“Call of Duty: Ghosts” Leak Suggest Game Will Run on “New Next-Generation Call of Duty Engine” [Updated]

It will also feature an entirely new story, setting and cast, according to a second leak from UK video game retailer, Tesco.

Just last week, Tesco, along with Target, listed “Call of Duty: Ghosts” on their official websites, revealing that the game, presumably in development at Infinity Ward studios, will allegedly release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 5.

Today, Tesco outed a brief description of the game, later removed, claiming that it will run on a “new next-generation Call of Duty engine,” and wil deliver “a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast.”

You can read the full description below.

The franchise that has defined a generation of gaming is set to raise the bar once again with the all-new Call of Duty®: Ghosts. Published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward, the studio that created the original Call of Duty and the seminal Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® series, Call of Duty: Ghosts ushers in the next generation of the franchise, delivering a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast, all powered by a new next-generation Call of Duty engine.

If you were hoping for a continuation of the Modern Warfare series, you may be out of luck. However, an entirely new setting, story and cast is certainly more than welcome. Any thoughts or speculation? Might it revolve around some of the rumores we heard back in March?

Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to keep your eyes glued open on or around May 1, which we learned might be the date that “Call of Duty: Ghosts” gets an official unveieling.


Spanish retailer XtraLife has also recently listed “Call of Duty: Ghosts” for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U.

Check out the alleged box art for each platform below.

Thanks, CI.

  • me

    HA!!!! “new engine”

  • ascaryghost

    By “New Next Generation Call of Duty engine”, they mean the same one from MW3 but with better lighting or some pointless shit.

    • Thatbeastlytaco

      Not just that! They added different shades of green, yellow and grey to dominate their color palate!

      • Pretty similar to BF3 except BF3 only used grey and blue. 🙁

    • I know we all have free speech but that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole..

      • SangheiliSpecOp


      • really? ok im responding to this from my jail cell

      • A better response is “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

    • WasabeJuice

      Sad but the reality is, majority of the readers of this site are douche bags.

    • How about we wait to pass judgment until after they’ve shown a gameplay/multiplayer trailer? Oh wait, nvm, this is the Internet, where people jump to conclusions and every rumor is treated as if it’s gospel.

      • thebulky1cometh

        Between MW3 and Black Ops 2, there is a long list of issues: spawns, lag, match making, overpowered guns, hilariously bad glitches, connectivity, etc. I LOVE COD, but I’m done with it until they prove that they can make a better game.

        At this point, my success in black ops 2 is about 75% dependent upon what kind of BS lag I have to contend with. I’m on ps3 by the way.

        • It’s terrible on PS3, so that’s understandable.

          • thebulky1cometh

            Ha we’ve disagreedon some stuff over the past few weeks, but we bboth agree on this.

    • FPS_GURU

      I could care less about a NEW Engine, I mean its cool but they did great improvements on the old one as it got older. I”ll be picking it up Night One !!

      I just hope after they announce a PS4 release date they will announce the Next Gen Versions of COD, BF4, and hopefully GTA V

  • a “new generation engine” deserves to be on a next generation console without the limits of PS3 & XBOX 360

    • I agree. I was disappointed to find out BF4 was going to be on PS3 & 360… the game loses a lot of potential on every other platform just because of that. :/

      • It’s confirmed for next gen of console .. I asked someone at gamespot

        • TheTruthHurts

          Which has nothing to do with what he said. If it was ONLY for next gen consoles and PC then your statement would matter.

          • Clayton Johnson

            Battlefield 4 on next gen will be a direct conversion from the PC version if the game

            • vapor220

              Trolls everywhere!

            • Actually, due to the architecture of the PS4, the Xbox and PC versions will likely be ported from the PS4 version.

            • Jason

              All 3 are X86 and will be running a 64bit version, so they will most likely Port it From PC over to Next gen PS4 (X86) and Xbox 720 (X86(X64)).

            • I’ve seen conflicting reports regarding 720 architecture, so no guarantees there, but PS4 also has the unified APU/memory controller/bridge thing. That’s what I’m getting at.

            • Casey

              Nothing is confirmed for the 720 because it has even been shown off yet….

