Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Nerfs the Deagle and Adds New Spectator Mode

Last week, Valve and Hidden Path made a number of weapon tweaks in an effort to fine tune the balance between each along with adding a brand new Team Deathmatch mode.

This week, weapon tuning continues with a notable “nerf” of the Deagle. Additionally, a new feature has been introduced allowing players to spectate friends’ games via GOTV through the ‘Play With Friends’ menu.

Check out the full release notes below:

Release Notes for 1/30/2013


  • Nerfed the Deagle.
  • Added a feature to spectate friends games via GOTV.
    •  In ‘Play With Friends,’ if a friend is on an official matchmaking server the WATCH option will appear next to their name.
  • DM immunity changes:
    •  Default immunity was raised to 10s.
    •  Moving cancels immunity.


  • Fixed dedicated server memory leak.
  • Reserved server with connected GOTV spectators will hold reservation after all players disconnected for at least TV delay time to allow spectators to watch the match to the end.
  • Added convar sv_hibernate_punt_tv_clients to also punt lingering TV spectators after all players disconnected and at least TV delay time elapsed.
  • tv_snapshotrate will now correctly adjust client-side rates automatically for smooth spectating experience.
  • Added convar tv_relayradio, 0 = off, 1 = relay team radio commands to GOTV (default value = 0).
  • Added convar tv_relaytextchat, 0 = off, 1 = relay “say” chat only, 2 = relay “say” and “say_team” chat to GOTV (default value = 1).
  • Team kills and team damage is now preserved for players in competitive games across disconnects and reconnects.
  • Fixed a regression in naming of tv_autorecord demo files.

  • Ksharp

    they couldn’t elaborate exactly how they nerfed the deagle? also, still no suppressors?!

    • DoucheJackson

      because EZMODE

    • Kevin

      They nerfed the deagle because of the complaints that the previous buff on the deagle made it too overpowered. So the only complaints were it being overpowered…They lowered the damage on the deagle.

      But for some reason, they had the idea that it’d be smart to increase the recoil on the deagle to a point where it is impossible to hit anything after the first shot, or at long range.

      You may be lucky with a one-deag, but now it is literally impossible to skillfully go on a deagle headshot spree.

      After you shoot your first shot, it sprays all over the place.

  • Rosemeadshredder

    And console gets none of it!

    • AnalExplorer

      Because its not cheap to release a patch on console. On steam you make a patch then click 1 button and its out for everyone. <- Dean Hall said that

      • If you can’t afford a patch on console , don’t release the game , simple as that

      • OR at least , stack 2 or 3 patch ( with m4 silencer , so next patch please) , an release only one big patch , Should save them $

        • DoucheJackson

          stop talking about things you know nothing about, thx

    • moose


      cs on console

      stick with cod

  • I like how they literally just say, “Nerfed the Deagle” in their official patch notes. lol

    • DoucheJackson

      why is that so amusing

  • god damnit VALVE S.I.L.E..N.C.E.R.S!!!

  • Moondawg001

    annd ps3 players still waiting for even half of what pc players get.. -_-

    • Moondawg001

      p.s deathmatch and zombies