[Updated] Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Will Have Weapon Prestiges

Treyarch senior game design director David Vonderhaar reveals a couple multiplayer tidbits in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Tweeting at our friend, PrestigeIsKey, Vonderhaar asked, “Did you know that you can Prestige any gun two times?”

He was later asked, “if weapon XP converts to next prestige, will you have to prestige your weapon or will it go back down to 0 or stay at max?” Vonderhaar answered, “Stays where we it was. Weapon level and weapon prestige level totally independent of your level. Not reset by level prestige.”

As you know, weapon levelling was introduced by last year’s Modern Warfare 3. Treyarch seems to be taking things one step forward this year by introducing weapon Prestiges in Black Ops 2.

On Twitter, Vonderhaar was also asked, “Can you guys please turn off the ghost ‘movement’ perk on S&D to help the ninja defuse community?” to which he simply replied, “Yes.” Of course, this is most likely only possible in private matches.

Black Ops 2’s Ghost perk and its description

Once again, it looks as though Treyarch is doing everything in their power to give as many options to the players as possible, opening up Black Ops 2’s gameplay to a wide audience and allowing them to play it the way they want to.


When answering the questioner, Vonderhaar most likely meant that the Ghost perk does make you invisible when planting, not that there is an option to turn it on or off.

Let us know below, are you excited for weapon Prestiges?

If you missed it, be sure to check out the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launch trailer!

Thanks, Neee MO.

  • Mjmvp23


    • Guest

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      • no

        Ehhh, that’s getting pretty old now. Almost as bad as the people that say first… :

    • First what? First time you masturbated to something?

  • sounds all good to me also nice new picture david 🙂

  • Atlas7O2

    I appreciate what Treyarch is doing to help improve Black Ops II. Perhaps this will rekindle my interest into playing Call of Duty online after Infinity Ward’s lackluster MW2 and MW3 (granted, I didn’t buy MW3). Treyarch is simply the more superior company.

    • RyGuy

      IMO, they’re only superior in the sense that they actually try to innovate. After the disaster that was WaW, they really seemed to pick up the ball.

      • Rony

        In what way was WaW a disaster?

      • Lol, did you just really call WaW a fail? WaW has to be the only game I like in the series.

  • JuSt-TheAveRaGe_GaMer

    Weapons prestiges whats next perks prestiges?

    • potato

      Yo dawg,we heard you like prestiges,so we put prestiges for prestiges so you can prestige while you prestige.

    • sdf

      Pro Perks are sort of prestiges.

      • pro

        Pro perks are gone though…

  • WeschesterxCinH

    I can’t wait for black op 2!!
    Weapon prestige is Awsome

  • Soldierofbullets

    Great news. Now campers wont stand a chance!

    • They’ll find a way. They always do…

    • Mr.Dick

      I will just move a little bit right and to the left and catch you while you run like a chicken.

  • Stylez726

    I would’ve loved this in MW3 because I never really cared about doing prestige in any of the C.O.D’s I’ve played until one of my friends talked me into it and when I finally did I already had 7 gold guns and about 10 maxed secondary weapons and instantly regretted it after I prestiged but that’s what peer pressure gets you but with this new weapons rank system where you keep your weapons XP I will have no problem prestiging, now my question is will the Prestige Tokens and Shop be back

  • the world


  • lolwut

    You’ve mis-read the questioner. He is asking if he can make the perk do that, not can you make it in the game via a setting.

    When David says yes, he isn’t saying it is an option, he means it does indeed make you invisible when planting etc as standard.

    Hence the image, which shows the perk and its description.

    • Plokijuh1229

      I am the questioner. What I meant is what you are saying. Dont make it an option, but a permanent ghost feature. I still believe it is bad for ninja defusers cuz they have to stay still for a long time prior to defusing. Thats what I was asking David.

  • Musk

    I think thats how ghost will be online/offline nothing to do with private match…

  • “…moving, planting, or defusing bombs or while controlling Scorestreaks” sounds better. But it should also include capping flags or playing any other obj really, unless you wanna run circles around flags in domination. If you show up while sitting on a flag, no Ghost player will ever PTFO.

    • masada157

      Uh, your position is still revealed by the fact that the flag you cap starts blinking…

  • Faraz

    Nope this doesn’t attract me. Not buying this game.

    • faraz just stop already

      Nope nobody cares what u think faraz go away please. Forever.

      • Faraz

        Nope. I don’t think so. I gotto tell the truth.

        • PS3Nicka

          Then why comment about it on a news article about BOPs2?

          • Faraz

            Because from what I see in the trailers/pictures/etc, it’s not worth my $64. So I am telling everyone to not buy the hype and not buy the game.
            This game is worth about $25-$30 at launch time! Otherwise, sorry I am not wasting my money.

            • 559

              Don’t buy it then nobody gives a shit about you

            • cheeseburger eddy

              perfectly said.

