Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Round-Up From E3 2015

Yesterday, Call of Duty fans got what they’ve been after for some time now: a first look at Treyarch’s competitive multiplayer offering in their upcoming shooter, Black Ops 3.

If you missed it, you need to get better at interneting. Don’t worry. You can just click this link to watch the Black Ops 3 multiplayer reveal trailer, as well as a bit of Treyarch’s presentation at Sony’s media briefing.

If the trailer didn’t quite do it for you, then we’ve also rounded up a ton of gameplay captured from the show floor. The clips are in no order and from no particular source. They range from straight-up gameplay to informational videos about the game. Either way, it should give you a good, unedited look at what Black Ops 3 multiplayer is all about, at least at this early stage in development.

There’ll be more videos appearing throughout the day, no doubt, so keep your eyes open. For now, tell us what your first reactions to the footage were in the comments below!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 6.

  • MegaMan3k

    This looks like it’s going to feel just as sloppy and unsatisfying as all the other CODs of late. Even watching these streams you can see instances of just flat out dying with no warning or hit markers or any indication that you’re even being fired upon. Yuck.

    • SubXero

      A lot of the guns are “broken” right now and are probably going to be altered. That semi-auto rifle is a two shot kill regardless of where you hit someone and both the burst fire pistol and rifle are face melters.

      • Guest

        So black ops2 release balance

  • Delta8A

    I can’t believe that people will buy this 10x recycled garbage. Activision morons – make MW and MW2 Remastered Edition. Your only chance to save CoD.

    • MegaMan3k

      I hope you can at least acknowledge and appreciate the irony that you’re complaining about recycling games while simultaneously asking for a port of old games.

      • Delta8A

        the irony is that you can’t see the difference between remastered ORIGINAL game and this mixed mess of silly copy/paste ambitions from disconnected developers

        • Deciver95

          I don’t think you understand how irony works

    • Guest

      Mw2 is an unbalanced pos, the downfall of the series started with this game.

      • jj16802

        No, that’s Black Ops when people started to realize the series has gone copy and paste and was tired of server lag.

        • Guest

          Of course, because BO was a 1960’s version of MW2, but legitimate dislike came from MW2, Because of its exploits, unbalanced, and hacks, It screwed over PC by removing dedi’s

      • Puppet Master

        Started with Bo1

        • Guest

          MW2 was unbalanced, full of exploits, shafted the PC, had tons of hacks. BO1 is a copy and paste of MW2 philosophy with worse graphics and lag

          • DAN

            Which was the main reason why it was fun, use the unbalanced features to your advantage and have fun pissing off the enemy team. Cods downfall started with MW3, that’s when it became boring.

      • Overw4tch

        MW2 is the best MP experience in all COD games released until now. Played it for months and didn’t notice the “unbalanced”.

    • Mr. Thuggins

      *Criticizes people for buying recycled garbage*

      *Proceeds to request recycled garbage*

      Makes sense.

    • Puppet Master

      You’re not very bright are you.

    • The anonymous employee

      Y would they when xbox1 is backwards compatibility


    • MeisseN

      Let’s think twice before asking ATVI to recreate MW2 which has been among the least balanced COD’s. Akimbo G18s (or basically akimbo everything), OMA+Tube, Stopping Power (without a counter-perk, for god’s sake), 35 minimum damage SMG, Deathstreaks… The real reason that people regard MW2 as the apex of COD is because MW2 set the standards of COD, or any modern day shooter in general (3 perks, customizable killstreak rewards and stuff). The actual game is unbalanced and annoying as heck… I’d rather have a next-gen Black Ops II

      • Guest

        Eww, dat lag comp though

      • MegaMan3k

        When you start calling half the game unbalanced with the implication that it’s overpowered, I’m going to start challenging the claim that it’s unbalanced. If there’s so much broken, then variety remains, and I’m happy.

        Also, I don’t really mind Stopping Power at all. Some games have done OK without it, but I thought Stopping Power introduced some interesting weapon balance and trade offs. I thought Tier 2 was more or less well constructed in MW2 – balance that really can’t exist with a “Pick 10” style system.

        Plus, I’d happily take that “unbalance” with a working and enjoyable matchmaking / network algorithm than a balanced game with the utter shit “SBMM” that they shoved into Ghosts/AW/kind-of-BO2.

        • MeisseN

          Stopping power was fine back in CoD 4 since there is a Juggernaut perk to counter it but in MW2 weapon ttk’s were too short (and I think 2-hit-kills and short TTK’s are Ghost and AW’s problems, and that’s why, after watching some 10 MP footage, I think BO3 has done a great job on adjusting weapon RoF, damage and range to make TTK reasonable).

          That matchmaking though. AW’s SBMM is utter nonsense. Well as long as they stick with “network first” I’m all fine about it. Server browser would be better, and that’s what kept me playing Black Ops 1 even if there are like only 500+ people online nowadays.

          Anyways after skipping 2 cods in a row and playing Black Ops 2 for 3 years, my expectations for the new COD is rather low – as long as it’s playable, balanced, has BO2-level TTK, doesn’t have bullshit lag spikes like in AW when it was first released, then I’ll be fine. I mean it’s a COD after all. I got pretty excited for G and AW and then they just shat on my face

      • Overw4tch

        Speak for yourself. I have the best MP experience in MW2. Probably was not fine tuned after released because of the original IW debacle but sure it was fun all year long. I have no problem with any of your unbalanced comments above, probably because I can counter all of them.

