Check Out These Black Ops 2 Custom Weapon Camo Packs Included In New Micro-Transaction Model – Bacon

Yesterday, Activision introduced in-game micro-transactions to the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a move that was detailed earlier in this post and is later to come to the PlayStation 3 and PC.

Today, Activision’s Dan Amrich, AKA One Of Swords, revealed a number of custom weapon camoflauge patterns that are now available as part of this new micro-transaction model. There are nine in total, ranging from some whackier patterns to some more tastier ones. You’ll see what I mean below:










With each personalization pack, users will also receive three targeting reticles – one for each of the Reflex EO Tech and ACOG sights – as well as a custom player Calling Card. Each pack will cost you 160 Microsoft points, or just under $2 USD – just some of the few non-game affecting “little luxuries” you’ll be able purchase within this new model.

Any weapon camo in particular that has you excited? Are you finding Black Ops 2 new micro-transaction model appealing so far?

  • Only one im buying is the zombie one that’s it these really should of been in game at launch in my opinion though.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I don’t understand why everyone has a problem with this. The bacon camo doesn’t give your weapon stopping power(Defies logic. BACON POWA!!!!), the benjamin’s camo doesn’t make your weapon shoot out money(though that would be cool), and the kawaii camo doesn’t play an annoying Japanese anime opening theme song. I guess it just annoys people simply because it exists in the game and you have to pay for it(160 ms points is equivalent to $2.00), but i wouldn’t give two flying fucks about dying from someone with a party rock camo on their gun.

    • Rayzer1997

      Thank you finally somebody that makes sense!!!!

    • pete

      Some guy watching my little pony makes sense now???

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        My little pony is awesome!

  • $2 for a gun skin? What has gaming world come to?

    • Delta8A

      just wait for BF4. EA will show us the end of the gaming as we know it.

      • What has cod brought us instead of the same gameplay. Since BO1

        • Rayzer1997

          Just noticed more “COD sucks BF is better” stuff really, if your getting on a COD article just to annoy us with BF fanboy crap please stop.

      • I dont get Battlefield fan boys. They bitch about black ops 2 “microstansactions” yet its okay for battlefield 3 to have shorcut kits.

        • asgaro

          Weapon skins are included in the BF3 Premium pack. But Activision is too greedy to put those skins for free in your Season Pass.

          • Delta8A

            ….get some sleep dawg

          • masada157

            At least Activision doesn’t charge players to play used copies online.

    • wait its $2? fuck the zombies skin -__-

      • Rayzer1997

        $2 for the camp, 3 reticles, and 2 calling cards (I think thats right), for all those things $2 is not that bad.

        • Rayzer1997

          *camo, dang auto correct.

        • nah no thanks id buy it for $1 but $2 is too much (stupid i know) for things that could have been in at launch

    • MrJDGuns1

      $2 for a camo, three reticles and a calling card which isn’t bad and stop complaining you don’t have to buy it

      • you can buy an entire game for 2 dollars why would i pay for some photo shop shit that would of been free in a mod in the past

  • Epic! Epic FAIL. Step your game up… play some BF3 =)

    • By stepping up do you mean hide in vehicles for 20 mins?

      • WENDiGO

        If you think killing campers are hard then you haven’t faced the REAL challenge of taking down a vehicle! I’ve always felt that challenges are what bring out the gamer in all of us. But do you really think that’s all we do? You’ve been playing the wrong game my friend.

        • Rayzer1997

          REAL challenge hah your funny, I actually find BF easier to do good on than COD (just my opinion though) And yes the majority of people in BF (minus bad company 2) do camp in vehicles, on the maps that do have vehicles. And in my opinion Vehicles are easier to kill than campers, which is easier hitting the real huge target in the back with rockets, or getting the one guy that is hiding somewhere and is difficult to pin down the location of. My point is made. P.S If your such a BF fanboy why are you on a COD article. P.P.S I play cod and bf

          • WENDiGO

            I play both as well. I look at news on both even tho I have grown to like one more than the other. I can care less about using auto-lock on rockets to take down vehicles. Of coarse when you put it that way it sounds easy. But I was referring to taking it down in a more creative and challenging way. If you really do play it you know what i’m talking about. I’ve had a different experience than what you have said above, but I guess this is all based on opinions. Your opinion is respected and appreciated , nothing wrong with sharing views.