            • PS3Nicka

              $64? $115 here in Australia and I’m gonna get it from all the info/trailers/pictures I’ve seen, all I’m saying is people don’t care If I’m buying the game or your not. Your original comment was unnecessary

            • cheeseburger eddy

              he does this 24/7 on cod articles

            • $115? where the hell are you buying it from?. $84 is what I’ve got mine preordered for at dick smith. And the only place with ther Hardened edition is EB and it is $108.

            • PS3Nicka

              OK maybe $108 – all I remember Is handing over money for the hardened edition….(take may cash EB…) maybe it was $115 for MW3?

            • betosobreira

              Guys, Brazilians pays much for a game… $150 to $200 brazilian reais. It’s about US$ 70~90… believe it or not. Lots of taxes here.

            • Faraz

              If you like the game, cool.
              I gotto tell others who are hesitant.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              hesitant people will buy cod bc its better than BF

            • Faraz

              ok seems like u were boasting.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              dude BOII value is wayyyy over 64 dollars, your too ignorant to see that. stick with battlefield and shut up about duty, leave the better game alone. ever notice the down votes you get? and the one upvote from yourself..clearly this shows pppl disinterest in what you want to say bro

            • Faraz

              lol ok

        • cheeseburger eddy

          so what did battlefield do to earn your money? all these dlc packages that are crap? hhm

          • RyGuy

            Stating opinion as fact… Typical internet user.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              not sure what the hell you mean, ever read what faraz writes?….

            • Faraz


            • Faraz

              lol yes.

      • fag

        shut up the guy can say wht he wants just like you idiot

        • cheeseburger eddy

          real cool using fag to descirbe someone…

          • Faraz


        • Faraz


    • 559

      what your bf fanboy LMAO. BLACK OPS 2 > BF3 FACT

      • cheeseburger eddy

        finally someone is arguing with faraz other than me! keep it up @559 maybe two people will get faraz to stfu

        • Doubtful. He does it for the attention.

          • RyGuy

            Solution, don’t give him attention. Simple, yet difficult to do no? lol

            • cheeseburger eddy

              gotta stand up for whaat you like, espcially when someone like faraz is acting like a child

            • Standing up to someone through the Internet, rooting people on to stop him even though he wants to let out his opinion, and arguing until you have results that satisfy you sounds more childish to me. Either that, or what has this world come to?

            • cheeseburger eddy

              shut up. do you even know this faraz guy? this isnt a one time negative comment on duty buddy. so dont get involved if you dont know what faraz does. He has no purpose to go on cod articles andd say the things he says. and im not starting a riot group to go hunt him down, i want people to realize he has no intention on giving a fair judgment of cod before the damn game comes out. Read every recent post by him and youll know why nobody likes him.

            • I know the things Faraz says. He doesn’t want to be fair on COD? That’s on him, not you. It’s like you want to change the way he thinks. He has every right to post what he wants, it’s the Internet. If what the admins think what he posts is wrong, they’ll delete it. Otherwise, leave it be and don’t cause a big fuzz/big scene.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              imma make it a scene bc the admins said they will delete trolling..which they have not yet done. listen i get he has his own opinion but when i view a cod article and scroll down i dont wanna keep seeing faraz write the same lame useless pathetic comments he always writes. i dont bash BF for their faults.

            • Just keep on reporting until they get tired of seeing Faraz on reports. Sooner or later, they’ll get him, but making a scene on here won’t do too good. Might help, yes, but reporting is better. Just don’t let it bother you too much. Patience gets you anywhere.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              i know, ill try to cool down i guess haha ill flag him now on more often

            • Difficult for some lol. Just down-vote and move on.

          • cheeseburger eddy

            well then more people need to take action, or the people of MP1st need to see what this guy writes. seriously all of his recent posts..hating on cod, thats all he does

          • Faraz

            lol no

    • Faraz

      I am a loser who has nothing better to do in life than to bash on COD articles. It’s the only way for me to feel any way productive.

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    Ghost only rewards you for playing the objective, FUCKING BRILLIANT!

    • Not really. If you stand on a flag in dom, Ghost stops working. So Ghost users will never PTFO in Dom or HQ

      • You can still move while capturing flags/HQ points.

        • RyGuy

          This, just move in a circle until the flag is captured. Of course, it won’t matter as long as you have a reliable teammate watching you.

      • I wiil

      • HBK

        That’s a good thing. Less ghost in domination which is traditionally a ‘fast’ game type. Then again, they may make it so that the voice indicator won’t say “Losing Bravo” when someone with ghost is capping a flag.

      • but wouldnt you know someones caping a flag?


        Who the fuck would stand on an objective/killzone just to try to stay of the mini-map?

  • 559

    Treyarch is so much better than IW god. All hail Treyarch. In Vahn we trust 🙂


      Still don’t understand the need to prestige a weapon that’s all leveled up and stays that way even if you prestige. Why give up attachments if you don’t have to?

  • Ebone

    No good camper is going to sit completely still , this new Ghost perk isn’t going to do much, and that’s a fact.

