CoD 4 and MW2 Map Files Found in Modern Warfare 3?

Five maps from Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 have been found in Modern Warfare 3‘s game files.

As it was the case with Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward might bring back some “classic” maps  from previous Modern Warfare titles to MW3. Four maps, Strike, Vacant, Crash, and Overgrown, were remastered with the MW2 engine from CoD 4, so it is not too far fetched that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games would want to “remaster” some fan favorite maps and offer them as part of Elite’s monthly DLC drops and eventually the bundled Map Packs. Reddit user, SMKTZ, has revealed the map file for Modern Warfare 3. Interestingly, the map file contains four maps from CoD 4 and only one from MW2. Call of Duty 4 maps are Crash, Crossfire, Strike, and Overgrown along with Highrise from MW2. Bare in mind that you should take this leak with a grain of salt.

Crash, Strike, and Overgrown were remastered in MW2, so if this leak is to be believed then these three maps will be the only maps to feature in every Modern Warfare title. We, at MP1st, are more excited for Crossfire, our favorite CoD 4 map. It is odd that MW3 will be getting four maps from CoD 4 and only one from MW2, so it’s safe to bet that either the map files hold more secrets or Infinity Ward has other “classic” maps up its sleeve that it hasn’t created files for.

We highlighted the stand-out files in the image below for your convenience. Don’t forget to follow MP1st on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with our continuing Modern Warfare 3 coverage. Just to tease you, yesterday we posted a chart of the gun stats in MW3.

Besides these five, what other maps would you like to see in Modern Warfare 3?

Crash, Crossfire, Highrise, Strike, and Overgrown

  • As with previous games these kind of rumors usually turn out to be true. I’m for getting as many maps as possible,  mostly new but some old favorites as well.  At this point I’m a bit tired of Crash, but its still a damn good map. I have a feeling that with Elite, we might see some things change from the past. Maybe more than just a 2-4 classic maps are to come. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing every map from COD4 and MW2.

    • Not every map don’t get too carried away lol (carnival and trailer park) but most 😛 but i agree

  • Lorianguy

    If they’re putting those in, Terminal is a necessity.

    • Anonymous

      What about Favela and Sub Base? I want these 2 from MW2 and Countdown from CoD 4. 

      • Anonymous

        What about Afghan? Surely that’s one of the best MW2 maps?

      • NIGGER


  • Hipnotyze

    you forgot strike from cod4

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! I have no idea how I overlooked that. I updated the article, and please forgive my sleep deprived state of mind.

      How are you finding MW3? I barely played it because MP1st is taking all of my time. 🙁

      • Sam Dillin86

        Africa; mw3, Pipeline cod 4 the warehouse

        • Miniricardo7 (<– my youtube)

          I saw the video of how Infinity Ward copied the pipeline building (for those who are wondering which one, it’s the one that has a ladder inside of the building) into the Sierra Leone single player map except they changed the colour from blue-ish to rusted brown. They also took out the ladder so that you can’t go to the top floor. Although I’m not gonna bag on Call of Duty is a whole, I can now understand how Treyarc and Infinity Ward come up with games oh so fast.

  • Really?

    I’m really not against the idea of DLC, but when it’s already on the disk? Please. Better be free.

    • guest

      mostly every game that has DLC use leftovers that were scrapped from launch, they make extra content on purpose to later sell.

    • Daniel

      Plus, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will be free, as when you are “downloading” the maps, what you are really doing is just downloading the data from the servers which activates the coding within the disk.. So you are paying for that.

  • fake ?? i can put anymap in folder 😀

    • Anonymous

      “Bare in mind that you should take this leak with a grain of salt.”

  • Anonymous

    f this is true, then this pretty much gives anyone free region to laugh at Call of Duty. Plus if this is the DLC that was talked about in Elite, then I’ve pretty much lost all hope in future Call of Duty games.

    To all those that say “Haters Gonna Hate”, oh yeah we envy your overpriced, rehashed dlc.

    • CoDfan

      Who cares if they are Rehashed those maps rock you probably only played Mw2

    • You’re right, they should chuck them in for free, but these maps are really worth it. Overgrown and Crash are still awesome in MW2, even though nothing changed. Battlefield does the exact same thing with Wake Island, and it’s still fun to play and i’m sure it will be in Battlefield 3 

      • i like bf3 and somewhat mw3

        Wake island has been confirmed to be in the Back to Karkhand DLC.

