Call of Duty Coming to PlayStation Vita in 2012

Along with the official reveal of PS Vita, which was known as NGP at the time, several games were announced for the device including Call of Duty. However, it was unclear as to when the PS Vita version of Call of Duty will come out.

In an interview with Game Trailers, Sony’s Senior Vice President of PlayStation brand marketing, Guy Longworth, confirmed that a Call of Duty game will be released for PS Vita this year. He stated, “In the Autumn, [my kids] are really looking forward to Call of Duty on Vita, and that’s going to be an absolute game changer for the platform.”

It is unknown at this point weather PS Vita will receive a brand new Call of Duty title, or a portable port of this year’s rumored Black Ops 2. Another possibility would be a remake of a previous Call of Duty.

If it’s going to be a remake, which game in the series would like to play on the go?

Personally, I’d like a World at War remake with a balanced MP40.

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  • Anonymous

    Having CoD on the Vita would definitely help with system sales. If it’s a direct port of a CoD title on consoles it certainly will be a game changer; even though the game itself doesn’t really change with each new iteration lol.

  • hmm well then its gonna be this or Bo 2 most likely though the vita COD will be made by sledgehammer UGH! MW3 was terrible!

  • Monkeyzking

    “In the Autumn, [my kids] are really looking forward to Call of Duty on
    Vita, and that’s going to be an absolute game changer for the platform.”

    My kids? Really?

    I don’t like CoD now because I’m tired of it, after MW3 , but if it’ll help with sales I’m down for it.

  • Anonymous

    Black Ops(1) port coming up because there is no way activision puts a new game on a unproven system. Plus microsoft won’t let them claiming some type of deal where they get all new content first on all systems.

  • “Personally, I’d like a World at War remake with a balanced MP40.”  I have been saying that for years.

  • T-BAG

    oh really? I can has another COD? THIS IS NEWS PEOPLE!

  • War Machine 539

    COD4 would sell me the Vita.

  • Ptp18

    Who cares? IF it were battlefield 3 then maybe.. but who would buy that for CoD?

  • I am still debating if I am going to get the Vita. I have main reasons why I would get it… One is to get MW3 for it and 2 is to get Uncharted 3. I am predominantly a 360 gamer and o how I want to get my hands on Uncharted 3.   This may be my way.

  • Johnnyguerrero17

    Zombies cod black ops 1 on the vita

  • JaiCimillo

    the ps vita is actually not a unproven system. for 2 major reasons, the first reasons is the controls, it has more controls then a ps3 and a xbox 360, front screen and back screen. theres your 2 shoulder buttons they forgot to add, already the touchscreen can offer all kinds of extra controls like they did in resistance demo. look it up on youtube. the next major reason the vita should not be looked down abun is because of its specs, it is at par with the ps3. Its graphics card is the only thing thats behind alittle bit. Its processor is a 4 quad with is stronger then probobly 50% of your computers that your reading this with. Don’t belive me google ps vita specs. Anyways the ps vita is as strong and can handle just as much as a counsel and the only and i mean ONLY reason cod would be a port or a different version of cod like roads to victory is because the company is lazy. Lazy lazy people. just like half the games that came out for the ps vita on launch didn’t have a multiplayer mode. And all you guys saying that Microsoft wont allow this. There contract with cod of duty titles has expired. and we all know sony is not going to pass up on a sweet deal like this. So infact sony will buy the next contract and the next call of duty will be on the ps vita, like i said before the vita is as strong as ps3 and can handle a cod game. if not maybe a battlefield game. although there going to have to dumb a battlefield game down for the vita like they dumbed down crysis 2 and 1 for the councels. oh and thats another thing, if the game is to strong with it wont since we are talking about cod here they will just dumb it down a bit. look at mw3 and 2 on the fucking wii. The game is super dumbed down and it is still fun. and the ps vita is stronger then a wii by a lot. so this concludes my facts about the vita.

  • Black op

    What day will it be in stores

  • Black op

    Thay should have mw3 for vita

    • mw3 man

      i now right

  • Black op

    Thats ….! ….!

  • Black op

    F…! That stinks!

  • Black op

    Make call of duty for ps vita

  • Black op

    Zombies would be cool.

  • Black op

    That would be awesome!

  • Black op

    This site stinks

  • Littlebuckdunk

    honestly make a new modern warfare 2 and put mw3 on the vita

  • Dave

    a re make would be a let down and i feel like its taking far to long as is I can wait till black ops 2 but it dosnt seem to be the one or pre order would be an option alredy … LAME