Call of Duty to Have 3 Year Dev Cycle? No BF3 Influence on MW3, and More – Sledgehammer Games

Sledgehammer Games talks about the development cycle of Call of Duty going forward, the lack of Battlefield 3 Influence on Modern Warfare 3, among other things.

Next Gen CoD

In an interview with Metro, the Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield, has revealed that Activisoin might implement a 3 year development cycle where Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch, and Infinty Ward would take turns developing the franchise. If this were to happen, with the time left in this generation of consoles, it brings up the question whether Sledgehammer will have their first solo stab at the Call of Duty franchise when the next generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox 720, are released. Glen explained “probably, yeah [it could be on the next gen consoles]. I’d bet on us to make a good Call Of Duty.”

The Lack of BF3’s Influence

A few months ago, we reported on the fact that Modern Warfare 3 Didn’t Copy Battlefield 3, which was one of our most commented articles. Glen explained to CVG “my [Modern Warfare 3’s] competition is Modern Warfare 2. It always has been and if you think back two years ago when we were starting on the project I didn’t know anything about Battlefield. I started hearing stuff about it maybe five or six months ago, news coming out. I never got a chance to play it until we got the beta a little while ago.” He went on to say “as far as a competitor goes, by the time we saw anything of it, the window to make changes was closed.” Glen further explained on Twitter, “yes I think they [MW3 and BF3] are different games, which is good for gamers.” Which is a view we mirror at MP1st.

In Other News

According to Glen, “all the weapon sounds and their 3D models” in MW3 have been changed since the early reveal trailers. He also reassured that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions should be on par in terms of frame rate and other performance measures. On the PC front, Michael Condrey confirmed that the server files are indeed “stand-alone”, Steam is required to be running for the dedicated servers to work, and one dedicated box can run multiple servers.

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  • Dros666

    You can’t copy something you can’t do.

  • lol who asked that stupid question about MW3 copying BF3?
    If anything its the other way around.

    • I’d say both games borrow a fair share from each other. And why not? If it makes the game ‘better’ than what it could have been otherwise, I don’t see why anyone would complain.

    • Anonymous

      only stupid people that that mw3 is copying bf3 and bf3 is copying mw3. both games play very different from each other. if people can’t tell the different between them, then something is wrong with them. The only thing that both of these game’s have in common is that they both FPS

      • Anonymous

        they actually take quite a lot from eachother. BF3 clearly took a look at how the guns feel and play. It’s still Battlefield, but the guns feel a lot better than in BC2. CoD took a look at how teamplay works. Instead of purely focusing on personal performance, teamplay should be a little bit more encouraged in MW3. Also don’t forget that BF2 had class based multiplayer before CoD4 arrived.

        They didn’t copy/paste, but there clearly are influences. Which is good. I don’t see why spreading good ideas is a bad thing? Teamplay is always good. If CoD gets better, BF will also need to improve and vice versa. In the end the winner is us, the gamers!

        • That’s just plain ridiculous. How could they possibly take the feel of a weapon firing from COD? COD did not invent weapons. Also, BF3 based the feel of the weapons on how they actually fire. There’s a video showing a Dice developer shooting an assortment of weapons then talking about how they were planning to translate how the weapons fire in the game vs. real life, and how they were planning to narrow that gap as much as possible.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not talking about the handling, but more about the movement when using a weapon. In BC2 it felt really sluggish from time to time. That doesn’t mean it is bad. After you get used to it barely matters and you can even use that to your advantage, but it is hard to get started with. In BF3 the way you and your weapon move has been made a lot more realistic, but also smoother. Going to prone with a weapon feels smoother than crouching with the same weapon in BC2. There is more of a linear connection between the buttons you press and exactly what happens on screen.

            It’s hard to explain. It has nothing to do with the framerate, I can run both games at 60fps on my PC and it feels a lot smoother in BF3 somehow. It’s exactly that smoothness that makes cod different from most other shooters. They often don’t quite get it right. Well, DICE took note and managed to make something that feels just right.

  • Anonymous

    Hold on… They’re allowing local hosting of servers? As in you don’t have to go to a restrictive hosting company? Wow…. throw in mod tools on release and they might have  a shot at winning some PC folks back.

    Still, I’m not buying until I actually see promod running. I’m not paying 60-70 for 4 hours of campaign and boring public multiplayer. If they want me back I need to be able to play a balanced and competitive game, and that involves promod.

  • That’s actually a pretty smart idea. have three developers working on a call of duty games but have it staggered so there’s a yearly release. Hopefully that means better games but on a yearly basis.

  • Who in the world would think MW3 copied anything from BF3? BF3 is amazing and MW3 is the same old shit I bought 4 years ago. Maybe MW3 SHOULD HAVE copied BF3….then they would have made a good game.

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