Check Out These Real Life Titanfall Pilots In Action

You might have seen these true-to-life characters during London’s Titanfall Xbox One and PC launch wall running and jumping over obstacles. But how did these real life Titanfall pilots get their authentic look?

Laura Sindall from Artem SFX explains how in the video above.

You can also craft your own look themed after Titanfall’s universe thanks to the recently opened Titanfall merchandise store. Sadly, you probably won’t find anything this cool.

Titanfall launches on the Xbox 360 this April 8.

  • Leon

    Imagine sweaty palms and other parts while wearing this suit and playing Titanfall and and the same time trying to consume a large quantity of sugar based drinks & food. No more obesity among young and old gamers! 😉

    • JBeauregard

      Obesity epidemic = SOLVED! haha

      • Leon

        The suit wearing had to be compulsory and enforced by “always a heart beat” rule where the player’s suit had to be connected to EA servers while playing TF through an electrode placed on player’s heart. Faking a heart beat would automatically result in a permanent ban. 😉

  • KillzoneVII

    Unrelated but “SP1ST”…
    Good one guys, lmao!

    • MR_H0RNY

      No idea how I missed that one!

    • Zacflame

      On single-player first, multi-player comes first.

  • Sheldon

    SP1st. lol

  • theplantain