Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Leveling And Unlocking System Detailed

Treyarch very own, David Vonderhaar, gives the community an insight as to what to expect from the unlocking system of Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 will feature a total of 55 ranks, and in terms of how much XP that is Vonderhaar has said that it’s expected to be much like World At War and Modern Warfare (1), but at a faster rate of leveling with the added medals and challenges.

Much like previous titles by Treyarch, you’ll unlock the “create class” at level 4. The new system, however, will add 1 unlock token for every time you level up. So  when you’ve reached level 4 that means you have 4 tokens to spend on unlocks. Luckily though, at level 4 you’ll be given the following for free.

  • 1 Assault Rifle
  • 1 SMG
  • 1 LMG
  • 1 Shotgun
  • 1 Sniper Rifle
  • 1 Perk from each of the 3 perk categories
  • 1 lethal grenade
  • 1 tactical grenade/equipment

Additionally, besides these you’ll have other unlocks such as the Wildcards that the Token can be used for.

Level 5: Perk

Level 6: Equipment

Level 7: Scorestreak (3 free and 3 optional ones to unlock with tokens)

Level 8: Perk

Level 9: Scorestreak

After reaching level 10 you’ll begin to notice a “pattern”,with some few exception Vonderhaar stated.

At level 10, we start to settle into a pattern. There are exceptions, but the pattern is generally like this. At every major rank change, which is every 3 levels, we give you a gun and usually “something else” as a bonus for reaching a major rank change.

In general, it goes like this.

  • Level 10 – Weapon + Something Else
  • Level 11 – Equipment (either lethal or tatical).
  • Level 12 – Scorestreak

This pattern then repeats through all 55 levels with some minor statstical variations or bonuses when they make sense and because the math can’t be perfect.

What do you guys think? Does this look like a well balanced system?

Thanks Craig for the tip, source from the official Black Ops 2 forums.

  • Salmonoid75
  • IM Firtst

    FIRST!!!! :DDDDD <3

    • Guest

      And last to get laid! :D. Finished your sentence!

  • Nighthawk_0430

    The guy below me is a douche for the fact that he made his tag IM Firtst. Now onto the article, this makes me a whole lot happier now that it has been detailed out, makes a lot more sense. Cant wait to try it out when BO2 comes out. NOW WHERES THE ZOMBIES INFO?!?! 🙂

  • Rhys Campman-Williams

    Well this has decided it for me. Not getting Black Ops Two then.

    • Joe

      Agree — this leveling system sounds absolute shit.

      • PS3Nicka

        why decide not to get the game on the smallest piece of info given and for anything that call of duty has done wrong in the past why the leveling system? there are some many other issues that need to be fixed more than the leveling/ranking systems or do you guys write the same thing on every BOPs 2 post? how would you two prefer it to be and how would you make it better?

        • Rhys Campman-Williams

          I really hate to prestige, in fact I find it mindbogglingly dull and forcing me to prestige to unlock everything is just the straw that broke the camels back for me.

          • PS3Nicka

            yeah fair call – makes sense

          • inFamous2-VIC

            If you were good and had time, you wouldn’t have to worry about prestiging, THE WHOLE REAL POINT OF BUYING A GAME IS TO FINISH IT. You didn’t pay 30 dollars for it, you paid the full $59.99. Might as well don’t buy any game if you plan on playing it. (Ones that are only for entertainment purposes i.e. PACMAN can’t compare with this) sir.

            • Rhys Campman-Williams

              What? I don’t like prestiging and now, if I want everything…I have to.

              Make sense? So yes `might as well don’t buy game` seems common sense to me.

      • Out of all the stupid recycled crap that is COD the leveling system broke it for you? Seriously???

        • Its recycled because it clearly out preforms every other game in sales by a mile. Its an arcade fps. If you dont like it, get over it and go play something else.

          • i do and callled BF3 + halo… just because people buy up something like candy on halloween does not make it good, espesially if its the same candy year after year after year in a different wrapper.

            • Its like getting mad at a rich man for selling bottled water every year and only changing the wrapper. It works every year so why would he change it? COD changes every year more than people give it credit, at least on 3archs end of it.

      • Michael

        The Leveling Is Perfect

    • Michael

      Stop Complaining

  • Where’s my ZUMBIZ!?

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  • What benefits do we get for prestiging? Same as before? Extra create-a-class?

    • So far all we know is there’s 55 levels, with 1 unlock token for each level. There’s over 100 pieces of content. To get it all you’ll have to prestige. Other than that no other benefits have been revealed.

      • As long as the “content” isn’t “reset stats” or like that useless emblem/title from MW3, I’m OK with that. I guess.

    • CobraG7

      They have said that there will be even more incentive to prestige this time around. so you will have to prestige to unlock everything.

      • Correct, but they have yet-to-be revealed and probably won’t be until we all get the game. I hope they bring a form of an upgraded Prestige Shop back. I like having a choice on what I want for prestiging.

