DayZ – PS3 and Xbox 360 Version Depends On PC Success, Creator Meeting With Console Developers

Well, it seems that all you guys who have been asking for the popular Arma 2 DayZ Mod to come over to console may indeed get your wish.

Speaking with Joystiq, Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ has come out to say that he would like to see the Mod make it to console one day. He stated that this would all depend on how well the standalone PC version does, however.

“You’re not going to put it on the consoles if you’re only going to sell 100,000 units or something like that,” he told Joystiq. “DayZ will be driven by its PC development and it will innovative on that. And, once we’re at a point, we’ll take it and do a Mac version, 360 and PS3.”

This is understandable for if a game does poorly on PC, they are taking a huge risk releasing it on console. Dean didn’t reveal anything about who would be developing it for console, but he did say that they are meeting at Gamescom and discussing the possibility of it coming to consoles. Be aware though, that even if the PC version does sell tremendously, that is still not a confirmation that the game will hit consoles.

Would you play DayZ on consoles?

  • Munk


  • Ambiguous Mouse

    This sounds nice. If it were to make its way to console I’m sure there wouldn’t be any rampant hacking like how there is on pc, since all that would be fixed.

    • gph456

      Not everything is hack proof, even consoles.

      • Jason

        No, but they are On top of their shit Waaayyyy better! I was at a friends house one time who just got done Modding his Xbox 360 and he played MW2 with Aimbot on it and he shot ONE person and instantly got kicked offline and he tried to reconnect and Microsoft Banned his console until 12/31/9999! I laughed hard, same thing happened to me when I tried it on BC:2. I dont know how Sony is but Im sure they got their shit on lock as well!

        • Ali Nadeem

          Hahaha, so not true. I have played CoD 4 and MW2 on both consoles. And both of those games are INFESTED with hackers. While on PC at least you get to choose your server. You can’t do anything on consoles.

          • Jason

            Ok well then we were unlucky I guess :/ I like the Server Browser in BF3 on consoles and I wish more games would have this feature, it makes everything much easier!

            • Ali Nadeem

              Yea, I love that feature. And @ Everyone disagreeing with my comment, tell me how am I wrong? Some of you console fanboys are too ignorant to see the light. Jason’s nice though πŸ™‚

            • What…

              Because being able to choose a server is irrelevant to if there are hackers in it or not, though I guess you PC fanboys are too ignorant to come up with a legitimate argument.

            • Ali Nadeem

              Lol what are you so butthurt about?

            • whether your on pc or consoles all of your games will be filled with hackers but at the moment thats not what the makers of the game are worried about they are just scared they are gonna waiste there time making a game that no one will buy bcus they dont want to waiste money the hacker thing isnt important write now its only important that they get the game out wouldnt you buy this on console? im sure you would if you bought it for pc

            • Ali Nadeem

              They are both different experiences with the console version being very much inferior, I wouldn’t want to pay for that.

            • there may be a feature to chose your server. nobody knows for sure yet but their most likely will be

      • yes but a standalone game on a console would only suffer minor hacks which are in basicaly every game.

  • Yep, I spend 30 hours a week on a computer, the last thing I want to do when I’m gaming is use a mouse and keyboard. It would be great to be able to sit back and play DayZ in an armchair with controller…. a beer…. and a shotgun.

    • therapiist

      connect a 360 controller into your pc and problem solve.

      • I have DayZ for the PC… it’s not that simple. Although I haven’t tried with with DayZ, normally the menus don’t work well or at all with the controller on PC games.

        • Ali Nadeem

          In most games you just have to change to gamepad and it maps everything itself, with DayZ it is understandable considering how many buttons it uses. By the way, I understand that you want to use the controller when you want to relax. But I have no idea why you would prefer a controller over mouse & keyboard in general. I was a PS3 gamer a couple of months ago, but man, using a mouse is so much better.

          • Ali is a Towelhead Kill Him

            Wasn’t you the asshole saying all this was impossible on PS3/360 in the post about Day Z being standalone? Tool…

            • Ali Nadeem

              I still don’t see a DayZ on console with full controls. Come to me when you do see one, LOL.

