Crytek on Crysis 4: “We Have So Many Different Ways We Can Go”

Crysis 3 is still in beta, but Crytek Producer Mike Read is already talking Crysis 4.

Speaking to VG247, Read said that while the team is already getting amped up for Crysis 4, they’re first looking forward to a much needed break after the release of Crysis 3. “We’re still at very early stages with things,” said Read. “We’re just literally getting gold status on Crysis 3 right now, so we wanted to give the guys a bit of a break, have them come back fresh, and have them start looking at what’s going to happen next.

He added, “But I think we have a lot of room left in the franchise. We have a lot of directions that we can go. Cevat Yerli has said it himself. We have a lot of ideas. His brain is always working. So, we’ll get there.”

There is certainly more Crysis to be had – beyond the story of Prophet. What’s the deal with the Ceph alines? What’s the true story behind the Nanosuit? What is to become of the human race? All this and more are stories waiting to be told.

“We’ve built such a strong franchise that – this is not the end of Crysis in general or the end of the series. There are still stories inside the Crysis universe. We have so many different ways we can go.

Despite the Crysis series being one of the most important FPS series of all time, that doesn’t mean Crysis 4 will follow the same footsteps. “Will it be an FPS? I have no idea,” stated Read. “That’s up to the designers, and when we have something to announce we’ll definitely talk more about that.”

Meanwhile, Crysis 3 is due out this February 19, only a few weeks away.

  • how about making better gameplay to go along with the epic graphics

    • Noobslayer

      How about not giving in to EA with the stupid annualized copy-paste release model like a new madden title with a few player names changed around. Make a game that does the original Crysis proud, not this corridor console trash that was C2 and now C3.

  • tanile

    Make it more like an open world game (like crysis 1)! And please, no more New York. I am okay with them doing it for Crysis 3 because they have made it look much more like an actual jungle, but please go to a new location for the next crysis game.

  • i bet they will bring back nomad in the next CRYSIS !!

    • jj16802

      Nomad died. This can be only be found in the Crysis comic book series 🙁

      • da F ?? i need to read those then ! but if they did kill him it was a really waste …

  • Wiking

    How about still keeping it a FPS but also a RPG like Borderlands 2.

  • no more aliens please no more aliens.

  • seklas

    No, no, no… Crysis 3 is the best crysis ever! Please don’t do next crysis like first or second one.

  • Barnes-Rishi(NewHost)

    I have a question.. Where’s Nomad..?? He returned to the island.. Now we know about Prophet and Psycho.. But where’s Nomad.. Prophet’s suit has evolved itself to look like Prophet himself.. but where’s Nomad…?? he was there in the Sphere too….Crysis 4, i guess, should have his story part..