Call of Duty: Ghosts Pre-Orders ‘Well Below’ Black Ops 2, Activision Preps for Increased Competition This Year

Heading into the next console generation with their flagship first-person shooter title Call of Duty: Ghosts, publisher Activision is ramping up sales and marketing investments in order to keep up with the increasing competition from titles like Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 4 and is preparing for a shaky console transition.

“As excited as we are about our holiday launches, we face a more crowded, competitive landscape than we have in the past,” Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick recently said in a Q2 2013 earnings call. “We face titles that compete more directly with our offerings than past offerings, including highly anticipated, heavily marketed games launching around our launch dates. To address the effect of this competition, we’ll likely further increase our sales and marketing investments this year.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts, releasing this November 5 across multiple platforms, will face direct competition from Electronic Arts this year yet again with Battlefield 4 launching a week prior on October, 29. Unlike previous years in which Modern Warfare 3 directly faced Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 seems to have gained some serious momentum this year and appears to have generated an increasing amount of excitement among FPS fans.

Kotick also attributes uncertain short-term success to a cloudy landscape presenting itself in the near-future; namely, the transition to next-generation consoles.

“While the transition to new consoles should bring great long-term opportunities, it creates risk in the short-term,” he said. “Console transitions can create purchase hesitation, and otherwise affect consumer spending.”

CEO of Activision Publishing Eric Hirshberg chimed in with similar remarks.

“As one might expect in this console transition year, pre-orders for Call of Duty: Ghosts are well below the record-setting pace set by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 last year,” he announced. “However, our quantitative consumer research indicates that hesitation among past COD pre-orderers is primarily due to not knowing which platform they will be playing on, which is natural at this time in the console transition.”

He added, however, that “it’s worth mentioning that Ghosts pre-orders are over double those of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is the last time we launched a new sub-brand for the franchise.”

Are you surprised with Call of Duty: Ghosts’ pre-order numbers? Is the console transition to blame? Will Battlefield 4 give Ghosts a run for its money this Fall? We want to hear your thoughts below.

  • Blaine Reinsma

    As if Bobby Kotick couldn’t be any more of an asshat:

    “Hey, COD isn’t selling as well this year. What are we gonna do? MOAR ADVERTISING instead of making IW actually put some effort into one of their games for once!!”

    I personally hope their sales finally take a major hit. Hurting their bottom line might be the only way to push them into actually trying to make anything of half-decent quality. I’m so fed up with the laziness, especially from IW. They have A LOT to make up for with Ghosts, and so far it doesn’t seem like they are doing anything to make up for their laziness.

    • WarBroh

      “I want COD Doggies on the side of every bus YESTERDAY. Make it happen. I want a dog at every stop light.”

      • T-51B

        You are brilliant

      • win

    • dieger

      “I’m so fed up with the laziness, especially from IW. They have A LOT to make up for with Ghosts” is it really IW’s fault didn’t like half the studio or more split from activision.


      Call of Duty is gonna sell a few copies, we all know that. But like the article says other developers are pushing the envelope with better ideas while Activision is expecting us vets to fall for the hype train of copy paste bullshit. Not this year…

      • I’m not falling for it this year. I’ve been playing since CoD 2: Big Red One on my PS2 and I wasn’t planning on buying MW3 and BO2 for Xbox 360 but I fell into it. It’s not happening again this year. I’ll wait until I see a good amount of MP gameplay before I make a purchase. They really need to make the jump and try something new. Maybe then i’ll come back to newer Call of Duty titles.

        • MrLadyfingers

          What’ll happen is, because you and I aren’t going to buy it this year, it’s going to be fantastic. Watch and see.

    • I probably won’t be getting Ghosts because I don’t like Infinity Ward. Also, their death streak perks are a joke, especially the one where you drop a live grenade upon death. That kind of garbage is trying to make pro players worse.

      • kida

        Don’t forget that upgraded version where you pull out a C4 that’s has more range than the nuke lol

      • TechiFPS


        • I’m not sure if you realize this but the comment I wrote was 17 days ago at the time I am writing this comment. This is before CoD Ghosts was officially revealed to the public.

