City of Steam: Introducing The Free-To-Play Browser-Based MMORPG

Recently featured in our list of upcoming 2013 multiplayer titles to look out for, I decided that we would go a little more in-depth with the newly introduced title, City of Steam. Who better to introduce the game than Yifei, a developer working at the indie studio, Mechanist Games.

“Hi guys, my name is Yifei and I work for an indie games developer, Mechanist Games. We’re working on City of Steam, a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG.

First off, I’d like to thank James and David for allowing me to discuss our game here.

To those that don’t know what City of Steam is (no surprise, we’re an indie developer, so getting widespread recognition is relatively harder for us), it’s a browser-based MMORPG featuring a mix of industrial fantasy and steampunk elements, lightweight enough to play smoothly on even non-gaming computers and accessible straight from your browser. Even then, thanks to Unity 3D and a lot of in-house tools, we’ve managed to still make it look quite impressive, and all stored in but a few megabytes.

City of Steam evokes an industrial age fantasy set in a mechanical world during an industrial revolution where the boundaries between science and magic have begun to blur, where humanoid steamtoilers patrol the streets and levianthan airships float just above the rooftops. City of Steam is set on the World Machine, a vast and ancient system of interlocking gears powered by unfathomable energies.


The World Machine


There are a lot of updates for City of Steam recently. We just finished our closed beta test and made a wrap-up for the events, and we are working hard to prepare the upcoming open beta test.

If you feel interested in joining our community, you can register from here.

We may be small, but we’re very receptive to player feedback too, and strive to openly discuss the development process. Feel free to drop me a line over on the MP1st Forums or below and I’ll respond to any questions you may have!”

  • RadicalGamingHD

    Will this run on macs? Im assuming it will since its browser-based but one can never be so sure! Looks fantastic anyhow, looking forward to trying it out!

    • CoS_Yifei

      Hi I’m yifei. Thanks for taking interests in our game. I have a good news for you: it can run on mac, the game will take you to the official unity site to install the mac version plugin!! 😛

      • Guy

        It probably won’t come for console, will it?

        • CoS_Gab

          Being an MMO, and still in Beta, a console version was never really on our priority list, but after Beta testing, if enough of a demand for a console version pops up, we could reconsider. 🙂

      • RadicalGamingHD

        Cool, gonna go sign up for the beta now! Thanks! 😀

  • Dirtknap

    Looks spectacular, the premise is awesome too! I’ll be glad to begin a foray back into PC gaming, even if it’s from my browser. Looking forward to having a crack at City of Steam.

  • Woopeedoo

    so what exactly will the pay aspect be for? will we have to pay to actually use high lvl items or just for cosmetic differences like a pink armor dye or instead of a two horned helmet a 4 horned helmet?

    • CoS_Gab

      We’re going for a free-2-play model; anything you buy in the cash shop is for convenience or cosmetics. Any item that can be bought for crafting, or even vehicles and pets, can also be gotten for free with enough work and a bit of luck 🙂 High level items are level-restricted, so no one would be able to craft weapons or armor beyond their own level (so that players of around the same level are generally around the same power level, whether they paid or not)