Call of Duty Championship 2013 – 32 Teams From Around The World Battle For $1 Million Prize Pool

This April 5-7, taking place in Hollywood, California, Xbox presents the Call of Duty Championship 2013, a worldwide championship made up of 32 teams from around the globe battling for a share of the $1 million prize pool.

You can have a chance at entering by participating in the Call of Duty Championship 2013 World League Champions Series Online Qualifying Contest, from which the top eight eligible teams in the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II World League Champions Series, Season 3 (February), on Xbox 360, Master Division will be selected as the winners.

Visit Elite’s official Call of Duty Championship page to learn how to qualify and to check out their FAQ. We leave you with the general settings that will be used in this competition.

  • Scorestreaks: Allowed
  • Score Streak Delay: 15 Seconds
  • Team Change In-Game: Not Allowed
  • 3rd Person Spectating: Not Allowed
  • Revenge Voice: No
  • Hardcore: Off
  • Dynamic Map Elements: Off
  • Friendly Fire: On
  • Game Recording: On

So, gather your team and get practicing. Are you aiming at participating in this year’s Call of Duty Championship?

  • jahladagaming

    They should run a comp like this on Xbox Live. Might show the developers that the connection needs sorting out.

  • MrLadyfingers

    Yay neglect the PS3 again. Thanks Treyarch!

    • teo2cry

      Treyarch has nothing to do with it,Microsoft organised this themselves,blame Sony for not doing anything and being out of money…

      • shit-happens

        sony are not “out of money”. Thats a retarded thing to say.

        • teo2cry

          You know that they are loosing a lot of money right?They are out of money to make special events and stuff…

          • the thing with sony is that they don’t like to waste money on dlc exclusive or this things because…well they just aren’t worth it and they would rather put the time and money towards making games.

            • Retro

              Really? Please explain their deal for BF3 then.

            • yeah and HOW many times does sony do that? MS does dlc exclusivity all the time i think PS3 only has BF3 dlc and some ubisoft DLC

      • Dirtknap

        The CoD/Microsoft exclusivity deal happened behind closed doors, Sony weren’t privy to the conversation so couldn’t even tender an offer. Though XBOX is the obvious lead development platform of choice due to the difficulties of programming on Sony’s CELL, this is likely another contributor to the secrecy of the deal. Sony’s current financial situation doesn’t have any bearing on the agreement between Activision and Microsoft that was made three years ago.

        I wouldn’t read too much into Sony’s situation, these tech giants all have their downturns, the original XBOX posted a huge deficit and sold minuscule numbers in comparison to


    Get your lag comp on, mothafugglers!!

  • These stupid battles just lead to the pc getting shafted. We were and always will be the best competitive, RTS/ FPS platform. You can’t disagree, xbox/ps3 have become mainstream but pale in comparison to anything I’ve ever seen on PC. From Quake and UT to CS and COD. It actually makes me sick to watch a video from someone on a console, it’s like they are playing the game in slow motion.