          Also, now that we do see the perks and some kill streaks I really the Jug maniac one. That is like a person running around with a knife in Black Ops 2. They can already knife right through bullets; why do we need more health?

    • Cesar Phillips

      typical hater preorders dont matter cod will sell and ghosts looks to b the best cod yet!

  • Guest

    “As one might expect in this console transition year, pre-orders for Call of Duty: Ghosts are well below the record-setting pace set by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 last year,” he announced. “However, are quantitative consumer research indicates that hesitation amongt past COD pre-orderers is primarily due to not knowing which platform they will be playing on, which is natural at this time in the console transition.”

    No, it’s because people are realizing that COD is just a copy and pasted game and is getting worse and worse net code every year. Announce DEDICATED SERVERS and you will get back a lot of people. This greedy crap with p2p is garbage, you have made the money now invest it for the future.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Yup main reason I haven’t pre ordered. No servers, no purchase I’m affraid.

      • WarBroh

        You really think the vast majority of COD buyers – halo kids on the consoles – really care or even know what a dedicated server is..

        • DanDustEmOff

          Pal your deluded the vast majority of CoD players are not kids. Activision’s main target audience is males 21-34. I see you all the time moaning and bitching that CoD sucks. Your opinion pal, what do you think these kids are gonna start playing if and when the popularity shifts to BF?

          • Oblivion_Lost667

            Target audience =/= the actual player base. 80% of the people I’ve ever met on CoD, possibly even higher than 80%, are under 18, that makes them children in most countries.

            • DanDustEmOff

              My experience has been very different.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              The only time I’ve had a remotely different experience in any COD post-COD4 has been on PC, the rest of my experience has been people under 18 most of the time.

        • Alpine

          lol so true

      • Yeah I’m thinking the same thing. With the updated engine the game will look a lot nicer, but as long as they are still using p2p and not dedicated servers – MP is still going to play as bad as it does now…

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      This is probably only partially true, the fact that it’s a console transition, and the bullshit with the Xbone, people are probably really undecided on what platform they actually want (Most people LOVED the Xbox 360, just as fact, I’m a PS3 guy myself, but I can see why some people would be torn from how good they thought the 360 was, and what Microsoft has said (Or hasn’t for that matter) about the Xbone that would make them unsure what to buy.) means people are more focused on decided what console to buy, and less on what game they want to buy. Not saying your bit’s wrong, but the console bit is still quite a big deciding factor.

    • Exactly why I didn’t pre-order and I won’t buy this COD. It’s continued to devolve since COD4, and completely jumped the shark after Black Ops 1. I won’t consider another COD game until there is a major overhaul with an actual new game engine.

  • ThtJstHapnd

    Maybe people are actually catching on that COD is half done game catering to quicscopers and people lagging their connection to get an advantage. Maybe they are catching on that your using the same engine instead of investing on a new one. Get off your rear and give us dedicated servers and go back to the basics(COD 4).

    • DanDustEmOff

      The engine is as new as Frostbite. Which is just an upgraded Refractor engine that dates back to 1999. Nearly all game engines date back to something old when you trace back their origins.

      • WarBroh

        B.S. detected. Stop trying to make excuses for a piss poor outdated engine. All the new textures in the world can’t paper of the cracks of the clunky CoD engine.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Clunky? As a BF player your saying that CoD is clunky LMFAO. CoD runs 30 times smoother and is way more responsive than any BF title.

          You are truly on and over Dice dick. BF does some things very well. So does CoD and controls and response is one of the things where CoD has BF beat hands down.

          • ThtJstHapnd

            That’s because an entire COD map is the size of “B” flag zone on Battlefield. Don’t compare the two, they aren’t the same kind of game. BF is a combat game, COD is a twitch shootem up game.

            • DanDustEmOff

              I like both titles both have things they do better than one another. He stated that the CoD engine clunky when runs a lot smoother Fb.

