COD: Advanced Warfare is Built on a New Engine, Says Sledgehammer

According to Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is built on a new engine with efforts focused fully on the next-generation version of the game.

Audio Director Don Veca, also an ex-Visceral employee, lends his efforts to Advanced Warfare’s revamped sound design. Veca originally lent his talents to the popular horror-survival games of the Dead Space series, which had a very strong audio impact on its players. But to him, that’s in the past. What he’s working with now is on a whole different level.

“Dead Space was Dead Space,” he says. “That was a long time ago. That’s like bragging about being on the football team in high school.”

“We’ve had two and a half years to create brand-new tech to control and support this game. It’s something like 10 times the memory since this is next-gen. With all this extra memory and new mixing technology, we don’t have to compress everything. We can make things longer and let them breathe.”

GameInformer describes moments in Advanced Warfare’s single player campaign that were far more tense and atmospheric than what most Call of Duty veterans might be accustomed to.

Visually, the game is a clear improvement over 2013’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. While it’s still coming to older platforms this November 4, including the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Advanced Warfare will show its true strength on next-gen and PC, says Sledgehammer.

Earlier, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg commented on the positives of Call of Duty’s new three-year, three-studio development cycle, mentioning that it “gives [these studios] the freedom to fail in the creative process.” Along with a visually improved Call of Duty experience, it also leads to “new core mechanics” and “new approaches within the game,” says Hirshberg.

Source: GameInformer, June Issue

  • Orlando Jamar

    That’s wut they said last year

    • Guest

      Funny because the same can be said about Frostbite 3.0.

      • mechcell

        *Frostbite 2.0 debuted in 2011 with Battlefield 3.
        Frostbite 3.0 debuted in 2013 with Battlefield 4.*

        • Mr. Thuggins

          Which is what happens with the CoD developers. Every two years, each developer has a “new” engine. Now it’ll be every three years.

          • Cod4ever

            Well it’s the generation. Want better engine….. Just heave to wait.

        • Orlando Jamar

          No u can differences between 2.0 and 3.0

  • MegaMan3k

    “New” engine is something gamers don’t understand.

    They criticize Ghosts for being called “new” when it was an iterative improvement but are fully comfortable calling Frostbite 3.0 a “new” engine despite it being iterative from its predecessors. Similarly with the UE engines. Gamers draw all these little arbitrary lines to justify their crappy opinions.

    That said,

    I don’t give two craps what the graphics look like. Fix the networking. Fix that horrible desync’d movement and camera and latency and all that outrageous garbage that has utterly trashed the once great MP franchise. I don’t give two damns if it looks shiny or has all these polys and post processing filters if it continues to play like crap.


    Use standard ports FFS so that it plays nice with UPnP.

    • lMattW

      I would put money down that this is the same engine with enhancements. It doesn’t make sense to build a new engine that’s supposed to last for a generation (or more) and force it to work on the 360 and PS3, and it doesn’t make sense to use a different engine for new and old generations.

      If we ever do get an all new engine I highly doubt it’ll be until CoD is an 8th gen only release which could be next year but probably not till 2016.

      • Cod4ever

        Bf4 might have the same engine. From frostbite 2 to frostbite 3, it just seems like an upgrade.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      ‘Frostbite 3’ new engine it’s different from brand new. ‘Frostbite 3’ had some major changes, ‘IW Engine’ didn’t. Better visuals, “dyanamic” maps and a pair of new animations isn’t quite “new”. Every game comes with better graphics and animations then it’s predecessor, most of the times anyways. ‘Frostbite 3’ didn’t had a leap like it did from ‘Frostbite 1.5’ to 2, but it had any more changes than the ‘IW Engine’ did for Ghosts. Dynamic Water, new animations, better sounds, better visuals, better destruction, Levolution (yes, it’s an engine change) and so on. And it’s normal for it not to have a leap like ‘Frostbite 2’ did. If you’ve been in BF since the beginning, you’d know that BF games have the “engine leaps” when they make 2 games. For example, BF1942 and BF:Vietnam used the ‘Refractor 2’ engine (made by Refaction Games, which was bought by DICE), both games looked similar. Then BF2 and BF2142 came along, using the ‘Battlefield 2 Engine’, with BF2142 using a modified version of the same engine. (I think that the Battlefield 2 engine was an extremely modified version of the ‘Refractor 2’ engine). BF:BC was announced and had a brand new engine, made from the ground up. BF:BC2 had a leap like the one from BF3 to BF4. Better animations, better sounds, better destruction and all that jazz… Then another major leap came againt with Frostbite 2… Every 2 games there was a major leap, so if there’s a new leap it will probably be in BF5, then in BF7, and so on…

      People talk about stuff when they don’t know shit about it.