        • MeisseN

          Well right every man for himself.. But try MW2 on PC now. Basically everyone in the server runs Stopping power Akimbo G18 even on open maps like Afghan. I had a great experience of playing alterMW2 (MP cracked version) since they banned OMA, tube and the akimbo nonsense but the original game was so broken


    Maybe I’m outgrowing COD or I might just be hard to impress but after watching a few videos of new Black Ops 3 gameplay I honestly feel like “meh”. When the trailers for Black Ops 1&2 first got released I couldn’t wait to pre-order the next day. But after seeing Black Ops 3’s gameplay I don’t have that same euphoric feeling. Is it just me?

    • MegaMan3k

      Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 MP reveals had me stoked.

      Definitely haven’t felt a shred of that since BO2. Ghost’s left me indifferent, AW left me disappointed, and BO3 has left me indifferent. I guess an optimistic side of me would say that at least things are looking better?

      • The anonymous employee


        • MegaMan3k

          It didn’t play like Halo at all.

        • Skullking920


    • CoDforever

      I was a huge fan of BO2 mp it was simple, didnt have too many gameplay mechanics and was crazily addicting.

      This looks like a step in the right direction, game looks mad addicting like Bo1/Bo2 and has that Treyach feel to it which is why I cant play the shit out of the beta and the full game in november.

      • DAN

        This gameplay looks nothing like Bo1/Bo2, It’s almost an exact copy of AW. There is no Treyach feel to it. Are we even watching the same gameplay/trailers ?!

        • CoDforever

          Are you crazy???? Only the trailer looked like AW because obviously they tried to make it look mad hype. If you seen the actual gameplay you’ll know that wallrunning is extrememly limited and mainly used for traversal only, as well as almost all gun kills are on the ground. Go watch drift0r’s gameplay dude and the moment you see you’ll know it feels 3arc

          • DAN

            I’ve seen that crazy ass jumping in the campaign, exactly like AW. If it was hype they were aiming for, they’ve clearly failed.

            • CoDforever

              I also saw people being able to dash melee someone in the campaign. There was also an xray fmj sniper in Bo2 campaign that did not make it to MP. Why the hell are we talking about stuff in the campaign?

              Also, i saw gameplay and the jump was way less shorter than AW jump as well as it only being a way to climb things without ladders. Please show me ONE clip where there was gunfight in midair in bo3 like there are in AW.

              99% of kills i saw in all gameplay was in the ground.

              I dont even know why youre complaing, you liked Bo1 and Bo2 so why are you wanting bo3 to be shit? Treyarch knows what they are doing and they are not going to repeat AW

            • DAN

              I don’t want to be shit, far from it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Barry Harden

      If you think that’s bad Halo 5 is going to be much worse!


    Is that titanfall’s pilot only mode. Lol😂 titanfall of duty:black ops 3

    • MegaMan3k

      It’s clearly not Titanfall because weapons other than R101C are being used.

  • Dina

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  • Puppet Master

    Why do you continue to make snipers broke as shit 3arc? Vahn can’t handle 8yr olds threating him? The aim assist is out of this world on them. Seriously watch the sniping vids.


      Whining about 8 year olds in a game made for 8 year olds. There’s a brain surgeon.

  • The anonymous employee

    Ok reasons y cod black ops 3 going to suck
    #1 dlc first on Playstation wrong move but i understand y they did it its a terrible game going to a terrible system first with dlc but again no one cares anymore for cod

    #2 its not a true next gent experience takes away from the full potential. . Its coming out for all systems but it is time to leave old systems alone. Its time for thos whos left behimd to upgrade. Xbox 1 is backwards compatibility for select games as of right now. Playstation is not.
    #3 well not alot of people on xbox going to play this bad game its all about gears ultimate, starwars and rainbow6

    • Barry Harden

      #1 DLC first on the best next gen console bar none! XBone can’t even get to 1080p on Ghosts and AW so it’s no wonder Activision dropped Xbox!

      #2 XBone backward compatibility is Micro$oft’s way of saying they can’t compete with PS4 anymore so they want you to stick to the classics.
      Every XBone version of a multiplatform game can never match the PS4! This is what happens when Micro$oft cuts corners to give you cheap hardware.

      #3 Halo and Gears is tired and overdone. Halo 5 doesn’t even play like Halo anymore with ADS and jump jets. They’re copying CoD for all intents and purposes.

      • Playmaker

        lol. I really think you are a parody account for $ony.

  • Harrison King

    As long as Treyarch doesn’t go to 30th prestige like SG did and they keep it at 10th prestige I’ll love this game

  • J_Smoothi

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  • CoDforever

    thanks alot for this list, david

  • Nimrod Zar

    You dont need wallrunning on maps like these. titanfall had wallrunning and crazy parkour but it also had huge vertical maps with plenty of buildings. Cod devs start putting new mechanics into the game that dont fit

  • G_Hunsain

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  • Oneil Martinez

    Looks beautiful but game play style sucks. looks like it should be called advanced warfare 2.
    black ops should be realistic to what is and has been available to tier one operators of now and of old as well to come. Sorry cod heads I was pulling for you guy this time around I came from modern warfare and black ops one I was pre ordered but now I’ll play the beta and be on my way.

  • BrodyLY

    COD 4: Classic
    MW2: My personal favorite. Best COD to date
    Black Ops: Second favorite, very balanced, classic gameplay
    MW3: Bad. This is where people started to realize Call Of Duty’s flaws in the mass. Have some good memories on it with my clan tho. Still sucked
    Black Ops 2: Mehh. Kind of boring, but very balanced gameplay.
    Ghosts: Wow, fucking awful. Worst COD to date
    Advanced Warfare: BOOST BOOST BOOST DODGE (this one sucks too)
    Black Ops 3: …..

  • Melissa✜Gandarinho

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  • DAN

    Coming out for Ps3/xbox 360. NUFF said.

  • Melissa_Miraglia

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