E3 2013 – DayZ Creator Interested In Bringing Standalone Version To The PlayStation 4

The standalone version of the popular Arma 2 mod, DayZ, may be coming to the PlayStation 4 in the near future, according to DayZ creator, Dean Hall.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Dean Hall revealed that both Sony and Microsoft have approached him about making a standalone version of DayZ for their respective consoles. Hall expressed that that he’s extremely happy with Sony’a stance on indie devs, such as allowing them to self publish and not needing to pay a large sum of money to push out updates.

“Yeah, we talked to both of them,” Hall said. “But, as I’m sure you’re aware, Sony lets you self-publish and they don’t make you pay for updates. Microsoft requires you to have a publisher. They have no digital distribution strategy and they require you to pay $10,000, or whatever it is, for updates.

“We like them. I like what I saw on the PS4. I like what I saw on the Xbox in a lot of cases as well. I’m not s***ting on them. I’m kind of hopeful that Microsoft has just forgot to talk about its indie support. Maybe I’m being a bit naive.”

Hall also revealed that he hasn’t signed up with Sony yet, as his main priority for now is getting an Alpha version of the  DayZ Standalone out and running for the PC. Once it’s out, he will run up the standalone version on a PlayStation 4 dev kit.

At the moment, the standalone version of Day Z has no official release date, but you can be assured that the alpha version of the DayZ standalone will be available after June.

  • Alexuppermost

    I love seeing all these PC F2P games getting over to the consoles now. Whether they’ll be any better or the same we’ll have to see. But it’s expanding the indie producers audience now. Which is always good

    • B_Boss

      Right on man.

  • That guy you might know

    Yes, please.

    Sony will take a look at DayZ and realize how popular it is.

    But after reading the Microsoft requirements, now I see why the indie game genre on them is so “eh”. Indie games are awesome and should have a larger impact on consoles. But 10,000. If I was a indie developer I’d steer clear of them too. Its all money money money with them

    • dieger

      they may look at dayz but i doubt it will ever come to consoles too many controls

      • more than Diablo3 ?

        • B_Boss

          Nice one Aria lol.

      • That guy you might know

        I’m sure they’ll find a way to incorporate it with the system.

        It’ll actually be a great use for the touchpad on the controller. Even though I’m still remotely skeptical about how I’ll use it for future titles.

      • Dirtknap

        Practically any shooter can be ported to console, specs permitting, and of course PS4 has the necessary cojones. More realistically it will come down to Rocket and Sony sitting down and nutting it out.

      • ScavHD

        I think PS4 natively supports Keyboard and mouse,correct me if i’m wrong.

        • B_Boss

          I was just thinking that Scav…in fact that seems so obvious to me that the fact that it isn’t oftentimes brought up moves me to think that, when it comes to porting to consoles, developing control schemes involving KB & Mouse isn’t as simple as PC? I don’t know but given that the system most likely allows KB & Mouse I guess its possible.

        • paulinacio

          Yep, even PS3 supports just about any USB Keyboard and Mouse but the game has to support it like Dust 514

      • paulinacio

        With the new touch-pad on PS4 controller many things will be possible and allow for more flexibility

      • Zwabber046

        But you can maybe use a keyboard and mouse on PS4 like you did on PS3, maybe sony will release their own keyboard and mouse special for the PS4

        • dieger

          maybe but what PS3 game has shipped with only K&M controls? just saying

          • QwietStorm

            Why would it have to be *only* keyboard and mouse?

            • dieger

              i don’t know i don’t know maybe im being biased but after playing it on PC god the controls…. still if it ever comes to PS4 *in working condition* ill gladly buy it

  • Cillian Greene

    I would pay to watch console gamers playing DayZ, that would be so funny

  • 0110100001101001

    i would play it if the fix the damn game instead of making the graphics better

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Wasn’t this that game that basically lied about everything in the description of the game?

    • MaTTDoGG19

      that was WarZ

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        Thanks I always get the two confused.

        • SangheiliSpecOp

          That was what the War Z creators intended, fucking scumbags…

    • Soldier

      War Z is basically the knock off of Day Z. Day Z is an amazing mod and it would be amazing if this could come to the PS4. Glad to see the generous and proper Indie support from Sony is actually working.

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        Now I know which is which. Always confuses me.

  • B_Boss

    I knew…I KNEW this game would at least be considered for PS4. Sony’s position on indies, their hardware (the system is powerful for a console) and it was only a matter of time before I saw an article exactly like this one lol. This is amazing news! I am confident that DayZ will end up on PS4.

    What a shining testament to the future of indie development on the PS4 and Sony’s hardcore and positive stance on indie development. As a gamer who at least appreciates MS’ entrance into the home console market, its sad when you have scenarios exactly like this where the indie dev. has 2 choices before him and he goes to one over the other simply because one seems hostile (to their ethos as indie devs and their pocket) to their vision of expanding beyond the PC platform.

  • Rob

    OMG!!!!! I have been asking for DayZ to be on PS4. My PC can not handle it. Please make this true. I’ll wait till 2014.

    • Brynner Ventura

      lol same here bro

  • I really hope they do so that all my console only friends can finally play the damn game I keep talking about over and over with to them.. I personally would probably still play it on PC, but just the option.. the money and the consumers they could reach.. would be great for the game. Never in the history of games and mods have I felt more proud of supporting the work. Its depth, and overall fun factor are unmatched.. after playing DayZ, its tough to get lost in other games

  • Brynner Ventura

    Please DayZ on PS4

  • nick man

    ps3 plz

  • nick man

    plz make 1 4 ps3

  • nick man

    plz ps3
    plz ps3 I would pay millions 4 a ps3 copy

  • nick man

    if I had that much money