            • Jason

              It does not matter, the next Xbox HAS to be X86 or X64(newer) to support any game that comes out for “Next Gen” that is Multi Plat since it will most likely have a Full windows 8 OS, Games will require at least 3gb RAM, And all other Software will be 32bit Versions requiring the CPU Architecture to be either or of the above stated. The APU setup (GPU and CPU on same silicon) is for Low energy/cost/Heat, etc. similar to a Mobile, Tablet or Laptop setup which is also how the Xbox 360 Slim is designed as well, Im sure Xbox 720 will do the same as PS4 when it comes to this if they want to have a “Low Profile” console in terms of design,size and energy ratings . But as i said the Hardware and Software WON’T support anything less than 32bit since you can’t download drivers on Console and Games will be designed and developed on PC and then Ported over which is what I hope will happen so Next Gen Consoles will get the Most out of the platform they can. BF4 for example is AMD Optimized with their new X64X86 drivers and PS4 officially (and most likely the next Xbox) are running on AMD Hardware, CPU and GPU meaning BF4 will run almost Identical on Next Gen as it will on PC not necessarily in Graphics but how the Game run’s unified as a whole!

            • Clayton Johnson

              That may be for other games, but DICE said they would never develop a main Battlefield game with console as the lead development platform and you can Google she interview in with that has been stated. it’s PC first first for them. They’ve shown off ZERO PS4 footage. The one we saw was of a PC running what they claim is the world’s fastest (or second fastest?) graphics procrssor

      • Well then we will just have to wait for BF5 that probaply too will be on ps3 & 360 because it will take a long time before the old consoles die out.

      • BushWookie117

        It’s going to be on both current and next gen consoles

      • betosobreira

        I’m wondering about the textures pack for BF4, it will come with an additional Blu-Ray disc in PS3 and 2 additional Dual Layers discs in Xbox360… hahaha

    • Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

      I disagree. The engine that CoD runs on has historically had longevity in mind, the new engine will likely continue this tradition (though I hope they don’t try to milk quite as much as they have from ID Tech 3). It’s good business and good for the devs not having to chop and change frequently. We will see other titles also overlap generations with new engines, as we have before (ID tech 3 dates back to 2005). In reality, the next CoD title will be running on a detuned next gen engine and won’t be limited at all by current tech.

    • I think having the engine on both generations will keep IW from over-extending themselves or trying to do too much with this game. I don’t particularly care if the game has all of the bells and whistles like Frostbite 2.5, as long as it runs smooth, improves off of BO2’s positives and avoids BO2’s lag. Oh and open up the maps. Long lines of sight would help with the SMG epidemic.

      • Just saying

        Stop saying that F.B.3 is F.B.2.5 cuz simply it’s way more improved than F.B.2 and you can see that in the 17 min. Gameplay trailer and when you see the game footage on PS4, I guess we all will know what its capabilities are.

        • Senior Black

          So COD is COD4.000001?

          • Just saying

            What does that even mean?!

            • I think he’s trying to say CoD’s engine hasn’t changed at all.

          • Exactly!

        • Yes, we shall see. If I’m wrong, I will most definitely admit as much, but right now, calling it “3” just sounds like a marketing ploy. Just like how we have to wait and see if the “new” engine for CoD is actually new.

        • DeadlyVirus

          DICE confirmed that the 17min. gameplay of BF4 was running on a pc with a GTX690, which is a 1000$ videocard.

          • Jason

            HA! NO SIR, The Demo ran on 2 AMD 7990’s which are as well $1,000 GPU’s, I think you are referring to Nvidia and Activision’s Tech Demo which ran on a GTX690.

        • Kyle Jackson
      • Kyle Jackson

        I thought that until I watched the 17 min clip again and this after:

    • MrLadyfingers


    • B_Boss

      This is exactly how I feel about DICE putting BF4 on PS3 7 360 as James. M has expressed. Frankly I don’t even want to see the game on those systems. Something is ruined for me if i do….I think I just want that initial BF4 experience to be from either PC, PS4 or 720. In any event great post spoiler.


      next generation console = 5 year old PC, lol

      • Jason

        Price Wise, Yes 😉

        • Thats not true. My 5 year old pc was 3000$. I cant play bf3 at 30 fps on medium . Xbox.can. And its 7 years old.

