Rumor – Call of Duty: Ghosts Main Characters Teased in “Rarer” Pre-Order Poster

Images from an allegedly “rarer” Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order poster possibly teases some of the main characters you’ll get to know, or play as, in the single player campaign of the game releasing this November 5 on current and next-gen platforms, as well as the PC.

Sent to the Call of Duty Wikia, Twitter user LiamFTWinter snapped these images of the poster (or posters?):

What do you guys think? Do these dudes look bad-ass enough to be the main protagonists of COD: Ghosts?

Also, don’t forget about the guy from the original poster as well. That makes possibly six members of this “Ghost” team.

Call of Duty: Ghosts gets its official gameplay unveiling during Microsofts Xbox presentation this May 21.

  • reminds me of the watch dogs character 😛

  • Rare i know at least 5 different indies stores that have them, its an indy store promo poster.

  • mrneoshredder

    This comment is proof that BF3 players are extremely mature.

    • Seriously, wtf?

      Wait wait how does Aria represent BF3 players? What the fuck? How did you come into the conclusion that he’s even a battlefield 3 player? Let me look at this; An apple avatar, Aria, a comment about homosexuality; NONE of those indicates that he’s a battlefield player.

      What possible reason got you into the conclusion that he’s a bf3 player?

      LOL you’re comment is proof that COD players are butthurt crybabies that knows nothing about reasoning and every negative comment thrown at their precious 60 dollar rehash is made by BF3 players.

      Get your head out of your ass.

      • Someone seems mad

        > Click on Aria’s name
        > See 95% of his comments being about how BF3/Bf4 is the greatest thing since sliced bread and how COD sucks.

        Yeah, you’re right. He’s clearly not a Battlefield fanboy. He’s just someone who loves the hell out of BF and won’t shut up about it. Oh wait…

        • no

          >visited 4chan for the first time

          >starts using > because he thinks its cool to use it outside 4chan

          >thinks he’s 2edgy4u because he got back from 4chan


      • mrneoshredder

        > Gets mad at me for assuming Aria is a BF fanboy.
        > Assumes I’m a COD player.

        Process that for a second.

        • uwot

          >knows that mainstream topics always compares bf to cod
          >assumed aria is a bf fanboy because he’s bashing on cod
          >defends cod because aria bashed cod so automatically thinks aria is a bf player

          Yep logical reasoning at its absolute finest.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Everyone who uses this site knows Aria is a BF fanboy.

      • If you frequent this site enough, you pick up on people’s preferences. Aria is very much a BF fan and one of the bad examples of one.

      • Clint

        “LOL you’re comment” lol wut

        • Grammar illiterate

          your the best in internet grammar you should be given an award

      • How about we practice what we preach. The BF franshise has done the copy & paste thing from day 1. If the frostbite engine was that good why don’t anyone support MoH?

      • Usman Mohammad

        It’s a form of irony/sarcasm/trolling, since BF3 players (generalising here, not all BF3 players do this, but I’m typing this clarification, just to cover my back as people here tend to nit pick) keep saying how CoD is full of little kids and immature people. So it’s ironic how a BF3 player/fan is being immature.

        He’s basically trolling the troll, but I guess some people just didn’t seem to clock on.

    • jj16802

      Because clearly all BF fans are like this, and certain fans of other games aren’t.

      • Despite what people think. I think the BF community since BF3 has been more immature than the COD community. Its rare to find a reasonable BF fan who doesn’t hate every game that’s not battlefield. Another annoying thing is, most of them only started on BF3, which I personally think isn’t as good as games like BF1942 or Bad Company 2.

        • jj16802

          I think partly to blame are the original immature COD fanboys. Like your example, the immature COD fanboys rose after the release of MW2 (I think, it may have been Black Ops as well.) and proceeded to attack non-COD games. I believe this is what drove a portion of the BF fanbase to resort to these comments as a way of getting back to them. That’s just my theory.

          Another factor could be that since a new generation of gamers are constant arriving in the form of children, they do not know how to act properly on the web and would just “follow the leader”.

          But yeah, it’s sad to see stupidity take over our communities. The internet is taking its toll on humanity. 🙁

          • It has less to do with CoD and more to do with society as a whole. No respect anymore.

            • jj16802

              Well of course, I’m wasn’t stating that the problem was caused entirely by COD itself.

            • Nailed it!!!

          • Dirtknap

            The affliction of the blogging age. Facebook and twitter have been the death of the internal monologue and any jerk with a mic can find a personal audience in game lobbies. My boys won’t be going anywhere near a toxic online community until they’re old enough and are equipped with thick skins and the maturity to ignore the trash.

        • Goldensgods

          Yeah I don’t think so, CoD has to be the “most” immature community out there. The game is aim at kids and kids are immature, get it?
          Go into any CoD lobby and then enter any BF game and you’ll see what I mean =)

          • I wouldn’t say “any” BF game because I’ve played against plenty of prepubescent youngsters while playing BF.

            • Goldensgods

              Bro every single game, EVERY SINGLE ONE NO JOKE you hear kids screaming & making stupid noises! And it’s the whole fucking lobby dude. I’m not saying battlefield hasn’t got this because every game does to some extent but it’s not as bad as CoD. Kids gotta go somewhere though right?