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  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    As glad as I am that Treyarch is overhauling create-a-class, I’m really hoping the new system isn’t as convoluted as it sounds to be on paper. Every COD release is always made to sound overly complicated, on release we find out that the opposite is true. Personally, I wish they would just release a public beta in September and let us actually see how it plays firsthand.

    • CobraG7

      agreed, but the likelihood of that is slim to none. Call Of Duty betas died after CoD 4, or possibly World at War. Can’t remember which one.

      • PlatinumSoldier

        they don’t want to dissapoint you already

    • 1 reason, a beta would probably to big.
      reason 2, people may not like the game and may not buy it on release

      • bob

        You dont need beta for copy and paste shit

  • CobraG7

    We still have not been told how we will unlock attachments, camos, playercard emblem layers and backgrounds. I assume this will be revealed in late Septembers customization reveal..

    • Vahn already stated you unlock camo’s through challenges. The playercard hasn’t been talked about at all yet. Attachments are also through leveling up.

      • CobraG7

        Really? Where did he say that? I would have thought that he mentioned it in the IGN interview. I would guess that the challenges for the camos are possibly kill/headshot related. The playercard, I can understand, that goes under the umbrella of customization. Are attachments given randomly or specifically for each weapon or for every weapon in a group ex. Shotguns? Do you have to use the weapon to get the attachments for it like MW3?

        • Check his Twitter more often. He answers questions all the time there. He actually answered the camo question last night.

          • CobraG7

            @google-55c6ea84f26b71e18714606ec43f11f4:disqus @PR0TENTIAL:disqus Thank you. I do tend to check his @replies from time to time and I will definitely check more often.

            • No problem, feel free to send him your own questions. He usually answers a good portion each night.

        • landonzuchowski

          I believe Vahn said it on Twitter.

    • Michael

      just give it time there will reaveal more stuff later on

  • Cant wait for this series to die already there are other games that have Multiplayer other that CoD

    • I was beginning to feel that way until I seen the improvements Black Ops 2 made. I think BO2 is the redemption game for the COD franchise. Just my opinion, though.

      • What they need to do to bring the series back from the 12-15yr olds that buy anything that only takes half a brain to play is bring it back to the way it was in CoD4 then improve on that. First try not having 521 kill streaks, and balance the weapons and perks post launch or maybe even have a public beta again so the game isn’t filled with glitches day one the same glitches they had in the last game *cough* Carepackage glitch brought back from mw2 with Terminals release CTL+C CTL+V . Secondly add DEDICATED SERVERS there is no reason none at all that the game that makes the most money YEARLY out of any entertainment source doesn’t have dedicated servers. And Finally take time off like 3 years and create a new engine for it and a great game not one from 1999 and don’t give me that heavily modified BS because your fooling yourself if you think the game is different besides lighting its the same shit repackaged for 60+tax

        • What business sense would it make for Activision to withhold Call of Duty for 3 years? That’s not going to happen. Call of Duty isn’t the only game out there with a short development cycle, almost every game these days not developed by Valve go through short dev cycles.

          Call of Duty 4 was great and is still easily the best COD ever but you have to take chances to improve and differentiate the games each release. I agree that they need to limit the amount of kill streaks and to add dedicated servers but we need to look at this in a business sense. It’s easy for us to complain when we aren’t the ones in control. It’s just the way gaming is these days.

        • name

          I hate your kind of comments, as if the kids of the 90’s weren’t playing doom, mortal kombat, gta 2 etc.

          You arrogant fuck.

          • My point is that they didn’t make the games back then cater to new players they were and still are hard

        • HBK

          LOL these comments are hilarious. If you don’t like killstreaks then play Barebones, but I guess that’s too difficult. IDK how much Dedicated Servers cost, but it would still cost in the millions. A new engine would’ve been nice, but it’s not that necessary (especially with NextGen on the horizon, if they don’t have a new engine for PS4/XBOX 720 even I won’t buy it, a COD fan). You don’t realize people like the core of COD and want new FEATURES. That’s what most people want. They have playlists for people like you, but that’s not good enough. EVERYONE has to suffer from your perspective.

          • Plenty of games do dedicated servers; Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3 to name a few. Deploying dedicated servers is not out of the question for the Call of Duty franchise, they just choose not to. They think their P2P format is good enough, and sometimes it’s not.

          • How is taking time to improve something going to cause anyone to suffer?

        • Jimmy

          You know each game has a 2 year development time, right?

          • MW3 was only 8 months from what ive heard

      • PS3Nicka

        I agree, I was feeling the same way – but what happens after this one? Is IW going to do what they did with MW3 and not take any of the enhancements across to their next title? I’m really excited for BOPS2 but because of that I’m scared for what we are going to see in 12 months time…

        • Who’s to say we’ll see an IW title after BO2?

