Call of Duty Ghosts is Coming November 5, According to Leaked GameStop Pre-Order Posters [Updated]

According to video game retailer GameStop, Call of Duty: Ghosts is real and will soon be available for pre-order.

The game, which has been heavily rumored as of late, is said to run on a “new next-generation Call of Duty engine” and will deliver “a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast.” Earlier leaks indicated that the game would be revealed and would be available for pre-order on May 1.

According to these leaked posters from GameStop, Call of Duty: Ghosts will release November 05, 2013 and will be available for pre-order tomorrow, May 01.



UPDATE: A high-res version of the pre-order poster above posted on Call of Duty’s Instagram.


UPDATE: Another pre-order poster spotted by IGN appears, giving you a better look at the soldier featured in much of the the leaked imagery:

Thanks, mechcell.


UPDATE: Call of Duty: Ghosts t-shirts and lanyards spotted:


UPDATE: The official Call of Duty website has updated to reveal the phrase, “The Gosts Are Real,” across yesterday’s mosaic.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 6.11.46 PM

  • Is coming a trailer today or tomorrow?

    • It might leak early today, but probably tomorrow.

    • tanile

      I have seen both that it would be today and tomorrow that they show the reveal trailer. Apparently, with black ops 2, they showed the game the day before preorders were available for the game. So, if Ghosts does the same thing, it would be today. I am super pumped!


        obvious console gamer is obvious… here have this carrot, pretty new graphics, same terrible game.

        • “Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.” – EA

          • PC MASTER RACE

            yea i hate console gamers, they are destroying games by forcing devs to create crappy simplistic nobrainer games for outdated systems.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Stfu pc has loads of extremely good games that do not cater to console gamers. Also I think that you’re forgeting that games are supposed to be fun.

            • I hate idiot PC gamer’s like you. Without consoles, this “gaming” community would be tiny compared to what it is now. Most publishers wouldn’t even invest in this industry since it wouldn’t be worth it, developers won’t have any budget to build the games that they build and most people wouldn’t have the money or simply wouldn’t like PC gaming overall. And if consoles weren’t here and PC gaming still had as many people playing it as consoles do, you’d have to spend a lot of money upgrading since their wouldn’t be no “outdated” systems to hold back games on upgrading.

            • You couldn’t have said it any better. PC and consoles both cant live without each other.

            • wow go dick your pc

            • PewPewTank

              Dude, you’re embarrassing us -.-

            • TriguyRN

              That’s how I feel when some idiot starts saying xbox is better than xyz because of abc. It’s embarrassing for sure

    • Signs point to today (previous trailers, leaked reveal dates etc.)

    • DeLucaFTW

      Probably at the NBA playoffs.

  • Brian Anthony

    Make the CEO of Activision even richer? Take a couple of your million and buy the kids dedicated servers! Garbage!

    • A_Wise_Man

      Just cool it, this is a next gen game its quite possible it will have dedicated servers. Tat or the system it revamped.

    • mechcell

      In fact he made a total of $64.9 million last year. Compared to other U.S. CEOs last year, Kotick’s full reported 2012 earnings make him the second-highest paid, behind the $96 million earned by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

    • -X-

      He’s successful, get the fuck over it! The servers suck because they’re needing your expert know-how on how to make it all better.

  • thatguy8008

    i know this has been said before but……CoD sucks!!

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      Wow how original. Did you come up with that by yourself ?

  • Usman Mohammad

    I’m waiting for the trailer to see what Infinity Ward has done. IW isn’t the same IW, MW3 was a disaster (I hear host lag has been fixed, which is a year and 6 months after the game released). They have to prove to us, the consumers, that they are capable of delivering a good experience.

    • A_Wise_Man

      Remember that IW co developed MW3 with Raven Software and Sledgehammer games.

      • i’m liking just because you have some badass wise guy for your profile picture fuckYEAH

      • Usman Mohammad

        That is true, it was unfortunate for IW to loose that much staff therefore requiring the assistance of other studios. So I can see why it’s fair to give this one a shot.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Lies it was the best cod ever….. nah it wasn’t as bad as everyone made out though I enjoyed it after a few patches.

      • snipers and dual wield FMG’s EVERYWHERE ruined the game

        • DanDustEmOff

          Snipers dont really bother me most of the time they run round with an smg and pull one out for the last kill and I find them easy to kill and I always preferred the mp9 ext mag or the Clint

      • Usman Mohammad

        My experience was bad due to the host lag (I’m host most of the time).

        • DanDustEmOff

          Yea I get host a lot but its got better matchmaking than blops so I don’t find it as frustrating.

  • mechcell

    If you pre-order at gamestop or EBgames and you get an exclusive limited edition poster.

  • A_Wise_Man

    I don’t always get hyped for a poster.

    But when I do…its a COD poster.

    Stay posting my friends.

  • Really surprised they didn’t go for the 11.12.13 release date. Would have been kinda cool. It probably has to do with release dates of other AAA games releasing around that time though.

  • NeT-ShatterZ

    BF4 that’s all I’m saying BO2 killed CoD sadly 🙁

    • DanDustEmOff

      Dude its bf 3.5 deal with it.

      • NeT-ShatterZ

        What do u think CoD is it has been the same for the paste 4 years

        • DanDustEmOff

          Bf has basically been the same game for over 11years with I like the PC
          version of BF but 4 looks like a reskin of 3 and I think that its funny that all you mono gaming die hards that slate cod for being the same every year are now getting a taste of your own medicine

          • deathknight579

            Even if its the same ea and dice are man enough to show gameplay while u guys are just sitting here waiting for a 1 min trailer thats all cutscenes from activision besides bf3.5 sounds a hell of alot better than cod4.00000001

            • DanDustEmOff

              Really I would rather play Cod 4 than any bf title hell I would rather play mw3 than any bf title I do like bf games but Cod just does better console games. PC though its a tough choice and I would have to give it to bf

            • “I would rather play mw3 than any bf title” whoa whoa whoa don’t lie ones wants to play MW3…

            • DanDustEmOff

              On console yea. I like mw3 btw

            • Lies! I still play Infected from time to time.

            • ah infected the only time i ever put in MW3 shame its not in BO2

            • DanDustEmOff

              I like the 1v1 face off

          • um…no dude

            • DanDustEmOff

              My opinion dude.

            • actually no fact BF has NOT been the same for the past 11 years they changed it up in BF2 with iron sights and the modern era *before COD4 did it* they changed it again with BF 2142 with its future theme. and changed BF AGAIN with BFBC1 with a real campaign and destructibility. and BF3 added huge customization and suppression. i DO think BF4 looks like BF 3.5 though but maybe the MP trailer will change my mind.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Im talking about core stuff like player movement and game speed not time settings and customisationoptions.

        • -X-


      • well from what ive seen from the reveal…yup >.> looks like BF is joining the copy & paste train!


    I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe again so I’ll just wait until after launch to get excited for another COD.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Hate to say it but me too im sick of being sold a beta, im on the fence for now

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I agree. I plan on sticking with bo2, bf4, and halo this year.

  • NaNa

    Honestly not hating, but I’m predicting this game is going to be absolutely horrible. Snap out of it and stop fantasizing people!

  • TachyonicPack


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  • Opinions

    I make sure i play BF4 on this day.

    • -X-

      Ok?? WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!