DayZ Standalone Title To Release By Christmas, Should “Have a Load of New Content”

“I really just started up the server, put the download link on there with its name, then a couple of people joined and would post on forums to share their experience. It’s really just grown from there,” creator Dean “Rocket” Hall reflects on the origins of DayZ.

DayZ is certainly one of the most popular mods at the moment, it even gave Arma II a new life. However, the sensational mod is growing at such a rapid pace that a standalone DayZ game is on the horizon in order to keep its momentum. Last we heard, Hall wished to “have something out by September.”

Hall gave fans an update on the upcoming standalone DayZ title, stating that it should release in the next few months and “certainly before Christmas,” as long as a deal can be struck with Bohemia Interactive or another publisher.

Hall assured that he has already received good offers based on DayZ’s stunning numbers, but not based on understanding of the mod’s appeal and mechanics, which Hall deems important for the publisher to understand. The mod is closing in on one million unique players. At the time of writing, 876,567 players have played the mod.

“We’re really on borrowed time,” Hall told VG247. “I want to see it become a standalone game, following the Minecraft model of a low price point, but that will only work if we say that everyone is going to pay, and in order for people to not feel ripped off we need to have a load of new content; so, things like base-building, tidying and cleaning up animations and add ragdoll physics as the like.”

Arma II received a major update recently, which enhances server stability for DayZ. You can read the patch notes through here.

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  • Jesus


  • Ebag

    Hope its free.

    • gph456

      The Minecraft model is not free

      • he never said it was he siad he hopes its free witch it wont

        • gph456

          Look at the interview he did with sidestrafe, he said minecraft model 😛

  • No thanks. Id rather play a true zombie survival game like The Dead Linger instead of a Deathmatch game that just happens to have zombies

  • LOL that was fast XD i take it the mod will have little to no support now?

  • VaJayJayWalker

    THE DEAD LINGER!? Gay as AIDS in my opinion….. DayZ is how zombie survival should be. With the last patch they made the AI in the zombies wayyyyyyyy more aggressive and forces people to work together. But there is the always present threat of other people which adds such immersion into the game for the fact that trying to survive means just that, YOU HAVE TO SURVIVE EVERYTHING. Also that “the dead linger” game is going to be hella terrible…… Its made from a retail store manager simulator!? WTF!? Have fun dealing with those shitty graphics and gameplay mechanics Josh, I’ll be in DayZ doing some REAL zombie survival simulator.

    • Cheese

      How can THE DEAD LINGER be as gay as aids. Have you played it? NO you say oh because it hasnt been released and it is literally in alpha stages of the game…. Maybe just maybe you should wait until the game is in even alpha stages before you judge it. Or until you play the final product.

  • LiFeFRoMBeLoW

    we’ll a certain person i know was going over this guy Dean “Rocket” Hall’s code for the current dayz mod and we found this:
    item3[] = {“isRetard”,4,218,-85.298180,-33.703201,4.701797,16.296804,0.000000,”isRetard”};
    item4[] = {“I_has_small_d***”,2,250,-27.045757,58.668503,62.954262,108.668503,0.000000,”I has small d***”};
    class isRetard
    priority = 0.000000;
    class I_has_small_d***
    name = “I_has_small_d***”;

    very interesting Mr Hall…..


    for 360?

    • Casavult


  • 3DArtist

    I’ll buy it!

    • Bob

      Yeah definitely! Hopefully without have to install updates each day..

      • Andris Orinskis

        I don’t care! 😀
        I’ll install updates twice a day and still will be happy to play DayZ!

  • Typhoon_Gauntlet

    I hope it’s even better than the mod right now !!!!!

  • o clembo o

    could we ever see this on 360

    • ThePoolshark

      I am sure you can watch gameplay videos from YouTube on 360

    • not 360, neither on 720, not because it’s bad hardware, but the physical problem.
      Arma 2, uses up a full keyboard of keys, the 720 would only have a limited amount of buttons to press, this is why you don’t see many big “rts” games on console.

      The “720” probably could run A2″ very well, but it would not have the game because of the lack of space for buttons to press.

      • domiboy7

        what about ps3 then it has keyboard and mouse support?

        • The Keyboard and Mouse are optional on the PS3, there is no official support for those accessories. I doubt they could publish a game based on third party support. Unless of course, Sony comes out with its own keyboard and mouse.

  • Jamic

    Con lolsoles

  • Very interested in a standalone game for DayZ, I was hoping to pick up Arma 2 Combined Ops from Steam but it never dropped below $15 -_-

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  • Shike

    Will we have to pay for it? i spent $20 on arma 2 operation arrowhead just for dayZ and i’m not interested in paying a lot more..

  • i am so keen on this, dayz is the most realistic zombie game out there atm, would love to see where they go with this

  • how much would this be?

  • anon


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