Call of Duty: Ghosts Devs ‘Wrapped Around the Idea of a Second Screen’ in Multiplayer, Boasts Enhanced Audio

Call of Duty: Ghosts will have enhanced audio and will support a second screen, or some sort of app integration in the title’s multiplayer, according to Infinity Ward executive producer, Mark Rubin.

Speaking to PostArcade, Rubin explained that “With the new engine, we can actually model the way the sound travels in the space you’re in. If you’re outside next to a building or inside in a small room or inside in a big room, it’s all detected in real time and changes the sound.”

He added that “The new engine also takes into account materials. If you fire a weapon in a small cement bunker the sound will be very sharp. But if you’re in a metal bunker the sound will be very ting-y. The sound will be altered based on the material it’s bouncing off of.”

This also means new gameplay elements for Ghosts’ multiplayer. “Another big change in audio – and this will have a big impact in multiplayer – has to do with explosions and reactive emitters,” says Rubin. “The world has triggers that will go off based on forces like explosions. If I throw down a grenade and it goes off, the chain link fence behind me might rattle from the concussive force of the grenade. Windows and doors and other objects will make noise after the explosion.”

Rubin also touched on additional peripherals to be utilized in Ghosts, building on Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg’s earlier statements, saying that the studio will take the added functionality “…to a whole new level. A seamless second screen experience will be integral to next gen.”

Rubin added that “It’s a little more of a challenge when it comes to our types of games. Looking away from the screen when the action is intense is obviously a challenge from a game design standpoint. So we have to be careful about that. We have some ideas that I think are going to develop further as we go along in this generation. As with anything with a next-gen launch, you’ll start by dipping your toe in the water in a few places, and then move along from there.”

“We actually have a whole department – a whole studio, basically – wrapped around the idea of second-screen. Our Beachhead group is doing a lot of work there. But a lot of it ties into multiplayer and I can’t talk too much about it now.”

He touched on how touchy the process is, however, adding that though it will be free, it shouldn’t be required.

“It’s free,” he said. “And this is where you have to be smart on your design: You can’t make it required, and it can’t confer a massive advantage. There’s some balancing that needs to be done. You don’t want it so the guy with an iPad has an advantage over other players in multiplayer just because he has the money to buy an iPad.”

“But it will definitely be free, and it will be a companion. It won’t be a revenue generator. It will be used to enhance the experience but not offer any advantages.”

Were you a big user of Call of Duty ELITE’s app during Modern Warfare 3’s reign? What sort of second screen functionality would IW need to integrate in order to make the use of a companion app along side Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer more desirable?

Thanks, CharlieINTEL.

  • VisceralVenom

    Wow! This is so monumentally groundbreaking that I just had a massive stroke and I am bleeding out of my eye sockets. The innovation surrounding this is almost impossible to believe.

    I am buying this game for every single system (New and old) plus a copy for every PC I own and building a brand-new PC exactly for this game.

    • the specialist

      i seems that i will be the best call of duty game ever made:)

      • zacflame

        not really.
        it just so happens that every COD without a number in a title is good and every COD with a number in the title is garbage.
        (FYI COD4 is the popular term, the real term is CODMW. examine the no number.)

        • born2expire

          COD 2 (the best COD game) says your wrong.

          • zacflame

            I never played COD2 but I heard it was the worst.

          • James Mulhall

            I feel as if COD 2 was overrated. The snipers in that game were so OP, it took little to no skill to use one.

    • Guest

      Innovation, it’s the future!

    • Raymond Featherston

      Not judging I am just curious why would 7 copies of the same game (PS3, 360, Wii, PS4, XOne, WiiU, PC, and this is not counting any possible handheld additions you may buy)?

      • MikePembo951

        he is being sarcastic!

    • DanDustEmOff

      We get it you don’t like CoD. Obviously nothing they say or do will impress you, that’s fine too. I like CoD I am happy that they are improving the sound. will it be ground breaking no. Will it be better than before yes and to me that is good news. If you don’t like CoD why are you even bothered?

      • Ryan Schulze

        Maybe he’s like me. I come hoping for good news. I used to Love COD and I had high hopes that Next Gen would bring a better experience, but they just don’t seem to wow me at any point. First the announcement that it’s the same engine that helped explain why the NextGen MP looked so similar to current gen. Then the”beautiful” campaign reveal that pales in comparison to numerous others. Now, COD had always been about gameplay and maybe they hit that sweet spot again on GHOSTS, but I think they’re gonna have to start over from scratch if they want to make a special game again. Castle Wolfenstein, Doom, and Medal of Honor ruled the roost before, but they got tired and redundant and faded away. The same will happen with COD or BF if they don’t really innovate.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Agreed I am pretty much in the same boat I still love CoD but Blops2 killed it for me. It is the sceptisium I have the problem with. If IW came out and said that they were not improving the sound they would get hate, when they say we are improving the sound they get hate too. They can not win.

          To this guy nothing they will ever do will be good enough. Personally I don’t think that they need to start from scratch just add servers, new maps, new killstreaks, perks, guns, sounds etc… and better graphics.

