Destiny 2 Microtransactions Confirmed as Silver Returns to the Game

Destiny 2 microtransactions are going to be a thing, as confirmed by a GameStop flyer. Silver was introduced to the original game midway through its release. It was used to purchase cosmetic items and harmless emotes. Of course, a premium currency in a full-priced season-pass-possessing title is bound to cause some controversy. Let’s see how players react to Silver returning to Destiny 2!

You can spy the Silver premium currency at the bottom of the flyer, in the tweet below. 

Here are the prices, just in case that text is too small.

  • Destiny 2 Silver: 1000 (+100 Bonus) $9.99
  • Destiny 2 Silver: 2000 (+300 Bonus) $19.99

Citing his early copy of the Destiny 2 GameSpot guide, Reddit user “namasuki” presented more details of “Eververse-specific currency.” (Eververse being the marketplace where Silver and other premium currencies are spent.)

Here’s what little information there is on Bright Dust:

Currency: Bright Dust

Obtained by dismantling items acquired via Bright engrams. Bright Dust is an Eververse-specific currency.

So Destiny 2 microtransactions… How do you feel about them? And what do you make of this “Bright Dust”?

Source: Destiny 2 IntelReddit (User namasuki)

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    F… microtransactions!

    How sneaky of them to announce them until now.

    • jameslara

      Shouldnt be a surprise since it did so well in the first game, thought this was a safe assumption that it was gonna be there unfortuanetely

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  • HAppY_KrAToS

    the chaotic, disgusting, greedy, gaming industry as we know today is the direct result of the medias and journalists, that keep approving these shady techniques, for several reasons, one of them being the fact they get their review copy straight from the publisher/developer ‘s hands.

    question, guess what will happen to a reviewer/website, that receives a free copy from the publisher, and on his review, he gives a 7 out of 10 ? well, in 90% of the time, that low score will mean – no more free copies for the next game, and -no more invitations to attend a particular show/convention/press release.

    2nd reason : advertising
    imagine you are ign, and get paid dozens, or even hundreds thousands $ in just 3 or 4 days, for displaying a big game-themed homepage, with images, colors, animations, videos, ads, spattered all over the website, for promoting an upcoming game.
    will this site ever dare giving anything below a 9, for that ‘sponsored’ game ? of course not. it would be stupid, to promote a game with thousands ads, when that game is a huge POS.

    3rd reason: the lack of cojones
    if the gaming media and journalists weren’t afraid of these big companies, they would do the right thing, regarding microtransactions and other BS policies. if the media really were on the gamer’s side, doing everything to protect gamers from those huge billion-dollar monsters who believe they can do anything they want, well, when reviewing a game with microtransactions all over the place, well, even if the game looked actually good, journalists would cut AT LEAST 1 or 2 points from the initial ’10’ score, and the game would start being reviewed from an automatic 8/10.
    no microtransactions ? the game might end getting a 10/10. got microtransactions ? well, the score will start at 8/10, and might end up at a 7 , 6 or even 5/10 !
    those 2 points would be a way to ‘punish’ the game and the developer, for their microtransactions BS !

    Imagine the gaming media would do this to Destiny 2. imagine if the game started at a 8/10, and despite some good graphics and story, there would be some severe issues that would justify a -1 point cut, and the final score would be a 7 out of 10.
    now, imagine most websites do the same thing, and metacritics score is a 70%. imagine this would make 500 or even 1 million gamers not buy the game. would bungie/activision be pissed off ? hell yes !
    but who cares ? maybe next time, they will think twice before implementing microtransactions !

    but of course, as long as the gaming media keeps accepting everything, and giving 9.5/10 scores to graphics /story alone, we, gamers, are the big losers.

    i mean, how can this press accept 3 days/24 hour review embargoes, that prevent media/journalists from publishing a review or article at least one full week before release, so gamers can see what the game is about, good or bad, ec etc ?
    with such embargoes, gamers are forced to preorder and pray the game will be good, and gamers that order the game like 5 or 7 days before release, well, they might end up receiving a huge POS game.
    like the recent review embaego for mass effect andromeda. why were the developers so afraid to show us the game days or weeks before release ? why did they set a review embargo ?
    well, today, wr all know why… all those 7 and 6/10 reviews show us why the publisher ws so afraid of people seeing the game before release, thus making them cancel their pre-order, once they find out how badly the game wad made.

    tldr; fk micro transactions