        • DanDustEmOff

          B.S detected lol go look at the BF series on Wikipedia check out the game engine before Frostbite. Its Refractor which dates back to 1999.

      • swipe_06

        Thats true, but some take the gained experience to their next project, and not most of the code. For example Bad Company 1 wasn’t able to render horizons, and generally had huge limitations regarding the terrain. That got thrown out and redone from scratch if I remember correctly.

        CoD has a distinct artistic style that makes every cod look the same. Just look at the reflex sight that has been around since MW1.
        I think CoD needs a new Lead Artist at least, who forces everyone to redo the reload animations, the fonts, sounds, etc. to make it at least feel as a new game.

        • DanDustEmOff

          I don’t want CoD to feel too different, I like the way CoD plays. I don’t know who the lead artists are for each title. I think Treyarch games do look different to IW, but playing CoD isn’t about graphics.

          Its like playing CS, Mario, WoW, Minecraft or many other games. CoD is one of those games that are just fun to play and are extremely addictive.

          • swipe_06

            All Im saying that at least they should record new gun sounds, or put some echo on it, just do the presentation a bit different, so it will be the same game, but would feel fresh.

      • 3RDRANGER

        How is the Frostbite engine an upgraded Refractor engine?

        This is something I never heard about until now.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Dice used to use Refactor, when they developed Frotbite they used Refractor and added mechanics like destuction and HDR sound and renamed it.

          • As much as I normally agree with your comment, I’m giung to need more than Wikipedia, in which the actual Frostbite article mashed no mention of Refractor Engine 2. I’m sure they’ve used source code as a base, John Carmack has dine that v with most iterations of id Tech except for 5 and 6, the c latter not even compatible with current gen consoles. And nothing in DICE official publishing state that FB is merely Refractor . I’m inclined to disagree in this t topic

            • DanDustEmOff

              The same is true of the IW and Quake engine that it was based on the two engines only share core lines of code. I am not saying that Frostbite doesn’t have enough new features to qualify as a new engine, I am simply stating that all developers use something as a start point and build on top of that.
              I like the Fb engine its technically a great game engine and an achievement that Dice should be and are proud of. All I am saying is the old engine is still in there just like Quake is still in the IW engine.
              When you go from 2142 to Bad Company it still feels like a signature BF game just like CoD has a kind of arena shooter feel. That is because the basic mechanics are still there. I can not offer any proof and it is purely an educated guess based on experience but I believe I am right.
              But as always I am more than happy to be proven wrong on the subject.

    • +1 on LAG! Gosh Treyarch needs to fix Black Ops 2.

  • jahladagaming

    As others have said, pre-orders are down because the last two instalments of COD were massive failures for online multiplayer which is what the majority of people buy the game for. Everyone I know who I play online with has lost faith in the franchise and I won’t be buying the next COD until I see cold hard evidence that the multiplayer is what it should be i.e. BETTER than before and running properly.

    Roll on Titanfall, cannot wait for that game.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      With games like Titanfall, Battlefield 4, and the next Halo all running at 60 FPS on next gen consoles, there would be no reason for me to buy Ghosts.

      • Cole.

        With how terrible it looks i would expect 120fps from cod on next gen.

      • Aaron Williams

        The next Halo is gonna suck like the last one

    • Battlefield 4 is from what I hear really good. Looks like Activision’s repackaging of games and not wanting to get a new engine is coming back at them.

      • shawn

        the xbox 1 version of ghosts will sport a “new game engine” so go back to ea fanboy

        • kurt99

          Is An Upgrade, Not All-New, check interview from Infinity Ward Animation Lead Zack Volker

        • James Mulhall

          Its just an upgrade of the previous engine.. which has been done when every CoD game releases. Although, people seem to think because EA put a new number in the front of their engine its a new engine.. when its just a minor update. Ah well, people seem to complain about CoD not having a new engine yet they don’t even understand that the engine isn’t the problem. They think if they get a new engine the entire game will fix itself and everything is going to be fine and dandy.

