Call of Duty Mosaic Appears on Official Site, Teaser Image Says “The Ghosts Are Real”

The official Call of Duty website has been updated to display an ever-growing mosaic of Twitter and Facebook users, slowly revealing an image that is presumably tied to the upcoming Call of Duty announcement.

An unveiling of Activision’s next Call of Duty title, rumored to be titled “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” is right around the corner and hype is building. The game will allegedly run on a “new next-generation Call of Duty engine” and will deliver “a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast,” according to recent retailer listings.

You can check out the recently updated webpage for your self right here, and even add yourself to the mosaic, becoming ‘a part of Call of Duty history.’

More interestingly, additional imagery has been spotted by Twitter user @middleton979 (Via, @charlieINTEL) in the website’s source code, revealing the following image, also seen as the background on number of popular YouTube personality’s YouTube pages like TmarTn, AliA and Drift0r.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.44.10 AM

So, how about it? Are you hopping aboard the hype train? Yes, it may be another yearly entry in the Call of Duty series, but it looks as though Activision is trying to bring something fresh to the table with a new series built on a new setting and even a new engine.


The mosaic is slowly coming together. So far, it seems to resemble some sort of skull or ghost mask.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 1.38.14 PM

  • Morgan

    typo “titter” instead of twitter.

    • Beastshaw

      just had an awesome idea for a new social media outlet

    • Yeah! Never heard of it? It’s great. Way better than Twitter 😉

  • MrLadyfingers

    The lag is real.

  • Sebax55

    “Yes, it may be another yearly entry in the Call of Duty series, but it looks as though Activision is trying to bring something fresh” — I think I heard this last year 😛

    • also if the engine really is upgraded this might actually be good

      • It could also be just an update of lightning etc and other stuff.

        • MrLadyfingers

          Activision did showcase their new engine though. With that being said, if it’s the same id Tech 3 crap, they won’t be getting a cent from this guy.

        • except it wont be. ID3was used from 2005 to now. They build an engine to last a console generation.

  • MrSunshine


  • T-51B

    So frustrating… this game has the potential to be great… but it might suck.

  • LOL don’t give a fuck

    Black Ops 2 was COD’s last chance, I’m done

    Battlefield 4 here I come

    • yup same here i wanted to like BO2 but they severely fucked up zombies (main reason i bought it) so screw this and BO3 whatever

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      After mw3, i had lost all hope in IW. I’ll bet the multiplayer will be filled with all the overpowered weapons, terrible maps, and noob-friendly assists that all IW games after cod4 have been known for. Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes and maybe this will be the fabled “cod savior.” But until then, i plan on sticking to bo2, bf4 and halo.

      • Luis Mitis

        So what. You guys got tired of your crap so you want to go ahead and ruin another game ? Didn’t ya ruin BF3 enough already ?? GAWSH

        • Funny how I bet you only started playing the Battlefield series when BF3 was released.

    • you are my boy 🙂

    • Arma3

      Okay then but still you douche bags come for every COD article. And tell us the same shit. Why don’t you losers realize you are all dick heads.

      • dude

        You must have missed the part where he said that he plays COD. This article is completely relevant to him.

        • Not if he plans on doing a shout-out for another game and has no plans to play future installments.

    • DayZ

      Typical BF fag idiotic and stupid copy and paste comment. Don’t give a fuck about COD but when a COD article appears, what’s going on COD? The BF community is the worst gaming community ever, full of dick heads, assholes, trolls and losers.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Its those kinds of idiots that make cool bf fans look bad.

        • Cool BF fans? That’s a contradicting statement… ha jk

      • PertAndPopular

        Oh and you make the COD community look great? Special kind of stupid we have here. Probably a 6 year old kid…let me guess, I’m a “fag” too and you just had sexual intercourse with my mother?

        • Guest

          Not if he plans on doing a shout-out for another game and has no plans to play future installments.

        • masada157

          You’re the one who posted the comment:

          “No wonder you retards love these shit graphics so much, most of you play on consoles. -Slaps forehead- What you do to your eyes is pure torture and don’t get me into the controls of a console ugh!”

          I wouldn’t be lecturing other people about maturity if I were you.

          • PertAndPopular

            I just fucked your mother….faggot.

          • Awesome. Just awesome… Lol

      • ascaryghost

        And you’re making the CoD community look just wonderful. Pathetic fanboy.

      • potato

        Actually most of those ”BF fans” who bash COD on forums,youtube etc.. are ex COD players and probably still plays it.