      • MegaMan3k

        All that that you just did? I addressed it in my comment.
        “arbitrary lines to justify their crappy opinions.”

        Great job, bucko. 😉

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Yes, but people accept the the word new when it really is new, or at least that you can see that it has some significant changes. Ghosts didn’t have any.

          • Brandon Griffin

            Ghosts did have some pretty big graphical overhauls from MW3, if we’re being fair (there’s still that hideous colour palette and ugly maps unfortunately), and as much as I love BF4 it really doesn’t feel all too different from BF3. Both “new” engines improved their respective games about the same amount. So this is a case of COD haters finding something else to pick at.

            • NuttyTheSquirrel

              As I always said, BF4 feels pretty much like BF3, yes. But if you’ve see BF games, that is normal. BF1942 and BF Vietnam feels EXACTLY the same! Same goes to BF2 and BF2142, BC and BC2, and then finally BF3 and BF4. BF games “innovate more” from 4 in 4 years. Since DICE has an Engine Team who pretty much only works with the engine, they work on new gameplay, animations, visuals and all that jazz. And yes, Ghosts DID HAVE a major graphical overhaul comparing to MW3, but you need to compare it to BO2, or to other games. Ghosts graphics are ok for 2013… But people expect WAY MORE from the so called juggernaut.

      • Cod4ever

        Keep dreaming for bf5 or 7 these bf games numbers aren’t even near for them yet, not near at-all, anyways I think the next bf will be, bad company3 and it might come out on 2015 or 2016…..

        • G R I IVI R O

          Nope…they confirmed that BF5 would be the next field. It’s been announced.

      • das boot

        more people are playing black ops 2 than ghosts on both ps3 and xbox360 sometimes ive seen a difference of more than 50,000 people

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          What does that have to do with what I wrote? + it’s been a month.

    • TheGreaterGamer

      The last time i remembered everyone hated the frostbite 3 engine saying it was frostbite 2 with a new name and people dont like ue engines for graphics and most certainly do not call it new, they like it because its so flexible that half the games made last gen ran on it, many were popular titles.

      but i do agree gameplay over graphics. the problems you stated should take priority now.

    • Nelson B

      you are crazy ! if frostbite 3 was the same as frostbite2 bf4 wouldnt be having all the issues is having ! thats why all the cod feel the same because its the same freaking thing even the engine !

  • Guest
    • MegaMan3k

      Call of Duty deserves the insults.

      It used to be great. Call of Duty 1 was a game changer. Call of Duty 4 was a game changer. WAW, MW2, Black Ops … all some of the greatest multiplayer shooters of the past decade. And then starting with Modern Warfare 3 the series’ quality is an avalanche riding down $*!% mountain.

      • MrMultiPlatform

        But according to you haters it’s the same thing every year.

        • MegaMan3k

          Don’t lump me with them. The series is the disgusting heap of trash it is nowadays because they’re changing all the good parts and leaving all the bad parts.

      • CoDforever

        Black ops 2 is awesome fuck you

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          No it isn’t. Compared to the older CoD’s, It’s utter shit. (not MW3)

          • jj16802

            Agreed, these new games aren’t worthy of the name Call of Duty.

            • Cod4ever

              Bf4 is boring, get trapped in the middle of the vechiels zone and also get killed by you’re teammates and too many players and too big maps and the skyscraper thing just makes the map a whole lit worse!

          • Brandon Griffin

            I’ve had more fun playing BO2 than MW2 by about 5 million light years

            That game is such a mess I don’t know how anyone has fun on it

          • HEYitsBMK

            I disagree, Black Ops 2 was fantastic. The only complaint I hear about it anyway is the lag, but I never even experienced it to a really bad level. The terrible ones were MW3 and Ghosts. Black Ops 2 was actually my favourite. Then MW2, CoD4 and Black Ops 1 are all tied for my second place. Never really played WaW.

