Check Out Doom’s Multiplayer In Bethesda’s New Gameplay Trailer, Closed Beta Details Revealed

Arena multiplayer is going back to its roots here in 2016 with the upcoming launch of Bethesda’s Doom. The studio is turning back the clock to a time when twitch reflexes and power-ups reigned supreme while turning up the action to eleven. You’ll see what I mean in the studio’s just-released multiplayer trailer for Doom, which you can check out above.

And, don’t worry. It looks all the gory dismemberment and brutal violence from the game’s latest story mode trailer and initial E3 2015 gameplay is also carrying over the Doom’s fast-paced multiplayer. If you can manage to snag the power-up that transforms your character into a powerful demon, for instance, you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger for victory by biting down on the heads of your opponents.

What’d you think of the trailer? Does the classic arena gameplay of Doom’s multiplayer call to you?

Doom launches on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 13.

UPDATE: Bethesda has also updated fans on when the official Doom Closed Beta ends and begins. If you remember way back when, access was promised to anyone who pre-purchased or purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order digitally before May 26, 2014. That’s finally happening at the end of this month. Here are the exact times.

Starts: Thursday, March 31, 2016 @ 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time (UTC – 5)

Ends: Sunday, April 3, 2016 @ 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (UTC – 5)

Be sure to drop by the official FAQ for more details.

  • Pirates

    Rip every scrublord who’s gonna think they can out shotgun me! Haha

  • Guest

    Back to where it all began…

  • Barry Harden

    Damn. Looks better than Halo.

    • Pirates

      Yes it does

    • Patrick Matthew Barahona

      I don’t like Halo, but I sure in hell do like this.

      • The anonymous employee

        Is it because it’s a mature game not a teen game

        • Patrick Matthew Barahona

          No, it just looks a lot better. To be honest with you, I actually play a lot of non mature games, as I love Nintendo more than the competition. Just some stuff from the PS4 side of things interest me, this being one of them. Plus, I have never been a fan of the Halo series. Never have, never will.

  • Nimrod Zar

    People are so sick and tired of moders military shooters, they see this game as the secong coming of Christ…

    • Guest

      These morons also don’t know that this is the predecessor to all these games. Doom has heavy influences in Cod, Halo etc.

      Not sure why COD just picks up the new ID engine as it would eliminate a lot of problems that id tech 3 has.

      • Tri-Edge

        It’s rumored that IW is switching to the UR4 engine for there upcoming CoD.

        • The anonymous employee

          The next cod is called bloodline April 15th world premiere trailer

          • Guest

            Holding you to it

  • Aria68

    Blood is everywhere !!!

  • The Cool Guy

    Love it! Blood and guts galore. Prepare to die you mutha fukas! Lol


    Finally a real fps that started it all.🙌

    • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon



        😂😂😂😂 LOL

  • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

    WBD in 3 months.