  • Tohplayer

    Well maps look the same just rearranged and condensed from other cods so I feel these were just needed to make the new maps

  • Anonymous

    well it looks like ppl that got the cod elite are getting fuck over.. because they going add OLD maps into MW3 if they do that

    • Llllllll

      i got cod elite and im extatic about this those maps are awesome!

  • InsertMyCreativeNameHere

    Sandy sent me here

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been watching Sandy’s videos since MW2 days. He is the only YouTuber that I get email notifications when he uploads, so it’s an honor to hear him say MP1st. 😀

  • Tendervittles

    Bullshit. Total bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Care to elaborate?

    • Superdan4

      I agree, it’s bullshit they just keep putting the old maps in the “new dlc”  fuck that, I already played the shit out of those maps, I’m bored of them, if I wanted to play them again I would pop in COD4 or MW2, not fucking pay for them again to play in MW3. Fuckin gay, unless they reskin them at least like Blackops did with the golf course one. The only way it would be ok is if they still add a bunch of ACTUALLY NEW maps to the game, so we don’t just get old fuckin maps.

      • Fuze

        i dare you to go on cod4 and find a quick game with good connection DARE YOU!

      • MW3_maps_are_S**t_anyway

        You don’t have to buy the maps. There will be plenty more new maps than old, if any old maps make it into DLC at all. Lots of other players would buy it for these maps, I guarantee you that.

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  • They really needed to bring these maps in for a few reasons.

    1. Variety. the current MW3 maps are great, but they’re uninteresting and all similar. Crossfire and overgrown gives nice open spaces for snipers (which are nowhere to be seen in MW3) while crash, strike and highrise have very balanced gameplay. 
    2. They’re classics. complain all you want, but i’d love to play crossfire with and MSR sniper and call in a Juggernaut while I’m at it. 

    I’m sure they’ll bring Terminal in a later map pack. Everyone loves that and I’m sure Infinity Ward would really listen to the feedback people have. they got rid of camping, reduced noob tubing and brought  back quickscoping so there’s already evidence they listen to the fans. 

    Please bring back Pipeline, Rundown and a smaller Estate too 🙂 


      – Crossfire
      – Bog
      – Shipment
      – Vacant
      – Strike
      – Afghan
      – Terminal
      – Scrapyard
      – Trailer park
      – High rise
      – Favela


      – Fuel

      – Nuketown

    • black ops wasnt made by IW thats why quickscoping wasnt in it

  • Skateprotector

    Como es estupida la gente para volver  a comprar la misma mierd que los juegos pasados pero que mierda le pasa ala gentee eh’?

  • Lingo56

    Did You Know Dlc development starts one month after the game is done? Borderlands had zombies island done 2 months before realease and it wasn’t free and was released about 3 months after the game was released. This is the way development works if you don’t like it go make ur own company and  make all the DLC’s free and with the game at launch and see what happens. Even if call of duty really doesn’t need people paying for map packs cause they have enough money already

  • ImAPersonMaybe

    bajan canadian sent me here!

  • SomeNameJustToPostMyOpinion

    Afgan, Terminal, Trailer Park, Favela and Rundown would be incredible to have in mw3 from mw2. If any of those make it into mw3 I would be very happy. We’ll see though.. I wonder if they will release a few classic maps with each map pack like the previous mw2 map packs or just release one or two of map packs of JUST classic maps. Cant wait either way.

  • Sean Whittaker

    Im really excited about this but I look at something that you kinda over looked from the photos. For example there are about 10 other maps that look like they will be future DLC down the road which makes me super excited. Im so glad I picked up the Hardened edition

    • i think they’re just codenames because besides the old maps there is 17 maps, 16 which are in the final cut. plaza would be arkaden and paris would be resistance, mogadishu is bakaara etc. 

  • Rintintin

    It makes sense. IW/Sledgehammer said they wanted to recreate the intensity of CoD4 and that they were getting away from the sprawling (think “Derail”) maps of MW2. I’d like to see China Town and Broadcast make it to MW3.

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  • Thing is… this is MW2 with MW1…. combined to make MW3… you get it? 1+2=MW3! besides… the game is shit just like all other cods. 

    • JTr1GGr

      if you dont like cod, dont read it, fucking retarded haters

    • and yet here you are reading Call of Duty articles. LMFAO!
      Are you obsessed with COD?

    •  You sir are truly a remarkable person. I want to thank you personally for sharing that extremely useful advice.


      • Because he’s totally not joking or anything.

    • IAM

      its not called mw1 its cod 4 4+2=6 OMG

    •  go troll some where else faggot

  • Evancampione

    What maps are needed from MW2 are Terminal and Rust but I agree with Highrise!

