Check Out Diablo III Running on Consoles

Last month during Sony’s PlayStation 4 conference, Blizzard announced Diablo III’s appearance on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3.

No further details were given, other than fans could expect to learn more during this year’s PAX East. Sure enough, with day one under way, we get our first glimpse of Diablo III running on the PlayStation 3.

You’ll see a number of tweaks, including a completely reimagined user interface as well as new ways to control your character.

Diablo III is still on track to receive an expansion in the future, though no additional information has been given, nor has a release timeframe been determined.

Are you excited to give Blizzard’s classic dungeon crawler a go on your PS3 or PS4?

Footage courtesy of GameTrailers.

  • umm…what about x box?

    • WarHero

      PS only I believe since Activision announced a special offer from Sony.

    • nightwing2097

      Blizzard signed a deal with Sony for exclusivity with sony, no xbox port is happening unfortunately

    • kash

      It’s likely just a timed exclusive They haven’t mentioned anywhere that it is exclusive to Sony.

  • nelson

    ps plus, new exclusives for ps3, ps4 and moar exclusives, now diablo 3 in ps3 and ps4, i am loving my ps3 and sony 😀

  • MrBeastshaw

    This actually….looks good!

  • Magilla187

    i’ve played this on PC and i have to say it looks way better on Console then on PC (Diablo 3)

  • So does that mean we get CoD dlc early since Sony signed with activision

  • Jonathan

    Actually looks better on consoles than on PC …