            • Rayzer1997

              You too, and I do understand where you are coming from.

      • JustinD

        Didn’t realize war was just guns. If you don’t think blowing people to high hell with an Abrams is fun maybe a war game isn’t for you

        • Rayzer1997

          To be fair, it is hard to have fun when enemies spawn trap you with 6 different tanks and it makes it near impossible to get out of said trap due to even if you destroy one it just spawns back before you can destroy the others. P.S i do enjoy BF3 also, and who says that he does want to play a realistic “war game” P.P.S In BF3’s case I didn’t know that in real life it took to shots to the chest to kill someone with a sniper (see? in real life one shot put in center mass would tear your torso off) so BF3 isn’t exactly a realistic war game either.

          • It’s easy work together. Oh wait I forgot cod taught every one how to go rambo.

            • Rayzer1997

              I see just as much “solo work/rambo” in BF, and the same amount of teamwork. The fact is the majority of people play both (I do), and whether or not people move solo is based on play style not on what games you play. Thats like saying I play Mortal Kombat a lot, so that taught me to melee and only fight close, so know all I do in any game is melee. How much sense does that statement make?? If you answered almost none, then you were correct. Once again stop the “BF master Race” crap, especially since you are on a COD article. Both games are good and nobody wants to hear your COD bashing fan-boy nonsense.

          • ?

            Play hardcore and you will not have that problem. Also if you get spawn trapped it means your team sucks or people is fucking off. Meaning you deserve to get spawn traped and raped.

            • Rayzer1997

              I was talking of BattleField not COD

            • ?


          • Jason

            First off you spelled “to” wrong, second, there is NO 50cal in BF3, and third, all bolt action rifles are 1 hit to the chest! Do you even play BF3?

            • Dirtknap

              Here we go again, BF3 tangent on a CoD discussion. I don’t rock a sniper rifle often, If I’m required to run recon I tend to use the PDW. Just the other night I got a little bored during a TDM on canals and decided to do some counter sniping, I found I needed two rounds to the upper torso to put my enemies down (on an inconsistent basis), much WTF-ing ensued. I was playing on a locals only server with the SV98, any thoughts?

            • Rayzer1997

              Thank you!! Its about time someone started helping me out, instead of giving me crap.

            • Luis Youngg

              you COD fanboys seem to do it all the time on a BF3 discussion, don’t get mad because BF3 is a better game than BO2, GAWSH. Its not our fault you guys buy the same game every year.

            • Dirtknap

              My opening sentence was specifically for Jason to whom I replied, he and I do this routinely. Stupid idea calling somebody a fanboy who clearly plays both franchises, when in fact the content of your post tells me you are the one fanboy-ing in this instance, but let me expand on that for you.

              I am a gamer, which means I play lots of different games, keep up to date with gaming news, engage in discussions with other gamers and speculate on industry going ons (if Michael Pachter can do it, so can the rest of us), yes, I’m an FPS enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean spend all my spare time worshipping at the altar of a specific franchise .
              Better is relative and a matter of opinion, I don’t favour BF over CoD or vice versa because (though I have probably spent more hours on CoD since having kids, as its easier to pick up and put down at the drop of a hat) IMO they are not two games that can be compared beyond genre and their modern setting, despite this, both franchises end up frequently getting discussed in each others comments sections, either way, I don’t start the off topic tangent but I am generally quite happy to contribute to it in the name of conversation.

              If you come back and read this, I invite you to register and participate in constructive conversations, though we aren’t without our flamers here MP1ST has a good community.

            • Rayzer1997

              Have I told you that I like you (no homo intended)

            • Dirtknap


            • Rayzer1997

              Yes, I have and (albeit it was right when the game came out) they were not one hits to the chest. And yes there is at lest one 50.Cal as shown here so your getting on me about one typo, and saying I don’t know what I’m talking about, when in truth you were wrong on a point you made about your own game.

            • Retro

              The M82 50.Cal was removed from the game.

