Crysis 3 Version 1.1 Patch Notes – Multiplayer Tweaks and Fixes

Crytek is updating Crysis 3’s multiplayer with a number of fixes and tweaks.

Currently live on the PC and on its way for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, patch 1.1 and Data Patch B will fix a number of issues like crosshairs becoming invisible, players being unable to fire or reload occasionally as well as tweak weapons like the Typhoon, Predator Bow, SCAR and more.

Check out the full notes below.

Patch 1.1

  • Fix for users getting stuck in the Pinger
  • Fix for Flashbang/Smoke grenade reactions not displaying in Kill Cam
  • Fix for crosshair becoming invisible after certain actions
  • Fixes for squads joining and disconnecting from servers
  • Fix for players being unable to fire or reload occasionally
  • Fix for users occasionally being able to hear VTOL damage siren constantly
  • Weapons retrieved from the ground now have the correct attachments
  • Fix for players getting stuck if ripping HMG off VTOL during destruction
  • Fix for being unable to detonate C4 after host migration on consoles
  • Fix for game not ending correctly if last opponent triggers a host migration
  • Fix for issue where sometimes rip and throw weapons would not deal damage in smoke grenades
  • Fix for relay in CTR becoming stuck if picking up relay during shotgun reload
  • Fix for icons disappearing occasionally in CTR
  • Fix for players occasionally spawning with wrong loadout in Assault (PC Only)
  • Last Man Standing no longer displayed in Hunter for players that have just died
  • Fixed issue with teams during host migration in Hunter/Assault
  • Significant optimisation to Medium detail settings (PC Only)
  • Particle optimisation (PC Only)

Data Patch B

A “behind the scenes” update that will automatically download when entering multiplayer.

  • Melee whilst sliding damage reduced to match patch A’s melee damage
  • Typhoon mid range damage reduction
  • Bow sensitivity reduced to match Assault Scope values on PS3/X360 as they have similar zoom values. PC remains as before
  • SCAR+Laser long distance effectiveness reduced.
  • Threat Awareness module levelling targets reduced to 3/10 enemy C4’s destroyed
  • Potential fix for “Incoming!” Skill Assessment not levelling up correctly
  • Fix for Social Challenge skill assessments not being tracked correctly

The bottom left of your multiplayer screen should read “[ ONLINE ] [ PATCH_B ]” indicating that the update has been applied. If not, re-enter multiplayer until it is present.

Patch 1.1 Status

PC – LIVE @ 16:15GMT
X360 – TBC

Data Patch B Status

PC – LIVE @ 16:45GMT
X360 – LIVE @ 16:45GMT
PS3 – LIVE @ 16:45GMT

  • WillOfTheSmiths

    Look at this would you… An EA published title that doesn’t wait four months for a patch? What is this strange world we are in?

    • VeyronSky

      Battlefield 3 ?

      • Jason

        BF3 did release a patch not even a month after release but there was a time that there was a 4 month gap awaiting patch that desperately needed to happen sooner lol

        • moose

          bf3 released a patch on the first day

          that is how unready that game was for release

          • Jason

            i agree the game was not finished tweaking wise, but 75% of games especially AAA shooters have a Day 1 patch nowadays

          • Kyle Jackson

            That game was still not ready for release until about 6 months after. All because of releasing it just before COD.

    • sedii

      patches cost alot to get out on console :S

      • Jason

        They do bro, DICE said it was $40,000 per patch just to release it on Xbox live!

    • PC`EliTiST

      Obviously, what is your strange world you live in? Due to strict deadlines EA sets, these companies release completely semi-baked games… Almost broken. Even Battlefield have had 1-2 fast patches. After the game will become “playable” then we will see… DICE after the first 1-2 patches, hasn’t provide any true support, if you have noticed… They haven’t fix any true bug. Only balance adjustments to make you feel they patch and care for their game…

  • Vikerii

    Going to finally start playing it this week. Can’t wait!

  • how about we address game breaking problems first.

  • Jason

    Anyone else impressed with how well this game looks on console? Obviously it runs better on a high end PC with all it’s DX11 glory, but this game looks and runs better (on Xbox at least) than Crysis 2 did!

    • brian

      idk im not poor

      • Jason

        Im not even mad at that comment lol

  • vapor220

    The game is already dead.

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Shouldn’t stuff like this be done before the game is released? :/

    • Honestly I’d rather play the game sooner and experience some bugs rather than have it delayed for weeks or months when the game is perfectly playable but maybe not perfectly optimized. I’m probably in the minority on this view but I’m just so impatient when it comes to waiting for highly anticipated titles.

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        Yeah okay, but EA has a history of rushing games out. Look at BF3, I got half the game on the discs, and the other half of the game on my xbox harddrive via patches. It’s a bit ridiculous really…

      • PC`EliTiST

        Do you buy semi-baked bread? Semi-finished car? Semi-finished home or anything? Why the games must be released in beta and even in alpha form? Because the investors want their money back fast…

  • vb

    Patches already, where has QA gone?

  • Where Is the FOV slider the said would be patched In.

  • Kyle Jackson

    Say what you want about the gameplay, but I’m playing this on about 85% full power and it looks simply stunning, graphically best looking game out there.

  • Arrow2DaKnee

    How bout a patch that allows for more than 15 frames per sec? Seriously, whether I play this in 3D or not the frame rate is simply unplayable. I’ve tried all ‘low’ settings and it runs the same as ‘very high’.

    Just played the PS3 version and its a near slideshow and looks much worse than on PC obviously. Crytek needs to get this under control ASAP.

    • WillOfTheSmiths

      That is the console hardware that is holding you back. Their dev costs would be outrageous to develop three different games instead of porting the PC game over to the 2 different platforms.

      • Arrow2DaKnee

        I just think its ridiculous for a big release game like this to have these kind of issues. No wonder COD sells so well. It may not be the most gorgeous or open ended in gameplay but there’s minimal issues, smooth frame rates and a dedicated online community.

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  • Tony

    After the update i went on to play a game and notcied i was missing more than half my dog tags.Did that happen to anyone else?And does anyone know why?

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