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  • Axelgamer

    you should really add some cod4 pc promod competative maps cause all the latest cod’s have not been very fun to play competative on for the pc (like promod search for promod on youtube) well some competative maps are: backlot,crossfire,crash,citystreets/district,vacant(NA competative map),strike. those maps would be awesome of you to bring back! AND ALLSO BRING BACK CONSOLE FOR PC!!! PLEASE

  • Trigger

    Suck my balls salokin! Gaylord!

  • Lachie Burgess

    I want estate!

    • i agree, it just had this atmosphere that no other MP map had

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  • Bigevilworldwide

    So then the complete and total laziness copy and paste job from MW continues??? Instead of creating anything original including map packs they are just going to copy paste those too now….Wow im glad I haven’t bought MW3 yet. Atleast I know now its just a waste of money that no effort was put into. I’m betting its probably all the map packs, so there wont be 1 original map. for shame activision, cant really blame IW since there really isn’t in IW anymore they all work at respawn 

    • Dubstepdan87

       they need to work on respawn not at

  • Twipzz


    • codprodigy

      Best MW2 map in my opinion! 🙂

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  • really wow who would have that that they would do this shocking!

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  • CORREY199

    Terminal and Favela for sure

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  • Thatguywhocomments

    Actually the only map i want here is highrise, and maybe overgrown. I’d much rather have showdown(best map ever), terminal(second best map ever), favela and maybe a map pack with all cods super small mags like rust, shipment, nuketown, salvage(maybe) and dome(waw version)

    • travis

      Cant bring back waw maps this is iw not 3arc

  • Wwfqegwgrw

    terminal,skidrow,fuel,vacant,overgrown and killhouse will be so much win

    • iMTKZ

      Not fuel, it’s to big >.<, all the other maps I 100% agree with!

  • Fudge

    Favela is my favourite MW2 map, love that thing

  • Pierre Alin

    Me, I would like to see the map Terminal from MW2 who was just so far the best with Highrise ! 🙂

  • Abortination PS3

    I’d like to see Wasteland, Afghan, Highrise, Karachi, Derail, or Skidrow,  maybe invasion/run down if they took out all, or atleast most of the retarded camping spots from those last two.  Those first 6 are my favorite maps.  I can’t really name any from CoD4, because I never played it.

  • Lightning

    terminal and invasion! <3

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  • Every Map from CoD4.
    It’s the best from the series and will be forever.

  • Guest


  • ace39

    Terminal, afghan, wasteland, favela…..basically it needs some boards dat is more open….there is to many buildings in MW3

  • danny

    you probably know this already from loads of other ppl but i think we need more open maps not overgrown cos then it turns into a snipe fest we need to bring back bog from cod 4 that was a awsome map to play on and afghan maybe. Also maybe make some new open maps.

  • Anonymous


  • Lag

    Could do with some of those old maps, lot of the new ones are quite small.

  • :D

    terminal and favela

  • Mez


  • Peterbudaj

    DERP I DON’T LIKE THIS GAME THEREFOR THE ONLY REASONABLE THING TO DO IS TO HATE EVERYONE WHO LIKES IT DURRRRRR. Shut up… But if Cod4 maps are making a return I require Downpour and Pipeline. Hell Yeah.

  • Cameron

    I would pay £21 for all of the mw2 maps

  • Vseb


  • Tigersare

    Why not rust, would be awesome!

  • Chamben1

    Rust and Terminal must return!!!!!!!

  • DJ banhammer

    Heres what I want: (in order)
    1. Highrise (with added features) specifically a little bird that lands on each roof that can fly up to 6 players back and fourth and can be shot down by RPG only 😛 (i know this wont ever happen XD)
    2. Countdown
    3. A new map that takes place on the deck of two crashed Aircraft Carriers Similar to rust… in the way Private matches will be fun on it 😛
    4. Terminal
    5. Crossfire
    6. Favela
    7. A huge forestry map kinda like Estate and wasteland combined but snowy (NO SHIT IN IT like cars and tin houses) also it would have lots of underground passages and be ONLY for ground war

    Personally im a bit tired of Crash and Overgrown 

    • Dj banhammer


      Also if there adding more than just new maps The Gold desert Eagle from Cod4 and the m40a3:)

      • Arthur Gildehaus

        Oh and i hope they bring back bounces also at least on the classics 😛

  • Seidakilulz



  • Matt

    I personally think that they should bring back Bog,Favela,Terminal,Afghan,Rust and maybe even countdown 😀

  • DLC? The only reason people still buy the game is because CoD is in the name, its the same as mw2. robert bowling is a dumbass who never listens to the people! – Sandy sent me and i love this site 😀

  • Miniricardo7 (<– my youtube)

    I completely forgot about the maps name, but it looks like a battlefield (no pun intended), it has 2 sides of the map being seperated by a line in the middle that has 2 tiny tunnel passageways. I feel like an idiot for forgetting the name of the map but the general layout of how everything is, the houses, the 3 streets and the way playing on the map felt was great. Although some of the houses may promote camping to a high degree.