            • Rayzer1997

              Ok, sorry but it is still there are a few high powered snipers that would kill a person with one bullet in real life (I think there is a non variant of the m82 in the game) but are still 2 shots in the game, so please forgive the misunderstanding, but my point remains there are still snipers that would easily take out a person in one hit in real life, but do not in BF3

          • you know what would help in bf4? if the enemy has all the flags the spawned traped team gets a drop ship. BEST IDEA EVER right? now why cant DICE think of this? maybe they did but they said “we would make more money if we hold it off until bf4”

      • By playing cod you subject yourself to camping, spawn trapping, and little kids cursing. Have fun.

        • Rayzer1997

          There is just as much of those things on BF, and when it comes to camping there actually seems to be a whole lot more camping (it makes sense that there would be more camping due to the map size, but still) and there is still little kid cursing on BF too, so stop acting like BF is the “master race” because in reality the two games are very similar in most regards. So please stop the BF is for mature players, and COD is for little kids, as both groups play both. For example all 8 of my little cousins play BF not COD, and my friends three little siblings only play BF and not COD.

      • areyouforgetting?

        wasn’t that possible in COD: WAW as well? lol

    • no bitch if you want me to play bored as fuck bf then you have to buy me the premium edition and pay me everytime i play it.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Activision is smart to offer these, to be completely honest. If you hate the idea of microtransactions, let Activision hear your opinion by NOT BUYING them. Still, COD is in danger of declining, and Activision could’ve easily done a lot to say “Thank you, valued customers” by perhaps offering at least a steep discount to those of us who preordered blops 2. On the other hand, people should be happy that Nuke town2025 will soon be a free map for everyone- that’s a pretty nice gesture for which we should be thankful. Let’s hope Treyarch improves lag by June!

    • Dirtknap

      Agree across the board, hopefully we’ll see Nuke town hitting the regular play lists too.

      • thebulky1cometh

        David Vonderhaar or however you spell his German mess of a name tweeted that yes, Nuketown will eventually be going into regular rotation, which is freaking awesome. Now, if only we could get some leaked information about the second DLC map pack?

        • Dirtknap

          Excellent news, I’ve been wondering when we will get a sneak peak of the next content drop too, it must be about time.

  • Delta EA are including Micro Transactions in BF4 as they are with every game from now on.

    • Shut the fuck up fanboy !

    • SoccerSpartan

      They actually went back on that statement a few days after they made it. They said something about only meaning micro transactions for their mobile games.

  • WasabeJuice

    I am waiting for the Lag Compensation personalization pack. This pack improves the lag compensation effect on your character by 50%.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I would buy that in a heartbeat. I don’t care how much it costs lol.

    • Patrick Bateman

      what are you talking about? this game possibly has the best netcode, lag comp, and hit detection of any fps i’ve ever played. you must suck if you have to blame lag, scrub

      • Patrick Bateman

        COD is nooby and unrealistic. BF3 is the most hardcore, tactical, realistic military simulator in the world.

        • Maybe people dont want realistic and no BF3 isn’t the most realistic you close minded person. There are other shooters that are way more real then BF3 for example the Arma series

          • oofy

            Don’t bother. He’s a troll from battlelog. LOL.

        • One word: Arma.

          • tony

            screw it, im going back to unreal tourtament 3 on ps3.

            built in mod support allowed me to be a piece of bacon years ago. (graphics are better too)

        • How is surviving a RPG or SMAW directly under your foot realistic? Tell me because I’d love to know.

        • Rayzer1997

          Actually, Arma 2 is far more realistic.

        • Patrick Bateman

          get out of here, you faker! i’m the real Patrick Bateman. and BO2 is the best FPS currently on the planet. and all of you people who complain about the lag just suck.

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          Bf3 is not realistic. While bf3 is WAY more realistic than cod(Try jumping off a 10-story building and do a 1080 double YY triple fakie bipolar temperr shot shot in real life.), bf3 is still FAR from being realistic. You can’t jump out of a jet in midair, take out an rpg and destroy another jet, then get back in the same jet safe and sound in real life. If you want true realism in a military game, play arma. Otherwise, quit describing arcade shooters like bf3 or cod as realistic because there far from being so(ESPECIALLY cod).