            • That’s the main reason why I party up when I play MP. You used to be able to run into pretty cool dudes on the last three games, but BO2 has been infested with children and idiots. Might just be me getting older and grumpier though lol.

          • medalofdishonor

            Why do BF fanboys think that kids do not play BF? Have played long hours of BF games and it is common to hear high pitched kids voice all over, and some of them are squad leaders. Anyhow, kids whatever they do in game are much better than assholes and douche bag BF fanboys like aria.

            • I don’t care about the age at all. Just want good games no rage quitting.

            • Goldensgods

              Errr dude, most kids are asshole and douche bag fanboys. Aria is just trolling and it’s working

            • DanDustEmOff

              Yea its working so well his own community are turning against him and his comments are being deleted

            • Goldensgods

              Ok well I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not but that’s actually true, it is working. That’s the whole point of trolling bro to get people raging and to make a long list of comments about him.

          • DanDustEmOff

            I play CoD quite a bit and I rarley have to engage with children squeaking. I think he was referring to bf fans coming here just to trash a game they have no interest in.

            • Goldensgods

              Lol i’m not even going to reply to that, you mean to say you’ve rarely herd a child on CoD? Jeeze bro you must be in your own world or something when you play da game =)

            • DanDustEmOff

              Er u just did and
              I party up but when I don’t I still dont come across them often.

            • Goldensgods

              It does depend on what server you’re on, but in Aus it’s very bad. Not sure about U.S or Europe.

            • Goldensgods

              Also it’s funny how the only comment you reply to is the one that’s not directed at you. =/

        • SangheiliSpecOp

          Well BF3 fans aren’t true battlefield fans. The hardcore vets don’t play bf3….

          • Richie Tellez

            That’s like saying “you can pick a orange from an apple tree” no sense at all.

          • Sup

            Vet status 8. Many an hour played on BF2…

            I play BF3. Got a problem? People that bitch and moan about the new Battlefield games aren’t Battlefield fans, they’re fans of Battlefield 2.

            • Actually no. The people who moan and bitch about the new Battlefield games are fans of Battlefield 1942, and they were BF fans.

            • SangheiliSpecOp

              Well the people who defend such a game like bf3 that so blatantly copies from CoD and ishalf assed are fans of bf3, but Iwouldn’t call them true battlefield fans. It’s like you guys forgot about all of the core features of BF. Either that or you never knew…

          • A new form hipster has emerged! The Battlefield hipster.

          • SangheiliSpecOp

            Seems that I stired a hornets nest. You can try to defend Bf3 all you want, but I only find it a decent gamr that blatantly copies CoD in many areas. Also, I don’t think… no, wait,It is OBVIOUS that DICE didn’t give the game time and rushed it out. .

        • Richie Tellez

          Yeah got to admit with that. How often did you see BC2 vs MW2 on forums/threads. Once BF3 launched and more people played a Battlefield game. They saw it was better then the fps they were playing, which in this case most were cod audiences. So in my conclusion and I known it’s not a fact. Most of this “BF3 fanboys” are old [insert popular fps game] players hating on their old favorite game cause it doesn’t change, immature audience or for whatever reason. I’ve been playing BF since 1942 and 2142 days and yes there were immature people back then as well but it’s nothing compares to what “BF Community” is now.

          • DanDustEmOff

            The only platform that BF beats CoD on is the PC it sucks on the PS3 and it sucks on the console.

        • dpg70

          BF has a terrible community, at least on Battlelog. I’ve never spent much time in any CoD forums so I really can’t comment.

          • ?

            It is because 99% of people on battle log is the ones that are scrubs or boosters and they have to get on there and whine about how they changed this or changed that. people who truly like BF and play daily are not on battle log much unless to check stats. If you get on any forums chances are your a scrub or a human garbage disposal.

            • ?

              im also gay….just fyi

            • dpg70

              Exactly! You are a prime example of the community on Battlelog. You disparage others and put people down for joining using a forum, yet here you are commenting on a blog post. It’s basically the same thing. And you did it anonymously!

            • W3GOKU

              Battlelog has a forum? o.O

            • itx confirmed

              You know the new cod going to be like battlefield with the destructible environment

            • ??

              this is your wife n quit this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Not all

          I love BF3 and my gamer score from achievements is over 64000 so your comment is invalid. I play all games but for my online it has to be BF. Used to be COD but I seen where it was headed so I moved on to better things. Sorry but it is my opinion.

          • Other things*

            • ?

              Your so smart. Can I fuck your face.

            • You’re* ?*

              You need a penis to fornicate with my face, so I don’t think that’s going to work out.

          • DanDustEmOff

            You do realise that you’re playing the game on its worst platform and stating that you moved on to better things.

            I would rather play viva piñata than the Xbox port of BF3.

            • Who cares

              Dude not everybody has got enough money or brains to build a new computer. Also if you only play Xbox version you do not even miss the PC one. So go play your Viva pinata and leave your PC gaming shit to the birds. Besides I would rather have the consoles exclusives than PC any day. Have fun playing Sims and Microsoft paint.