          The graphics they have done work on I am sure the rest will be improved too. The one thing this franchise needs desperately though is servers gimme those and I will buy it if not I will wait for Titan Fall to launch and get that instead.

          • Ryan Schulze

            If I was staying Next-Gen on my 360 or going with the Xbone, there is no doubt I’d jump to Titanfall. Those guys have proved it. They innovated and revolutionized the Military FPS genre with Medal of Honor, then made it ridiculously addictive with COD, and could have something special with Titanfall. Titanfall is the only thing that makes me hesitate a little on getting the PS4. Well, that and the gorgeous GTAV trailer that just released.

    • WasabeJuice

      The only way for the forum on this site to be worth reading is delete the douche bag comments straight away so that these perma douche commenters including those who up vote will think twice trolling this forum

      • WarBroh

        So really, “delete comments I don’t agree with”. That it?

        I don’t think so. Off ya go.

    • Kevin Teeple

      I just have a Steelseries headset and an onboard sound card, so this talk of sound improvement will mean next to nothing to me. :-/
      Besides, ever since Call of Duty 2, I’ve always thought the sound in Call of Duty has been fine, and never had any real complaints about it.

  • markopolo

    sounds like they are doing what battlefield has been doing with sound. innovating indeed.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Sure cause Dice are to only developers to improve the sound in their game ever. Its their invention huh? Maybe you should tell them that IW are stealing their patented idea of making the sound better in the next game so they can start legal proceedings right away.

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  • theplantain

    so, they choose to boast about dogs and fish when first talking about the game, that fell flat so they’re copying new features from other games that people seem to like…hey infinity ward, you might end up in trouble with Activision, spending all their moneyz

    better sound, more pew pew huh?

  • It’s as if the developers of CoD: Ghosts were visiting by ancient beings from another world who bestowed the knowledge upon them to make a better video game by using elements of other video games in their video game. How else can you explain this titanic leap forward in thinking and technology?

    • T-51B

      I don’t think enough people get the reference and the picture…

      • Mr. Thuggins

        There’s a good explanation for that: aliens.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        There’s a good explanation for that: aliens.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Lol how else could they do it. The only possible answer is ancient aliens. Maybe the illuminati which is run by aliens but aliens are still involved…. and big foot.

      • It could only be the Illuminati if you include the fact that the ancestors of the members of the Illuminati were visited in the distant past by extra-terrestrial beings who came down from the heavens and made themselves known. Now did they realize that they were interacting with a flesh and blood alien? Of course not. They called these creatures “Gods” and worshiped them as such.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Wow you have blown my mind.. You should be on TV.

  • Steve

    Even though Battlefield has already done this, I guess they are trying to catch up

    • James Mulhall

      LOL! Bullshit. You think Battlefield is the first FPS game to have decent audio?

      • the greater gamer

        he didnt say it was the first, he said they already did it

        • James Mulhall

          So why mention Battlefield out of every game? He wasn’t saying that when Battlefield was trying to ‘catch up’. The audio in BF3 is also far from perfect.

          • the greater gamer

            Because its the biggest competition with CoD like star wars and star trek and I actually hate the sounds in bf3, I always thought bc2 had much better sound, each gun had distinct sounds u could pretty much tell what they were firing.

  • Aria68

    If i was at DICE i wouldn’t sleep at night and force rest of the employees to improve the Frostbite 3 engine to be able to do this! and the fish mechanics! these are kinda of thing that DICE should be worry about! not the destruction of a building in a middle of multiplayer match that changes the whole environment of the map! jesus!!!!

    • DJBOB

      5 people can’t detect sarcasm

      • James Mulhall

        I’m pretty sure they can, except it still wasn’t funny.

  • That guy you might know

    They’re doing so much with explosions, its so fresh and well put together!

    Probable definition: Now there is a 99.9% chance that cars will explode when a player comes near them. And if the car happens to not explode, we’ll put you on probation.

    The fact that these guys are tossing out all of these ideas now really gets to me, it seriously defines true “half-assing” in the gaming industry. Let’s see how they address the poor balancing and glitches in the game. Maybe i’m the only person that is sick of their crap.

    And MW3 was a tragic clusterfuck. You know there’s a problem when they patch the same gun 3 times (You guys remember the striker? Yeah, that one) and it still is a game breaker. M16 was fine the entire game, 1 patch and its worse than the Type 95. Don’t even get me started on Treyarch either.

    So yeah, either they just get a GOOD team that actually listens. Or they can continue what they’ve been doing for years, and slowly gain nothing but small children as fans.

    • ChessMania

      Cars are the new claymore for me.. Everytime…

  • Mr. Thuggins

    I’m not even sure why these articles get posted anymore when the top comments are always some asshole making some piss-poor attempt at humor. Leave these articles for Charlie Intel, where people actually enjoy CoD.

    • WarBroh

      Ad hominem attacks make you look like the troll. Work on that.

      As for the merits of the top comments, they wouldn’t be top if the majority if people didnt agree with it.