          • shawn

            every engine across all games are just upgrades if you’re using that logic. at what point does any engine become new. every engine borrows something from a previous build or previous engine design or borrowed/licensed tech . no engine is 100 % brand spanking new never been done nothing borrowed nothing expanded .

            in cod ghosts there only using like 15% of the old engine the rest is new tech. at what point does a “upgrade” in your terms stop being a upgrade .

            by your logic then there is no such thing as a “new car” its just a upgrade . your logic implies that nothing can never be new it just simply a upgrade of a previous item

        • I’m sorry, I’m not an EA fanboy. In fact, I rarely play a game from EA. It’s just that I’m so sick and tired of a laggy game such as Black Ops 2, and Treyarch is not willing to fix the net code.

          I love to play CoD, and almost play it every day. It’s just that this frustrating lag and bs that happens in the game has me looking for different options.

        • Guest

          yeah, It’s not a new game engine on xb1, It is a repackaged version of the same tired old game engine. Why the hell would they both upgrade one game engine as well as make a new one. Remember they upgraded the fish to swim away, awesome A.I there!

  • WarHero

    CoD was well under the radar when E3 was over, the lack of innovation and support for this franchise is what killed my anticipations of this franchise. The features that CoD boasts about in the past is now growing tiresome.

    • DanDustEmOff

      They haven’t even spoke about MP yet. What “innovation” would you lke to see from CoD?

      • WarHero

        I would like to see a more dynamic gunplay and unique progression towards team play,not to mention dedicated server support for all platforms. What CoD needs to do is fix what was wrong in the past installments instead of just slapping more perks and killstreaks than before.

        • ROCKMONEY

          ” I would like to see a more dynamic gunplay and unique progression towards team play,not to mention dedicated server support for all platforms” You just descibed Battlefield 3/4 to the T.

          • WarHero

            Which is why Battlefield will be even more successful than Battlefield 3 in next gen. Activision is too afraid of change and I feel that’s what is holding them back in next gen. We got game like Destiny and Titanfall that provides a more interesting vision in my opinion.

      • Brandon Griffin

        I don’t give two fucks about innovation, I want a completed game.

        • ThtJstHapnd

          As I want the same, we never will because then no one will buy the next year version. If they could get rid of noob tubes in MW2 I would go back to it and never buy another COD. THey won’t though because they know that. If they release a truly great working game they are afraid no one will want to get the next one, and if the next one doesn’t live up to the last one it will be bad. But kids will still buy it.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    Lemonparty……. Don’t look that shit up.

    • Alex Melendez

      O.O im…. I’m blind…

  • T-51B

    Only because I want to see those countless developers and millions of dollars produce something fresh… I want these Ghosts Killed again.

  • Mike

    I remember when BF3 released and people purchased it to fill the void until MW3 released and then quit playing it.. Its funny because the tables of turned, people are eating their words. People now know Battlefield is a better series. I know one thing for sure, Ill never buy a CoD game again. I didnt buy the last game so why start now. I laugh when their bragging about DLC content being released on KBL and it turns out to be bacon skins… They seriously charge for that shit? People well kids obviously buy it.

    • DanDustEmOff

      How is BF a better series especially on console. 30fps is a joke. Now I know next gen will play at 60 and the footage is alpha but from I have seen BF4 is just the same as BF3 with better destruction.

      The argument about BF having a newer engine is also a joke. Frostbite is just a heavily modified version of Refractor and that dates back to 1999. Vehicles take away from the fps gun on gun action which is what defines CoD. The role based class system has been around for many year’s. CoD got rid in CoD 4.

      I enjoy BF on the PC, however BF is not perfect, it is buggy as hell and on a 16 player server it is dull as hell. The one thing that BF has got over CoD is the fact it runs on servers. Thats not enough to make the series better.

      Edit BF has better DLC too, I will agree on that.

