Call of Duty Top Selling Franchise of the Generation, Reveals Ubisoft

Ubisoft has just held its’ earnings call for the last quarter. As part of the presentation, the publisher put together a list of the best selling franchises of the current console generation to stack its’ own titles against other publishers.

Ubisoft’s list is based on physical unit sales tracked by NPD, GFK, Chart-Track, and Nielsen, as shown below:



Activision’s Call of Duty placed first with Halo and Battlefield coming in 7th and 11th respectively. Of course, compared to other shooters, Call of Duty is the only series to see yearly new releases.



Black Ops 2 claimed the top spot for last year with its’ predecessor, Modern Warfare 3, coming in seventh. Meanwhile, Halo 4 finished at number 4, Borderlands 2 took the 8th spot, and 2011’s Battlefield 3 rounded out the top 10.



Lastly, Activision and EA traded places in the last two years as the leader in terms of the market share.

Looking ahead, Ubisoft hopes that it will  “lead to record sales for the industry,” and the publisher is utilizing “new IPs to capitalize on PS4′s launch,” starting with Watch Dogs.

Source: Ubisoft via PSLS


    Call of Duty is the biggest franchise of this generation which is why we’re turning Assassin’s Creed into a first person shooter – Ubisoft.

    • That guy you might know

      And thats the day Ubisoft put a gun to their head xD

      They are actually taking the yearly release route. I don’t see how they’ll think Assassin’s Creed will last much longer. They even fired the main creator of the series, so if they want to try and compete with CoD, then good luck to them.

      Besides this is obvious info anyway, don’t know why they took the time out to really this chart thing.

      • Just like activision fired the head of IW. Now look MW3 sucked and I give ghosts 3 months for people to say it’s trash.

        • MegaMan3k

          You think people will wait until Ghosts has released to call it trash? Hi, you must be new here.

          • Megamanisgay

            Hi, you are a douche bag.

          • WasabeJuice

            Judging a game without knowing anything about a game makes you a moron.

      • MegaMan3k

        You don’t know why they took the time to chart this? Maybe because their takeaway isn’t that COD is the highest selling, their takeaway is where Ubi Soft games fall in the top bracket and how they’re planning on taking more of that share… It’s a perfectly reasonable information dump to present.

        That said, I think that with Revelations and Assassins Creed 3 that Ubi Soft is learning they have misunderstood the Assassins Creed consumers…. I hope, anyway. Brotherhood was the peak of the franchise. I hope they consider that and realize that scoping DOWN and FOCUSING the game is what empowers the series. Time consuming wandering and “out of the player’s hands” combat is what pisses people off about the series. Oh, and meaningless boring trite missions. Brotherhood had amazing missions which seemed to play out in phases. I feel like in Revelations it was “explore then minigame” and in Assassin’s Creed it was “walk to this marker, then kill the marked target, then walk to this marker. You’re done. Don’t you feel cool? Here’s a cool camera angle. We’re oozing cool here. Damn you look cool.”

      • no more

        I will never purchase another assassins creed game again. Ac3 was the buggiest and the worst out of the series. I quit buying cod a long time ago for the same reasons.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      Friendly care package inbound.

  • tanile

    Surprise surprise… In other news, I am excited to be seeing new IPs from Ubisoft such as Watch Dogs. The game looks great, and I can only dream of what they will come up with next.

    • OhMyGawd

      Watch Dogs = Assassin’s Creed: Baseball Cap edition

  • PertAndPopular

    And yet each year the game gets worse and worse…isn’t that just pure magic!

    • Dirtknap

      Why don’t you log some more on BF3 instead of wasting everyone’s time (yours included) with these inane, anti CoD comments

      • Dirtknap

        Haha, I do believe I replied to the wrong person in the wrong tab. Never mind, I do believe my previous comment applies

  • Nick Loner


    • Senior Black

      COD sucks, end of the story.

      • Nick Loner

        Keep thinking.

  • RyMann88

    People complain about Ubisoft taking on annual releases, but at least they attempt a new IP from time to time (Watch Dogs) in a era of gaming where new IPs is extremely risky.

    • MegaMan3k

      Annual releases are nothing new. Ubi Soft has been doing them since at least 1999 with Rainbow Six. Other annual franchises they have had include Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. While they’re not annual over their entire franchise, they have several periods of “annualization,” if you will.

      If anything, with the exception of Assassin’s Creed*, Ubi Soft is moving *away* from annual franchises.

      (Without wanting to do research, it’s also probably fair to assume their crap series like Just Dance and Raving Rabbids and etc are also annual – so take this comment with a scope of “games that people who visit this blog would likely care about”)

  • great

    Great every developer now is updating there copy and paste program. Bye bye innovation and originality.

  • betosobreira

    So much rage against CoD… and it’s on top!

    • DanDustEmOff

      Everyone hates a winner.

      • OhMyGawd

        That’s a little melodramatic. Mcdonalds sells a lot of happy meals to kids — same difference. People dont hate happy meals. It is what it is.

        • I can almost guarantee that the majority of CoD players are 16+. I wouldn’t consider you to be a child if you can legally drive a vehicle.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Lol well im 31 and I like CoD it has its flaws but its my favourite console shooter.

          • betosobreira

            I’m 31 too. My favourite FPS as well.

      • Retro

        Justin Bieber sell’s a lot of music (I use that word lightly), doesn’t mean it’s quality.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Thats a matter of taste and opinion. Obviously a lot of people like his music.

  • dpg70

    We’ve landed on the moon!

  • Waitಠ_ಠWut

    Kinda ironic isn’t it? Everybody constantly hates on this game, yet every year those same morons are sure to buy it.

  • Jason Davis

    Far Cry 4 Next Gen, Nuff Said

    • I’m really hoping for a better story and more weapons next go around!

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