        • Mr_Trillionaire

          Black Ops 2 had a much bigger community life then Ghosts and MW3 I must say.

          • G R I IVI R O

            Yup bunch of 5yr olds screamin shit at you! xD

      • betosobreira

        So u deserve an insult ! Fuck you!

        • Mr. Thuggins
          • betosobreira


      • roland0811

        CoD 4 was where it peaked for me. WaW was when when the quality started sliding and it’s been downhill ever since.

    • MrSunshine

      Ironically, Activision said people that play Call of Duty aren’t gamers. Or something like that.

  • Primeee

    Infinity Ward said new engine for Ghosts but their definition of new isn’t exactly what everyone else’s is so I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • MegaMan3k

      If your only interpretation of “new” is “started from scratch,” then I think you’ll find there are far fewer “new” engines than you probably think.

      • Jason Lane


      • Its all new in a relative sense. It exist I’m CoD now, than before. Therefore it is new. Now something new in general, but new to the series. Black ops II used havok physics for the first time in the franchise. That’s new, to Call of Duty.

    • xHDx

      Even though i want to believe that this *new* engine isn’t new in terms of when it was created, I think it’s safe to say from the screen and vid that this is both types of *New*. At least I hope. Things like Ray Tracing should be introduced if it’s a new engine. Especially on PC version.

  • anchorman

    Mp1st please report on some other gaming news. I hate this cod crap like most people but buy it any way but I need info on other games. Or is Mp1st being paid to report on cod…..

    • What news out there would you rather us report? This information is new and appealing to those who are interested in COD, and given the player count, that’s a lot of gamers. I’m sure if there is more news out there we’ll be glad to share it. We don’t get paid to voice our opinions.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Well said! I hate this “idiots” saying things like “OMG 5 COD ARTICLES IN WITHIN 24 HOURS! MP1ST HAS CHANGED!”

        MP1st isn’t called “We post articles about every single game, but not CoD”. I think it means Multiplayer 1st, but I’m not sure.

        And it’s “CoD news season”, since we’re in May. There is no other game news at this time other than something major in the gaming world happens, like if E3 is canceled, a new game (that looks pretty good) is announced or some leak about Watch_Dogs comes along, since we’re 2-3 weeks from release. People don’t seem to thing when they open their mouth, and most of the times, that makes me think that they have their intestines attach to their brains. A pretty good example is when Bob (Bob is every guy that writes the following) says/writes things like “*insert cursing here* spawn killer *insert insult here”. What the fuck was the guy supposed to do? Let Bob kill him? NO, of course that “the guy” killed Bob, which unfortunately just spawned.

        Some people just make me go state: “I don’t even… anymore…”…

        • It is Multiplayer First 🙂

        • anchorman

          First of all keyboard warrior dont call people you dont know “idiots” you might get hurt one day if you go around mouthing off in life. Second of all did you not read my comment properly as I did state I and one of those that will buy cod dispite all the moaning it will receive. All I asked was for something none cod related and look this morning new news shock horror.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            If there’s only CoD news, that’s what you will get. Period.

      • Buer buer

        Dayum nigga you went in! I don’t play cod anymore but your post is true my nigga

    • MegaMan3k

      Did you miss the Destiny frenzy the other week? Or the Titanfall two months ago? Or the big Watch_Dogs info dump a week or two ago?

    • marpla78

      well i guess all the games give money to the site at some point…is part of the work so i dont mind.

    • RustyFrags

      Tons of Call of Duty news is being revealed at the moment, hence the reports.

    • jameslara

      It’s because it’s what we have the most of right now. We are writing other news, but because of the inflow of news coming about COD we just continue to report on it. Don’t get me wrong, I HATE seeing just COD on the front page, but it’;s whats available while everything else is scarce.

    • I’m not sure what you want us to report on? We are multiplayer centric site and we will continue to report on multiplayer games. It’s Call of Duty season, so expect lots of Call of Duty news, we’re sorry you may be upset that there isn’t any other game out there in our sights releasing news, but we will gladly report on it when the time comes. And like Shawn said, we don’t get paid to voice our opinions.

    • Lol damn the whole staff went in on you LMFAO!!

    • Cod4ever

      Cod advanced warfare has better graphics, nearly everyone says all over this part of the internet zone/website and also just look at mp1st and see how many likes this cod has.

  • RustyFrags

    Looks like a good game, honestly.