      • “community is the worst gaming community ever, full of dick heads, assholes, trolls and losers.”

        Wow you just described the COD community.

    • Latch

      Fucking social degenerate. Why is there always one fat kid who’s mad at the video-game-world because his ME3 ending wasn’t good enough or his degenerate cronies don’t like a game as much as he does have to jump on every forum and talk shit about a game they don’t play?

      • dpg70

        There is always so much hate. Why can’t he leave CoD for BF and tell everyone?

        • MegaMan3k

          But if I don’t shout tons of obscenities and vulgarities, how will people know that I’m adult and my opinions should be taken seriously?

          • Fuckin’ right!

            • adfdfas

              Now I’m starting to side with you. BF fanboys are getting on my nerves…

            • Lol every single article, they have something say. The article could be “CoD Cures Cancer” and they would say “But they have no cure for the lag”. It gets annoying after awhile.

            • Why?

              What is even funnier is on every COD article you see COD fans saying this is the worst game so far or the lag is horrible fix this shit. On every BF article you hardly ever see somebody downing BF that plays it. Hmmmmm I wonder why that is.

            • mrneoshredder

              Uhh, I dunno about you, but based on my observations, 95% of the COD haters are the same guys who grovel about Battlefield 4, not COD fans

            • That’s because I’m realistic. Most BF fans think BF walks on water, so there is such thing as fault when it comes to BF3.

            • sorry

              First i do want to apologize for saying that about your fiancee. My bad. Congrats on your marriage. Also i am a big fan of bf but i do find faults in it. A lot of the faults i find is put solely on the players like the ones who does not play objectives. That can cause some major problems during matches. The worst fault i see is the rent a server feature which is experiencing massive abuse. I got kicked off a server the other night for pretecting the base in the aa gun because the other team was blowing all are vehicles up. Wtf. I reaaly hope dice cracks down on that for bf4 because i know it will be in it. I would prefer it was gone period.

            • You so funny.

              Dude you are on every article a shit ton of times. is this the only site you get on. i see you hate on COD and BF so your comments should be Ctrl Alt Deleted. Also since your on here all the time I would watch where your girlfriend is somebody might be giving her the D.

            • LOL XD

            • 1. I frequent this site, Charlie Intel and Se7ens. I mainly comment this site because of the excessive amount of trolls.

              2. I don’t “hate” on either game because I enjoy both of them. Constructive criticism is not “hating”.

              3. That’s my fiancee, not my girlfriend. Talk about about me all you want, but let’s keep this relatively adult and keep her out of it.

            • Latch

              None of that made sense, but you did compare Call of Duty to cancer…wait, you make even less sense. More worried about video game opinions than respect to others. Terrible analogy dip shit.

            • Whom did I disrespect? Where’s the analogy? Poor hypothetical situation? Yes. There has to be an analogy before I can make a terrible one. Easy with the name calling, at least one of us is an adult here 🙂

          • Latch

            What’s wrong with ” bad ” words? The words are innocent. It’s the context that you take them in that make them good or bad. So fuck off.

        • Latch360

          Also Dawg Pound Gangster, why can’t he not share is fanboy opinions?


      LOL nobody gives a fuck about you. Go read another article just to go straight to the comment section and hate on a game. Pathetic. O and Battlefags 4 will be a disappointment sooo…

      • Battlefield players don’t have to cry because activition and treyarch fuck them over with the same game year after year. So keep playing your cod and maybe when COD 15 comes out you will understand what a shitty game it is. Now fuck off.

  • Not hopping on the hypetrain. I have to try it, but i think CoD 2014 will be actually the real new experience. So here i come BF4!

  • Okay

    I think ghosts might be a reference to the lag. Cause everytime i shoot, it’s like shooting ghosts.

    • Doodle bob

      Wow originality at its most pure

      • Typical BF fanboy, copy and paste comment.

        • MrLadyfingers

          Anybody who has a negative comment about Call of Duty is a Battlefield fanboy now? This is news to me.

          • Catch up on the news then.

            • MrLadyfingers

              That’s not true and you know it.

            • You don’t see fans of other games on here running their. The news is real…

            • MrLadyfingers

              Name 3 other popular 1st-person modern shooters on console. 1 2 3 go.

            • Lord Byakurai

              Halo, Crysis, Counterstrike.

            • mrneoshredder

              Don’t forget Borderlands,

            • Confusion

              Or Far Cry 3

            • MrLadyfingers

              Halo, Crysis and Boarderlands are sci-fi shooters. I said modern shooters.

