Call of Duty: Ghosts ‘Will Have a Cooperative Mode of Sort,’ No Official Announcement Yet

Falling in line with previous Call of Duty titles from the Infinity Ward team, Call of Duty: Ghosts is on track to include some sort of cooperative mode, along with the single player campaign and, of course, the competitive multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 was the first title to introduce Spec Ops, a mission-based mode that allowed players to work together, co-operatively, to complete objectives. While Modern Warfare 3 included similar content, it also introduced a Survival mode along side it, tasking players with surviving against multiple waves of enemies.

When asked if Call of Duty: Ghosts would include some sort of iteration of Spec Ops, community coordinator for the Infinity Ward team, Candice Capen, answered, “We’ll have a cooperative mode of sort, but we’re not announcing it yet and I’ve no clue when/if we will.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 9.12.38 AM

Any thoughts or ideas? What do you think Infinity Ward has up its sleeve? What sort of cooperative mode would you like to see in Call of Duty: Ghosts?

Thanks, Valter, for the tip.

  • the specialist

    i hope it will be as good as the spec ops in the modern warfare series.

  • Just announce that you’re stealing Treyarch’s Zombies mode for Ghosts because that’s the only reason I still play CoD.

    • dieger

      that would be he only way I would purchase this game the survival mode for MW3 sucked ass and spec ops gets old fast

      • Kevin Teeple

        True. I played the PC version of MW3, and while there is an in-game talk and text feature in Multiplayer, Spec Ops had no such thing. So, you had to “cooperate” with someone you couldn’t talk to unless you loaded Teamspeak or something.
        MW2’s Spec Ops was even worse, with no matchmaking at all. So, I never played that 2 player, since it wasn’t practical.

    • Mitch

      Sorry I don’t want every 5th zombie to have Dead Man’s Hand.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Hahaha!!! How about zombies with painkiller and martydom? 😀

        • MrSunshine

          Commando Zombies.


      What about the campaign? And I’m serious.

    • Magilla187

      Ancient Astronaut Aliens

      • Maybe we could lobby for a Call of Duty: Ancient Aliens mode? I hear a resounding yes!

    • Mr. Thuggins

      It would make sense now that they’re in a post-apocalyptic setting…

  • McSnuffins

    Please no more DLC achievements. I’m still 2 achievements off from fully completing MW3 because of the stupid DLC.


      I gave up on that 100% after all of the DLC kept coming out- I’m just fine with the Platinum. =P

  • JustinD

    … Now what was I gonna say about battlefield???

    • Ryan Schulze

      That Spec Ops and Zombies are both better than the co-op offerings on BF3. PS, I’m a BF3 fan and stopped playing COD 2 years ago, but facts are facts.


        Though unrelated to the article, I enjoy BF3’s Co-Op a little more. Its slower pace and forced co-operation for some of the trophies makes it just… Funner, in my opinion.

        • Ryan Schulze

          True and I hesitated on my use of “facts are facts” knowing there is a tiny minority of the population that likes BF3’s co-op at all, let alone rating it above something else. I should have said that sometimes overwhelming public opinion can be considered fact. It is opinion though. Some people think LAST OF US has horrible MP, but for me, I haven’t seen a more interesting variation of competitive MP in a long time. I thoroughly enjoy watching the gameplay. Unfortunately, I have a 360 and can only hold out hope for a PS4 release.

      • JustinD

        Though I quit playing cod as well for the repetitiveness blops was my last one I would agree spec ops but more so zombies is so many times better than bf3’s co op. idk why bf3 had co op just a waste of time except for the guns you unlock

        • Ryan Schulze

          Certainly hope they offer a better co-op mode on BF4. BF2’s co-op seems like a worthwhile idea. Or just give us some offline, splitscreen local MP with bots. One advantage to the relic engine of COD is the local MP options.

          • the greater gamer

            I believe DICE said they scrapped coop altogether.