        • Nate

          I hope you are jokeing about the bf3 part…

        • Alexander Exochosen Christense

          i play both games and kids like you is why i hate FPS communities

      • If you were talking about MW2 then I would agree.

      • bruce p


    • reviveCOD4!

      i don’t understand. what’s the point of playing a game that’s nearly unplayable because of shitty hit detection and lag comp? if you guys are gonna continue to bitch about the lag in BO2, then don’t play it. why are so many of you so stubborn? stop playing BO2 and come back to COD4, please….

      • Vikerii

        Because they paid a lot of money for it and want it to be playable. You can bet that if Activision offered refunds on these broken games, then most people would return it and play something else for certain. But as long as they paid good money for it, and have no chance of getting their money back, then it’s a reasonable expectation that they would want it fixed.

      • Dude, I did exactly that, got rid of BO2 and went back to CoD 4…I like the way u yhink.

  • SemiBolt

    I want chrome camo not bacon lol

  • JustinD

    Haha as If I need more reasons to say this game sucks

  • Retro

    I don’t have a problem with it, at least it’s not something that actually gives people some type of advantage.
    That said, I can’t believe people would actually pay for this crap. I don’t care if it’s only $2. I could not believe how excited a friend of mine was that he had bacon camo. Very tempted to delete him.

    • You need to grow the fuck up.

      • why its people like his friend that are ruining the gaming industry

        • Rayzer1997

          Really?? Maybe so, but you are really saying its not even a tiny bit immature to delete someone you consider your friend because they were cited about some camos? And I’m really tired of the whole “this is ruining the gaming industry” stuff, that is a assumption based of personal opinions not facts, I for example could not care two s***s about this, and if any thing I do not think it will have any effect on the industry. Other games have done similar things to this *cough* Arkham City Impostors *cough* and I saw no harm come to the industry from that. Some come back with some numbers/proof to back up those statements or you cannot be taken seriously. And don’t give me the “Its common sense” argument, even common sense is backed up with some sort of evidence, which in this case what you are saying is backed up by no evidence, and if anything there is evidence against what you are saying.

          • the difference with ACI and BO2 is one is one is a $60 the other is a $15 game (or free depending on your platform). now im fine with micro transactions in lower priced games or free to play games. *as long as they are not required to WIN at said game* but for $60 games nah screw that ill just buy it at a lower price instead of launch. and if you got a online pass too well screw it ill buy it in the bargain bin. *stares at EA* and on the subject of deleting a friend cause of them liking it..yeah it kinda is immature but hey its his friend and his life.

      • Retro

        It’s called a joke moron.

      • Retro

        Over react much? It’s a joke, you tool.

      • im mad

  • Just because your parents can’t afford $2 doesn’t mean you have the right to hate on it.

    • Eh, people view it as a nickel and dime scheme which to expand their DLC plans.

    • but but i spent my allowance on candy D:

    • It’s not about that, it’s about the fact that this shit was once user created and they stopped supporting it to basically steal from the consumer. They are using a F2P model on a game that costs up to 120 (more for carepackage) and a 60 baseline, instead of lets say LOL which is FREE and they support themselves off of skins and character sales.

    • Rash Chad Eugene

      are you saying that the entire COD community is made up of children that can’t afford to buy their own crap? because in that case… i agree with you XD

    • Fred

      Your a fuckin retard

      • TwHaT

        You’re illiterate…

  • The Country Flag calling cards is a real gripe since it was already in previous COD games before.

    • Agreed. That is pretty bullshit.

    • Rayzer1997

      Just because things are free in the past, does not mean it will always be free and it is unreasonable to assume that certain item(s) will always be free.

      • They’re only flags, not some special edition work of art that somebody had to work to put together. They should be free.

  • betosobreira

    I’m sure Viper is the best one!

  • Derek Haneman

    The reason people have issues with it,….well me at least ( DLC/micro transactions in general). I grew up playing games where they had Mod tools readily available and people would release new skins, camos, maps for [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] And in some cases vastly superior to the crap the devs built.