      • demtryhards

        “The argument about BF having a newer engine is also a joke. Frostbite is just a heavily modified version of Refractor and that dates back to 1999.” I am trying not to come off as a fan of either side, however call of duty hasn’t had a new engine since 2007, and the graphics haven’t really seen that big of a buff between games. If you look at COD 4 (2007) and BO2 (2012) they are mostly the same (explosions, character models, overall graphics). If you look at what DICE did between BF2 (2005) and BFBC2 (2010) (also a five year span) you’ll see a huge change.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Difference is CoD is a console game thats ported to the PC. BF is a PC game dumbed down for the console.

          When you put the two on a console BF looks great but has half the frame rate. When you put them both on the PC CoD just can not compete.

          CoD is by far the best console shooter out whereas BF owns on the PC. The engine is still old as is the ID tech 3 but every title on both has huge amounts of upgrading done.

        • Guest

          Uh no. Frostbite is 2006 engine. Give a source is you are correct

      • Michael Wilbanks

        Yea sorry you dirty little troll but there is not a single mention of the Refractor engine mention on the Frostbite Wiki page. Look for yourself.

        Now back under your bridge troll.

        • DanDustEmOff

          If you had ever played 2142 you would be able to tell that its the same

          • Michael Wilbanks

            So im supposed to guess by looks that the engine for Frostbite is the same engine as Refractor… He is a clue: They are made by the same people so they will look and play alike. New engines new tech deal with it.
            No solid proof, no links, and no clue what you are talking about.
            And yes I have played ever single BF game made, 10 Veteran.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Go play 2142 then play Bad company, although they have made a significant amount of changes (enough to warrant calling it a new engine) it is still Refractor at its core and you can tell when playing.

              Even game engine devs don’t throw out everything and start from scratch when making an engine. That would be retarded, why throw out aim mechanics, net code, and other features when they work perfectly fine?

              I can not show you proof that that is what you have done but it is very apparent that it is the case when going to and from the two titles. CoD runs on a heavily modified Quake engine, that doesn’t look or feel anything like Quake but the background stuff is still there.

      • This Guy?

        The problem is your argument is old and outdated. Next gen is coming and we get 60fps with 64 players on next gen. The old bf is not smoother is going bye bye.

        • DanDustEmOff

          I will be buying BF4 just like I bought BF3 for the PC. Experience true war…. er no, I think the Arma series got BF beaten hands down on that one.

          BF shits all over CoD? On PC yes console no chance, BF is a joke on the console. On the next gen maybe only time will tell.

          • This Guy?

            You think i would buy BF4 on current gen. LOL. Next gen console players finally get what PC has been enjoying thank the lord.

            Arma 3 is a simulator more or less so of course it has got to be real. But for controls and smoothness of gameplay I do not know. I wish that would come out to for next gen so i could give it a shot.

          • This guy again


            Read this. BF3 on console is not that bad considering how old the hardware was when it released. I have played BF3 on 360 and pS3 and the PS3 has way better frame rate and lighting. You bash consoles way to much for your arguments to have any merit. Besides if you have only played BF3 on consoles you will not miss nothing.

            • DanDustEmOff

              According to your own article the PS3 and Xbox 360 both have nearly identical frame rates, on cut scenes and game play. It may be a “technical masterpiece” to those that can tollerate a low frame rate but I can not. Anything that is less than 60 is awful IMO.

  • SubXero

    I’d like to see them prepare for increased innovation…

    • demtryhards

      That statement couldn’t be more true than it already is.

  • uwantSAM0A

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, and now Call of Duty.

    gj Activision

  • DanDustEmOff

    How about instead of spending more money on marketing, you invest in some good severs for the PS4 and use the Azure cloud servers on the xbox One.

  • Reflx

    Why does everyone hate COD this year? I enjoy playing their very addicting multiplayer and good storylines in their single player campaign. Don’t get me wrong I well await Battlefield 4 and can’t wait to start knocking down skyscrapers in multiplayer but COD has always been one of my favourite games on my Xbox 360. I’m not looking for a war here, just a discussion.

    • T-51B

      We want a new iteration that is as much an advancement from Call of Duty 2 to Modern Warfare.