        • Jason

          Yeah I played BF3 at a Friends house on his BADASS PC at ultra settings with 64player epicness that I don’t have on Xbox :/ anyways I played with an Xbox 360 controller and it didn’t feel like the 360 version?! It wasn’t really clunky but I couldn’t get the sensitivity right and the trigger sensitivity was weird?

          • Ali Nadeem

            It’s because a PC is meant to be played with a mouse and keyboard. While not easy at first, way better than any console controller.

            • Jason

              I know this πŸ˜› I was just saying it does NOT feel the same as a Xbox. Yes I understand PC Mouse and Keyboard is easier and more Precise at shooters and RPG’s but I think it takes away from the Experience clicking a mouse button and pressing keys :/ there is just something about Analog Sticks and Triggers and Vibration that makes the Game “Feel” more!

            • asgaro

              You cant control recoil with controllers. The vibration is cool but thats about it. I dont see how analog sticks can be satifying for shooters: its limiting your potential.
              I also see a LOT of spray and pray in console footage :-/

            • erik

              es you can ever played fps?

            • jeff

              you havent seem me play BF3…controlling recoil with a controller is about being smart. aiming low on the waist and letting the recoil rip up through their vitals…that simple. also you can counter the direction of the recoil with opposite direction with your stick. PC isnt only where its at…

            • therapiist

              It be pretty damn sweet if the mouse has vibration. I use a 360 controller when playing any type of sport games on pc and my mouse and keyboard for mmo’s games. As for fps, im going try the 360 and see how it feels

      • village

        He forget to say a lazyboy armchair with foot rest, a 60 inch LED HDTV connected to a 7.2 HiFi Surround sound system. Console gaming offers more luxury than PC gaming.

      • Snipinbrandon

        dude people want it on the consoles because it will lag less so please dont tell him that

    • Snipinbrandon

      Why a shotgun?

      • What, do you think the whole Zombie Apocalypse thing is science fiction?! I always have a shotgun with me, don’t you?

  • gph456

    I will buy it for PC, and if it does come out on console, I’ll buy it on console too. I like the mod tremendously

    • TheFishyBoard

      Why is this down voted? Whoever did that needs to get curb stomped.

      • Stompeminthenuts

        In the nuts!

  • meh

  • I would love for it to come out on consoles.

    • FAMOLS

      Totally agree!

  • hmm dayz on PS3 *imagines* (horrid draw distance,smaller map,crappy graphics, and most likely LOADS of bugs and glitches) nope no thanks

    • i would love to see it on PS3 but we all know u can have it like PC low player count and smaller map like u said better graphics than the mod and ya thats it but i would love to see it but people who think the console one will play the way PC will are just kidding them selves

      • thats because pc has already had tons of bugs fixed it may be slow and have crappy graphics on ps3 but nothing that cant be fixed in time i say its worth it

    • Ali Nadeem

      Exactly. Plus the control mapping. Just better off with a PC, like on Minecraft. After it supports mods, there is no reason to even use a console.

    • well if they are developing it as a standalone then they can get rid of most of the bugs and glitches, also the game is only in alpha and they can always patch bugs after release

  • if it comes to consoles i hope that they can make big maps

    • Claw

      Im sure the maps LOADING……LOADING…….LOADING….. will be nice and big and look LOADING…..LOADING…like crap.

  • chadley

    please make it on console!

  • Dick

    Why would I want to play a troll/campers paradise?

  • Ali Nadeem

    The controller doesn’t even allow that many buttons to map the keys that DayZ uses. Maybe it will be a super dumbed down version like Minecraft.

  • i want it to be console!

  • I’d like to see it on console but I’m not sure how well it would translate. There are an awful lot of controls that you can’t do with a controller.


    Zombies on consoles? Sign me up!!

  • Trevor

    Yes I would love this

  • having just switched to pc from console…herp derp (insert pc elitist comment)…but seriously if they can get big maps and alot of players on console then awesome! share the fun with the console folks!