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  • The man man

    Nobody mentioned scrapyard!!!! Favela, scrapyard, terminal, highrise, and invasion please

  • Robertomedina8

    they should just make new maps instead of being hella cheap

  • Blahblah8940

    they should put in amap pack for survival maps and spec op missins

  • Wonder

    It would be amazing to see them remaster Nuketown or Firing Range from Call of Duty Black ops.

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  • Highrise

    i wish highrise in mw3

  • Greggidon

    Rename one of the files as like loadscreen_mp_fallen.iwi, load Fallen, c the map loading screen.

  • Rezo

    SandyRavage sent me here

  • bbkingunc

    I totally believe this. What about Favela? I found out that that is one of the bonus maps. Jus Sayin’ bra.

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  • the real slim shady

    scrapyard, karachi, highrise, rundow,TERMINAL!!! the cod4 map when your on the ship forgotten the name and 2 overgrown/wastland/derailed style maps balanced game play in all those maps

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  • Joshrules45

    omg teminal!

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  • Anonymous

    Terminal <3

  • Nlafds

    LOL, wow they really are lazy, have to recycle old files and reuse them…

  • Divine

    I feel that they should bring back Crossfire, Terminal, Favela and Crash. No Black Ops maps. Maybe Courtyard in WaW.

    • Travis_fuson69

      this is iw not 3arc

  • OwnageMuch?

    there’s maps there that I haven’t seen O_o wtf

  • Icedsilver


  • Dannyfrosch

    This is sick! If they do Bring maps back.  More less Glich finding to do, MW3 Should be the Game Year. Xbox and PSN only  have 34,000 players on Mw2 that since Mw3 came out. They also need to return the Nuke25 kills to get still along with some weapons I miss my intervention.

  • … Did nobody in this forum like killhouse?

  • Tomas Williams

    remember this isnt confirmed and if they bring back old mapsit should be in a later map pack, not he first. none the less, i would love to see….

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Danielvdekken

      Hell yeah


    Ooooooo LAMBETH!..  I live in Lambeth :L

  • Maksim123456

    I loaded the pictures up with a special program. THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME AS THEY’RE OLD COUNTERPARTS! As if, Crossfire has it’s old COD4 load pic, Crash has the MW2 Load Pic, Highrise has the MW2 Load Pic, etc. Also, there is alot of COD2, COD4 and MW2 files in the MW3 .iwd files, like callsigns, textures, etc. so my guess is that IW are lazy and forgot to delete them.

  • x Naztee

    Sandy sent me here too! Bring a couple maps back, but also make a few more new ones.

  • Hasn

    there need to come a weapon pack 

  • Henry

    Yes, a weapon map pack would awesome! Infinity Ward should also make some brand new maps. The two big MW2 maps that they should bring back are Terminal and Scrapyard. Those are my favorite.

  • Henry

    Yes, a weapon map pack would awesome! Infinity Ward should also make some brand new maps. The two big MW2 maps that they should bring back are Terminal and Scrapyard. Those are my favorite.

  • Johnyyy

    What they should make? Adding Terminal and Favela(or Highrise) and other two Mw maps
    A weapon pack with: Intervention, M40A3 and other 2 guns

  • Mcphersondaniel26

    Why not just put in the other games. I’m bored with theese maps, why would I pay for shit I’m bored with. New maps is all that we need. Not old shit.

  • BabyRocketLauncher

    I’ve already payed for the fucking maps by buying COD4 and the dlc for MW2, why the FUCK would I want to pay for them a 3rd time? It better be free.

  • Hello

    Sandy sent meeee

  • Amnon

    id want to have the mw2 map skidrow

  • insert name here….

    definitely add favela. one of the best maps in my opinion.

  • MrPablo456

    I think they should have new spawning techniques, for example in the map WASTELAND from mw2. They should have TF141 come in on the helicopter. As well as having teams droped in or start battle from a new exciting view during the countdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skateralmost

    Alpha, Bravo, Exchange, Lambeth, Paris, Warlord? Are those also new maps

  • chrisman06

    they could add more than old maps!they could put new 1s or even gun packs!!!

