Crysis 3 Will Support DirectX 11 on PC at Launch, Consoles Will be Pushed To The Limits

Crytek Community Manager Tom Ebsworth has announced that Crysis 3 will ship with DirectX 11 support.

Ebsworth recently tweeted to his followers, “Looks like it’s official, Crysis 3 will be shipping with DX11 support!” For those who may not remember, Crysis 2 did not originally include DirectX 11 support at launch but was added via an update later in the year. This, of course, greatly improved the visuals of Crysis 2 on the PC. You can check out the trailer showing off some of the fancy updates below.

As for consoles, Crytek founder Cevat Yerli stated, “Crysis 3 will push the 360 [and] PS3 to its limits, ahead of Crysis 2, but Crysis 3 PC will be clearly ahead!”

Crytek did an outstanding job with a console port of the original Crysis last year, proving that the CryEngine 3, their flagship game engine, has what it takes to make consoles, as well as PC, shine.

What platform will you be picking up Crysis 3 on? Let us know in the comments below!

Make sure to check out the recent announcement and initial details of Crysis 3.

  • great……now if i could only run it 🙁

    • Niosus

      Crysis 2 runs really well on older PCs, even if they struggle with the original Crysis. There is an official demo for Crysis 1. If it has a playable framerate on low-medium settings you can be relatively sure Crysis 2 will run, and therefor also Crysis 3.

      This means pretty much every gaming-oriented PC sold in the past 4 years, or pretty much any PC sold in the past 2 years. When in doubt you can always search youtube or google for people with similar systems and see what performance they get.

      •  ive played both before…..on my old PC 🙁 im curently using a 2007 PC that struggles to run L4d2 on high! funny thing is i can run skyrim on ultra and its 60fps! weird

        • Niosus

          What are the specs?

          • intel core 2 4300, 2gb ram gt240 its barebones but its fine cause idont game much on it

  • I enjoyed Crysis 2 on 360, even if the alien enemies got old quick, but anyhow I look forward to more of it. That game felt so long, just when you thought it was over it kept going, it was great. 

  • Jaskdavis


  • Chris

    Great news – they never skimp on the singleplayer campaign length like other ‘blockbuster’ titles seem to these days. I’ve never really bothered with the multi in either of the 1st two though. Still, excellent, excellent games! 

  • Spectre

    Didn’t they say that they were going to max out consoles for Crysis 2? Well anyways, Crysis 2 had a great singleplayer game that was long but multiplayer was subpar. I hope that Crysis 3 will have a good singleplayer as well.

  • Enflu3nza

    i see Crytek learned from their mistakes from Crysis 2 lol
    oh man i cant wait for this!!

  • FaizanAliNaqvi

    I wish R* had done the same, It looks as if they just hate the PC 🙁