Check out the The Vehicles of DUST 514 in Part 1 of CCP’s Dev Dairy

Lead vehicle designer for DUST 514, Ryan Thornton, gives players an inside look at just some of the vehicles available in Dust 514.

He also talks about the idea continued support for DUST 514 and how the team plans to implement new features in the future, including more vehicles like mechs.

DUST 514 is a free-to-play first person MMO that will be available later next year. The game is currently running in it’s Beta testing stage.

  • Mikey MiG

    Hope they’ve worked on the “mouse and keyboard” support since I played the beta a while ago. The UI is barely functional using a mouse, and every option in the UI is labeled with a PS3 button, so you have to guess which keyboard buttons do what.

  • Tomiboi 987

    Game is horrible! 7 months of BETA and the game actually seems worse then when it started. I cannot go into detail because I would be breaking the NDA, but lets just say this game is no where near AAA level. Great concept but, as it stands, horrible execution.

  • DragginA

    Should have made the game PC so players of EVE could play without having to worry about having a PS3. Honestly think it will limit the player base of Dust and can’t see it being a game that will be played years down the road unlike if it was on PC. CCP tends to have its ups and downs with expansions, patches, etc. Game could go up or down through its life but I fear that will be a short life.

  • Mr. X

    This beta has been gathering Dust in my hard drive for months. I check back everytime they launch a new version of the beta, but they haven’t improve hit detection, movement and aiming, and general FPS mechanics since the start. Don’t bother with this one. It may be decent on next gen consoles.