Crysis 3 Multiplayer – Earn Up To 72 Hours of Double XP on Opening Weekend

Next week on February 19, Crysis 3 launches on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

To celebrate, Crytek is holding the first ever Crysis 3 double XP multiplayer event during the launch weekend. How long the even lasts is up to you.

Crytek wants you to share this Facebook post for up to 72 hours of double XP. Every 60 shares before midnight on February 14 nets 1 hour of double XP during the launch weekend. According to an image included in the post, 1,000 shares will unlock a bonus mystery item.

Over on Twitter, you can alsoΒ retweet this note 300 times before Thursday for another 6 hours of double XP to be added onto the first double XP weekend.

Crysis 3 is currently in beta on all three platforms and has already received some patching to make the experience smoother.

Happy XP hunting!

  • This really annoys me. I don’t even have facebook.

    • SandboxDenmark

      Good for you πŸ˜‰ Simply enjoy the game at release…

  • but i won’t even play 1 hour of its MP πŸ˜€

    • SandboxDenmark

      Will probably be a good pitstop between BF3 and 4 πŸ˜‰

      • From what i played from the beta its a game that will get boring about a week after you buy it but that’s just my opinion.sad they couldn’t change it from crysis 2

        • Beta

          A beta version of a program, game etc… is an unfinished version released to either the public, a select few or whoever signs up to beta test it for bugs or glitches. It’s primary purpose is to receive feedback on said program, game, etc. and to fix any of said bugs or glitches.

          So they will hopefully improve from the beta.

          • Crysis 2 never changed nothing from the beta to its final product.

          • sorry but betas nowadays are just glorified demos (for online shooters) almost none of em listen to feedback. besides the gameplay is the same as it was in C2 like it or not(i did not) they didn’t change ANYTHING with C3 MP wise from what ive seen.

          • Dirtknap

            Ideally, yeah. But when was the last time you played an open beta in which the subsequent retail release had significant differences? (other than a graphical improvement). Open beta’s tend to be about server load testing etc.

            While I’ve enjoyed the beta, I don’t see it having the longevity to provide enough value, I like Crysis in concept but find the franchise to be hit or miss.

          • NLGamer1995

            They will not change the game drastic and my experiences are the same. I bought crysis 2 and after a week playing it, I stopped playing it, because I didn’t liked it anymore. That doesn’t say that it’s a bad game, but what I played in the beta of crysis 3 is that it isn’t changed a lot. I like the maps, but the way how it plays is the same and that’s good for the crysis fans, but a beta is only for fixing bugs, glitches like you said and not for asking the gamers what they want to change. The changes will be minor and the game will look almost the same as the beta.

          • billy

            Thanks homo, noone knew what a beta was. Until you are a game designer yourself stop trying to sound smart

  • You might as well flip the double XP switch and break the lever.

  • I’m looking forward to this game. If it’s the same as Crysis 2, it isn’t very friendly to casual players. The learning curve for the suit abilities is a bit steeper than most FPS titles.

    • Along with lag & bad hit detection.

      • You are absolutely right. A couple of things, though. One consequence is that in a 1v1 fight, there is always one winner. I like that. None of the Halo, ‘oh, look, you killed each other… with melee attacks’ BS. In my opinion, lag compensation is overdone in most games, and the result is just as bad. As for the hit detection, it can be off. However, when people are cloaked, they can be difficult enough to shoot that the hit detection is the least of my worries.

  • It’s well over 1000 shares, I wonder what the bonus item is.

  • K

    Is anyone getting this for PS3 or 360?

    • I’m getting it on PC… the frame rate on console is much too low.. it’s hard to have a smooth experience

    • just saying

      already pre-ordered it on ps3

    • Jason

      I will be getting it on 360 for the Campaign, the Beta is not bad and i had some fun playing it, if they can smooth things out, i will play MP as well! Next gen can’t come soon enough :/

  • CaseyFTW

    I did like the PC Beta. Except for it’s technical issues, which hopefully will be patched, the hunter mode was very cool. As a hunter and huntee.
    Shame I’m not gonna be part of the openingweekend crowd. As I’m gonna wait to see if EA will grant this game life beyond release.

  • UltraVioletGamer

    I know many people with a PC and Ps3 are going to get this game but i have a question off topic that only some pc players can answer… I am going to buy a new pc > Acer Predator but does somebody knows wich specs you need for crysis 3, battlefield 3 to run it out with 60-80 fps without lag? I dont want to waste $1200 Thanks…

    • 1. Can you post specs? GPU and CPU please.

      2.I would advise building it yourself, much cheaper and it’s a great experience, picking your own parts and putting them together.

    • sdasd sadasdad

      Bro dont drop 1200 on a pc build it yourself and cut out the middle man. If you could plug a nintendo 64 cartridge into the nintendo64 than you can build yourself a pc. With the 700 you save on building it yourself yo u can get twice as better parts are much better warranties on each part through the manufacture or newegg. Ive built my last 5 desktop pcs from multiple parts on and ive ordered hundreds of hardware pieces for upgrades between those builds. Not once have i ever recieved a defective component.

  • Dingus

    Anyone know what’s going on with their server? It doesn’t seem available.

  • nightwing2097

    i had a preorder after playing a few hours of the beta, then i cancelled it after playing some more, i like it, but i can’t see it being a game i buy for the MP which buying at release for full price would say to me, i’ll wait until it goes cheaper, or preowned then give the SP a run.

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