      • Reflx

        I don’t see that kind of difference from Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4?

        • Alex Melendez

          You didn’t want a war but you mention BF. Come on dude, you don’t have to lie if you want a war.

        • TTRedRaider27

          Player count going up. Still have dedicated servers, still have better game play. I’d rather play in an environment where teamwork excels and there are roles to play in an environment where my teammates and myself can pretty much do anything we want. Enjoy that wheel you cute and ignorant hamster.

        • T-51B

          Neither do I. But 60FPS, Commander, and the battlepacks is good enough….

    • Jason riffe

      It’s because of infinity ward bro. Treyarch just does it better mercs on mw3 was a overglorified custom game.. then there’s campaign wayyy too short, lastly mp.. how many times do they think people are going to prestige without ANY rewards? So many games have we done it just for bragging rights.. if you haven’t proven yourself by now there’s no point in continuing.

    • As much as I love Black Ops 2, the lag is really hard to deal with. I went from playing the game all the time to rage quitting after about 2 matches. Look when I shoot you from 5 feet away with the Remington you should not be able to outgun me with a pistol, especially if I shot first. The fact that I was using an OP weapon makes it even worse.

      I’m so tired of p2p and it’s lag.

  • Jason riffe

    The problem doesn’t lie with Activision, nor does it lie within the COD franchise. The problem lies with infinity ward. I played mw3 since release and the entire community said the same thing: ” I can’t wait for the next black ops because infinity ward does the bare minimum, unless you cheat then that gets their attention. ” if they actually cared it would be different but it’s not fans love black ops because treyarch made something for all gamers and go out of their way to please their consumers. Unlike infinity ward.

  • Christopher Cioffi

    “However, our quantitative consumer research indicates that hesitation among past COD pre-orderers is primarily due to not knowing which platform they will be playing on, which is natural at this time in the console transition.” NO NO NO NO AND FUCKING NO! That’s not why pre-orders are lower! Its because IW is lying through their teeth about this next-gen bullshit and doing another overhaul on IDTech 3 and its the same repetative crap since the original Modern Warfare.. Shits getting stale and people are realising it. All im waiting on is Borderlands 3, And if anyone says im just a Battlefield fanboy, your also wrong.. Never played a title in my life and i think BF4 will just be as overhyped as ghosts, and be broken as fuck on day 1

    • DanDustEmOff

      Nearly all game engines have their origins in something way older. IDTech 3 is based on the quake engine. Frostbite is based on Refractor. Source is based on the Half Life engine. Borderlands engine will probably date back to an older engine too.

      • Alex Melendez

        OMG shut the fuck uuuuppp… sorry for the language but if you have no proof then be quiet. And I mean actual hard evidence.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Who the fuck are you to tell me to shut up. I have a right to voice my opinion and knowledge on here just as much as you do. Just because you dont like to here anything slightly negative about BF doesnt mean you get to tell me what I can and cant say.

          If you had half a fucking brain you would go and get some evidence to counter my argument rather than expect me to prove it to you. I have been gaming for years pal played many games from Mario to Crysis 3.

          I like to read up and check things out having played nearly all BF titles since Modern Combat I can tell you right now that going from 2142 to Bad Company you can see and feel the old Refractor engine meeting the new Frostbite features.

          Its not a bad thing that they do it core things like shooting mechanics etc do not need to be developed over and over.

          • Alex Melendez

            I didn’t ask for your life story sheeshh and you might need some lotion because you seem butthurt. Anyways its not that I don’t like to hear anything negative about battlefield buddy, its just that your trying to tell everybody about this hypothesis of yours and trying to pass it down as fact even though you have no evidence. Btw I’m not going out of my way to find evidence that its a new engine because the old bf trailers did that already.

            • DanDustEmOff

              I never said you did. I’m not butt hurt just irritated by your response. Like I said there are core features from Refractor that over time have been upgraded. Play the two games then tell me you disagree.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Yeah it is its running on Unreal

  • Scurvy

    To be fair, not a lot of the game has been shown to excite fans into pre-ordering. Once MP footage is released I’d expect the numbers to go way up.


