Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Community Double XP Takeover Weekend

Check out some of the interesting events going on for Modern Warfare 3 fans this weekend!

“In celebration of the newly updated Call of Duty® Elite, both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops are activating Double XP starting Friday, September 28th through Sunday the 30th,” writes Call of Duty: Elite.

Additionally, a series of 24/7 playlist events will be taking place this weekend, starting with Dome 24/7 today, Friday, September 28, and then Terminal 24/7 tomorrow, Saturday, September 29. On Sunday, September 30, Modern Warfare 3 fans will get the chance to choose which two maps will get their own 24/7 playlists. One playlist will be focused on all non-DLC maps, while the other on select DLC maps.

Vote for your favorite Modern Warfare 3 non-DLC map Here.

Vote for your favorite Modern Warfare 3 DLC map Here.

On top of all this, all challenges within Elite will award double clan XP for the duration of the weekend. Specific badges will also be rewarded throughout the Daily Clan Challenges. Elite writes, “If your clan earns a badge of any level for all three weekend Daily Clan Challenges, you’ll be awarded with a fourth unique badge to commemorate your clan’s participation.”

What maps are you thinking of voting for a 24/7 playlist?

  • Faraz

    LoL is anyone interested?I am (**sarcastic** jibe)

  • ButteredBread

    It’s also a Steam MW3 Free Weekend so enjoy the Hacker and Noob Fest! 🙂

    • vikerii

      Holy full moon Batman! No joke. It’s insane the number of hackers out tonight on PC. I can’t even get mad at IW anymore. It’s like a coach yelling at a player he knows he’s going to cut. What’s the point. BO2 will be out soon. F Infinity Ward and their hack friendly game.

  • sweet black ops 1 2Xp 🙂

  • imma be playing black ops on ps3 if u wanna play with me add me XxAmbush910xX

    • Joe

      No prerequisites? Blindly asking strangers on the internet to play is basically the same exact thing as playing solo w/ randoms. Just saying…

      • not if they actually know how to play/and if they are good or not

        • Joe

          And how would you know when you just blindly asked?

      • Considering the method Jose gets online friends, I have a feeling his favorite weapon is a shotgun.

  • BoA vx Beast xD

    Does Black ops get Nuke town 24/7 ???

  • Hector

    It took them 10 months to give us a 24/7 playlist?

    • lolwut

      Mark Rubin didn’t like the idea, saying he didn’t want map fatigue.

      Now everyone’s played it to death for 10 months, map fatigue doesn’t matter as all maps now have map fatigue through 10 months of playing.

  • I hate MW3

    terminal 24/7 uuhhhh i play terminal every other match plus i would prefer nuketown/firing range 24/7 on black ops

  • HBK


  • TheInsaneCODGamer


  • TheInsaneCODGamer


  • Like a Boss

    I want downturn 24/7 as well. Everyone vote it to troll the player base. Worst map by far.

  • “In celebration of the newly updated Call of Duty® Elite”

    Celebration? Two weeks of maintenance and downtime, and now issue after issue?
    Currently, people who recently linked on the web site keep getting redirected to the News page, and the Founder and Prestige Token web

    I’d say they should wait until there aren’t any issues with Call of Duty ELITE before celebrating it, but if that was the case, they wouldn’t do this promotion for weeks.

  • Also, I’m probably in the minority in this, but I believe 24/7 playlists are the stupidest ideas in any Call of Duty game. They are an excellent way to learn to hate a map, and thus why to this day I detest Nuketown and Broadcast because of the 24/7 playlists with those maps.

    I’m curious to see who agrees. If you agree that 24/7 playlists are a bad idea, like this comment. if not, dislike this comment.

  • I have a big cock

    Infinity ward!! No one likes your game!! Just stop trying. Not like they ever tried in the first place.


    BS! I´ve got that ´´unique badge´´ but no xp at all for that! pure BS