Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Valve Launches Map Workshop

Valve has launched the Map Workshop for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, making it easier for players to discover and play new maps and modes that come straight from the hands of the Counter-Strike community.

With the new Map Workshop, players can find new maps, vote for favorites and subscribe to maps and game modes as well. Upon subscribing, Steam will automatically download and update changed made by the author. Maps from the workshop can be used in quickmatches, private matches through Play With Friends, and offline bots as well.

You can learn all about the Map Workshop in more detail right here.

Thanks, VG247.

  • SandboxDenmark

    Map /Mod support is the way to go. And Steam have done that from day 1 😉

  • Casavult

    PS3 UK/EU release Valve?????

    • Nope

      Lol, how ?

      You cant do mapping on console with their tools.

      • Console suppawt

        TBF the game itself hasnt been releases at all for ps3 europe.

      • Casavult

        Funny because US had an release but UK/EU hasn’t.

      • Casavult

        I wasn’t even meaning for the release of the workshop. I just meant the game itself. It hasn’t even been released in the UK/EU at all…

  • i give up -___-

  • This is so much fun!Also you may want to add that CS_ Assault was added

  • Moondawg001