      Newsflash: Videogames aren’t a religion. And they’re certainly not above criticism. If lots of people are feeling disillusioned by the same old shameless, annualized copy-paste shooter formula, maybe there’s something to it. Maybe there are some faults you need to look at.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        This is very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

        I’m well aware of the supposed faults of the CoD series and am critical when necessary. Why continually criticize a game you don’t even like or play? Why not just read and comment on the articles that pertain to games you enjoy and make the Internet a lot less confrontational?

    • James Mulhall

      I agreed with everything until you said “Leave these articles for Charlie Intel” Well guess what? No.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        I enjoy the articles, but I’m tired of seeing the same annoying situations play out over and over.

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  • PertAndPopular

    I sure hope they wrap their heads around great maps and great gameplay…..

    • WarBroh

      LOL. That’ll happen.

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  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    Does anyone else feel that Ghosts will have deathstreaks?

  • blondbassist

    Yeah, I like peering down at a >4 inch screen to display pointless info like what gun attachment my friend unlocked for his M16 3 weeks ago.

    Innovation right there, gotta hand it to them…

  • Blaine Reinsma


    …am I one of the cool kids now?

    • Mr. Thuggins

      No, you spelled too many words correctly.

      • Guest

        Actually, I think he spelled just enough wrong.

    • Joseph

      No, never.

  • Ryan Schulze

    If that explosion actually rattles the fence, I’ll be impressed. If the explosion in that areas triggers a fence rattle sound, then not impressed.

    • Jamic

      Pretty sure its only the sound. Virtualy creating something like that which is also dynamic would be quite hard and unnecesary detail. They could pair it with scripted animation to make it look more real.

      • Ryan Schulze

        Quite difficult yes, however it is something I expect from other games. Definitely on next gen. I hope Ghosts on PS4 does some amazing things, but so far…I see more of the same and I stopped really liking this brand of “sameness” a few years ago. I’d rather have TLOU and its campaign and unique multiplayer on PS4.

        “Unnecessary” details like that are what help create an immersive world. It’s what we expect on Next Gen.

        • Jamic

          Next gen isnt really that big of a deal you are making it out to be (or implying that it changes standards to the more immersive enviroment based games)

          It doesnt mean that if they have more power in their hands, they dont have to cut any corners to save that power.

          This “unnecesary detail” is detail that you dont need if you make the game with a budget (rendering power wise). TLOU is meant to impres people and have immersive enviroment. COD is trying to make functional and competive multiplayer experience and they are not going to benefit from this small detail.

          • Ryan Schulze

            Dynamic effects aren’t relegated to character driven “environment” stories. Even on current gen, some games display dynamic effects. If BF3 on a 360 can allow a building to be obliterated piece by piece, the extra ram and processing power on Next Gen should allow for a real physics engine that would cause the fence to rattle. Perhaps you don’t want your shooters to be immersive? Me, I want most of my games to immerse me in their world. Great sound assists that a great deal (in games, film, tv, etc…), but visuals need to match. So, I guess, we shall agree to disagree. I’m not content with the Status Quo that COD has sat at the past few years and there’s no way I’m investing in their Next-Gen title if they don’t push the boundaries like numerous other titles will.

  • dieger

    they keep using the word “new” which the engine is not they just upgraded it…..again –___–

    • James Mulhall

      What do you think Frostbite is doing? You think its a new engine? Its not, they just upgraded it. If you actually think DICE would have the time to make an entire new engine in 2 years and then make a game while developing the engine, they couldn’t.

      • dieger

        and how old is frostbite compared to the the COD engine? I know frostbite isn’t new *and never said it was* but its pretty sad that they are calling this engine new when its almost barely recognizable…..and its textures still suck ass :/

        • James Mulhall

          Textures have nothing to do with the engine.. I could take BF3’s textures and put them in an old GTA game if I wanted to.

          • dieger

            that’s cool I guess

  • Jamic

    The only thing I genuinely hate about COD is the sound, Im glad that they are finaly improving on that.

  • Kidanny Mendez

    A whole studio focused on an OPTIONAL second screen that will probably be used to control the dog in multiplayer…honestly I would rather have that second team working on a patch for MW2 than have them focused on a gimmick…I’m tired of the crap they try to pass of as innovation and I’m sure they praise their audio quality but sound whoring will still be useless. But hey look on the bright side, at least will be able to hear the chain link fence rattle and if were really lucky we will be able to hear our soldier whine about all the bullshit…

  • awkenney

    I’m getting so tired of seeing games coming out in the next gen that offer a lot of graphical updates and value-added gimmicks but do little to innovate actual gameplay, and in my case, competition. Not only are the games turning away from being competitive as much as possible, they are becoming more and more like interactive movies, which in my opinion is no better than Dragon’s Lair in terms of a real gameplay experience.

    I KNOW I can beat the machine. It’s not interesting anymore. Put me up directly against a real human who can learn and adapt.

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  • Joseph

    I really hate those people. They fucking suck at video games, I’d buy a re-made CoD 4. But that’s as far as I’ll go.

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