    Its a straight up cash grab by the publishers and sometimes devs. Which is totally their call to do it… I just see it as kinda douchey.

    I view paid DLC as if someone released a movie but charged you an extra 5$ on top iof admission because well they were “special” and felt they could get away with it.

    Nobody takes pride in releasing something good with the goal of people enjoying the product anymore its all about money. The customer ins’t even being considered in the equation other than how much money they can suck out you.

  • I’m good with my diamond camo. This new model is another way to rip people off. Diamonds are the best camo in BO2 PERIOD.

    • Rayzer1997

      Opinion, some people may not think so, or maybe some people do not have said diamond camo.

    • Dirtknap

      Though this is actually an opinion, can you please explain the saying “bacon is a girls best friend”? I conclude that bacon camo is the best camo in BLOPS II.

  • ?

    They are also doing a vasaline covered camo for all you COD fans.

  • Beastshaw

    textures are so bad in this game i can barely make out the damn camos anyways. Definitely not worth 2 bucks.

    • Rayzer1997

      Textures/camos seem fine to me, is it possibly your TV?? You just may have a real crappy TV, because on my 44’in HD TV, the textures/camos are crystal clear.

  • vapor220

    anyway the 90% of fanboys end up paying for this.

    • Rayzer1997

      And for some reason 90% of BF fanboys (not talking about you) some how end up commenting annoying crap on COD articles.

      • vapor220

        I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

        • Rayzer1997

          I wasn’t talking about you XD, I was just making a point.

  • MegaMan3k

    I want to buy a camo and then make my emblem “PAID 2 WIN” and then roll around in the tears and cries of people who don’t know any better.

  • bacon. guns. camo. BACON GUN CAMO? (drools uncontrolably)

  • thetruth

    Rayzer1997 is a no life faggot

    • Rayzer1997

      Did I upset the PMS little whelp?

      • He has a point. You’ve responded to every single dissenter on this article. You seem bored.

        • Rayzer1997

          Thats because I am bored :P, spring break+Vacation from work=boredom. Plus how does that make me a “faggot” am I one because I disagree with you guys? I don’t know how my position on DLC affects or represents my sexual orientation.

          • Being a “faggot” isn’t about being gay anymore lol. It’s more like being a douche lol.

            • Rayzer1997

              Im using technical definitions, and the technical definition does not= being a douche.

            • Tony

              it does in the 21st century. unless you are homophobic and only see it in the context of being a homophobic slur…

            • Rayzer1997

              Nope, I was just using the textbook/dictionary definition. That in no way makes me homophobic

          • Kevin

            hence, no life. you have nothing better to do than reply to everyone on a comment section?

            • Where art thou Romeo?

              Cut the guy some slack, all of us have some extra free time that we honestly have nothing to do with occasionally. Maybe he just likes to argue? Im taking a debate course, and arguing on here seems like great practice lol.

  • no lie

    Rayzer1997 is a dipshit

    • Rayzer1997

      Im assuming that this is the same person as below, so I’m so sorry you got your wittle feelings hurt. (Before you go on about typos, I spelled little wrong on purpose)

  • caseclosed

    all of you fucking fanboys are piece of shit no life having losers. for what it’s worth, COD and BF both suck donkey balls

  • Brony

    no my little pony camouflage? this game is dead to me now.

    • Rayzer1997


      • Brony

        wow, you must be reaaaaallly bored.

        • Rayzer1997

          that I do, vacation from the kob and spring break will do that to you.

  • i’d buy it if it costs 2 for all of them should be included with season pass

  • Party Rock and Benjamins are the best looking camos.

  • Hot-Wire

    Mother of god… Kawaii camo. … Treyarch you have made me a customer once again….

  • a rational person

    no one cares about your favorite shooter game so everyone stfu

  • I wish no one would spend a red cent on this garbage so they dont pull the microtransaction BS ever again. Im tired of getting less than everything for a game unless i spend more money. Remember the good old days of buying a game and it coming with everything included.

    I realize the camos dont give an advantage of any kind but if you add in all the reticles, its stuff that you should have access too…..especially if you bought the season pass. What a total screw job.

  • Sanchezi

    Will this be covered by the Season Pass?

