Crysis 3 Has Hi-Tech Grass, Advanced PC Graphics Settings Revealed

Yesterday, we told you that Crytek wants to melt your PC. Today, we’re going to show you how.

In a follow-up to yesterday’s reveal of Crysis 3’s minimum, recommended and high-performance PC requirements, PC gamer has learned how you’ll be able to tweak Crytek’s upcoming graphical power-house with its advanced graphical settings.

If you remember, Crysis 2 only shipped with minimal graphics options, including v-sync, game resolution, HUD bobbing, and a general quality setting – options which were later expanded in a patch. This time around, Crytek will be shipping Crysis 3 with plenty of options as well as high-res textures right off the bat on the PC. Among the options below, some new additions include lens flares and anisotropic filtering. Check it out:

Crysis 3 Advanced Graphics Options

  • Game Effects
  • Object
  • Particles
  • Post Processing
  • Shading
  • Shadows
  • Water
  • Anisotropic Filtering
  • Texture Resolution
  • Motion Blur Amount
  • Lens Flares

“As I mentioned, Crysis 3 will already ship with hi-res textures, advanced graphics settings, tessellation and DX11 support,” Crytek’s Technical Director Marco Corbetta told PC Gamer. “Additional tech areas that have been enhanced since Crysis 2 are: AI navigation system, animation system, water, fog volumes, cloud shadows, POM, AA, cloths, vegetation, particles, lens flares and grass.”

He went on to explain some of Crytek’s technical goals with Crysis 3: “One of our big goals was to improve image quality, and a lot of work went into developing several DX11 based anti-aliasing techniques for PC, which means gamers will now be able to pick their favorite—this is relatively involved on a deferred-based engine, since it involves selecting every technique and accessing multi-sampled buffers, versus the usual ‘flip the switch’ approach. On top of an improved tessellation system we’ve also introduced character/vegetation tessellation—and since tessellation performance was still not optimal for the level of detail we wanted to achieve, we also did research into different areas and introduced what we called ‘Pixel Accurate Displacement Mapping’ for macro details with nice real-time self-shadowing.”

In Crytek’s latest gameplay demo video of Crysis 3, you’ll most like have noticed some impressive grass. Yes, grass. It turns out, much effort was put into “grass-tech” in Crytek’s studio. Corbetta explains, “this tech allows us to visualize thousands of individual blades of grass, and is very cost and memory efficient as we can even achieve good results on older console hardware like 360 and PS3. One of the most important things is that this technology is improving gameplay. For example, you can see AI aliens running through the fields and bending individual blades of grass, and things such as projectiles, explosions and wind affect grass movement too. This gives a ‘predator-style’ gameplay experience in the Fields level, which is very in line with the experience C3 wants to offer. There are not many other games that can offer this kind of realistic grass simulation and rendering on a multiplatform basis.”

Are you excited to roll around in some grass – I mean, shoot some aliens in Crysis 3 this February, 2013?

  • my PC melted while looking at the full screen 1080P demo on youtube D:

  • Guest

    can u also see s#*t in the grass?

  • DelucaFTW

    This is VERY impressive. I’m worried about the console version, though…

    • I’m not tbh. All of these details show that the PC version is getting the proper treatment which means the console versions will be the best they could possibly be as it should be.. PC to console>console to PC

    • Dan

      I’m worried that it will be a shallow experience (again?) underneath all that graphics tech.

      • roland0811

        Same here. Crysis 2 was a decent looking game but in the end it was just one long hallway with crap flying at you. No depth at all. But that’s been the trend in shooters for years now. Frontlines: Fuel of War and OFP: Dragon Rising are the only good shooter campaigns I can think of in recent years.

  • so basically each blade of grass moves independently? That’s actually pretty impressive. I’ve always wanted to see the leaves on trees move independently too, really does make it feel more immersive.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this runs at 2 fps on consoles. I wish I had a powerful PC ;______;

    • I’m not tbh. All of these details show that the PC version is getting the proper treatment which means the console versions will be the best they could possibly be as it should be. PC to console>console to PC

      • Dirtknap

        Rather settle? We’re all eagerly awaiting the next gen to hit the market, no settling involved, we just have to work with what we’re given in the mean time. And as much as I like an aesthetically pleasing game my first priority always has to be good game play, which I am sure Crytek will achieve.

        • My apologies, I meant to say ”a great number of the console community” would rather settle as that’s what that demographic believes. I’m still content with my console, but I don’t want to use it forever you know?

          • xalener

            Console fanboys don’t exist. Brand fanboys do. THe PS3fuckers will be ps4 fuckers and the xbox 360 fuckers will be the whatevertheycallit fuckers.

  • long live Crysis ! long live PC gaming !

  • SO If I walk forward in grass, look behind, and see a footprint….
    *says to self*
    Don’t build the game in your mind Clay, lest ye be disappointed

  • FaizanAliNaqvi

    Seeing now that the game is beautiful and as well as improved gameplay wise, DAY FUCKING 1,
    The big sandbox is back, Crytek said the game almost every feature from the first one, Which means we will finally be able to kill people by different ways.

  • netkoanonimni

    c3 didn’t melt my pc… cpu 66c, gpu 55c… 🙂 but it could melt my laptop if i don’t change thermal paste… :/

  • FPSgamer

    rope and grass physics are the cause of substantial fps drop. Also its interesting to note that a game with no Nvidia Physx effects going on, my dedicated Physx Gpu gets rather hot?!

  • Graeme Willy

    Shoot the grass is insane in this game. I get between 31-45 frames per second and never lower anywhere in the game, except for the grass ridden levels…then I get about 21-26 fps…and that’s with tessellation disabled.