  • Theopticsniperzz


  • Shadhas

    WHY OVERGROWN no one liked it when they put in in mw2 whyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • cpb101

    any other of these names look different to anyone else?
    plaza 2

    paris is most likely resistance, but I can’t think of what these other maps could be. any idea?

    • OldMaps>NewMaps

      Those are most likely Campaign maps.

    • Lph4life21

      Lambeth was seatown

  • HaloOfDuty


  • Mp1st

    theres highrise and quarry and shipment et al there as well in the vision files

  • CODGamesAretheBest

    how about adding,broadcast,district,backlot,pipeline,Bloc,bog,downpour, to that from COD4 those where good maps to 

  • Herro Kitty

    anyone up for rust?

  • hgjfhfirugbjktyrhyt

    you need 2 bring back makin from world at war

    • Travis

      this is iw not 3arc 3arc made waw 

  • Krivdamatt

    If I was infinity ward I would put the list of mw1 and mw2 maps and have people vote for four or five that they want on mw3

  • NoNameHere?

    I think Terminal from MW2 should come back it was by far my fav map in MW2

  • Alesz15

    A free map pack with 8 classic maps will turn happy a lot of cod fans:
    Cod 4:
    Strike, crash, overgrown and crossfire.
    Highrise, Favela, Terminal and Aghan.

  • Azn Player

    Favela, Terrninal, Rust, Trailer Park, and Shipment (from CoD: MW). MW3 needs more small maps. As for the stuff embedded into the game, they are most likely not going to happen. I remember in MW2, there was a hidden game mode (it was capture the nuke and everything is in slow motion). That game mode did not happen, although it was pretty fun. There’s is also a good chance the maps will come since there will be 20 content drops for ELITE. So its a 50/50 chance.

  • trolol

    boredom brought me here, but then a took an arrow to the knee.

  • Haidy_masria

    SandyR send me to

  • hunterdogg

    the only map i’d like to see is shipment


    This is a page dedicated to try and get these maps on the disc. join the movement, voice your opinion 

  • Gustavloven

    i’d love more MW2 maps! like highrise, afghan, karachi etc 

  • Daanvdekken

    I’d Really Really like to see skidrow,Terminal,favela again 🙂

  • PlayBeforeYouJudge.

    I know its gonna sounds crazy, but I wanna see some world at war maps an black ops Lol, I mean know those are many different companys etc.. but they all had nice maps.

  • PlayBeforeYouJudge.

    Here’s maps I hope to see, Bailout, Crash, Chinatown, Vacant was alright, Favela, Terminal, I loved Fuel, Highrise I know we have overwatch, but Highrise just seems much better, estate, derail, Invasion, karachi, skidrow, Hell if you guys could also ask the Treyarch to bring some of there maps in the game I’d pay 25$ for this entire pack, an if you guys added maybe so old or new guns I’d be even happier So I’d pay maybe up to 30$-35$ told for this all. But these ideas are just me.

  • Panophobie

    The reason for these files is simple, the developers are ABSOLUTELY LAZY. They dont care about the game and less about what it looks like “behind the scenes”. They use the same files and engine for every modern warfare and just add the new weapons/maps/camos. So dont think about the old maps in new games, you’ll be very disappointed if you do so.


    You also have to realize that mw3 is very different game when you play it. It doesn’t play like mw2 or cod4 so throwing old maps in there can be a good or a bad thing. Most of the guns are different and theres even a few new game modes which can cause a lot of havoc.

  • The Truth

    I never played CoD 4 but the maps from mw2 that has to be there are: Underpass, Scrapyard, Derail, Rust and Wasteland. All other maps are shit, especially Karachi, Invasion and Rundown aswell as Estate. Nuff said, no arguments. In case there are arguments, they are rendered invalid by my authority.

  • Carl Toolan

    Terminal, I want to see terminal so Bad

  • Carl Toolan

    I want bloc, shipment, bog, countdown,wet work and china town from CoD 4, terminal, afghan, favela and carnival from mw2

  • Carlo Montino

    best cod 4 maps (in alphabetical order):

    -Crash (especially Winter Crash)
    -Wet Work

    all remaining maps were equal to, or better than your average mw2, black ops and mw3 maps.

    if infinity ward brings back these maps, it would be the BEST thing that happened to Call Of Duty since COD 4.. oh wait >_>

  • negaraku elek