Call of Duty UK Website Reveals Black Ops 2 Season Pass

It seems that the official Call of Duty UK website has revealed the Black Ops 2 Season Pass.

According to the website, it doesn’t look like this season pass, detailed below, has anything to do with Activision’s Call of Duty: ELITE service.

What it does cover is the season of DLC that will be made available for Black Ops 2.

Here are the details:




Get 4 Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 downloadable content Map Packs, delivering a variety of new content, including Multiplayer and Zombies playable content.

  • Save $10, at discounted suggested retail price of £34.99*
  • Content expected to be available in 2013 – following the game’s launch on 11/13/12
  • Check for availability at your local Game Stop or Best Buy.

*Based on Season Pass suggested retail price of £34.99 and four DLC Map Packs at a suggested retail price of $14.99 each.

**Season Pass and DLC Map Packs may not be available on all platforms or in all territories.  Pricing and release dates may vary by platform. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game required; sold separately

For those wondering, £34.99 translates to roughly $55.00 USD. The questions is, is this on top of a paid ELITE Premium service or not? Hopefully, we’ll find out in the coming days.

Oddly, the text on the website appears to be incomplete and hard to read due to the dark background.


The homepage displays a heading reading “ELITE Free,” suggesting the ELITE service may be initially free, while users have the option to only pay for the season of DLC – similar to the ELITE vs ELITE Premium model that Modern Warfare 3 adopted. What is unclear is if the supposed “ELITE Free” will include similar features to the current ELITE Premium, but without the DLC.

What are your thoughts on this slightly different approach to Call of Duty DLC?

  • Patrick Bateman

    So you get all DLC packs for cheaper if you pay money up front?

    Yeah, that’s totally not ripping off of BF Premium, right?. Hey COD, there’s this thing called “originality”. Maybe you can use some.

    • COD elite was cheaper as well if anything premium ripped off COD ELITE or whoever did season passes first and had them be cheaper just saying

      • L.A. Noire and Gears of war 3 had season passes before so who’s copying who? *cries in corner*

        • Santiago Garza

          It doesn’t matter who got it first, but that nowadays it’s become a common thing to do. By just losing a few money (giving it at a discounted price), they could secure more. If people don’t like how future DLC will look like, they’d have already bought it so that way a company secures a potentially lost purchase.

          • Brisingr7337

            You’re absolutely right. It’s really a shame that greed is becoming more and more of an issue sd time progresses.

            • Brisingr7337


    • BF Premium ripped off Elite. Nice try.

      • You are dumber than everyone thought. elite launched 11/8/11. Premium launched 6/3/12. Plus battlelog ripped off elite aswell.
        No fanboy just facts.

        • JoseB88

          No. Battlelog was created first than Elite. And no I’m not a fanboy of either franchise

        • mechcell

          last i time check battlelog launched 10/25/11 and elite launched 11/8/11 dumb ass

        • MikePembo951

          Battlelog came WAY before mw3 or elite.
          Battlelog was released back in spring 2011 for the alpha testers of battlefield. I know because i was one of them.
          Get ur facts right first…

    • actually mw3 elite already did the same, pay up front and save, thing. sooooo

    • What dont you go play that noobshooter known as BF3 fanboy. Elite was out before premium dumb ass.

      • OMFG

        Battlelog 6/3/12? LMAO

        1. Battlelog (FINAL version) launched with the game: 10/25/11
        2. Anyways, there was a beta version of battlelog in september 2011 (to access the closed beta)
        3. You really need to call someone “fanboy” when he’s saying the truth?

        • MikePembo951

          Battlelog was actually released in spring 2011 for the battlefield 3 alpha testers on PC.

          • Codelitetester

            My best friends dog was an Alpha Bravo Charlie tester on COD Elite 0.00012 and that released in August 1989 so there! Back on topic anyone?

    • MasonMei

      So you get all guns and first person shootin’ if you pay 60 bucks for BO2?
      Yeah, that’s totally not ripping off of Wolfenstein, right?. Hey sir, there’s this thing called “trolling”. And you deserve to be trolled.

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  • great well guess what from all PS3 & PC gamers if we have to wait more than everyone you can go F*CK yourself activision.

