Crysis 3 Gets a Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

You’ve gotten a taste of Crysis 3 multiplayer with the ongoing beta on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, but Crytek is anxious to show off real deal.

The full Crysis 3 multiplayer package is set to include 12 different maps and 8 different game modes, including the unique Hunter mode you’re currently playing in the beta.

To show just how awesome beating each other to a pulp wearing the world’s most advanced technology can be, here is a brand new Crysis 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer from developers Crytek.

What do you think? Are you going to be spending some serious time in Crysis 3’s multiplayer this February 19?

Look forward to our Crysis 3 beta impressions soon!

  • lvl50

    The game is not fun what so ever for me. πŸ™

    • DoucheJackson

      youll need to be a little more vague kthx

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    It’s terrible on 360.

    • isn’t everything?

      • born2expire

        ROFFLE, True, true

      • wtf japan?


    • tanile

      I disagree. It isn’t nearly as impressive looking as on PCs, but it is still one of the best looking xbox 360 games. It also has the fun new hunter mode, and the single player seems to be shaping up nicely (the stories are usually not that good but the gameplay is great)!

    • DoucheJackson

      because 360 is terrible

  • played the beta…its ok but its doesn’t do anything it innovate :/ so its gets boring

  • Love the beta,
    so much fun.looking forward to playing this one in a couple of weeks.Such an improvement to the second one and its only a beta.

  • psychonaut78

    I’ve really enjoyed the beta so far on PS3. Last night was a little laggy tho. Also think the hunter mode is a breath of fresh air, and good fun with friends. Only real downside for me is the fact the guns shoot marshmellows with it taking a mag to down someone.

    • Notorious

      That’s because of the noobie auto armor. Which should be taken out of the game pronto.

      • Noob armour sounds like a cod fanboy here.The armour is just fine thats the whole purpose of the nano suit bud.if it didnt have any advantages then I would be running around looking a can of tuna.

      • Sgt. Mofo

        I feel the implementation is somewhat ingenious because it takes up a skill slot. So once you have gotten your bearings, you can choose to remove it later in order to improve your character.

      • You die alot and blame everything but yourself.

    • DoucheJackson


      • psychonaut78

        Oh wow such a concise response. Thanks for adding so much to this topic. Its appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Dirtknap

      I’m having a lot fun with it, my only concern is whether it will have any real longevity. Both BF and CoD have a decent level of progression and challenges etc to keep you coming back. I’m just not sure how long I would play this title for, or how long it would hold community interest in general. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but it feels like something subtle is missing.

  • asgaro

    I love it! Didn’t play lots of Crysis 2 MP, but this Crysis 3 MP Beta i’ve been playing for hours already. I do play on PC btw. It has a bit more players and overall is more intense.
    Even with everything on Low the game is so beautiful! (I want to play as smooth as possible)
    The more I play, the more addicted I get. And Hunter mode is really fun too.

  • David

    Played the beta last night, after previously playing crysis 2’s beta.. they just seem ehh.

    The menu’s are loaded with everything everywhere, the core gameplay is horrid. Crytek do good things on the pc, but the console side of things needs to improve, but this generation is nearly over, so maybe us console gamers can enjoy a crytek game graphically soon, though the core gameplay needs to improve

  • Game is fun, has some serious balancing issues, but if these corrected it will be fun for a bit, but I don’t see longevity in its future.

  • I played Crysis 2 to death,

    Played Crysis 3 for about 3 hours and got bored of it.

    Nothing new for Crysis or the FPS space for that matter.

    Not to mention the game is generally more dumbed down with the removal of Energy conservation and gimmicks like Auto-Armor and death streaks just broke the camels back.

    Crysis 3 feels like another MOH: WF to be honest. I honestly think the outcome of this game was heavily “guided” by EA accountants and marketing people who believe they know what the consumer “wants”.

  • Just another MoH clone. It’ll be dead after a week or two. Sad because if there was a cod killer it would be crysis.

  • just saying

    I tried the beta on ps3 but the sec. I saw the graphics and texture, I was shocked cause crytek dev. team seem like they disabled all graphic options except for the lens flare on consoles but I already preordered it and I can’t cancel the order so I’m kinda screwed.

    • Pepe Silvia

      Of course the graphics are toned down, it’s a 1.5GB demo….

      • just saying

        I hope so because bf3 beta looked better IMO.

  • Jason

    Having allot of fun with the Beta on 360, huge improvement since 2. Graphics are cut short but i know its a 1.48gb Beta so allot of features are left out. People need to realize that Live only allows 1.5gb for demos and betas and same as psn so it will look and run better on final product but as far as gameplay wise, its good so far!

    • good point

      Good point remember the bf3 beta. Yikes it was ugly but they did not have a lot of the graphics going

  • ASD

    Beta is briliant but i have wiiU. EA os retard

  • CrytekTrySomethingNew

    IMO having the option to cloak and have extra armor at any given point in time is something that challenges MM into something completely different. There should be games designed for either one or the other, not both.

  • Yea little laggy, aiming is not tight but some fun.

  • buttfacebob545

    I can’t believe just how much better and more enjoyable it is, than the second. I remember in the 2nd, jumping, sprinting, armor, and stealth ALL were connected to the same energy meter… now you have unlimited stamina and jump, along with 2 separate energy bars: stealth & armor. Awesome beta

  • Jamic

    no, auto armor really is “noobish” because it blocks every damage without user having to aware of the thread.

    If you deal 100% OHK damage, nanosuite “knows” this and still saves your life even though you didnt know about this threat….

    In short, its ridiculous and messes around too much with the balance of high damage weapons.