Crysis 3 – Sharp Dressed Man Commercial and More Community Unlocks

Yesterday, Crytek announced Crysis 3’s first multiplayer double XP event to take place during the first weekend after its launch on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this February 19.

Fans were to “like” and “share” various pages in order to earn more double XP, as well as to unlock a bonus mystery item. Having reached the 1,000 shares goal, Crytek and EA released the following, rather humerous Crysis 3 TV spot:

In addition, the cover photo on Crysis 3’s Facebook page now lists yet another mystery item to be unlocked at 10,000 shares, of which 16% has already been reached as of this writing.


What did you think of the commercial? Are you picking up Crysis 3 this Tuesday?

  • Nemesis_96 cba to sign in

    Lol that’s great ad 😀

    • born2expire

      Really? I thought it was awful, gonna be a great game but terrible ad.

      • How dare you call something with ZZ top terrible you sir have lost a man card

        • SandboxDenmark

          Forgive him, for he is just a ten year old who knows not where real music comes from 😉

          • born2expire

            Music has nothing to do with a terrible trailer, and I’ll ask for my own forgiveness, thanks.

            Sorry I don’t like bad 80’s “rock” , bad 80’s metal, yes.

            • SandboxDenmark

              ZZ Top was formed in the late 60’s.
              And u apparently have lost your clue…about lighthearted comments, lol

            • EcHo84

              sigh, in general the 80’s featured the most variety/unique music across all genres…The height of music…

  • Jason


  • WarHero

    I’m trying to figure out what buttons activate “MAXIMUM SWAG”

  • Anderson

    Great trailer.
    Can’t say the same about the game.

    • K

      Oh, you got a copy and you finished it already? That’s nice.

  • Sensou-Ookami


  • NoobslayR

    Stupid commercial but I can see the COD hot pocket eater console kiddies going ape for it in between chugs of sunny d

  • just saying

    Pre-ordered and ready for action

  • Jacob

    Barney Stintson would approve

  • Wiking

    Fuck you I am awsome!