    • If it honestly has a next gen engine, they should utilize it on the PC version instead of providing yet another shoddy port of the 360 version.

      • Jason

        I agree Sir!

  • Thatbeastlytaco

    Cool. But i’ll stick with BO2. Unless user reviews say this game is good I won’t even think about getting it.

    Picture of Technical Director of the next-gen Call of Duty engine has been leaked, while he was having a drink in Mojang Office.

  • stfu

    Lol @ everyone. We all know the routine now, bash the new one coming out, say you won’t get it, etc. Stfu everyone knows you will continue to buy them year after year. I dare anyone that says they won’t get it to release their gamertag and I’ll add you then screenshot and post for the world to see you’re just a big of a sheep as everyone else.

    • teo2cry

      I stopped after MW3 and didn’t buy BO2.

      • Big mistake =P
        I didn’t get MW3, skipped to Bo2. Good decision IMO, I’ve played MW3 and can see why so many people have been left with a foul taste in the mouths…

    • jahladagaming

      I can guarantee you that I will not be buying it on release date as I did for MW2 onwards (I was late to the party with COD4 and WAW and bought them a month or two after release) but I WILL keep a keen eye on youtube reactions and gameplays and then if all are favourable I’ll become an Xmas noob for them to stomp on. The failure of MW3 and the ultimately horrible connection issues with BLOPS 2 have made me wary and actually quite pissed off with developers forgetting that playability is paramount.

      • Mike

        I’m in the same boat as you.

      • thebulky1cometh

        You sir, are receiving a round of applause from me at this very moment.

  • stfu

    Funny how people complain so much about call of duty yet it’s the biggest franchise on consoles to date and yet everyone talking shit still supports it by playing it.

    • Thatbeastlytaco

      I’ll support it if IW can prove they can make a decent game unlike MW3.

    • Biggest does not equal best.

      It is popular because it is a casual game that anyone can pick up, same reason angry birds is popular

  • Delta8A

    yeah yeah…

  • teo2cry

    WTF about PC?Don’t tell me they left the PC behind!

  • One big question that no one is talking about is what are SHGames and Neversoft working on? Rumors were that they were helping with this year’s CoD, but the description is pretty explicit that it’s just IW.

  • Ryan Schulze

    I have hopes. New engine and a slightly new theme may make the game worth playing again. Hope it does. I love BF3, but a little variety is a good thing.

  • Hol_Up

    I’ll believe it when I see it. But even when if I do, I still won’t buy it. I’ll wait till my friends bring it over.

  • hate all you want, but the new engine will probably be legit. Most of you tards don’t understand that IW and Treyarc COULDN’T build a better engine because they were LIMITED by aging hardware on the consoles. The MW2 engine literally maxed out the consoles as far as they could possibly go. They could have built a different engine, but it wouldn’t have looked any better or allowed any more features while still maintaining 60ps because console hardware couldn’t handle it. Some people seem thing think writing some magic code will somehow enable the console GPU to produce more FLOPS per second than it’s rated for. It’s cheap hardware, and no engine can magically upgrade hardware.

    The next-gen consoles will have much higher performance ceilings so now they actually have the ability to make a drastically more powerful engine. Since they’ve had nowhere to go with current consoles for the last 4 years, Activision has likely had a dedicated team from either IW or Treyarc or both that’s been solely dedicated to constructing a new engine over the past few years so that they are ready for next-gen consoles.

    It’s the same thing that happened with COD4. In the years leading up to Xbox 360 and PS3, they had a background team dedicated to preparing a new engine before the new consoles launched, and when COD4 was released, the engine literally crushed almost every other engine at the time because IW got the jump on everyone else. Those other engines have improved because the first iterations did not max out console tech, and now they are equal with the IW engine. But IW is going to get the jump once again, and COD Ghosts will likely come close to maxing out next-gen hardware, just like COD4 did with this generation.