  • Moe Alsadi

    Yes. Just, yes.

  • Typhoon_Gauntlet

    It wouldn’t work, consoles don’t have as much keys as mouse and keyboard can have to use.

  • Joey

    Of course I would play it. Just hope it will be a great release

  • thilanthropist

    huh Bohemia Interactive have stated several times that the Real Virtuality engine is far to cutting edged and advanced to ever be released to console also stating that even if a game using the RV engine was released the same day as a new console by the time the console made it threw production and was stocked ready to be released their would already be patches that have made improvements for better and more advanced technology making the console already outdated the day it was released. What needs to be done is Valve, Sony and M$ joining together to have a company make barebone rlease packages assembled and lose and they each have their own platform they sell as monthly subscriptions so they dont worry on hardware and put more time into funding dev studios and such like Valve already does with Steam but they need Sony and M$ on board for gaming to actually be leading edge and groundbreaking

  • o clembo o

    cant wait to get this on console

  • TIC

    This game has great potential. The mod aloneness a sales increase of 500%. THAYS HUGE! Think about it, many people like fighting for survival against zombies with the great features it offers and the mod is only an alpha.. Even though it has bugs/glitches, it’ll get patched up and have more secured servers from hackers. Especially consoles. I been playing this mod after a month it released and still enjoy it. I’ll even enjoy having it for my PS3. I guarantee you the standalone game will boost sales even more with the new features it offers

    • TIC

      Sorry, phone error

    • im with you the game format is already up it wont be hard converting it at all and sale increase will be major i wish i was the developer of such an awesome game such as this one

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    As long as it doesn’t cause the PC version to lose features this would be cool, but it would have to be simplified for the consoles due to the lack of buttons.

  • oh THAT guy

    I would love to spend 2000 on a gaming rig and enjoy BF3 and Dayz in their full glory but I won’t for one simple reason…. Hackers galore.

  • rofl copter

    As someone who likes PC gaming, but doesn’t bother with it. I would play DayZ, but i’m too lazy to download this and that. If it’s on a disk and I can pop it in, Ill def buy the game. CMON a free roam Zombie game? thats not stupid like all the other dumb linear zombie games?

    They should def make it for console.

  • Lemon

    day one purchase for me if it came to console.

  • 3DArtist

    If they are going to develop it for consoles i’m not gonna spend a single cent on this game, i have enough of dumbed down console ports for the last 9 years. Enough!

  • 0j0nn

    *thinks back to the bf 1942, moh, cod, crysis 1 etc. days…*
    Yea, the mod will benefit from a console port.

    • Serious Squirrel

      I can’t tell if this is supposed to be sarcasm or not, and if it isn’t I’m sorry. But I’ll respond to it as if it were.

      MoH originated as a PlayStation exclusive. Hard for it to benefit from a console port when it was originally for console only.

  • RC13

    Don’t think the current gen consoles can handle DayZ. Unless you would enjoy a 1 square km map or a 10-max-player limit.

    • dayzfanatic

      Are you stuppid look at skyrim and see how big it is -.-

      • RC13

        Skyrim is single player, therefore map can be cut into small instances.

  • Jason88

    i dont own a computer, but i do own an XBOX 360, i go to a local gaming spot only for the purpose of playing DAYZ on PC. i am wanting to buy a computer to play DAYZ, I would love it to come out for console. but, i do believe there aren’t enough buttons on a controller to access all you need in a PC game, so if they do release it for console they would have to eliminate a few things to make it work for the controller. but if it does get released for console, and it works well with the conftoller. that would be amasing

    • they can just reroute the maps and guns location and everything into one, under the select button or something

    • they could do what some games do by: holding down one of the d-pad buttons then cliking the other buttons, so the buttons would change use whilst holding down a certain button. its hard to explain but like infamous for example


    Make it for consoles and then port it to PC,just like every developer do nowadays.:D

  • DayZforPS3

    Would it have a solo option or would it be only multiplayer? Because i cant play online :'(

  • Christian

    If it came out for consoles im sure it would be one of the most played games… it just needs to be advertised this game has so much potential

  • Dayz rocks

    Any day it will be epic pls come on consoles

  • Dayz rocks

    I would like it a lot because I can’t play it because I only have mac ps3 nd Xbox

  • Days

    I would love it I would spend my whole life playing it

  • Kyle

    I want DayZ for Xbox 360!