    • RyGuy

      They’ll find a way to fix it hopefully. Maybe you have to move a certain distance before Ghost re-enables or something?

  • nyvex_vektos

    @disqus_fSFc9Vlssw:disqus after the games launch and all the sheeps gonna buy it , and after 24 hours we hear only complains and all Sheeps say IW is better and after IW make another COD they continue to say no Treyarch is better and this story goes on and on and on.
    me and @disqus_bRveh4pOt9:disqus we hear only BEEEEEEEEE BEEEEEEEE

    • cheeseburger eddy

      your grammer is horrible #1. and #2 um pretty sure this game cant even get compared to what IW makes so why dont u and faraz just stay the hell away from cod bc clearly this game ruins your life somehow in some weird way.

  • Well done Treyarch, Defensive playstyle completely removed from the Call of Duty series.

    • RyGuy

      Defensive? In CoD? Never heard of it before…


  • dpg70

    I can’t believe i’m actually pumped for BO2. I’ve only ever liked 3arc CoD entries. They’re the only ones I’ll ever buy going forward.

  • HAHAHAHA Most of the COD players are just bunch of campers, of course 3arc don wanna lose their loyal costumers. GHOST GHOST GHOST … believe me are gonna be even worst thing in this game, sniper shoot through walls, looking through walls….

    • The sniper that can see through walls & shoot through it is only it campaign. Only other way is sacrifice a point in the “choose 10 point” system & put FMJ (for shooting through walls). & BF has campers too. Both games do, & you’re hearing this from someone who plays more BF than COD.

    • Ariaisstupid

      You’re officially retarded, skill in BF is DETERMINED by how well you camp. Most people in CoD do NOT camp. Campers are looked down upon in CoD probably more than any other game in FPS history.

      • Lol no. Skill in BF3 consist of you playing your kit right, playing the objective, knowing when and when not to move forward, and supporting your team all at the same time. If you think camping in BF3 is “skill” then you must be the retarded one. I’ll just blow all your camping spots up with tanks, helis, a RPG/SMAW, tubes (although I dislike them with a passion), or C4.

  • EboneCaponeII

    The old IW > 3arc

  • Neee MO

    Awesome I contributed lol

  • Rave

    i think im going to wait til around January to pick this up because i want to listen to the reviews. i remember how much hype mw3 got and it sucked.

    • Perks

      Well i say get it straight away, not going to be cheaper by january + the reviews are always hate no matter how much cod changes

  • B_Boss

    BO2 is really shaping up to be quite the CoD Game. I guess that is an understatement at this point lol, but the more news I read about it, the more interesting the game becomes almost daily.

  • Spectre017

    Great article

  • Alpine Maffu

    Weapons prestige sounds nice. But exactly that, nice, nothing more. Very much a refinement and not a “OmG dude that’s crazy trearch my homebois lolz” etc etc. seems a logical step change evolution to me.

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  • real players don’t hide or use ghost,i’m loving this game,29 days left

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  • BlackBlade404

    But what happens when you prestige your weapon like a special camo?

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  • betosobreira

    I pretty much appreciate the efforts of 3arc in the multiplayer. It seems to be the best CoD ever. Thanks for hearing the voices of CoD community, Vonderhaar!!

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  • Ke’Von Morrow

    Vonderhaar is a genius!

  • al client

    I see this as more noobification of COD. Everyone should have to rank up everything, every Prestige, every time. It makes things way too easy. Of course people like it, that doesn’t mean it makes the game better.

  • HBK

    I think the movement with ghost will be timed with the frequency of the UAV sweep while also taking into consideration the farthest possible distance one can travel without sprinting (just walking basically), and adding in where the player was during the previous UAV sweep.

  • dmier

    Actually I think is very easy to solve the “ghost” problem, either remove ghost or UAV, people will camp as long as there is people running around careless, I mostly play S&D and I get a lot of hate mail, they call me camper for defending the bomb wtf, if I play TDM like S&D I destroy the other team because people run round careless, they are giving what whiners want, but you will see, when the game come out they will still get destroy.

    • I understand camping in S&D, but camping in TDM really just goes against long-held values of FPS gaming.

      • dmier

        Almost very game mode needs camping, demoliton, S&D defending bombs, sabotage, headquarters, domination, even CTF needs people to stay behind protecting the flag.

    • dmier

      Don’t rely on the UAV. Skulls show up on the map where someone on your team has died follow that, or listen out for footsteps

  • Plokijuh1229

    Im the person who asked Vonderhaar about ghost. No lie.

  • Plokijuh1229

    Whoever wrote this article is incorrect. I was talking about a permanent Ghost feature as in changing the perk entirely, not adding an option. Plus, how could they have changed its description if this was an option? That would not make sense.

  • Plokijuh1229

    Flagged my own comments because I misread the article

  • Outlawz

    Should have just took out the UAV out of COD forever!

  • Kourt

    being invisible while planting is great other except everyone on the enemy team getting the message” we are losing x” doesnt really seem to be a benefit.

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