            • Uh uh uh… Call of Duty 4, 6, & 8! Do I win?! Lol Far Cry 3, Rainbow 6 and MoH.

            • MrLadyfingers

              Can we be friends? We’re fighting over video games

            • Dammit… I was going we could become mortal enemies so I could curse your first born to not have any thumbs so they couldn’t play video games. But being friends sounds cool.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns


  • SangheiliSpecOp

    The ghosts are most definitely real: I can’t hit them but they can kill me….

  • Luigi

    Well… I must say I am having a good time playing BO2. I was slightly disappointed with MW3 and I only have about 30 hours in it, while I have about 150 in BF3. I am not a hardcore gamer cause I am finishing college and stuff, but still, I can tell if I am having a good time or not. I bought BO2 about 3 months after release after playing it at a friends place and although it can be frustraiting from time to time (to see something else on the killcam than during the actual game) I must say I am having a good time playing it. I also think there is enough space for both games – BF 3 and BO 2 – they offer a completely different experience and I just play whatever I feel like to at the moment. Yes, I am excited about the new COD and I will probably get it a few weeks after release, but the new egine sounds nice. Lets wait and see.

  • mrup2nogud

    I’ll still pre order and give it a chance like most of us will but I quite like all the single player campaigns to people just concentrate on multi but I play every campaign and if multi is poor I’ll try bf4 I used to play battlefield 2 at one point but just stopped for some reason…

  • WasabeJuice

    The skull or ghost mask is trademark outfit of Simon “Ghost” Riley of MW2.

  • Dick Fanny joe

    The 6 underlines is ”Ghosts

  • In case anyone didn’t know, Drift0r has the whole “The Ghosts Are Real” graphic on his YouTube background, and he posted it up before it hit the official COD page. I’m beginning to think he’s been involved with IW this whole time, especially after seeing some of his recent tweets to the IW staff. It possibly could have been an intentional “leak”? Maybe IW knew they wouldn’t be able to avoid a big leak in this day and age, so they just did it themselves and gave the info to Drift0r for some free promotion.

    I also think they may have used Drift0r because of all the Ghost Stories videos he used to make.

    UPDATE: Drift0r just admitted it to me on Twitter. Link:

  • 123456789!!!

    I used to be a “sheep” playing cod, but god all-mighty BF3 desended from the heavens and brought true meaning to my otherwise miserable life. It is truly a work of jesus christ him self and it shines with it heavenlly purity. Almost 2 years ago our savoir BF3 came to this earth and sent the devil COD back to hell from which it came. Before that devil cod ruled all of mankind in an evil slavery of 24 hour pain and despair, human life was utterlly devode of any joy but now

  • Call of Duty 4 throwback weekend event from May 10-12. We want EVERYBODY there, so thumbs this up and spread the word PLEASE!

  • Sean

    This game better not relate to the Ghost from MW2 just because the COD community liked him. Fucking pointless character, no need to relate a game to him. Just like the dinosaur easter egg in BF3 – just a pathetic teddy bear.

    • MegaMan3k

      “There’s no reason to do something just because the consumers want it.” – Great, note taken.

      “Easter eggs are stupid.” — Great, note taken. You hate fun. Got it.

  • DanDustEmOff

    I will be getting for next gen or pc only I think games have out grown the current gen of consoles I just hope the game does the new systems justice.

  • James

    the FPS version of Ghost Recon ….

    • MegaMan3k

      Ever since MW2’s third person playlists, I’ve thought that a third person side story prequel starring Ghost would be awesome. Basically, SOCOM done ALA Call of Duty.

      You know, in the bucket of “things that will never happen.”

      Also, I think SOCOM 4 showed what a terrible idea that was.

  • MrLokoReborn

    Lol its more interesting the comments than this article :3


    This year, my hype for COD is so low that you could swear I was about to fall asleep :/

  • zacflame

    the last couple games were disappointments, and they took too long to announce this game after so many other games announced themselves much earlier this year to show themselves as the next generation console contenders, so I already have money saved for plenty of games and would you look at that, I don’t have any money left for an unpromising game.

    I might get it in december or on christmas if the community reviews are good, but I don’t want to pay more than 60$ and get a disappointing rage inducing shotgun fest.

  • Ghost gamemode like hunter mode in crysis 3

  • betosobreira

    Damn! Bring me MW4 without deathstreaks and lag compensation and it’s all fine!

  • i hope they will make a better game than the 2 before. I was a big fun of COD since ps2 but they lost me with MW3 and i hope i will be back in COD