  • DennisB407

    Has Elite even been mentioned with BLOPS 2? I’ve never caught wind of it if it has

    • Yes elite will work with BO2. Same way it did with MW3 just upgraded.

  • how much does the season pass cost?

    • Santiago Garza

      “Save $10, at discounted suggested retail price of £34.99”

      Considering each DLC will be $15, it would cost $50 since there will be 4.

  • Johnny Neat

    I personally could give a s#!t as to who started these season pass business models first. Bottom-line: After experiencing Elite and Premium, I’m not buying anything in the future that I don’t know for certain what it is. I’d rather spend those BS saved $10 knowing I’ll enjoy the content than pre-buying it and suffering through lackluster offerings. How about devs fix ongoing known issues with their games before asking for extra money for more half baked content? Gamers are going to wish they didn’t support this extra cash season pass nonsense business model in the future.

    • yep its best not to buy something you know almost nothing about.

    • Black Ops 1 had good DLC (when compared to the sub-par maps released for MW3) so I would hope that trend continues with the second.

    • lolwut

      I won’t be buying it. I don’t like zombies, it is OK but not something I’d buy DLC for, so I want to be sure of how they’re doing DLC.

      Black Ops had an entire zombie pack, so if the saving is only that of around the cost of a map pack, I won’t be saving anything as I wouldn’t be buying the zombie pack.

    • Marshall Mathers

      It was NetherRealm Studios with Mortal Kombat (2011).

  • So elite is now a bigger joke.

    • i think its like this now elite is free and better but it no longer is a part of the DLC plan. (which is a good thing BTW)

    • Only if they expect people to pay for a premium version of it that doesn’t include the DLC.

    • Akira2020

      Chad Eugene RashBattlelog came out waaaay before Elite dumbass. Make sure you know your facts before you insult people.

    • lolwut

      How so? You got what you paid for, and then some in terms of DLC.

      It will be free from BO2 launch. We knew this as soon as they stopped taking new premium memberships.

  • xkingxnitemare

    if they are going to make a “season pass” then they should make all preorder bonuses like maps etc the same for ALL editions because now people who get the hardend edition for the zombies map etc now have to pay 80$ plus another 50-60$ depending which country your in. this is garbage. what a ripoff.

  • If the DLC is anything like MW3’s I think I’ll just wait and see. $10 saved up front doesn’t even compare to not even purchasing most of the DLC – face off mode maps, Spec ops missions etc.

  • Pete

    This is just fucking elite v2.0
    i don’t want any subscription just the zombie maps

  • sgt_mofo

    Back in my day, map makers used to whip-up maps on-a-whim! And they charged damn near nuttin’ for’em! All they asked for was a thumbs-up here or a thumbs-up there. Damn companies these days, makes me sick!

    • Michael Maciejczuk

      Yea, like BFBC2, their DLC/mappacks were free, because they only contained maps, nothing else, which I really loved! Where is that today?

  • Betting it will be $55 ON TOP OF Elite Premium – maps not included in a $50 premium subscription. The epitome of greed. Activision is never afraid to raise the bar of offensiveness and take it to the next level of pissing off EVERYBODY. Bobby Kotick will probably get assassinated one of these days. Never knew one man could ruin gaming as much as he has.

    • wer

      You really, really need a life if you think Kotick should assassinated over a video game.

  • I accidentally bought two years of Elite Premium because my Xbox froze up and Microsoft refused to refund me, so i hope the DLC for Black Ops Dos comes “free” as well.

    • Lufamos

      If you buy elite before black ops 2 release, it doesn’t mean blops 2 dlc is free

      • That sucks. I bought it when it debuted with MW3. Looks like I’ll be eating $50 plus whatever the DLC costs.

        • Lufamos

          All elite’s main reason was to make people buy dlc before it released and now its the same with blops 2
          New game new dlc new stash of cash

      • That’s fucking stupid.

