Check Out What Snoop Dogg and R. Lee Ermey Sound Like in COD: Ghosts – All VO Lines

Introducing an entirely new way to customize your Call of Duty experience are two brand new Voice Packs included in Ghosts’ latest batch of customization microtransaction items.

Each contain unique lines of dialogue that can be swapped out with Ghosts’ default multiplayer announcer. Lending their voices to developer Infinity Ward, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg and former drill instructor and actor R. Lee Ermey bring their own flavor and style to Call of Duty: Ghosts, that is if you feel like spending the $2.99 on either of the Voice Packs.

To help you make that decision, a dude on YouTube called YouTubeDude put together two quick videos demonstrating nearly all of the voice over lines from both the Snoop Dogg and Drill Instructor Voice Packs. We threw them in below for you to have a listen.

Snoop Dogg

Drill Instructor

Which one do you dig the most?

You can pick up any or all of the new customization items on Xbox Live now. Users on PC and the PlayStation Network will have to wait it out until sometime next month.

  • dieger

    I need a translator or a Dictionary to understand Snoop dog. Ermey has too much radio noise in my opinion here’s hoping for a Mr bean Voice pack!


      Fo rizzle my bizzle, its hard to understizzle his lizzle, when he spizzles his wizzles over the mizzle.


      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        THE FUCK!

        • Jason Lane

          ^ COD fanboy ^

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I’m a cod fanboy? That’s very interesting, because on Charlie Intel I’m called a BF fanboy xD.

            • Jason Lane

              Haha that’s what I was referring to then. Seems like you have had to defend yourself lately. Just cracking on you about it 🙂

        • VEX_VEHIX


      • Tuttle wada

        Congratulations, you’ve just been selected to enter our internet giveaway of………wait for it.

        The internet!

  • LOL @ money for voice overs. I know it’s all about making money, but damn. Activision is borderline desperate to sell this shit game.

    • theplantain

      i don’t think they’re desperate….people buy all the CoD crap they sell, can’t blame them for capitalizing on that

      • awkenney

        I’ll blame them for clearly reducing the quality of the game.

        • theplantain

          the way they handle CoD shows that their plan is to not spend much on development and end up pulling in billions on a regular basis…it’s sad for anyone who loves the game but Activision is more concerned with how much it can get away with (old engine, similar games, etc) while making the most they can…CoD is currently stuck in the “Traditional” segment, it is a high selling product with low production costs…the power lies with the buyers, as long as there are millions of people who accept what CoD is and buy it regularly, they’ll keep pushing them out…why kill or change up the cash cow

          • Tuttle wada

            +1 for the casual gaming audience

            At least the kids that play this game can actually say they love Call of Duty

      • Yes. Sadly this is true.

  • Jason Lane

    Slow news day…….

    I have a suggestion for what to run on slow news days but will I be heard MP1st?

    • Shoot away Jason. 🙂

      • Jason Lane

        Great. I think it would cool to review a retro multiplayer title every once in a while. Kids today have little idea of how good they have it now. They need to witness just how far the medium has come. A retro article would also promote healthy conversation. Im tired of complaints. I want to talk gameplay.

        Examples: Goldeneye, Timesplitters, Quake 3 Arena, Advance Wars. Why not arcades as well: Daytona, Xmen, TMNT. Can we throw 2 player in there also? Super Mario Kart feels multiplayer. You could even review horrible multiplayer franchises just for hell of it. I’m sure some of them make COD and BF4 look like milestones. Thanks for listening 🙂

        • theplantain

          that would be cool, would fit right into the MP1st environment

        • That guy you might know

          Maybe some more fighting game coverage would be great too, I’m a huge Tekken fan and not knowing about Tekken X Street Fighter is killing me.

          Also plenty of other great fighting games out there. Like Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma recently being released,and Person 4 Ultimax coming out to the US in January

          • Jason Lane

            Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat,Killer Instinct, Tekken Tag, and Primal Rage would make great articles. A lot of people played these in the arcade and at home. These are the ones you reminisce over.

            • I played a ton of TTT2. Didn’t think you guys would be interested in coverage, however. I’ll keep it in mind 🙂

            • Jason Lane

              That’s what I’m afraid of. Hard to tell. I’m always interested in older game reviews no matter if I played them or not. Can’t speak for everyone else. Tekken would be a horrible game to start on.

          • Joel has been doing a nice job keeping up with Street Fighter and Killer Instinct news. We definitely cover those games when there’s stuff to cover.

            The other fighters – we don’t have a ton of staff playing them, unfortunately. I’m a huge Tekken buff, so I’ll definitely try to keep you guys up-to-date with Tekken X Street Fighter stuff. I too am dying to learn more. They’ve been super quiet about it.

        • awkenney

          Coverage of older games would be better than meaningless coverage of current games any day. Especially where the older games are better than the current ones.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Well, discussing retro titles wouldn’t actually be “News”, more like an article in the “Features” section. For all to reminisce and chat.

          I can talk about Socom 2 all day, go ahead, try me. 😉

    • Slow news day!? I wrote this at 2am in the morning! Not a lot happens at 2am in the morning 😛

      • Jason Lane

        Haha fair enough. Seems like the only news we get is DLC ( which we all hate buying) or patches ( to remind us our game is still a work in progress). Of course this doesn’t constitute all that’s posted here but you get the idea. Time to reflect and talk fun. Time to talk NBA Jam and Conkers Bad Fur Day.

    • Jason Lane


  • Katana67

    Finally jumped the shark? Or did this happen already?

    • Jason Lane

      It’s now known as “nuking the fridge”. Thanks Indy!!!


    Forget cod I want to play Mario kart 8

  • betosobreira

    I would pay for this. It’s nice!

  • sd94

    Part of me wants to buy Ghosts just to have R. Lee Ermey yell at me while I play. Still the best part of that movie.

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Is this even real? It’s hilarious XDD

  • Chris

    Tried playing Ghosts for the first time since December last night. The game is just exceedingly frustrating for me. In all COD games my kill death ratio is 3.0 or just about 3.0, in Ghosts it was 2.91 before I quit. and I go for objectives as well that’s how I get most of my kills. I just can’t stand how I die in this game. Everytime I die it’s because I get shot in the back and there’s nothing I can do to prevent it from happening. Also, it’s so ridiculous how I’ll die by an enemy once and then I’ll spawn right near him, in his path, sometimes directly in front of him and he’ll get me again. I’m just tired of how the game is made for newbs. Anyone can literally pick up the game and just get kills. Skill is not rewarded in this game unless you’re like playing on MLG and have a clan and have a record to care about.

  • MeisseN

    I would prefer a voice pack by Pierce from Saints Row series… It would be much better than a pack about a rapper who can’t get away with “dawg”s and record scratches after every single damn word…. And it’s rather surprising that he isn’t “yo”ing a lot. Thank god!