    • runey5


  • Baconskin

    Its times like this you wish you worked for Activision. Its unnerving that they know how easy it is to take your money.

  • When does it come out for ps3 and sub us on youtube

  • hambone

    new induction map pack. farlife, return, lightray, chaos and new zombie map paris. and bonus weapon xm2012 sniper rifle

  • do they have it for ps3 yet

  • myles vaughn

    When does it come out for ps3

  • Collin Smith

    I don’t know why people complain about lag. It’s their own fault, i can prove it. I bought a expensive router (slightly over 200 dollars) and i haven’t lagged once. Unless it was the hosts lag. SO go buy a nice Belkin router and quit blaming the game. And play more zombies. Also, i don’t understand all the fuss about camos, reticles, and calling cards. No one gives a shit. The only pack i am considering is the zombies pack, i love zombies. And BF sucks. Try playing zombies on BF 3 or any BF that exists or ever will. Good multiplier…..Meh. Its okay. No one gives a shit about graphics. They have one good thing, multiplayer, which COD has a GREAT mode of. BF has them barely in that, but zombies beats BF, and so does campaign. thats 2 to 1. and BF barely has the 1. I prefer BO2/other cods over any BF. BF spends so much time on graphics, that they don’t get the other, more important things. There are more guns, camos, and basically everything on BO2. So i think Bo2 beats BF in multiplayer. its 3 to 0. Face facts, BF will never beat COD.

    • runey5

      actually no, its not their fault, its cause of the lag comp activision has put in, and may i add, the PING the bars were fine, until they added the ping and lag comp,
      1, the ping uses up too much frames, the lag comp makes you lag so it can be “fair” to other players who do lag, its not our fault we have better internet then them, or we haven’t been slowed down due to using too much band width, its the players own fault they used too much band width, its ACTIVISION’s fault now, cause of all this “lag camp” they have made,

  • All t

  • All these arguments over 2 video games.

    If your a tactical player and prefer a slow but Interesting game with veicals and cool maps but willing to pay out lots to continue play – Battlefield

    If you want to enjoy your game and pay to enjoy a fast action/fun game with bonuses of “zombies” but face the consequences of a little less definition – Call Of Duty

    If you want to bitch about gaming prices – Don’t play video games
    And if you just want to enjoy yourself (AT A COST) – Play all of them!

    Its like the PS3 Vs Xbox. They are both as good as each other.

    Its all about user preference…

  • Is it coming out for ps3

  • Tom

    Release date ps3 ?

    • runey5

      12th of april

  • Txsniper16

    When will we get it on ps3??

  • cardboardface

    Are the camos $2 a peice, or $2 for all?

  • Suicidalbanana

    When will it come out on playstation??

  • Mischaonline

    I can´t find these on the Playstation Store?

  • Chuck

    Why did i buy the season pass if i cant get the camos. Way to rip people off Sony!!!!!

  • FuZiion

    I think what they should have done with the Bacon camo is make it look like a normal gun with that camo on it on your screen. But when another player looks at it from another screen, it should look like a giant strip of bacon. cos, honestly., i dont even think that skin looks like bacon. it looks like Lava? or Fire? or somthing. I would’ve paid 2 bux for that. Shooting people with bacon.

  • blahdeath.note

    yea yall can say what ever here is something new to say who cant reach the apple says its rotting in other words who couldnt buy the game says its sucks and its stupid or what ever but u know we cod fans dont give a single fk haha

  • Stephiibear

    Bleh… nerd talk. All I can say is that there is no game better than another because everyone has their own opinion. I personally enjoy BO2 and have been referred to play BF3 which I haven’t yet but I’m not going to start a war over which game is better than the other. But I do agree with those saying that BF3 is not realistic… because it isn’t. IT’S A GAME! If you want realistic, then join the military. Then and only then, will you see and understand what war really looks like. You can’t respawn after you die in real life. You die and that’s the end. Understand? Urg… people.

  • Eliza Marrier d’Unienville

    Hey guys could someone help me, i have purchased the Dragon pack and installed it but it’s not on the game? would anyone know what i should do next? same thing, spent the money on Revolution packs and it does not appear in the game!?