Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Weapon Levels and Unlocks to Carry Over As You Prestige

Treyarch game design director reveals that weapon levels and unlocks in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will carry over as you prestige.

David Vonderhaar is constantly questioning long-held assumptions about Call of Duty. On Twitter, he said,

Just got this bug from QA. ‘Weapon levels are given after unlocking a gun that was leveled up on a past level progression.’ That’s what we call NAB. Not a bug. If you Prestige and unlock the gun, you’ll pick up right where you left off. If something has been a certain way a long time, the assumption when it doesn’t work the way it has in the past is that it is a bug.

Definitely something new for the Call of Duty series. However, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise given the completely overhauled create-a-class system, which you can read more about here. This, and many other new features making their way to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this November 13.

What do you think about this fresh new change for the Call of Duty series?  Let us know in the comments below!

  • James

    Doesn’t this kinda defeat the purpose of prestiging? They might as well just set you back to level one once you reach the highest level. :/

    • HBK

      It just measn you don’t have to level up guns twice. Everything else resets

      • James

        Ohhh, I get it. Thanks. 🙂

    • Lufamos

      And also, since you level to get tokens to unlock stuff. You will b stuck buying the same thing over again because you prestiged.

  • HBK

    I was wondering what would happen when you prestige! This seems to work well, but you still have to unlock perks. This is great because I hated gun-levelling in MW3, but if I only have to do it once, than I`m fine with it

    • Michael

      @ HBk So u Will prestige once then

    • www.kansas

      You can also prestige guns!

  • good cause i hated that weapon level didnt in MW3

    • word

    • Michael


      • In MW3 when you prestiged the experience points that unlocked attachments in MW3 had to be earned all over again.

    • Like a Boss

      Nuf said. Bs To reach level 30 and have to redo it all over again without reaching gold. Prob will pass up blops due to lack of console dedicated servers. I’m fed up with lag comp bs. Haven’t touched Modern Warfare 3 in months.

  • PertAndPopular

    This isn’t even fresh new change…lol. BF3 FTW!

    • you know.. it’s ok to like both franchises… I happen to love both… I like BF3’s more realistic (at least more so than COD) gameplay.. and the massive battlefield and vehicles… but, I also like COD’s more instant gratification and more arcade like gameplay.. they both have their places in my collection…

    • & you can can prestiege in BF3? You fail!!!

      • Trippn

        In fact, you my friend have failed. “Prestige”
        And if you had to compare xp “ranks” to BF3, BF3 has about 50 prestiges, give or take.

        • and this matters because…..? Btw it’s not prestiging at all.. prestiging brings you back to rank 1… and BF3 just adds numbers to your rank of Colonel..

    • cheeseburger eddy

      lol get off cod articles loser! jeeze little kids like you annoy me

  • Now getting gold camo (assuming it’s in BLOPS2 will be more satisfying

  • Michael

    well i guess people will always prestige now

    • treyarch wants there players to prestiege where as IW just dont give a rats ass.

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        But that was the original point of prestige mode…. lose everything for “a bit of prestige”

        • Right. So, I don’t really get the point of this.

          If this is the case, why not take away Prestiges entirely, and just say there are 1600 levels?

          • It would be 550 levels though right? 55 levels x 10 prestiges

            • TY

              11 prestige I’m pretty sure because you start at 0 and go to ten so 605 levels

  • Finally. I thought this is what the prestige token “unlock gear” would do in MW3 if you bought a gun with it i.e. unlock it and it won’t reset – but no in MW3 you still need to grind those damn shotguns back up to get damage etc for them every prestige

  • Sir Vivor

    the way i read it is that the weapon xp only stays the same on the gun you choose to carry over from your previous prestige, remember how you can carry one over instead of spending an unlock token on it???

  • Why not prestige, now? You essentially don’t lose anything

    • You lose all your weapons.. but once you unlock them again you will be able to continue from the gun ranking you previously had with it

  • Michael

    People Are Just So Scared To Prestige I Play 360 Ad Ps3 Ad people Are Still rank 50

  • Michael

    I Wanna See Some More Guns Like The Tar And Some Images Of The Map And Gun Camoes

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  • dope

    I this the devs need to look up the word “Prestige”. How is it a “Prestige” mode if you get rewards and can keep your unlocks?.

    • dope

      *gun unlocks

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      exactly… they (along with other gane developers) are catering to more casual players…. and just when you thought it couldn’t get any more simplified.

      • SangheiliSpecOp


  • what

    From the Webster dic.


    1 : standing or estimation in the eyes of people : weight or credit in general opinion
    : commanding position in people’s minds

    Now how does is the black ops 2 Prestige mode fit that def?.

    • I’m pretty sure that Treyarch and Infinity Ward know what the definition of prestige is.. They had to choose a name for the process.. So I’m sure they picked “prestige” because some people use the prestige system as bragging rights pr showing where they stand in the COD community.. so I think they picked a prestigious name for that.. see what I did there?