  • Alpine Maffu

    I could be considered a CoD fanboy (or at least a loyalist) and even I feel strongly that Elite was a horrible mess. I think in 10 years time there will be videos on the net ridiculing it, just like the Virtual Boy from Nintendo.
    As for the DLC packs, some maps included in mw3 were ok but survival and face off just wiped away all the good feeling

  • I hope we will get an Elite Premium code in the hardened and prestige editions. otherwise, BO2 will suck so hard. I don’t want to pay 80$+50$ for a game, some extras and dlc. that is too much. And I’m talking about the hardened edition.

  • JK Monroe

    After paying for 1 year of Elite Premium, I learned my lesson.

    What did I get in return for saving $10? Crap. A handful of multiplayer maps plus a bunch of Face-Off(useless) and Spec-Ops(beyond useless) maps.
    Adding insult to injury: Activision sold these maps separately in a packaged called “MW3 Collection”. They went on sale for 50% off a few months a go. I would have saved more had I bought these “Collections” individually.

    As for BLOPS 2, I have no interest in Zombies so I know they’ll have several maps dedicated to this.
    Fool me once Activision….

    • sdf

      Things go down in price over time moron, even BF3 has a similar sort of situation with its premium.

      • JK Monroe

        @sdf Fucktard if you did a search you would have realized the map collections were put on sale was just a mere few weeks after release. I would understand if we’re talking about a discount sale 6-12 months after release but not a few weeks.

        • sdf

          There was 1 sale, just one. And it was months after collection 1 shit-for-brains.

          • JK Monroe

            You just proved my point asswipe.

            It will happen again with BLOPS 2 map packs. You would have to be a real dumb ass to fall for Activision’s “Season Pass”. I have no doubt you would pick it up again.

        • Brisingr7337

          Uh no. There were not discounts a few months after the release. There were only discounts in like May or August dumbass

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  • This is fake the currency is wrong for the UK store. The Stores Best Buy and Gamestop do not exist in the U.K they would have mentions GAME or Gamestation as there stores of choice. The image is nothing than an Yellow transparent box with some BASIC text on it. Someone using Photoshop had a laugh and is pulling the wool over your eyes simple. I am GFX designer and this looks 100% FAKE.

    • HAHA

      Lmao, feel embarrassed as you realise that this is now on the website and official.
      The yellow highlighting was put there by whoever took the screencap, as originally the writing was black on a black background.
      It looked so shit because it was a work in progress…


  • xX360N0Sc0peZzZXx

    ELITE master race reporting in.

    • HBK

      Your name is hilarious

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  • Nathos

    i agree, i will not buy this till i actually know what it is. I bought premium for MW3 and only ever played the maps a couple of times because they are so shit.

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  • dsdf

    Has everybody forgotten that BO1 has a working ‘elite’ stats called combat records.
    They’re just renaming it to elite 2.0.

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  • BlackBlade404

    If we have to pay extra for the DLC and for the game WTF are we paying for when we pay for Elite

  • I got my Elite premium during the summer. (I regret it). But does that mean I don’t get my full year of Elite Premium because of this sh*t? 🙁

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  • Why the hell would I pre-order DLCs? These new business models offer nothing to the consumer.

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  • Brisingr7337

    There is really no point to this arguing about who ripped off who or what came first. Anyway, I have a question. Does anyone know If the season pass is going to be like elite premium in the regard that once your membership expires, you still get to keep the map packs? PLZ ANSWER BECAUSE I, AND PROBABLY EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS PLANNING TO GET THE SEASON PASS, NEED TO KNOW. THX 😀

  • I was willing to get (and satisfied with) BF Premium and im getting the Halo season pass with the LE but im going to wait on this. Blops 2 looks great but CoD DLC’s have never even been interesting let alone worth it, but on the other side most Treyarch maps are solid unlike IW… I’ll wait until the first maps are shown and then decide whether or not to get it but my gut reaction is no

  • Id only buy this if there is no contract with microsoft so PC & PS3 players dont have to wait a extra month to have the same DLC that they pay for!!!!!

  • Beastmode

    I wanna know if I buy the season pass do I keep the content forever or does it expire like ps plus you can use the content after your not a member! I’ve looked all over and nothing tells me.


    i think that thats really good price and i barley got it and nuketown zombies is pretty cool

  • PS3 Gamer

    How do I download the season pass at the PStore?????