Call of Duty Elite App Out Now on Android

As Beachhead studios promised last week, the Call of Duty: Elite app is now available to download for Android users. The app requires at least Android version 1.6 and 11MB in memory.

Some of the App’s features as shown on the Android Market:

  • Evaluate your multiplayer progress with in-depth stat analysis.
  • Formulate new strategies based on your recent performance and remotely incorporate edits to your loadouts.
  • Push your changes directly into Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 so you’re always ready to play.

  • Jason

    Instead of wasting their time creating an app for android or iphone, get the pc version of Elite working…….what seems to be keeping them back from a working pc version?

    • Rakan Baiz

      The website works fine with me, allthough it’s slow but I’m 100% sure that’s from my internet, stupid 10bps internet, other than that yeah, I joined a clan blah blah blah had some errors at firs but all is well [email protected]:[email protected]:disqus  that’s because they have a whole different team on the cod elite program, they have nothing to do with games

  • JustSoEveryoneKnows

    For some weird reason, Call of Duty ELITE app on Android is not available in certain countries like mine while the iPhone users are able to download theirs through the App Store. Hmm..

  • Just like on the computer, this app doesn’t work.  I can’t believe they were wasting time on this app.  I wish they had focused on making a good game instead of making Elite.  What a disaster the whole thing turned out to be.