      True that. August is when MP footage should come up.

    • Alex Melendez

      If people want charge they should do what Xbox fans did to the Xbox one, not buy it until they do a 180

  • AtheistMason

    After players know what Treyarch did to pre-orderers (making the so-called Exclusive Nuketown 2025 free for all players) no one bothers to pre-order Ghosts lol

  • Brandon Griffin

    Less pre-orders because Black Ops 2 is a steaming pile of shit and nobody is blindly buying the game before what they’ll sink most of their time into, multiplayer, is at least demonstrated.

    • SubXero

      Don’t fool yourself though; once the public catches a glimpse of MP the pre-orders will blow up. Activision and Call of Duty are the kings of hype men. It will take a catastrophic showing for this game to not end up right up there with the other CoDs in terms of sales.

  • Jason riffe

    If it was treyarch making ghosts I would buy it in an instant. Infinity ward sucks and are unable to make a good game so I doubt I will waste money on a game made by infinity ward cod or anything else.

    • Chad Eugene Rash

      Have you played BO2? They only thing they did right was mute all.

      • Jason riffe

        Bo2 was/is a great game totally fell in love with the story. First time I’ve been able to feel the bad guys pain. Zombies is totally awesome. Tanking system needs tweaked but all in all it’s great. Mp I’m not that big of a fan of but then again it’s benches same shit since the first COD bang shoot camp prestige. Rinse and repeat

  • thetruthandnothingbut

    Kotick, cod is dying. Nobody is waiting to pick which console they want to preorder this game. Those who didn’t know before, know by now. The numbers are low because you’re running on old mechanics. The game will play exactly the same. Cod missed so many opportunities to be different from the last, gameplay wise. Change the feel of the game, go out of your comfort zone. The real gamers are sick of the same formulas every year. Be ready for a shit launch…if I bought every cod game thus far and I’m deciding to completely skip out on this without hesitation, there will be others.

  • Mark Lenz

    Hey Activision. If you want to increase pre-orders, take a page out of EA’s book and include the first Map Pack DLC free for certain number of pre-orders. Throw in some dedicated servers and a new game engine. That will put you back on track.

  • Guest

    First off for all the people saying Frostbite is an upgrade to refactor is wrong as it was made in 2006. And hand out a source because i have a feeling you are just cod fanboys who are trying to bash on battlefield without any facts to support you reasoning.

  • Mastalink

    I am waiting for digital download on xbox one. No way to pre-order dig downloads I don’t think

  • Jarmen

    “To address the effect of this competition, we’ll likely further increase our sales and marketing investments this year.”

    Couldn’t read past this shit, made me want to dropkick that face fat of Bobby Fatick with all might. what an ass..

  • Jaimy Kortenhoff

    I actually think that CoD: Ghosts will sell quite decent on the older consoles (by then). Battlefield 4 will take over the next gen forcing Activision to really step up their game next year. So in the end it’s not that surprising that Activision aimed for the current generation. They don’t really give a crap about consumer satisfaction. Sales, sales and dogs, for that instance.

  • kida

    I’m not surprised at all, even if people are uncertain of what console to buy, they can’t expect people to pre-order when they haven’t shown absolutely anything worth while, not even that pre-order map. You don’t buy a car from a dealership just because they give you free coffee…

  • bedeedomanium

    forget about increased competition, their games just suck, i can easily see bf4 kicking their ass when it comes to sales

  • xbox rules

    Cod, its the same thing every year all it is cut and paste. Change a few things around. But from I heard they are using som battlefield features within the game. Between battlefield and cod sales this year its going to be a close call I’m getting both on the next gen. When people get it for the current gen I have to wait. I might gett battlefield for the current gen and hopefully greedy ea will let us transfer our stats to the next gen.