            • DanDustEmOff

              I play both the console and pc mate. Bf3 is garbage on the console 30fps is awful for a shooter even CoD play at 60. Btw the pc has loads of awsome exclusive games are you special or do you just live in a

            • Goldensgods

              Bf3 actually isn’t bad on ps3 don’t know about xbox, I’ve played both on consoles and pc the only real difference is the player count.

            • DanDustEmOff

              PS 3 only runs at 30fps too but its a better port than the 360. To me anything less than 60 is unplayable but thats just me, I also think the maps are smaller but im not sure as I haven’t spent any real time on the PS 3 multiplayer only campaign.

        • KillzoneVII

          Speaking of Bad Company 2, I would KILL to have that game re-released on next-gen, I fear when (or even if) we get BC3 it will feel too much like Battlefield 3/4. Don’t get me wrong, I loved BF3, but not nearly as much as Bad Company 2.

  • Can’t see an enlarged version of the images on mobile.

    • .noname.




      • Idiot

        For 9.99 and it hasn’t sold. So rare!

        • Anonamyous

          Thats because the Game is still available for Pre-Order.
          Give it 2 months and that thing will sell for Lots of money.

  • …is a good word to describe your trolling.

    Stranger: Why do you comment on articles that you don’t care about?

    You: Oh that’s because I’m figuratively gay and have nothing better to do with my life.

  • Fawkes

    Ghosts are a squad that are not accepted by the government, so they do not use weapons today, as the old confirmation …

    • tanile

      I kinda hope the FAMAS is back in the game. I don’t think it was the most balanced gone in MW2, but it is such a cool looking gun. Variety adds spice!

      • MasonMei

        How do you think of the BO version of FAMAS? (Surprisingly the FAMAS Felin in BO is a newer style than the MW2 FAMAS…)

        • tanile

          I used the FAMAS in Black Ops a whole bunch; however, I really like the design of the one in MW2 better. I just think it looks cooler but that is my opinion.

  • James K

    “No females allowed” squad.

  • S.A.S Leader

    is that David Beckham

  • IMHO I think we’re looking at a GR:FS clone

    • MegaMan3k

      I’m okay with that. GR:FS is one of the best shooters in the past several years.

  • Jason Davis

    I really would like to see COD do something completely innovative with game, from the Engine to Mechanics! I would like to be excited for a COD again like I was with COD: 4MW and BLOPS

    • DanDustEmOff

      I would prefer them to spend their time, money and effort ensuring that core stuff is locked down. The real problem with the last three titles isn’t a lack of new things its that the netcode and matchmaking was poorly made and in the case of Treyarch the fact that they refuse to acknowledge that its bad and attempt to fix it.

    • Agreed. The last 2 games make me less and less excited for COD every year

    • Anonamyous

      The Engine has been redesigned with new Movement and Reloading controls.

  • What about they release some real screens.

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    I agree there is no respect at all with all these immature lil shits. Hopefully parents can’t afford the new consoles for a while that way when i play online on any game i don’t have to listen to 12 year olds screaming random shit into my ear lol maybe we will get a break because they wont be able to afford the new consoles. At least its wishful thinking.

    • Gotta love people

      It is the new generation, Everybody really truly thinks that what they say is the truth so we all argue. In reality everybody on this site including myself is getting screwed in the ass daily by game companies. Its kinda like fast food restaurants. Sure people has to work there but everyday millions and millions of people are getting payed such shitty pay by multi billion dollar companies you can barely live. So bottom line everybody on this planet is pure pussies. A marvelous quote from Fight Club said this. ” We work every day at jobs we hate to buy shit we do not need”. That is how it is and that is how it will always be till the day we die. SLIPKNOT made a song for this its called People=shit

    • DanDustEmOff

      Play on pc and get your friends to do the same, squeaker free guarantee.

  • I simply want a CoD game that’s brand new. No remakes or old weapons, I want new weapons streaks maps. It’s not hard.

  • MasonMei

    Lol haters. I read COD news for them.


    Stupid ass fanboys.

    • true cod fan

      fuck you bitch….u hav no fucking idea how much this means to a ture fan

      • MasonMei

        True fans want engine change on the 2nd place, yet the balance and map designs of MP are the 1st concern. I know how much this means to real fans, yet they never bitch about it. Fanboys do. Anyways, I think I used some slightly wrong expressions. I’ve changed the original post, I think you might want to read it again 🙂

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  • Anonamyous

    I have Pre-Ordered the game and those Pictures are on the Official poster, as well as the Teaser line “The Ghosts are Real.”

    The Developers have not leaked much Information, but what I do know is that a 3D Artist that Ali-A (Matroix) has covered has A folder named ‘CoD ghosts’ which contains a Picture of a Rusted, Dusty M4 Carbine with the name “Simon Riley”

    Drop a Reply; do you think “Ghost” is alive or not?

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  • kikitoESP

    the up-middle one i think is sheperd and in ghost voice actor in mw2 wikipedia page lists him to be ghost as the main charachter of cod ghosts