Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Treyarch Community Update

Game Design Director David Vonderhaar of Treyarch fills in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 community with the latest happenings in an all-inclusive video update.

He covers some of this week’s and last week’s most important events like the Revolution DLC, double weapon XP, the latest patch, Treyarch’s eSports initiative and more.

Check out the full update below.

  • Jordan Matt


  • Vahn is such a try-hard




      Love that they are communicating with their community.

      • DoucheJackson

        A lot of words to say and do nothing

  • at least David seems to be a nice guy unlike the douche @leveluptime Steve Papoutsis
    who manage dead space 3

  • I reported a booster almost 2 months ago with video evidence & to this day he hasn’t been banned or reset.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Don’t you love the fact that your reports mean nothing to them?

    • DoucheJackson

      waste your time playing a baby game with macaroni & cheese eater COD kids is waste your time

  • fred

    They should fix the fuckin matchmaking and lag from 1.06 patch. For how many years cal of duty has been out and there are these simple problems. What didlo decided on lag comp anyway? This game is getting more retarded by the day.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I know. When the game came out, it was working perfectly and now it seems like this game is getting worse with age.

    • What’s a didlo?

    • DoucheJackson

      That guy looks like a giant knob.

  • False, pros play PC

  • They should buff the S12 TYPE25 add more recoil to the PDW.
    give the chicom a little more range.

  • hey talks about reporting people in the video if there is someone who looks at all the people who are reported then why do they continue to allow people to make the german Swastika

    • DoucheJackson

      a) its not a german swastiska because they didn’t invent it
      b) who cares

      • I care because yes i am jewish and i hate arrogant people who make those emblems

        • TTRedRaider27

          How about the Palestinian that are murdered every day by ignorant racist Jews from Israel. No one shows any love for them.

  • 3ARC put the competitive community way too high on the list of priorities for this game. Competitive COD must be, what, less than 10% of the people who play the game?

  • vikerii

    “Hopefully you’ve picked it [Revolution] up, but if not then I’m going to NEED you to do that right away.”

    Wow. Hey DJV, rahther than you ordering us around, we need YOU to get rid of lag compensation right away!

  • Is this guy serious? They listen to the community??? Really?? What a load of bollocks.


    I’m sick of been 1 second behind the play, I’m sick of been shot round corners, Im sick of been instakilled, I’m sick of burst fire pistols, I’m sick of quickscopers, I’m sick of dead silence, awareness and footsteps been broken. Y

    ou sir are a joke!!!!!

    At least acknowledge to the fans they is a problem and you are trying to make it better instead of telling people to buy your joke of a game. In its current state its one of the worst cods ever. If you fix the lag and the sound it could be the best.

    The DLC is excellent and the 4 multiplayer maps are excellent and are the kind of maps that should of been in the game from the start instead of the shity ones you did give us.

    • DoucheJackson

      you’re “sick” of all that and yet you keep playing like the little robot you are, along with the rest of the hot pocket eaters and mountain dew sucker COD kids

      • I won’t be that guy much longer, after BO2 I’m finding something better to play. I’ll check in on COD in 5 years.

  • roachoutro

    that guy makes me sick, the livestream was filled with: “fix lag comp”, and he just completely ignored all this and answered only pointless stupid questions which were probably asked by their own people.

  • nightwing2097

    i got in a game with him on xbox during the Bo1 lifespan, he is a really nice guy, he was asking all the people in the lobby what they liked what they didn’t, anything they hated etc, and he asked for suggestions on how to make the game better for the people who are playing, he played a couple of matches with us, then he left to find another lobby to do the same in. so he does care, if you find him in game he’ll play and ask questions, and he loves it if you ask him questions as well, like someone in the lobby asked what the idea was behind the ruins in Jungle was, he said it was Tomb raider/Uncharted, run through the forest/jungle, you stumble across some ruins.

  • BergusMaximus

    How bout instead of focusing on giving a million $ to a championship winner they invest that money in simply fixing the lag!! Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to two players and one with lag LOL

  • Matt

    Just get rid of fucking call of duty TV that is where all the lag is coming from! Its recording your game thus sucking out that extra bandwidth you need. At least give us an option to disable the in game recording! FUCK!

  • Matt

    Is this guy retarded? he has all that shit unlocked already he is a fucking DEV!!!