  • Isn’t Battlefield 4 currently the most pre-ordered next gen game? I don’t think “consume transition” is a reason if blame, though one can’t rule out that it’s a small case..I don’t think they are realized how tired the franchise is. People will want to buy the game for the platform they wish to play it on. If they can’t get next gen, then they’ll get it current gen. I feel almost certain both versions will sport dynamic map, both versions will have 60 frames per second and if anything, the same player count. One of the few differences I can see(and probably the only major one) is the resolution. Finally CoD on next-gen consoles will get a fair HD(true 1080p) display whereas the current gen might still be a paltry 640p native.

    • Mason Hashemi

      cal of duty lame ops 2’s competition last year was warfighter lolol. yeah I say the better call of duty this year has much bigger competition.

    • Megagodzilla328

      18 vs 64. Ur retarded xD

  • Kishan Amin

    this is off topic but Microsoft needs to be on there A game to there newest Free Games with Gold is crack down WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HALO 3 {now im not trying to start up a console war i own both consoles and i like them both but im getting a ps4 this year because more of my friends are getting it}

  • Alex Plascencia


  • dpg70

    I think you can chalk this up to uncertainty about next-gen. Availability of the consoles, what their friends are going to do, etc. I don’t see increased competition getting in the way of preorders. If anything they’ll buy both BF4 and CoD. I can’t imagine many CoD players will just walk away from it.

  • aaron

    i just hope people aren’t going to be like” COD suck im done with this crap im not buying another COD” then ends up buying COD every year

  • BHill4three5891

    August 14 has become an even bigger day for COD now. This is probably their last chance to really get people to buy into this new installment in terms of expected pre-orders. Like everyone has said though, this will sell, but a lot of people may just depend on what the pre-ordered crowd has to say before they really decide on whether to buy it or not. Going to be a very interesting day come the MP reveal.

  • MaynardJames82

    The problem is IW has lost respect ever since MW3 and Treyarch has gained respect ever since Black Ops 1. Hell I was on board with [email protected] too, if only they hadn’t released CoD3 they would have had no problem winning over IW fans.

    That and with day one downloads on PS4 and Xbox One preorder numbers are not even going to be relevant until they let you get preorder (and get the bonus stuff) right on the console. I’m done buying disc based games, if I think it’s likely I’ll want to trade it in, I’ll rent it first.

  • Mason Hashemi

    Treyarch creates more arcade style of call of duty games that dont have realistic weapons and no realistic physics. Infinity Ward has always created more realistic looking call of duty games. Who doesnt think that MW2 looks better and plays more realistically than black ops 1 or even 2. Hell I am back to playing MW3 multiplayer now more than ever because blacks ops 2 has gotten really lame. MW3 looks better and plays more realistically. the weapons are realistic, the perks are upgradeable, the killstreaks are very customizable per class. it has more weapons. haha. Now from what I have seen the new game engine for ghost is going to rock. has anybody seen the behind the scenes feature on xbox marketplace tab for ghost preorder. I say this is going to 10X better than black ops 2. I already traded in my black ops 1 its definitely bargain bin now.

  • thebulky1cometh

    I haven’t been on these boards forever, but I feel so vindicated right now. I caught so much crap from people when I was begging people to NOT preorder and fall into the “COD trap” like we all did with MW3 and BLOPS2. Congratulations, COD fans, we’ve done our part: gave a pimp-slap wake up call to these greedy people at Activision. Now, let’s see if they respond with a great game. If not, COD’s heyday has come and gone.

  • TechiFPS

    COD GHOST will be my last COD until they do another one in the timeline of WWII. And this goes for every FPS. It is just modern and more modern warfare whether you are buying COD or BF or Homefront 2 when it comes out or whatever. Either that or future like HALO. Well I don’t know about you but I think both the New COD and BF4 both do have a good game Engine. But I want that to be used to a good WWII story and good WWII weapons, graphics and gameplay animations that are better and smoother than the old.
    Good bye to Modern fighting after this.
    Let me know if you all agree?

  • Brandon Thomas

    the retarded thing is that battlefield is BOOORRRINGG