  • Dayfanatic

    This needs to be on console!Have you seen console zombie games ex.left 4 dead you cant free roam, call of duty zombie survive in a small area?!?!? Console needs dayz to to end the era of bullshit zombie games

    • EpicGUY34

      Thank you I’ve been thinking the exact same thing the zombie games on XBLA are very poor in quality and CO-OP.

  • JJ

    Yeah do it up I have 8 freinds I was talking about dayZ to they would buy it in a heartbeat even if it was 30 bucks

  • Acolhoun

    Yes I would buy the day it come out on Xbox 360

  • Jasen

    I would play It every day on console!!

  • that would be letul

  • DayZ <3

    i hope it comes out for ps3 cause im worse at using a mouse and a keyboard and me pc is very laggy while me ps3 is very fast and im good (or better what you like) whit a console

  • delaino

    i know 300 people who would play it on x box

  • jakjak2020

    Some people would play it on pc but they dont have a good pc to even try to run it. If ti was to release on console it would do amazing

  • Codeslamer

    i want it to come out on console so i don’t need a new computer
    ps:the computer im using now blue screen of deathed for the first time and it happened 4 times in a row in less than 5 mins and all i can renember is crash dump dump dump dump dump dump crash dump dump dump dump…

  • cyrax

    I would like it very much if it came out for consoles. I play a lot on consoles together with friends and I believe that when DayZ actually comes to consoles it will be one of the best apocalyptic games out there. However i do think there will be a few scumbag players, a lot of people will probaly team up and work together.


    i dont have a pc but i have a mac and ps3 but it doesnt work on any of them thats why i would like it to come out on consoles

  • Ode Rosenberg

    fuck yes id play on a console i have a mac and xbox and i have a lot of friends that would love to play it. please make it for consoles!!!!!!!!!

  • Timelord

    if it come out for Xbox it needs offline split-screen and singleplayer because Xbox live is expensive

  • seere

    if my computer could only just run it… i have played it many times on my friends pc… really, really want to be released for ps3!

  • Dre

    Dayz on consoles? sign me up

  • Matt “claymore” trudel

    Are you kidding! Get that game rolling!! Ive been patient!

  • pingo

    everyone loves zombies on every platform

  • JackNBrowning

    People should stop hating on console. Look at Skyrim or BF3. Yeah, sure, they look best on PC, but if the game is optimized enough, it’ll work. DayZ would be a badass console game.

  • zombiemaster

    yea plz make consle version zombie killin with realistic graphics

  • Anders Enevold from Denmark

    I would totally buy the game on console

  • this game needs to come out on console bad its already doing extremely good on pc not to mention not alot of gamers are pc gamers you have alot more on ps3 and xbox 360

  • Werewolf

    I would definitely get this if it came out on the PS3!!

  • shay

    bring it out on ps3 great man

  • InconceivableIA

    Yes please I need a good zombie game for my Ps3!

  • PLS on Xbox .. My pc is not so good and i will play on the xbox . the xbox has a better community , i think it have more fun on console as on pc

  • if it went to consoles you would make a ton of money from little kids who want to play days and charge for linger and all the maps and maybe charge them for new guns cars pets and stuff like that

  • I_Cee_U_2

    very sweet if it came out for ps3 i would buy it straight away, i totally agree, besides most PC’s cant handle arma 2 like mine so it will be my first chance to play it πŸ™‚

  • I_Cee_U_2

    by the way this will be the first zombie apocolpse simulation on ps3! (if im correct) so it will have a high chance it will be bought by most people!

  • love it to come out on a console pleaseeeeeeee !!!!!!!!

  • Count me in. I would love to see this on the Xbox 360.

  • apple

    yes put it on consoles

  • kman

    we need more zombie Survival games like dayz for ALL consoles.


