Dead Space 3 Demo Gets a Release Date, Will Include Co-op

Dead Space fans, prepare yourself for next month. Today, EA has announced that the Dead Space 3 demo will be coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 January 22nd, 2013.

The demo will include co-operative play, where players will get a chance to go through the demo portion as either Isaac Clarke or his new companion, Sergeant John Carver.

In the demo, players will be thrust into deep space terror when unwilling hero – Isaac Clarke – and all-new co-op companion – Sergeant John Carver – crash land on Tau Volantis, an unforgiving ice planet teeming with Necromorphs. Dead Space 3 takes the franchise’s core elements of suspense, horror, action and sound and introduces them to all-new elements – including co-op play – that allows players to work together to take down the most ambitious Dead Space experience yet.

For those who own an Xbox 360, you’ll be able to get into the beta one week early (January 15th) by signing up on EA’s Dead Space 3 Demo Page.

Dead Space 3 is set to launch February 5, 2013 for North America. If you don’t remember, the devs behind Dead Space 3 dropped it’s competitive multiplayer from the 2nd title and decided that co-op would be the best approach this time around. So while there’s no PvP, you’ll still be able to enjoy a multiplayer experience through it’s co-op mode.

That leaves the question, do you think co-op horror works?

  • this game is gonna be RE5 all over again only minus the black people

  • newoldwolf

    yeah coop killed RE for me ill do the same for dead space did’en mind the mp in two it did not get in the story in any way

  • Sadly as a major supporter of both dead space and resident evil, I think that they should have never went down the route of Co-Op because it ruins the atmosphere and makes the game alot less intense. I’m just hoping that in the full game they don’t pull no resident evil and make you pay for shit that’s already on the disc * COUGH COUGH CAPCOM!* But I will wish with high regards that this game will be an amazing blast, lets hope so.

    • well i may be wrong but resident evil 0 was the first RE to have co-op (and again may be wrong) and the game was awesome. at least for me

      • It was awesome. That might be the only scary coop game ever. Gamecube rules.

  • Dan

    And PC can watch through the window, as usual.

    • 3DArtist

      And they keep wonder why PC is pirating games?!