Could Old CoD Maps be Coming to Modern Warfare 3? – Name Changes of Liberation

Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, goes through the names Liberation once had, and shares his personal wish list of which old Call of Duty maps he would want to play in MW3.

Bowling explained that initially “Liberation was called Park,” remember the screenshot teaser. However, the name was changed based on fan feedback. Robert noted, “everyone said it’s a horrible f**king name. That’s the best you could come up with?” The team realized that the fans had “a solid point.” This led to changing the map’s name to ‘Central Park’. However, “the lawyers freaked out” over the legal ramifications, according to Robert Bowling during a Machinima live stream. Bowling went on to add, “I think, at the end of the day, we could have possibly called it Central Park,” but this wasn’t meant to be because the team behind Modern Warfare 3 decided to “give it a Call of Duty-esque name.”

Bowling commented on possible DLC drops other than maps and missions. The Call of Duty content calender highlights 20 drops, two of which are “classified” dropping in August and June. Bowling entertained the possibility of gun DLC. In terms of maps, back in November we reported on Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 map files found in Modern Warfare 3. When Bowling was asked whether the team behind Modern Warfare 3 would bring any old maps back, he stated “I don’t know yet.” Bowling added that from a personal standpoint, he “would love to see CrossFire, Backlot, Favela, and [his] favorite two Call of Duty maps ever, Overgrown and Crash.” Interestingly, four of the maps Bowling mentioned are allegedly included in MW3’s map files.

What old maps would you like to see in future DLC?

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  • It would be nice, if they spend time with developing maps from CoD4, e.g. Strike or District. Certainly maps from MW2 are important too (Highrise or sth.).


  • Even though I hate game developers for bring old maps via DLC, I never played mw1- mw2 so I admit bais.  I like to see Terminal to return because that  maps look fun.

  • Chicagobulls5465

    I want them to do what Treyarch did to Hazard and redesign some of the old maps

  • guest

    Bring back Karachi and Derail from MW2!

    • Anonymous

      Ugh. Two of my least liked maps. Too much camping at the top of both.
      I’d love Terminal, Scrapyard, and Highrise.

      • Knox

        Haha yea never bring back derail, EVER

  • Ref

    None how about new maps for a new game.

  • you know its funny cod fans keep saying give us old maps give us old maps! yet they say mw3 is new 😀

  • Infinity Ward = Best recyclers on this earth, screw thinking of a new map, just “update the textures” on an old map and boom dlc packs. 
    I have disdain for them because of the way they didn’t tell the community the truth, the stealthclown can keep a secret, he should be head CIA

  • Prince-of-cod

    The only reason I am playing MW3 is just because I hope that I get to play OLD maps. I hate MW3 maps because they are too small. I must congrats IW and related teams for producing camper free maps. Campers were biggest challenge to FPS games ever. However they forgot that providing multiply access routs to one area will discourage campers. On the other hand it will become more complicated to play normal.

    Apart from few medium size maps most of them are puzzles. The moment you spawn and in next second you are dead man again. You don’t even get to think what you should next and you are down again.

    For me it does not matter new game with old maps. I love all MW2 maps. I play to enjoy playing rather complaining therefore my approach is “what is the use of new map when they are unplayable compare to older maps which no matter how long we play we still enjoy”.

    Thank you MP1st for brining this question. You guys are our VOICE. We would be grateful if you kindly ask Mr. Bowling if we ever get dedicated servers for COD. At least he could explain why they are not providing us with dedicated servers.

    • biggrochy

      Its a funny old game you can camp with a sniper rifle, quick scope and all the other crap you get with them and its ok. set yourself up with a good feild of fire with a lmg and you are a camper “all hail the double standard” of game playin all the cod games. Its about winning and as long as you dont cheat hack or boost winners are grinners

  • Markiejiggy

    Although I love the old games I have paid good money for elite and it has not delivered at all and it would be. Very lazy for this team to put these on. I want new maps if I wanted the old content I would play the old games. Pull your fingers out and stop resting on your laurels, as gamers we deserve better and to be honest I’m beginning to think the a division etc are just taking the mickey. They charge and extra £5 for the game anyway (unless you shop around) then get the day of release adopters to purchase the elite with a promise of new monthly content which has taken nearly 3 months to appear. Must say I’m feeling a little disappointed. I
    Not a complaining troller I’ve played games for over 20 years on many different consoles and it just feels like a cashcow.

    • Atlantabraves90212

      shut your butt up! i would love for some old maps to come back! if they bring back old maps it would be awesome! as someone else said, you play to win, and the old maps were some good momnets! bring them back 2012!

      • SiLeNt DeAtH

        preach it!

  • Diogenes

    Bog, Crash, Crossfire and Killhouse from Cod4 were awesome. Upheaval, Dome, Seelow, Castle and Asylum from WaW. Nuketown and Firing Range from Blops.

  • Bigb4mbu

    Broadcast was always good for some intense rounds.

  • De_Facto

    Afghan and Wasteland !!


    This is a page dedicated to try and get these maps on the disc. join the movement, voice your opinion

  • DDC clan

    Bring back bloc and ambush

  • Mrshizz

    how about you just bring every map back, i love all of IW’s maps they kick ass Backlot and crossfire were awesome and
    Favela and
    Terminal. please just realse all the maps from the old games it cant be that hard to add them into the game.

  • Istillplaymw3

    Usually map packs have 3-5 maps, so since I’m commenting on this after terminal was released, I think they should bring back 4 maps. I think crash ( favorite map of all time) , favela ( perfect for all game modes) , scrapyard ( how could you not like that map) , and shipment for face off

  • rider_of_rohan

    I hope they bring out some more old maps, terminal isn’t my favorite map but its a step in the right direction.

    A lot of people moan and say the old maps should be left in the past, but they are the very foundation of how this game became (arguably) the greatest action game ever, and they are still very playable.

    I do hope crossfire comes back