    • Someone at Activision stated, that the shift to the next generation will be expensive for them. I’m guessing they aren’t ready with a new engine, and probably have to resort to something like Unreal 4. Considering the licence costs (Epic charges big for commercial usage) it would be true, and Unreal is the go-to engine of choice in the last decade. For comparison of statements, EA stated, that they will have a smooth transition this gen (they done their homework with the FB engine)

      • “Resorting to the unreal 4 engine” you say that like it’s a bad thing

        • The unreal engine has always sucked. It is a bad thing. It’s a generic engine with high compatibility and low potential. It’s not an engine that’s specialized for a particular kind of game, like Frostbite or CryEngine.

          • bob

            I thought i was the only one who thought this.although epic does a really good job with it and bioware. Unreal engine from other developers looks like garbage. The unreal engine seems to have terrible texture loading issues. Even bioware switched to frostbite 2 or 3 so they even have doubts on the unreal engine. Even My favorite game of the year bioshock infinite could have benefited more if they would have used a better engine.

          • DeadlyVirus

            Unreal Engine always sucked? Low potential?
            Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City
            Bioshock Infinite
            Borderlands and Borderlands 2
            DMC: Devil May Cry
            Gears of War 1, 2 and 3
            Mass Effect 1, e and 3
            Mortal Kombat and Injustice
            XCOM: Enemy Unknown
            And so on…

            All current-gen Battlefields
            Mirror’s Edge
            Both Medal of Honor (after the reboot, didn’t turn out too well, did it?)
            Need for Speed: The Run (lol?)

            Crysis 1, 2 and 3
            Far Cry 1 (cryengine 1)
            And that’s it…

            So saying that UE has low potential is kinda stupid, seeing that it’s used on almost every type of game, which the others only successfully were used on shooters that were made by the studio that developed that engine.

        • Financially it is. Epic charges a big percentage and a fixed amount after every 100k sold

      • sooooo It’s gonna be expensive considering how much they have made in COD games/DLC’s/Season Passes ovre the last like 5 years….

        • Funny comment, but It has nothing to do with that. If they have to licence something for a percentage, it will cost them tens of millions.considering how CoD usuall sells

          • True but why havn’t they gone down the path of creating their own engine like frostbite? the updated IW engine has made them a ton of money in savings over the past few years with only having to update the engine since MW1 (thats 5 years of saving for a new engine!) while still being the market leader in sales for a FPS franchise… they knew they would have to get into the Next Gen bandwagon eventually DICE/EA were just a step ahead

            • Im not saying, they dont have the money for it! I dont have an inside source at Activision, but Im guessing they did not had the time/manpower/knowhow for it between the yearly CoD releases.
              EA had to involve DICE, DC, the FIFA team (ANT animation framework) the NFS guys (car physics for MOHW), ESN (Battlelog developers) and many others to make BF3/MOHW. EA pretty much had to restructure his whole empire for the next generation (firing a lot of employees in the process), and create a separate team just for maintaining one singe game engine.
              worth mentioning, that UE 4 is in developement since 2003. (according to wikipedia) thats a decade of developing a single game engine! Todays AAA titles are already huge development monsters, and the next gen is still around the corner. In-house engine or not, its expensive anyway. But who knows, maybe they done something that blows FB out of the water.

            • good point

      • runey5

        how can they not afford it, they got about 1 billion dollars just for black ops 2 alone

    • That’s all true bro, but this is coming out on the 360 and not any of the next gen consoles. So we won’t see the new, better engine until next christmas. It’s a good time to be a PC gamer, I’ve had dem next gen graphics for the last year and a half.

      • if you really think COD Ghosts isn’t on the next-gen consoles you’re an idiot. The only reason they haven’t announced COD Ghosts or BF4 for the PS4 or NextBox is because they’re waiting for the NextBox to be officially revealed. They can’t announce a game for just the PS4 by itself before the other is revealed. A next-gen COD game would be a HUGE launch title that would make Micro$oft and Sony a TON of money, so you already know they’ve paid Activision to make a launch title for them.

        • MegaMan3k

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghosts is only on current gen, but they have a separate next gen title.

          Or if they are both “Ghosts,” but are actually totally different games (see: Double Agent Xbox vs. Double Agent Xbox 360)

    • thebulky1cometh

      I say you’re an idiot for heartily defending a game that has taken a step backwards in terms of matchmaking and lag.

