Counter Strike: Global Offensive Free to Play this Weekend on Steam

Those of you new or unfamiliar with the Counter Strike franchise should be excited to hear that CS:GO, the latest entry in the franchise is going to be Free to Play until 1PM PDT  on Sunday, May 19th via Steam.

CS:GO is, by far, the most user/noob friendly and broadly appealing entry in the franchise and anyone that’s into FPS games should at least give a go.  If you find yourself hooked, you’ll be pleased to know CS:GO is also half-off ($7.49) until 10AM PDT on Monday, May 20th.

  • Jamic

    Fck yeah.

    Its gonna be great, Im not much into simplistic FPS games like CS because it relies so heavily on reflexes (unlike Quake/Urban Terror which have a bit more depth into their simplicity) but Counter Strike is great in a controled group of semi competive players, atleast to me.

    Gotta try it.

  • This site sucks

    I just took a huge shit and and it had the logo of this game on it. WEIRD.

  • Kyle Jackson

    I got given a free copy of Metro 2033 from Game (gonna play it tonight in the dark) So I had to install Steam again for it. I was then greeted with this offer of free CS for 2 days, But I’m going to have to refuse, it was my first FPS and this game took soooo many hours of my life away from me, I can’t, I can’t I can….

    • dont worry csgo sucks

      • Kyle Jackson

        Did you like & play the original, or is this just plain bad?

        • yes ive played CSgo, source,and 1.6 CSGO is the worst out of all of em.

        • Niosus

          It’s not as black and white I’d say. It’s different. Why don’t you just try for yourself this weekend? 😉 If you don’t buy it you can’t play it anyway anymore after it.

          • Kyle Jackson

            But then if I do like it, bye bye life once again ;()

  • DanDustEmOff

    There was a time when this and half life were a major part of my gaming life, this game needs a proper rework adding things like ads and movement that doesn’t feel like your player is strapped to a lollypop stick is a must for an fps.
    Also I think and I may be wrong but this game still runs on the half life engine. Massive upgrade is required to get me back on this game.


  • Sekje

    Great! If I enjoy this game I’ll actually but it with the 50% discount!

  • Louchaz

    If you guys want to play CS:GO for free all year long you should go on‎ ! Its relatively new so players are not that many now but its cool because they organize daily tournaments and you can win money or prizes! did any of you try it?

  • lol


  • lol

    e tareeeeeeeeeeeee