            • Ryan Schulze

              Sadly, I believe you’re right. I really hate that our systems get better. Our TVs get bigger. And yet we leave split screen games behind in favor of the Internet. I love online gaming, but I want local MP. I buy COD every couple years just to have it around when the guys come over, because there’s so little we can all play at once anymore. Even 2 player local is enough. I loved MW2 Spec Ops played locally. Wish Battlefield or Destiny would give us something on Next Gen.

  • jahladagaming

    No clue if they’ll announce it? What kind of stupid answer is that?

    Also, if a Call of Duty in future ever included a campaign mode ONLY, i.e. no multiplayer, would it sell? Answer is NO, so why do they constantly fail at making multiplayer run perfectly when that is their bread and butter?

    Cannot wait for Titanfall, I have faith that it will be the game I have been waiting for since COD4.


      Again, it seems as though I’m in the minority, as the only reason my Brother and I ever bought and played them was for the Campaign (And yes, I realize what site I’m on.) And I’d be sad to see them go… But, you’re partially right- They wouldn’t sell As Much (They would still sell Some.) And they possibly would be better off devoting all resources toward their competitive and co-operative multiplayer, but I hope that never happens- I refuse to even consider the Domino Effect that would have on the rest of the Primarily Online FPS industry.

      As for Titanfall, it looks like Respawn’s going to do a fine job with it and I pray it is the game that you’ve “Been waiting for since CoD4”. 🙂

    • James K

      It’s how Activision’s policy work.

  • Delta8A

    So I can have my friend playing with me as Cujo

  • Delta8A

    Oh, someone please ask that Emo chick about FoV changer for PC version. She is ignoring me.

  • ChrisBChillin

    I hope they come back with more 3v3 lobbys and maps. By far the only thing that kept me playing MW3 as long as I did.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Yeah I played a fair bit of 1v1 face off and cage match back in CoD 4. I hope for a return of those modes.

  • zacflame

    It’s probably just a re-vamped survivial mode with cinematic moments.

  • Mr. Thuggins

    I think I’m in the minority here but, I enjoyed Spec Ops on the MW series. Hope they make something similar.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Me too Chaos mode was awesome too.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        That was a really fun game mode but, I wish there could have been up to four players. It truly lived up to its name though.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Four players would have been good, I do not have the faintest clue why the survival mode was only 2 player. Maybe because of the spec ops missions dictating how the engine ran it or something.

    • James K

      Spec ops was good but there was a lack of replay value. At most, I did each missions 2-3 times( One time on normal mode, second time on veteran and a third time with a co-op buddy.) After that, I would rarely return to those missions after couple of months or even years.

      I enjoyed Survival mode as well. Personally, I believe it’s better than zombies modes because the greater enemy variety and mechanics. However, since IW didn’t add anything new to Survival mode apart for playing the mode on DLC maps and Chaos mode, it became a ghost town.

      As long as the “new co-op ideas” have a good amount of replay value and attraction, it will stay fresh throughout the cycle.

  • BFplayer

    I’m still waiting it to be released just for the AI fish!

    • AtheistMason


      • the greater gamer

        Actually and underwater map sounds kinda cool with changed gameplay to go with being underwater, new weapons, and streaks.

        • AtheistMason

          Yeah, finally we can some innovations from Infinity Ward. I just hope Multiplayer isn’t so unbalanced now.. Issues in MW3 and BO2 are literally destroying the series

  • AtheistMason

    What, fish swim away?

  • marpla78

    The CO-OP on BF3 wasnt really that good, most people do it just for the guns you unlock there, the problem of that CO-OP was that was soooo much linear that gets bored, if any devs work on some sort of semi open world or different choice to make that will affect the history then i guess you can have a fun and decent CO-OP…if not..there will be another fiasco.

    Just my 2 pesos.

    • AtheistMason

      Something like FarCry 3 Co-Op mode would be great fun! (Takes place before the campaign and has no connection whatsoever with the story of the campaign)

  • Kindacodfan

    I know they wont have a zombies mode but it would be awesome if they did… They will have the same thing as mw3 or mw2 had and it will just be more advance or something on the lines of that ethier way it will be a fun game 🙂