  • Consul

    I wonder if the game will be released on the PC. Because there wasn’t any listing for the PC version.

    • John doe

      Who cares about PC gaming. Go look up the facts. First tablets and phones is killing PC sales. Second PC gaming is to expensive. Third there is to many exclusive games that consoles get that PCs do not. Last PC is dying a slow painful death thats why you are not noticing. Bottom line I do not know one person in my life that games on a PC so what does that tell ya. I am 28 years old for people who want to know. People who owns a powerful PC wants everbody to believe its doing well but its not. if PC gaming did not have games like WOW or the indie games it would be dead already. The next gen console is just another nail in the PC coffin. PERIOD.

      • John Doe

        Also people want to just put the disc in and it plays. No update this update that, driver this driver that. Hell sombody gave me counter strike source the other day and I said sure I will try it. i knew my PC would not run it well but what the hell tried it anyway. Results had to install it for 30 minutes then had to install steam. Got done installing then it said i had to re purchase it for 29.99. WTF. Keep your shitty PC gaming.

      • Al Gorerythm

        your ignorance astounds me.

  • blondbassist

    Next Generation Engine ready to make previous generation games AWWW YEAH!

  • WoLF

    Maybe that’s why the release date was in December for that one leak? Since PS4 releases holidays 2013 and most likely the next Xbox will too.

    • December is a placeholder date, for all un announced games

      • WoLF

        Ah alright, thanks for letting me know.

  • “The franchise that has defined a generation of gaming ” by defined they mean ruin

    • Thatbeastlytaco

      More like other devs ruining the generation by trying to ride of their success.

  • No its a new engine. retards. They wont , cant, put this engine on next gen consoles.

  • MegaMan3k

    Every COD game has had a “new engine.” It’s just marketing. This means nothing.

    • No retard, its beed id4 for every game . They just modify it. Activision has had a team develop a new engine to last this entire next console generation.

      • MegaMan3k

        I’d insult you, but I don’t know you’d be smart enough to catch it.

        • Thatbeastlytaco

          Nope you’re wrong. They keep modifying their engine to the max every time. The BO2 engine is just an improved version of the BO1 and WAW engine. The MW3 engine is an improved version of their other engines. The engines all have the same properties so a new engine doesn’t just bring new graphics it also fixes problems like camera lag. Hope that helps.

          • MegaMan3k

            Nope. I’m not wrong.

            It’s always marketed as a “new engine,” so this leak saying Ghosts uses “a new engine” tells us nothing.

            This is marketing. Nothing more. Nobody should draw conclusions from “new engine” in marketing materials like this.

            • Thatbeastlytaco

              Can you give me one instance where they said they were using a brand new engine. With a link?

            • MegaMan3k

              I seem to recall an early FourZeroTwo post about texture streaming in MW2 that referred to it as “our new engine,” but I can’t find his old blog posts (his site has been “revamped”).

              With MW2 running on “IW 4.0” as opposed to the predecesors IW3.0, you can see how they could have marketed it as a new engine.

              Same with MW3. Although Black Ops 2 was referred to as an “updated” engine as opposed to a new engine.

            • See, that could make sense. Because it was a massive visual jump from cod 4. But I believe its id3 . Modified into IW ENGINE .

            • I’ve never seen them claiming using a new engine. They always said modified.

            • ^exactly

          • That’s exactly what I was saying .

        • except i would.

      • Jimmy

        Nope, also you’re wrong. It’s been idtech3 the whole time, not 4.

  • TheTruthHurts

    Keep buying these COD copy-paste games, sheep, Bobby Kotick the CEO of Activision didn’t make enough money last year on you. Only the second highest paid CEO of a publicly traded company @ 64million

    he needs MOAR. Give it to him. MOAR

    • greggy

      this copy and paste comment is really getting boring, hohumm.

    • thetruthbutthurts

      at least he is not running the worst company in america, unlike your overhyped second rate bf.

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  • dpg70

    Well it’s about time.