    We’ll have to see at E3.

  • BrokenThinker

    2 more COD articles on the top of the already 4, in the space of a few hours? All this shit could of been put into 1 article. After a few years i’m done with this site. Thanks for the past articles anyways.

    • Kyle Jackson

      So true, it’s got really bad here now, sloppy journalism might be my time to leave too.

      • Brandon Griffin

        Wait–you’re leaving because they are reporting news that’s current?

  • CoD is great but over reviewed

  • SubXero

    You know what… you need to start having betas again. I know that has absolutely no chance of happening though. Activision is too afraid that the hype will die down and the mystique will vanish thus impacting sales.

    • TheGreaterGamer

      are you kidding with what EA does with Battlefield im suprised they dont do betas they are practically demos for hype these days.

      • SubXero

        I’m not talking about Battlefield or EA here. Are you just trying to take a shot at BF/EA or are you saying you think demos and betas are a good idea? More often than not, demos and betas negatively impact sales and/or pre-order numbers. Google the “research”.

        • TheGreaterGamer

          Betas these days either paid early access like dayz, rust, and all the others on steam or they are demos designed for the purpose of creating hype like EA did with bf4, mohw, and titanfall and if betas negatively affect sales then both devs and pubs would see that their sales will be even worse with a broken game like bf4. The bf4 beta even for the short time it was out would have caught the most glaring of bugs but since it was a demo they didnt fix anything because it was made for hype.

          Cod should not only release a beta to fix bugs in the game but also to get feedback from the players to add things that would better it when it hit offical release.

    • I have to ask, apart from Call of Duty XP when have they every done a public or even closed beta?

      • SubXero

        Last one I remember was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

      • Buer buer

        Last one was actually [email protected] You can check out old beta gameplay on YouTube

  • Playmaker

    Mmmm new engine sounds tasty to me. Give me that 60 fps. So smooth. Sledgehammer please confirm resolutions on xb1 and ps4so I can make a decision and decide if I will like this game.

  • calcu007

    LOL, past year they said is a new engine used in COD: Ghost. At end they said it is same engine with some modifications

    • Brandon Griffin

      It’s pretty obvious that’s what they mean, isn’t it? How many companies do you see building engines from the ground-up?

      • Mr_Trillionaire

        Not enough of them,

        • Brandon Griffin

          I fully agree there, but even so an engine takes years to perfect all dev time would just come to a grinding halt and we’d have no games if everyone stopped to make a brand new engine. And if so many devs are recycling upgraded engines then why is it such a crime for COD to do it?

          • Mr_Trillionaire

            Releasing the same dam game on the same engine year after year gets a little repetitive

  • TheGreaterGamer

    The single player looks interesting and hopefully the multiplayer is not just cod with exosuit crap sprinkled in because if i want that i’ll play crysis 3. i do question why this is set in the future since they already have the black ops and ghost series in that setting and pretty much every shooter is in that setting too.


    This would have been great

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  • pot51e
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  • theplantain

    i call bs….they said the same thing about Ghosts and BO2…then later said “oh, we’ve made so many changes, technically its not the same engine anymore”

    • Ryan ‘Ryman’ Clark

      This is so true. So many devs are quick to say it’s a new engine. Bethesda did the same thing when all they did was improve the renderer.

    • Cycovision

      Well that’s all an engine is. You think Epic lays down all new code for the Unreal engine? No they pile on new shit, the difference between CoD and say Unreal is CoD has a new updated engine every single year with a heavy console market whereas Epic releases one every 5-6 years and license it to other companies.
      A comparable market is operating systems, Windows lays down a huge new OS (using the same kernel since the 90s) whereas say Ubuntu or Fedora release 1-2 versions a year (using the same kernel since the 90s)

  • therapiist

    “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is built on a new engine” I heard that before

  • Jamic

    Well, its clearly not but I dont give a fuck as long as they can create something new and refreshing with it.

    I always liked IDtech 3 either way.

  • Cod4ever

    I liked this!!!! This graphics are actually better then bf4’s just go on any other websites and you’ll see the same thing. Now you can’t hate on this!

    • Frag Wall

      Call of Duty is not about graphics *facepalm*

  • Frag Wall

    Okay, I love AW and Bo3 but c’mon wtf is up with the running animation? It looks lame and laughable.