      • seewhatudid

        “see what I did there?”

        Yeah, Make a fool of yourself. It is not prestigious if you have more of a reason to do it then “for the bragging rights”

        • I’d say 90% of the people who Prestige do it for the bragging rights.. and if you’re gonna nitpick what video games name their features.. we could sit here forever.. I think you’re just reaching for something to bitch about.. who cares what they call it? Typical contrarian

          • really

            Do you REALLY think that 90% of the people that Prestige for the 1st time in black ops 2 are going to do it for the bragging rights?

            Come on, you KNOW they are going to do it just to unlock more stuff. That is why it is so dumb to call the 1st “Prestige” mode in black ops 2 a Prestige mode.

            • Ok let’s nitpick some more names then… “Search and Destroy”.. you don’t have to search considering the two bomb sites are on the mini map… Ghost – You don’t actually become a ghost.. You shouldn’t take names of game modes or features so literal…It is after all a video game *gasp*

            • blue

              Aslong as you realize how dumb it is to call the 1st “Prestige” mode in black ops 2 a Prestige mode fill free to nitpick as much as you want…lol…

            • bestdeaever

              They should call the zombie mode the werewolf/vampire/zombie mode since
              people are interested in more then just zombies….Wouldnt it be cool
              to shoot a zombie and have it be called a vampire or werewolf in the
              game?….You are openminded and dont nitpick i know you will
              understand…. dsfdsad

            • bestdeaever

              Still meant at @facebook-704334695:disqus …dont know why it keeps messing up…

            • Ok I’ll “fill” free… You might want to hit up Webster dictionary again..

            • blue

              I thought you would respect me more for using the wrong word….lol…

            • You are soooooo dumb lmfao

            • bestdeaever

              They should call the zombie mode the werewolf/vampire/zombie mode since people are interested in more then just zombies….Wouldnt it be cool to shoot a zombie and have it be called a vampire or werewolf in the game?….You are openminded and dont nitpick i know you will understand….

            • bestideaever

              that was meant to be @Craig Anthony Barletta not @really

            • womp womp..

      • Lol arguing with these kids seems pointless. Your comments are clear but they feel the need to argue. I blame our school slacking in educating. Lol kids

    • It’s CODs version of prestige not suppose to be literal. Lol he broke out the def. kids read into things too much

  • Joe

    Jesus, Treyarch just completely removed risk/reward from Call of Duty. It’s bad enough that in MW3 & BO2 you can have a class w/ 8 or 9 perks from CoD4. How fucking easy does this franchise need to be? I bet in MW4, you click start a match, put the controller down & come back 10 minutes later to see how you did…

    • noskill

      Don’t be so silly; you got it all wrong…In mw4

      1st…You camp in a corner and get 3 kills for a uav

      2nd You rush out knowing where everyone is and get 2 or 3 more easy kills for a op killstreak

      3rd You rush back to your camping spot and start the op killstreak

      4th you put down the controller

      5th you come back in 10 mins to see how you did

      …See that takes skill…(sarcasm)

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  • Dtoxz

    Uhhh Prestige refers to a good reputation or high esteem, though in earlier usage, it meant showiness.
    How is that even related to gun unlocking? So looking up the word wouldn’t help Treyarch understand it’s meaning better. It might help you though.

    • I think everyone was talking about the original consequences of prestiging and how it’s useless now but still isn’t true. You still have to unlock each weapon like before just not attachments etc. it’s still gonna be crazy fun as it always is. Lol and even when people complain a certain COD game is not up to par they’ll still play it like crazy lol

  • Faraz

    Fail game

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  • GameOverMan

    I think were missing a major point here, most games that activision had a part in has had major flak. Look @ WoW (Post LK), SC2, Diablo3, (Don’t get me started on that) MW3, BO1 wasnt 2 bad. MW3 somehow lagged to shift in online play compared 2 BO1 when both had “Players host the game”. AV is money hungry; put a franchise out that ppl love, and disappoint us and hope the next one is better… just saying

  • Fo shizzlenizzle do

    I know people that don’t prestige because you lose everything

  • ok wait, when i prestige can i cary over the ghost perk? i’m sorry but unlocking the best perk at level 55 is stupid

  • mmm

    so basically everyone is going to get bored with the game quicker as once youve done everything for a gun there is nothing else to unlock? great.

  • debs

    my son has been playing on my nephews profile on my nephews ps3,my nephew was level 36,anyway the ps3 froze twice while my son was playing,and 2nd time he just turned it off and left it,it has caused a bit of a stir between the boys but my son said he didnt do wnything and ive been told you cant delete level till you reach levell 55 prestige,is this correct,from what i can make out its the game that deletes your levels temperory for exploiting the game,im confused

  • Diabtus

    How many weapon levels does the riot sheild have? I can’t find a list anywhere on the web for info about it