videos

It looks like Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 developers Treyarch have accidentally made the upcoming Ray Gun Mark II zombies weapon pre-maturely available via their most ecent patch that went live not too long ago.

The Ray Gun Mark II, which you can learn more about here, was meant to launch along side the upcoming Vengeance DLC that’s set to to be released for the Xbox 360 platform July 2.

The studio did managed to notice the bug and has since removed it. Thankfully for us, YouTube users Ali-A and ImChuckyFTW did recorded some videos of the Ray Gun Mark II in action. Check it out below:

As you may have noticed, the Ray Gun Mark II packs a very devastating punch. Those purchasing the Vengeance DLC this coming Tuesday will get a chance to get their hands on the new weapon on all available zombie maps.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

  • Lol

    God, that gun looks so sexy.

    • dieger

      personally…im kinda disappointing this is suppose to be the mark 2 right? then why does it look like they just slapped the raygun V1 and a b32r together…..also no full auto when PAP :C

  • Zielinski retweeted someone saying “thanks Treyarch devs for letting us play with the Mark II early”
    Kinda implies they did it on purpose? O.o
    Awesome gun

    • Joey Marcelo Asturias

      Sarcasm bud, look it up.

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Should I make a battlefield comment?

    o wait…

    • Jason Davis

      No but I will just because Im excited for what I found, Here:

      Battlefield 4 Class Gadgets

      Assault Kit Gadgets

      Medic Bag – Same as BF3

      First Aid Pack – Thrown onto ground to be picked up by a single player, or thrown directly onto a single player, quickly heals a single soldier to full health

      M320 – Underslung/Standalone grenade launcher

      M26(BUCK) – Underslung/Standalone shotgun

      Defibrillator – Single click instantly revives a player to moderate health, but holding down the button charges the defibrillator, reviving a player to full health. – Source: Darklord openly stated this, and I saw it with my own eyes, but I can’t find the original quote, it’s common information now however.

      Engineer Kit Gadgets

      Repair Tool – Unknown, but appears to be the same as BF3

      RPG-7V2 – Appears to be able to lock onto designated targets

      FIM-92 Stinger – Appears to require the user to maintain line-of-sight lock until it hits

      MBT-LAW – Javelin Replacement- Also appears to require the user to maintain line-of-sight lock until it hits.

      AT Mine – Unknown, appears the same as BF3

      Starstreak AA Missile(??) – Seen only in Alpha files, but appears to be another AA launcher, expected to be for Engineer.

      FGM-148 – The Javelin. It’s listed separately than MBT-LAW in the Alpha files, which raises some questions.

      Support Kit Gadgets

      Ammo Box – Appears the same as BF3

      Ammo Pack – Thrown onto ground to be picked up by a single player, or thrown directly onto a single player, quickly gives a soldier full ammo, but not equipment/explosives

      XM-25 – Aim down the scope at cover to set range, then aim above the enemy’s cover to shoot an airburst round, mainly suppressive as it does lower damage, Alpha files suggest choice between smoke and explosive rounds

      Recon Kit Gadgets

      C4 – Now throwable for a longer distance, and appears to have a fire-selector between single fire and exploding all at the same time

      PLD – Portable SOFLAM, has a zoom option, and uses the same thermal vision as the XM-25

      Motion Sensor – Seen to be the throwable Motion Sensor spheres, as screenshot shows T-UGS as the selection icon for the spheres

      Battlefield 4 Kits

      Assault Rifles(Assault Kit)

      QBZ-95 (Type 95)

      CZ-805 (BREN)


      PDWs(Engineer Kit)


      CZ-3A1 (Scorpion Evo)


      Mx4 Storm

      LMGs(Support Kit)

      Ultimax-100 MK5

      Type 88


      Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles(Recon Kit)

      Scout Elite




      Pistols(All Kits)




      Shotguns(All Kits)

      Hawk 12G

      Remington 870

      Carbines(All Kits)


      Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles(All Kits)



      Melee Weapons(All Kits)

      M9 Bayonet(Hand-held only)

      Shank – Supposedly has its own stabbing animation

      Grenades(All Kits)

      M67 Frag

      M84 Flashbang

      M34 Incendiary

      Battle Pick-ups(All kits, found on map)

      M82(Found at Point C) –

      M32 MGL(Found at Point B)

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        Thanks 🙂

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        Where have you been dude? Thanks for the info dump 🙂

      • James Mulhall

        So that was DICE’s idea when it came to balancing the classes? Come on DICE! The med kits and defibs basically didn’t change.

        • Matt

          support has the best suppression with lmg’s compared to other guns (bigger difference)

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          While I don’t particularly like support (I don’t like LMGs or the role they typically play, though I’m good at it I don’t have as much fun.) I have to say support’s ONLY useless if your idea of being an asset to your team is running around like a headless chicken while playing the SUPPORT class. The support has THE best suppression, and the best ability to suppress because of having a LMG, they are made for, and extremely efficient at, holding a position down, if you sit at a choke point you can hold it down as a single person against multiple squads, and the XM-25 seems to mean they’ll be more efficient at holding more open areas too. With this they’ve made the Recon not 100% useless (Every class could do what the Recon could do for the team, but better. No, sitting in the back and sniping isn’t doing something for the team.). On medkit note, why do you need the change them? They function as intended, without a true need for balance, they’ve added variety to them on top of that, which is nice. I don’t see you complaining the the repair tool didn’t/probably isn’t changing.

          • James Mulhall

            The medkit itself isn’t overpowered but giving all of it to the assault makes the class itself overpowered. Having the best weapons in the game, healing yourself, can have a shotgun or a grenade launcher AND you can revive.. that is stupidly unbalanced. The only time the LMG’s worked for me was on console. I’ve tried using them on PC and hold down and area with a bipod, but its impossible when you have people constantly shooting back and grenades being spammed everywhere.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              Grenades being spammed everywhere only tends to happen on the CQC maps, and you trade off your healing abilities for a grenade launcher or shotgun, and said shotgun isn’t as good as the actual shotgun weapons. The medkit and the grenade launcher/under barrel shotgun aren’t unbalanced at all, the unbalanced bit is the fact that DICE gave Assault a selection of weapons that were effective at nearly every range, the guns like the AEK and F2000 is just as effective as a PDW/Carbine in CQC, though a well aimed shotgun user can win in CQC, the guns like the L85 and AN-94 can win in longer ranges, and the guns like the M16 and HK416 are average at all ranges, though they turned the M16 later on into the easiest weapon to use. They turned Assault into a jack of all trades master of some essentially, they could deal with light vehicles, but not heavy, and they could do well at all ranges.

      • Oblivion_Lost667

        I’m assuming this isn’t the FULL weapons list right? Just what’s confirmed?

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    console kids, gotta love em

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        Edit: The only reason this is allowed is because this site is dominated by fervent Battlefield fans.

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          Probably right. It was launched during BF3’s news cycle, pre-beta/demo release, and became the place to find BF3 news. So, no doubt why it is heavily dominated by BF3 fans. That being said, David and the rest of the team have stayed on top of COD right alongside. When it comes to FPS’s, I come here first and will continue to do so this fall for info on BF4 & COD Ghosts.

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  • I’m excited for the new Ray Gun Mark II because it doesn’t do splash damage. NGTZombies did some tests with it and it doesn’t give off splash damage like the original Ray Gun does. It does indeed fire like a laser.

  • thana khan khana xiong

    how do u get the ray gun mark 2