  • Joshie

    Personally, I would only buy it on Console, simply because i had alot of issues with the pc version, so come on make it on ps3!

  • Jweavz

    He’ll yea

  • zombiekilla

    Dayz and ps3 would make my day

  • SiLENTx1012

    If it doesnt come out on consoles i will be pretty upset, i dont have a good enough pc to run it nor do i have the money for one… my friends and i have xbox 360’s and have already gotten them into the game through watching videos on youtube and it would be very dissapointing to us if it didnt. Theres really no game out there like it for the 360 and thats why i see it as a huge success, all it would take is a little advertising on the marketplace and it should be good to go. Im not too sure how many console players actually know about it but if it is successful on the pc i dont see why it wouldnt be on the consoles. I mean look at minecraft…

    • same (but ps3) also the only reason many people do not get the mod is because they cant be bothered paying for arma 2 when they only want day z, the stand-alone would sell well on consoles

  • id buy it

  • I think once it comes out on pc and console many people will buy it. the only reason i do not have it now is that I cba buying arma 2. also when they do the stand-alone they will have much more choice and controll over game details.

    once they come out as a stand-alone sales should be high

  • Ripper2000

    I agree

  • itsjohng

    this is an epic game would love ta see it on my Xbox 360

  • hahahaha

    dayz on comp epic but put it on 360 or ps3 would be the best thing you would ever do i have buddies thats love to play dayz when there at my house but thy have no comp at there house to play it so trow it on 360 or ps3 then you got more people that can play it


    I would play dayz on console its better then cod zombies

  • GunzBlazing224


  • DJProtoStar

    I see many people on youtube playing this game and it looks like it will be really cool playing it on consoles plus i think it will be a huge success because from what i know this will be a first for its kind. Also who doesn’t like a Zombie game that Simulates a real life Apocalypse

  • Charles

    ill play ps3 anytime

  • alexgiam

    I would soooooooo play this if it came to console because a lot of people have the money for a $300 console that could run it but NOT a lot of people have the money to spend on a $800 – $1200 computer or desktop

  • Snipinbrandon

    an actual good zombie game on console i would love to donate some money with the
    Payment of the console version

  • would be amazing as me my self cant really be bothered to down load all the armer mode stuff of steam to get dayz but to get it on console would eliminate all that trouble

  • big money

    plsss come out on xbox 360 plss i would love that forget everything on the christmas list i want dayz

  • zubzero030686

    I dont have a PC to b able to run this game I have tried on my laptop which isnt to bad but is a bit laggy really hope it comes to PS3 we NEED a large open world map full of zombies and murders and bandits it only thing is if it really does come to console they would prob have the makers of fallout helping with the open world maps and stuff which means any download content for PS3 usually takes for ever to come out lol PLEASE BRING OUT OUT ON CONSOLE!!

  • brayden

    I would love it to come out on consoles I can’t play the version on PC because I don’t have a computer but I do have a Xbox and if this game came out I would buy it instantly! Please put it out on Xbox please I’ve been crying because I want to play it so bad please!!

  • Eddie


  • Rl3627

    If it came out on consoles I would preorder it i would play the game and recommend it to all my friends

  • max

    as much as i love a zombie. i suck on pc games but if you do bring a game i share the thought that it wont sell tremendasly but will sell look at the figures for how many red dead redemption undead nightmare games were sold and that will give you some numbers

  • Aaron

    Would buy it the first day it was released.

  • hunter

    they need to make this for consoles cause think of the people who want to play but cant but with consoles they can like me I have a pc but it cant get arma2 dayz so when I watch people play I get jealous so they need to make it for consoles so people like me and other people can play it please get this message and spread the word πŸ™‚

  • ninjen

    yes ive been waiting to see if it would go out on xbox 360 i love it

  • Wyatt Dorsey

    A PC you need a desk and dont have much space to move xbox you chust have a controller and tv. it would also be cool if you could have private games with your friends

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  • AndrΓ©

    Adorava que Dayz fosse para ps3 pagava qualquer coisa