  • Tom

    I hate Call of Duty as much as the next guy. But Im actually pretty excited to see what they are going to do on a new engine. But I know one thing for sure, even though they will probably have liscencing from Colt and EOtech and probably some new manufactuers, they will still use cookie cutter gun noises from their previous titles. And I know for a fact Battlefield 4 will look and sound better than this game. But like I said Im still looking foward to what they will make.

    • DeadlyVirus

      How can you know for a fact that BF4 is going to look and sound better than Ghosts if not a single screenshot has been released?
      The past doesn’t predict the future

  • john doe

    This engine still won’t hold a candle to what frostbite 2 on next gen will bring.

    • MegaMan3k

      That’s rather naive.

    • kim

      Not only BF fag boys are trolls but idiots as well. Didn’t you hear that BF 4 will be using FB 3 on next gen console? These BF fanboys will just say whatever to troll without minding how stupid they actually are.

      • John Doe

        Well Mr smart guy if you did any research ( look up definition in dictionary) you would find out Frostbite 3 is just Frostbite 2 with lots of improvements. DICE put so many improvements in it they just decided to call it Frostbite 3. Its not like they built the engine from the ground up like with Frostbite 2. That is why it looks similar to Frostbite 2 in the gameplay. So before your little teenage pot head mind starts spewing garbage find some facts first. And I am not a BF fan boy I really want COD to do better. I would love to play a COD like COD4 Modern Warfare 1 or 2 was. I went to BF ever since BFBC2 and I have not looked back and I have tried every COD since. Once you play the dynamic battles in multiplayer BF. It is hard to go back to what COD offers.

        • The main fact you’re forgetting is he’s right. BF4 is running on an engine called FB3.

  • john doe

    This engine still won’t hold a candle to what frostbite 2 on next gen will bring.

    • FB2? They’re going to release BF3 on PS4? Because BF4 is running on FB3. Know your own game before you talk shit about another.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Make no mistake, having the game available for both current gen. and next gen. systems will result in two things: more money to be made and a game that doesn’t reach its full potential because they’ll have to allow for an easy conversion between the two.

    Sigh…sound familiar?

  • Smky213

    Well ima go against the grain here a lil and say I’ve bought mW3 and bo2 on release date! I’ll def be buying this one to!! But to get back to the reasoning on every other post bf3 blows!!! So will bf4,!!!!

  • MrSunshine

    I swear they said the same thing about Black Ops 2.

  • You know what.. really going to hope they show something good.. please make it better then the Pre-Alpha ( confirmed by my DM , gamestop and DiCE on Reddit ) footage of BF4. I really would like for both companies to push each other so we both see the best FPS’s of each play style..

  • “developed by Infinity Ward, the studio that created the original Call of
    Duty and the seminal Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® series” – Activision should just avoid deceptive marketing like this. Very few of the original staff of Infinity Ward are still with that studio and the fact that a studio with the same name is making this COD has little bearing on its quality.

  • xHDx

    “a new next-generation Call of Duty engine.” I think what they mean is adding simple improvements like adding FXAA or something. Neveer seen a Call of Duty engine other than that one apart from slight changes the the IW4/IW5. id really like them to come up with something new because they say they care about their Fan-base.
    In my mind that isn`t true.
    IW + Treyarch produce a game every 1 year,

    GTA which produces 1 game every 4 years and still have higher sales figures. Pretty shamefull IMO.

    Kinda shows how IW and Treyarch care about the “Fan-Base” you don`t think?

  • anonymous news

    Its confirmed cod ghost will be only for next generation however gamestop is starting to promote it on wed . Gamestop ceo already stated that it will be for next gen

  • ghostrider117

    How can the game be set in a new setting with new characters when its based on Simon Reilly when he dies in mw2… so contradicting.

  • kida

    Knowing Activision, I’m not sure if it will really be a new engine or just a patched up version of the current engine that will be imported to the next gen consoles

  • therapiist

    They have to release a new cod on a new game engine for the next console. I dont want to play CoD on the same old game engine on my next gen..

  • Чувак


  • Gandalf’sSaggyBallsack69

    BF fanboys should go to BF related news while COD should go to COD related news. So both types of fanboys will not have to create pointless arguments. PS3, XBOX and PC should not even argue as we are all gamers.