          • PS3Nicka

            well that is true but I remember reading somewhere a while back about IW having job vacancies for jobs working on a ‘shooter title franchise’, It won’t be Treyarch as the development cycle is 2 years so it maybe IW working with sledgehammer etc… Question is will it be for current gen or next gen with whoever makes next years Call of Duty

      • The improvement I’m looking for is specifically on the PS3. If they didn’t fix the problems that BO1 had on that system, I’m not buying it. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until release to rent the game on there because Treyarch won’t say anything about the PS3 version. I understand their relationship with MS but they could give us PS3 players a bone as to whether or not they’ve fixed the problems from the first game.

    • Why would you want something to die that gives enjoyment to millions of people? You shouldn’t be as pessimistic.

    • jackinthebox

      The frustration and hate in you will last for a long long time. Why? There are 3 COD titles in the top 20 XBL list, most weeks there are 5. So keep that hatred going and suffer.

    • Michael

      Your Just Sorry @ TheGame

    • jellybeanman

      Don’t you understand COD is still alive because though the other companies have multiplayer they all suck. Look at crisis, brink, homefront, battlefield bc2, and 3, medal of honor, mdeal of honor warfighter, the list goes on and on of these companies trying to de-thrown COD, and even worse the cod comunnity is always looking for a game to do so, the noob tubes from mw2, ghost from blops and the mess that was mw3, but none succeed because they are all half assed, they’re not 60fps, so they not as smooth, their graphics aren’t even close (the important graphics). battlefield has great environments but the guns look like shit, who wants to run around with a bag of shit gun. cod 4s guns look better than bf3s guns and it’s like 4 years older. until a company gets their shit together and releases a game that’s not half assed cod will reign supreme.

      • You are stupid as shit if you truly believe that. The only reason that cod is on top is because its so easy to play. My girlfriend who hates FPS games and only plays sims and mario titles can get on CoD and get kill streaks All the games that you mentioned are a lot more put together than CoD. BF3 looks way better than any CoD. Open your eyes and really look at the whole picture the reason CoD is running at 60fps is because it can run on a rock every other company has passed it up on current hardware and has to lower the settings to run it on Xbox/PS3. Get out of your Fan-boy box look at some PC Screen shots of those games you call half assed and you will see where CoD really is on having their shit together Same shit every year same textures same colors. i can make a brown square spin at 120 fps that fact alone doesnt make it the best game ever stop believing the hype

  • Don’t really like the way this sounds, but whatever. Everything else has looked good so far.

  • Cycovision

    Interesting to say the least. The main thing I’m wondering is, Vahn stated that guns are still level based. So does the “1 of each type of gun” mean there’ll be only two guns of each to choose from? Or will some only have 1 gun (say shotguns or snipers)? I guess we’ll have to wait for a full list to see exactly how well this balances out. Sounding good so far, can’t wait until we get full details and zombies info

    • There are several rifles and SMGs. At least 3 shotguns, at least 3 snipers and at least 3 LMGs by what was shown at Gamescom. Officially, there is no final count yet of guns of each type.

  • ciaran1996

    it will still take ages to level up . cod 4 leveling up was such a drag

    • Michael

      took forever to levil up in cod 4

  • It looks to me like the token unlock system and the pick-10 create-a-class system do not have good synergy with each other. If you wanted the player to appreciate the flexibility of the pick-10 system, then the player should be allowed to use an unlock token to unlock any one thing at any level. That way, the player doesn’t have to waste time unlocking anything that would never be used in pick-10. I was hoping that Treyarch wouldn’t give the players incentive to create class diversity, but it looks like that is exactly the intent.

    • PS3Nicka

      I’m going to keep my judgements until I’ve played a few weeks and see how it actually feels with the leveling system, but you make some good points

  • hbk

    levelling guns for attachments: I HATE that! oh well, can’t have everything.

  • AS


  • Duxa xD

  • Skeptical First-world kid

    If you have to prestige to unlock everything, then what happens WHEN you prestige? do you lose everything or keep everything (which defeats the purpose and therefore it should no longer be called ‘prestige’)? Maybe we’re overcomplicating things.

    • Lufamos

      Naw man you keep everything you unlocked so that you can have everything that is in the game when you reach the last prestige

  • codplayer

    what about the extra levels on the higher prestiges will you unlock the weapons later or extra weapons and stuff then?

  • dario huallpa

    CoD is shit, why you play it if it is always the same?

  • juan


  • MrLadyFingers

    Zombies damnit.. that’s all we want.

  • cheeseburger eddy

    I have loved everything about black ops 2 until I read the part with leveling up like the original modern warfare. That took soo long to level up in that game and anybody who played should agree. I still have the highest hopes for BO II but they defiantly need a lot more ways to earn xp than modern warfare

  • Fheggot

    Gotham City Imposters unlock system pretty much.